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How To Make Your Dreams Come True! | Mark Victor Hansen & Tim Shurr

by Tim Shurr
June 26th 2020

In this episode, we are with spectacular guests who are the authors of the timely and incredible book “Ask,” Mark Victor and Crystal Hansen. Mark Victor is one of th... More

I think probably my biggest fear right now is some of the challenges that we're seeing right now that we've never had to deal with and you know, sort of the interest behind some of the challenges. I think what I'm scared of is that our word world has become very politicized, very polarized and I don't think that's good for humanity in any way at all. It's really counterproductive. And I think fear and anger are very low vibrational qualities. They don't produce anything good. Here's the question, what's going on inside the minds of top achievers that caused them to make extraordinary breakthroughs, both personally and professionally. My name is tim sure. And I invite you to join me as we take a deep dive into the unconscious mind and discover how to transform your biggest dreams into a reality. Welcome to the how to be mesmerizing podcast everybody welcome to how to be mesmerizing. This is tim shirt and today I have some spectacular people on this program. I'm freaking out. We've got Mark victor Hansen and we've got Crystal Hansen on here.

Are you kidding me? Welcome to the program. Oh, thank you. Were so happy to be here with you. Oh, I am so delighted that you are here with us. This is so, it's such an honor. I mean you two are real inspires and movers and shakers and your new book, ask is extraordinary and every single person on this planet, you literally have a copy of it. It is that good and so yeah, it really, yeah, it goes to the heart of what we're talking about. So we're going to dive in for those of you that don't know which means you must have grown up on a different planet. But Mark victor is one of the best selling authors that have ever lived. And then of course he found what he refers to as his better spectacular half in crystal And together they are the real thing. And so today we're going to dive into their mind, we're going to take a couple of laps into their genius minds and have some real fun with this. So all right, question number one, if someone asked, what is the secret to success, what would you say?

What happened is we traveled through 80 countries and talk to wonderful people everywhere. And what we looked at is people that are talented and most people have vastly more talent and genius and they know people that are professional people that were well educated people that are likeable. But the difference between those who are also rans and us who really fulfill their destiny is why we wrote the book. Ask the bridge from your dreams to your destiny because we think everyone's got destiny. But the destiny comes out of one journey and one only and that is learning how to ask. And both of us looked at our own lives and said, wait a second. Why did we make it when so many other people didn't. I came out of a blue collar city. I had still educated parents or danish immigrants and just didn't have a shot at education. I lived in Little Denmark where I thought everybody went to the danish brotherhood. I didn't know. And you know, so the chance of becoming the world's best selling authors pretty unlikely. And crystal came out of nowhere city. Also, both I states I heard from Idaho and how she's one of nine. I'm one of four boys and she's 19 kids three and five voice.

So I didn't do the numbers. Why did I? Three girls and yeah, six girls. And I know everyone I will do. So the point if we learned that the difference is you've got to master the fine art of asking and that's what we'd like to talk about. Yeah. That's wonderful. That is so good. So really one of the secrets of success is to have the belief in yourself that you're actually worthy enough of asking. And then of course getting clear on what you want to ask. And so and I guess the sequel book will be called receive right? Because Yeah, yeah. Oh, go ahead. No, no, no please. What are you going to say? I'm just going to say. So we write to that in the book and we talk about the seven roadblocks to asking what Mark and I discovered through all of our research with this book. Is that all of us have at least one of these roadblocks. If not more inside of us that prevent us from asking for and getting what we want. And so if you don't mind, I'll just go through them for a second. I would love that. Yeah.

The first one is unworthiness which is just conditioning from our childhood that kind of has this feeling at this underlying level that we don't deserve better. Next what is naivete, which is really just a lack of awareness of what is possible. And I use this example in the book, I read about this uh filipino lady who used to work for us when our Children were very small and she would come and she'd make all these wonderful dishes for us from her home country. And one morning she shows up with this fruit, she cut it on the plane said crystal taste this, it's so good. It was this juicy orange fruit and I taste I was like I don't know what is this. She goes it's mango. And I'm like mango? How come I've never tasted mango, this is the best thing I've ever tasted. And she goes I was like where did you get this thinking she imported it from the Philippines and she goes not the grocery store. And I was like you're kidding me, this is at the grocery store and I've been passing it by every day. And that's the point like I started thinking to myself, what other things am I missing in life? Just because I'm not even aware that they're there for me, What other people in my missing what who am I not noticing what experiences opportunities of my missing.

And that's the part about the nativity roadblock to asking. It has to do with a curiosity for life because you know, all of our experiences are limited in some ways. So if we don't rekindle this curiosity to really learn more and embrace everything through asking, then it just cuts us off from our opportunities. The next one is doubt the next road block and that is just, you know, through our experiences, just doubting that anything good can come from asking. And so we just hold back and don't do it with some great stories that exemplify each one of these. The next one is excuses. We actually use Marx Brothers an example in the book for this story, because there are just some of those people that make excuses all the time for never asking for help under any circumstances, never asking for anything, they're too stubborn, too proud. And he was one of those people and he put himself in so many difficult situations, situations that caused him so much pain, anguish, he could have avoided all of this if he had just had the willingness to open up and ask and let other people be a resource to him and I won't go into that story right now.

But then there's the next one is just fear, Like the sheer terror of being rejected and that really comes from I think as human beings, we all have this deep need to be loved right? And so rejection feels like you know like love or approval is being taken away from us. So instead of having to feel that scary potential feeling, we are just so terrified to ask that we just don't won't even do it, thereby limiting so much of what might come if we can overcome that roadblock and just start asking and then the last two or pattern paralysis which is just like getting stuck in your own you know, pattern and never even questioning it. So many of us do that too, we get stuck in the same old thing, never getting you know, nothing different happens because we never break out of the pattern. And then the last one is disconnection and for me that is the saddest one of all because it's when you disconnect from the dreams in your heart, that's really sad, you basically kind of become apathetic and you're sort of giving up on all those potentials that you have, those are all seated in your heart and if you disconnect from those because you're too scared all these things, you know, you are giving up so much.

So we really encourage everybody to look at those seven roadblocks and say which one of these or which ones of these fit me because I promise you everyone has at least one of those. Oh yeah, that was beautiful crystal. You really nailed the seven of them. I mean, those are really good. You know, I've studied unconscious programming for the last 30 years and I think the reason why there's so much of what drives all seven of those behaviors is the fear of not being good enough and then not loving ourselves. So we go out and try to get others to love us, but we're not, we're skipping that first step of learning to love ourselves, learning to know that we're okay that we can accept ourselves. We're always trying to get it from out there when we really need to learn how to give it in here. And so yeah, those stumbling blocks that you named every single one of them. Everybody can be like, yep, yep, yep, I've been there, you know, I've been there so, so that's powerful because you can, you know, you can identify with that, you know, and that's exciting.

I Wonder Why everyone's got to say like 50 times a day. I'm enough. Time enough. Time enough until you start feeling enough because you've got to be enough for yourself. So you can be enough for another enough for somebody else. Enough. And, and it's so amazing that this first one of unworthiness we had a great story we can go into if you want about bob proctor, but we're being interviewed by one of our close friends as a billionaire who owns the biggest uh real estate company. And I hired me 40 years ago And now again, he said, I never understood until you guys wrote to that. And I read it in the book, I got it for the first time. He said I'm in eighth grade and now he's a skinny bean pole because he exercised every day and he's my age and all that. But he used to weigh £200 in eighth grade. I wanted to take the girl next door to prom and my dad, I told him and that was a mistake. And he said every day my dad, what did you call her? And he said, he said the phone got so big and so red and so after looking I could not dial it and I wanted to ask her about it just didn't have the self worth. And he said then my dad said asked me son did you call the girl next door?

And he said, yeah, but she's going out with a football player. And he said, I, the terrible thing about having unworthiness is that I didn't ask her, she would have gone with me. She told me later. And number two is I lied to my father all because my own self worth wasn't there, That's why you got to say I'm enough time enough time enough and build yourself up to being enough because the world conspires against us to not be enough with every commercial, Every Tv. And we're saying now you gotta ask yourself, are you willing to shut off all that negative news? Because we're all sequestered and in lockdown, different levels of different places. But you got to watch it and turn tune into shows like yours positive book states videos to really get it. So people learn how to ask. Yeah, you are really striking a nerve. I mean, this is a time in our humankind are our landscape where we need this kind of emotional intelligence training more than ever. You know, people need to know that you have to start like what you said with being worthy.

All the other things, you know, for your rejection, everything else will stem from that core fear of I'm not worthy and I'm not enough. Right? And so I can't have what I want or I won't get what I want or I'll be disappointed or what's the catch. And so they don't ask. And so you know, you're changing that, that model around, you know, we're gonna start with, you know, being worthy. We're gonna start with loving ourselves. Most people think that I got to accomplish all these things. I've got to do all these things and then I'll be worthy. You're reversing the model. You're saying, no, we're going to start with worthiness, You're worthy Right now. 100 percent sorry honey. And we give everyone full permission with TIM. So the three of us are saying, hey look, you're 100% worthy start it worthy. Don't go to worthy. You can't get there. You've got to be, you know, that's why the law is b do have everyone says, well when I get that car then everyone will. No, no, no, no that's the end where you gotta start as the being. If you've got to be it before you can do it before you can have it and you gotta ask yourself because what we're teaching in the book, there's three levels ask ask yourself, ask others and ask God and you say, well that's really simple.

It is simple. But when I went bankrupt in 1974 I was trying to be my teacher, Buckminster fuller and I built the Wall Street rec Club Botanical Gardens. Eight years. I'm 26. I'm a hot shot and I was building out of plastic when the Arabs because that we can write checks. So big banks amounts and I crashed and burned so fast I'd check a book at the library to go bankrupt by yourself, which long term was my best words experience, short term. I asked myself what all I do and I said, I want to talk to people who care about things that matter that would make a life changing difference. And I was sleeping in a sleeping bag in front of another guy's bedroom. And then I finally I'm in Hicksville, Long island new york and I go to my three roommates at the time and I say any of you guys know young speaker that is not a cotton top, white hair like me, not famous, not a doctor, not a lawyer or something else. And I said, yeah, yeah, here's a ticket to go out. This guy Chip Consul, wow. He mesmerized me for three hours at the end of which went up. I said, I asked, I said, Chip, can I ask you to lunch? I'll buy. But I want to ask you, how do you do this crazy business?

He was a few years older, he'd been the number one salesman to Kodak failed in the beginning and the native and he told me, he said, look kid making, it's one in 1000 chance of making it almost zero. I'll tell you what to do and just stay in their life insurance business because at the bottom of the spirit for motivation and I'm staying in real estate business and by the way, I'm leaving for two weeks, I won't be here when you come back. But by the time he came back I did it and uh only Tony Robbins and I, as far as I know, I don't know your track record, but we did 1000 talks here the first three years I'll be talking at 6:00 AM, 10-9 and in between I'd be selling seminars, there's nothing else to do because I believe it's the quantity of service plus the quality with a positive mental attitude that equals where you're feeling good about yourself equals unlimited compensation. That's extraordinary mark. That's extraordinary. A 1000 talks in a year. You got to measure that by, you know, the times where you weren't talking, it'll be easier. The good and bad news is, my mother was a great storyteller.

I learned it from her and she said, son, you're not only a share boy, but you enter every subject with an open mouth. I share boy. Good things about that is when I was with the economic with Crystal, you know, they chip out all the stuff that I shouldn't be saying and saying, I think you get your highway back. Yes, I understand that completely. Yes, wow, that's powerful. So all right, you answered so many questions already and the stories that you shared. So is there something that you do every day that brings you more fulfillment? I know you're promoting your book right now. Is there is this what's doing it for you or what creates fulfillment for you, where you're at right now in life well for us, I think, you know, we always start our day with prayer and meditation, it's our time today where we sort of set the architecture for that day and then thereby setting it for our life and that's such an important part of our day because it gives us at the time, it allows us the time to do what we're saying.

We do that reflective questioning, you know, what do we like about what we're doing, what's working, what's not working? Are we in on focus? Are we staying on our passionate purpose for which we were made all of these questions that we need to ask and answer every day so that we stay in our purpose and stand track. And so by doing that, we tend to gravitate towards the things that are very rewarding for us. And right now, one of those, you know, with the decision to write this book, because as Mark and I started talking about it, we realized that, you know, everybody like he was saying is over and out. Everybody has more talent than they'll ever use in a lifetime. But the difference between people who are massively successful and those who are falling short a little bit of what they really want is if it comes down to one really major thing, one simple thing, it's the ability to ask. And so that became really exciting for us to share. And then as we sort of peeled back our own personal lives, and he said, well, how did that asking journey really help us? And when we peeled apart, we realised at the worst times at the times of crisis in our own lives, it was the questions that we asked ourselves that let us to that next step and out of that crisis into something that was so much better.

So that's what excites us every day and now to be able to share that, it's been great because we released this book in the middle of a pandemic. Not, you know, not exactly what you plan, but you know when we talk to our publisher, we said, what do you want to do? Everyone's get postponing their books, canceling. We all came to this conclusion. You know what, let's go for it. We all felt like it was the right thing to do to go ahead and release this book, Go ahead. Because the message was so important because we were all in this great place of uncertainty and as it turns out, we feel like we were really guided in the right direction to do that, because so often on these podcasts were doing every single day, we're being told that, gosh, this is exactly what I needed for this particular time. So we are really thankful for that. It's really inspiring us to great levels and we get to talk to a great people like you tim every day. I thank you. That's a beautiful answer. So, let me ask you then, when what do you say to people who are saying, Crystal Mark?

I'm asking all the time I'm asking, you know, I'm praying to God for what I want. I'm asking, you know, I'm telling myself, I'm deserving of this, I'm writing affirmations, I've got vision boards I'm asking, but it just doesn't feel like my big break is happening and I don't know why how do you respond? So we say you've got to prepare to be a good Askar and that has three parts to it. First of all, you got to have a belief and the trust that there's an answer. So you're asking but are you asking, right, I'm going to go how to do that deep in the second, number two. Because you gotta visualize to realize I did a whole audio series on this. But you live into pictures in your mind, your mind is 87% visual. And when Jack and I interviewed all the 101 best authors of best selling books, I didn't ask how to write. I know how to write. I said, how did you market so many books? And then we interviewed scott peck and scott, Peck dr peck had written the road less traveled by white it out his name on new york times because he spent 58 number one, 58 Weeks, # one New York Times. I put Jack and Mark there and chicken soup for the soul and then we put it on the mirror at my office.

Jack's office, my house access and then you've got to take massive action. You got to do something that nobody else does. And then the handsome family of companies and all the books that we right, We have three principles that are ironclad about this belief. It's got to be unique. It's got to be transformational and it has to be an inevitable now unique. This book is unique. You've never seen a pink covered book with the yellow sign with one word on it. Ask with an exclamation mark. The brings your destiny because what you're saying is everyone has a destiny. So these are saying how do I get to my destiny? So let's just go to the ask God part. You got to do it 400 times before you go to God what your destiny for me or and that's what Jack and I did mega bestseller mega bestseller mega bestseller 2 30 in the morning years ago Jack calls me and says chicken soup for the soul. We've got goose bumps, got bumps, chili bumps, we knew we had it. Likewise. They got to say, look God I'm asking you what's my destiny now? What's my destiny now? What's my destiny now? Who am I supposed to talk to? Who am I supposed to talk to? You gotta do 400 times because it's over and Dowd.

Brain decision is made incautious, imploded into subconscious makes provision but you got 18 billion brain cells that takes a while to go there and crystal saying when you're preparing to be a good ask her the minute you asked that question you get illumination revelation solution, insight, wisdom and it starts to pop on you know put electro Magnetics in your brain and it goes like this. So we asked God what we were supposed to write and God said you're supposed to write ask and then we finished all the research, all the science and she'll talk to you about that if you want. But then then we said, well wait a second, we know all these magnificent human beings that remember the difference between a little success and massive success is one thing only asking, we said let's go ask the greatest asters ever in all these dimensions and all of them had the same answer, asking is the answer ask and you shall receive Yeah, wow, that's that's brilliant. So I love that, wow, there was so much my brain just going through. I love it, I love it.

So people are like a lot of times I get asked, how many times do I have to do this right? Because people have this idea in their head that it's going to be so much work. Well you just gave the answer 400 times, you know, I always say until it works right. And so of course I'm upgrading beliefs that are driving a lot of that thinking because they can sometimes say it hundreds of times and still not believe it or have a values conflict because of some trauma that they've had when they were little that they don't even think about anymore and it's in there, still messing with them. And so it comes back to the worthiness that chris our unworthiness that crystal you started off with. So but I love that because what you're saying is you've got to really take it and just pound it in to your brain and make it your reality, whether you're seeing it on the wall or you're writing checks to yourself from the university, you're putting bestseller that you have to, it has to be come who you are. It can't just be something that you do throw it against the wall and see if it sticks. You know, it has to be something that this is who this is my mission statement for my life.

I'm walking the talk and having faith that this is going to happen and unfold even when I have no idea how exactly that's going to happen, right? And that also means you have to put your asking journey into action that's part of preparing to be a good Askar. You know, you can't just have to believe and you have to visualize and you want to visualize with great feeling, try to get your emotions into it. You know, like if you want to make the greatest sale ever when you do your visualization, be at that place where you're celebrating toasting with a glass of Champagne that the two of you are so happy that you just made Consummated the sale, It worked out for everybody or you just signed the greatest sales person to be with your company, whatever it is, go to the n degree of exactly what you want and then engineer backwards from your visualization with feelings, with emotions because the feelings are really what will take it to the maximum limit. And if you don't have those feelings, your left brain is going to sit there and go, oh you can't do that, you know, this is why this isn't going to work out, this is what I write it. You know, do your visualization like you're in this epic movie and it's about your life and just go for it and keep repeating it again and again.

There's nothing to stop you from doing that. And when you do it, you just start to see things shift, but at the same time you do have to take action. You have to get your asking journey into action. You can't just do all this, then sit on the couch and wait for things to happen. You know, you need to like literally put yourself out in that quantum soup of things that you area you want to be in whatever that is. And as you do, you're asking journey, you ask a question, you get a solution, ask another question, you get an illumination or some kind of response. Then you need to take action on that, you know, do I need to call that person. You know, God gives us answers all the time. Like things that just come our way and a lot of times we go, oh that's not anything big. No, it's big act on it. It's a clue, this is the support, you know, God's perfect universe, it's orchestrated to help you. But you know, you asked and you need to take action kick every action you can you can think of that comes to you because sometimes those are answers. If you don't act upon them, nothing will happen. Right?

Yes, absolutely. Doesn't it seem like the more you act on those clues, the more of them God gives you. Yes, Yes, because now it's like you're listening, God's going great, you're listening, let's have some fun, you know, let's do this, and it is fun, Life becomes so much more fun when you enter sort of this dynamic exchange with God and realized that's why the asking God is so important and I love, like, my favorite question is, you know, what is my greatest expression that I am here for that you made before, You know, and when we start to do that, it kind of puts everything, pulls the camera back back and puts it in a bigger context of, you know, it's not just about me, it's actually something bigger than that, whatever I'm doing, there's going to be a bigger picture to that. How can we served? Like when you think about what Marx done with these books, it wasn't just a book that he had a lot of success with millions upon millions of lives have been dramatically changed through that book. And so everything we do a bigger small can have a very significant impact.

If we're willing to ask that question about how that fits in sort of the kingdom purpose. You know, the universal purpose sort of, I like that the kingdom purpose. So we're gonna ask, we're going to make sure our beliefs are in an alignment with our goals were going to use Feel Ization. So you're imagining yourself now just visualizing, but you're feeling it and creating that emotion, it becomes the rocket fuel that drives you into taking more action on the clues God gives you. And then because you're, it's no longer about you anymore, it's about the services that you're providing. You know, I always tell people that the more value you bring, the more valuable you become right. And so and then from there you're just enjoying the ride and filling your life, you know, with jubilation and doing your kingdom work. I really like that word, you know, the kingdom work. And and then every day, I mean we have our bumps in the road, we're human, we're going to go through it right. But most of the time you're going through it with a smile on your face, enjoying the ride. Exactly. And that's our publisher called at the beginning of this book came out, this wonderful book came out april 28th, the height of Covid and sort of trepidation in his hearts and says, hey do you want to wait until october to bring it out?

We got no, no, no, no, no. My whole life has been take adversity turned into advantage, take adversity, turn into opportunity. And back to what you said about the kingdom is in, you know, in the beginning of genesis, what it says is what you meant for my harm, God meant for my good. So I said well uh he said well what are you gonna do? I said, I'm not sure yet, but within a day we asked ourselves, what do we do, what do we do? And I said podcasting and what we're doing this podcast and we're doing we're told that we're the King and Queen and podcast now because in the last month we've gone from no podcasts are doing four or five a day. Like we just got off one in europe a few minutes ago and thousands of people at the s group the other day, we started with two in America one in Canada, one in Ireland. And in the fifth one with 10 million people in Vietnam. Now we, you know my book that I wrote 20 years ago. One minute millionaire Is the number one best seller in Vietnam. And we've been in the last two years I've had 75 granted talk. And it's just it's magnificent because I'm trying to get rid of communism because I find it a boer into my mind that anyone gets oppressed or suppressed or depressed that way and wake them up to free enterprise because my daddy taught the more enterprising you are the freer you are.

So we asked how do we do all this? And so ask is just one step in the journey for us. We've got this magnificent long term plan and most of you out there need to be asking yourself what is it that I do now? But what is it? I can do what is my five year goal? 10 year goal. And if you've never written 100 year goals you need to get out of the program because the chinese have 1000 year goals and most americans. The goal is what am I going to do after lunch? Not a very good ab right, I can tell you all the 10 things I want to do. 100 years old. Oh my gosh! So there are big thinkers and then there's mark, I get that writing jim. Yeah. Yeah, I'm happy to put that in writing. Yeah. I mean that's I'll print you out a certificate and everything. That is amazing. I mean really wow! I got goose bumps thinking about that because you're right. People think very small and you're thinking you know big I had a woman tell me one time she says tim I hear you think outside the box and I said yeah she says I think outside that one. And I thought maybe that's a little too far because she was a little far out, right?

But the way that you're describing it is thrilling, right? It's like you have so much potential, so much flowing through. You've got the same stuff that feels the sun fueling you and you're going to pretend that you're this big, you know, you've got the power of the universe and oh my gosh, this ass book, Ladies and gentlemen, get this book, read it. Put it on your nightstand. You look at every single day. Here we go. Ask. We're going to have to put that in the show notes. So all right. So now let me ask you, let me switch gears a little bit okay with all the success that you've had and all the things that you've accomplished and all the accolades and everything. Do you still ever get scared? And if so, how do you handle it? I think everybody gets scared and you get scared in the middle of the night. And by the way, I'm not scared right now for me because look, I've got the best wife for me in the world. We've got an extraordinary home. We've got an extraordinary life. We've got phenomenal five kids and their spouses and then six grandkids and they'll probably go to 12 grandkids because some of them are still in that age group and we're very, very thankful, but I'm scared for the world because we've got people working against us right now that I'm not okay with people that are trying to keep America shut down in.

America has got to open up. We've got one kid that's going to University of Wholeness and she's uncertain and and you know the university we won't open up and I'm going, wait a second. Look, we got this thing, we live with it. We know that if you take some of the ships being nutritionist is one of the many, many degrees. You know, if you're doing stuff like taking zinc, you know, it makes yourself strong inside and virus can't go in, but the medical community makes no money with doing herbals and additional that are not sold at a pharmaceutically where they get a spiff. So I'm saying, hey, wait a second, you gotta wake up to some of the solutions so you stay healthy, whole complete you exercise every day, you sleep right and you get over being scared because I am scared literally for the world. Like Yesterday we're doing some big, working on podcasting in Australia and they're not allowing one flight to come in or out of Australia until January 2, 2020 I understand depressions or caused first by fear second by shutting down the economy. If you put a tourniquet on your arm, it doesn't matter if you're white or black or red or yellow, you are going to have your arm fall off.

If we don't take the tourniquet off, we now have a tourniquet on our economic and it's not okay with me. And yes, I'm very proud of America America. I am very proud of free enterprise. I'm very proud of what can happen. And you know, I've written a book now that says we're gonna do 50 trillion in this decade if we just open up and it's wonderful because they were part of breakthrough businesses like turning trash into cash, which we can talk about if you're interested. I'm interested in everything you're doing. Yeah, good for you. Crystal, what would you say to that? So yeah, I think probably my biggest fear right now is some of the challenges that we're seeing right now that we've never had to deal with. And you know, sort of the interest behind some of the challenges I think what I'm scared of is that our word is world has become very politicized, very polarized. And I don't think that's good for humanity in any way at all. It's really counterproductive. And I think fear and anger are very low vibrational qualities. They don't produce anything good if you studied David Hawkins work dr David Hawkins power versus force.

You know, if we descend to this very primitive place where we were back when we were cavemen, that's not gay men and women there, that's not going to be good for anyone. So it's, you know, when you see kind of this craziness happening, that has never happened before and the rationality behind it, you really have to say, you know, we ask ourselves, what can I do, God, what is my role in this? How can I help in some positive, productive way? And I think the more we stay in our light, the more we stay in productivity, the more we embrace the higher values, those higher values as you get up Maslow's hierarchy. You know, we don't want to descend down to this primitive level of beings tribal level. We need to go back up to higher levels of being back to truth and beauty because we're not in a lot of truth right now, there's a lot of position, political positioning on both sides and it leads to no good at all. So yeah, I think as Mark and I realized that we have to be the best we can be.

We need to focus on being our best internally spreading light and love a good news and also the practical side of what opportunities are coming, if you like marco saying there's always The inverse size of opportunity to the disaster to the catastrophe. And we've learned a lot through this whole virus thing. We learned that who knew before that 98% or 99% of all of our pharmaceuticals are medicines were coming from China, all of our health supplies, things that we rely on for life and death. And so pretty much the entire country is on board saying we need to take control of that, that's really good news for our country. It's going to open up tons of opportunity in terms of manufacturing, all kinds of manufacturing, supply chain opportunities, all kinds of things like that. So we should be focusing on that. So many of us can participate in that if we're awake and open to that, if we keep taking our cues from what's going on, the chaos outside, we'll lose our creativity, we'll lose our light, we'll lose our positive thinking.

So what I say as a transformational life coach and clinical hypnotherapist while it appears that your life, life is happening to you from the outside, the reality is our life experiences happening, is created from the inside out. It truly is how you experience life is created from the inside. And so if we remember that every day and remember to turn that off and stop spending so much time listening to bad news and negative news, because it's like you're hypnotizing yourself to for exactly what you don't want. Exactly the opposite. It's the opposite of what you want to feel and experience. So, and take the time to listen to things, read great books that will uplift you do listen to positive things and start to do research on how you can participate in all of these tremendous opportunities that are coming our way and spend time with yourself in the morning going through these questions asking yourself, asking others ask God, write down those answers and track you're asking journey so that you can see it start to unfold.

You can see opportunities start to unfold right before your eyes. Wow two very strong answers. I love that. So let me just review it real quick cause there was so much good content there. So Mark, you're saying control what you can right take charge of the things you can control, even if it's taking your vitamins, that's something you can do. It makes you feel safe when you feel like there's something you can control. You've got to do simple things like vitamin D. And if you're not getting out and sunshine, go get a vitamin D. Is cheap at whether you get at the pharmacy out food store. I haven't got a vested interested, but you gotta have vitamin D. To stay strong and you got it. You got diabetes. There's a lot of ways to get rid of it today. You got to get rid of it because 70% of the people who got covid 19 have diabetes. So by the way, where go, you know, like we love walmart and we say get our book at walmart dot com if you honor or amazon dot com but you better Not be sitting in one of those scooters weighing in at £500, you better be starting to take care of yourself and I don't care if you do light weights or resistance or what you gotta do but do some aerobics and anaerobic exercise that comes back to the worthiness again, you know, and those limiting beliefs that you would help people shift, you know, as a hypnotherapist and so and then what you said crystal, which I love is that life balances.

So yeah, we've had some bad things that happen, but we also have a lot of good that is going to come from this as well. You know, I also live in an I place I live in Indiana, you know, and so I have a I have a lot of farmers in my birthday's April 27. So your book came out, I just know that you know, it's all falling into place. That's right synergy, right? So I grew up with a lot of farmers right? And farmers know that things grow best in manure. So I've learned to take the crap past and use it to grow my future. I love That. And if they go to my website, we get a different book for him, but where the 50 trillion we're gonna do this decade. But there's this company where guys spent $300 million Michigan not far from you and for 20 years he's figured out how to turn, I'm writing the foreword to trash cash, we can take every atom and every molecule of plastic and clean up the world. We can take every atom molecule metal and glass and water for the first time ever. But the governor there is a little resistant to letting people work, including farmers, which absolutely makes no sense to me because the farmers out on his tractor and attractors are air conditioned and say they, I guess, you know, over me has come a long way sound system.

So yeah, they're watching netflix while the uh well it's on autopilot. I didn't know that way, wow, that's amazing. All right, So I have a question for you. So what's some of the best advice you were ever given? My dad gave me so much advice. So much good advice. I mean I really, I'm really thankful for my dad, thankful for both. My parents were both for my mother. I would say the best advice my mother gave me was she just gave us this legacy of great health. And there's a story about that when I was born, she had a grand mal seizure when she was pregnant with me. But it led us down this path of, you know, total natural health and wellness, which just became part of who I was. My mom was doing juice cleanses and organic gardens long before they were chic. That's impressive. So that was a really instrumental part of my life. But my dad just always had this belief that you can be or do anything and he really made me believe that because he believed it and him telling me that and giving me that strengthen and to go for anything I wanted to do because I could do it.

And uh so very grateful those are the two. I would say that the best advice came from my parents thankfully that is so good. You know, I like to say this whenever the opportunity came up and you just set it up Crystal that sometimes in life you just need one person to believe in you so that you can believe in yourself. And so for everybody that's listening to this are watching this right now. You know, Crystal believes in you. Mark believes in you. I believe in you now. It's time for you to believe in you. No. Yeah. So as you were going through your life, this is a question that my wife asked and she said, why don't you ask him this one? I thought that's a great question. Have you ever had an a ha moment or an experience that maybe was traumatic that helped informing you to become the person that you are today? I think we both have, I mean, you know, but the one that comes to mind for me is yes, when I was at a very young age, one of my most traumatic times and biggest change is the most pivotal times in my life was, High school was easy for me.

So at age 16, I advanced my curriculum and graduated at age 16, married, a guy, five years older than I was not a great life plan. So 2.5 years later I'm divorced with a baby on my hip in a new city, no friends, no family and no idea what I was going to do for work. So I did the only thing I could think of and that was to apply for food stamps. So the first day I remember getting those food stamps, going to the grocery store, standing in line, getting ready to turn those over and all of a sudden this question just landed in my mind. First of all was how did I get here? And the second question that followed it was, are you really doing everything you can to get out of this or are you taking the easy way out? Great question. Yeah. And it really like, it was like a light was shining on my head. That question was so intense and I was like, I knew the answer. I knew I wasn't doing everything I could to get out of this. And so I felt like this moment of truth where literally it was like time slowed down.

But this had to have happened in just a second. As I was handing over those food stamps. I was saying in my mind, I didn't say it out loud, but I felt like I was like, this will not be my future. And I went home. I don't even think I used the rest of the food stamps. I said, because I said, this will not be me, this is not my future. So I didn't have any answers, but all I had questions. And so I started asking myself a lot of questions, How do I make money tomorrow? Well, I had heard on the radio about temporary service agencies, kelly girls, you know, So I called, I applied, they would call me and give me a choice of jobs and I could say yes or no. Mhm. And started working at attorney's offices and you know, setting up booths at malls and you know, working at sales for conventions that came through town. And I started learning a lot about myself. I learned that I really was pretty good at business in sales and that I love people, I love working with people. And so that led me to go into real estate school getting my real estate license. And in the meantime, someone had approached me and said you should do some modeling.

So I approached the biggest modeling agency in our city and said, would you sign me? I asked them and they said yes. So I ended up doing a couple of television commercials which luckily went national. So I was getting residuals. So literally hard to do. It is hard, it's hard and you know, I'm just very grateful for this journey and I don't, I just feel so blessed because a year and a half from that time that I was turning over those food stamps for the my groceries. I was working. I was now working for the largest home building company in our valley selling real estate. I became the number one realtor and I was getting these residuals which allowed me to get screen actors guild benefits to pay for all of my and my sons insurance. So it's like my life Pivoted 180°. But I often thought back about that. Like what if I hadn't ask those questions? What if they hadn't come to my mind and probably even more importantly, what if I hadn't been honest enough to answer them to answer them honestly.

You know, like are you doing everything you can to get out of this? And I knew that I wasn't, it was like I couldn't escape the truth, but I'm so thankful for that realization. That was such a life changing thing for me. And I thought about it many times in my life, it really reflected my life completely. So that's awesome. So chris I can't think of a better story and proof for evidence for change your questions change your life. You know, the quality of the questions you ask yourself determine the quality of your life. And that was a powerful question that I mean that one question can completely change your life and the and the life for your kids and your grandkids. It's so powerful. Yeah, for asking that great question and add to what you just said, I wrote the size of your question determines the size of your result because of course you of course, because you think outside the box, you can't even see the box right now, I can't, it's magical because back to what you said, we were on that question questions ago was she has just discovered one of my heroes and her dad's heroes, ralph, Waldo, Emerson and ralph said have dreams in the sky, but make sure you get a good foundation under I mean that's what we're doing, we're building, you know handsome family companies really want to make the world work for 100% humanity.

Now that comes from my teacher, dr bucky Fuller, Buckminster fuller who's Einstein's best student, but you know, I've adopted because bucky said you're my ambassador, so you gotta do this and we'll come back to my ah ha moment When I was divorced and a very painful experience. I wrote down 287 things I like in my ideal woman, everything I could think of because you know everyone women want a man, it's tall, dark and handsome and you know you and I don't fit that totally, I mean you've got darker hair but it's not you had more hair when I started this field. Yeah, women, I want a hot, strong guy, Well I didn't fit that category Anyway, we're gonna have the same values, we have spiritual stuff she had on her own business, do all this stuff and if we had kids, our kids have to like each other and get along and I never told her until after she was kind enough and loving enough to marry me and it was a big wedding. I teach that when you write your goals, you never crossed my mind. I got the milk and the eggs got butter. You write down victory and purple because that's God's highest color at the top of the rainbow top of the electromagnetic spectrum.

She was to 67 out of 2 67. How? That's just beautiful at so many levels. I mean, and the purple visual, I've never heard that one before. You know where you don't cross it out. You victory. Oh, that's so good. It's so good. Yeah. What, what color is up in your holding? I of course it is. Of course it is. I wish we were recording this now. We are. We are. I love it. All right, so you're getting a link to it? Yes. Yes. So All right. So I have two boys, 1 12 and 1 16 and I said you're never going to believe who I'm interviewing today. And do you have any questions for them? And these are some questions that they came up with. Okay. So I was trying to think, you know, with all those interviews, you're probably getting asked the same questions over and over. So I wanted to to make this refreshing for you. So my 12 year old asked this, he says his name's aid and he says, are you satisfied with where you are now or would you like to go even farther?

I guess I'll answer that first. And the answer is I have inspirational discontent meaning that I think life is a highway and it's a lifetime journey and it's always under full time construction and we work on each other to make each other infinitely better. And thank God my parents gave me the freedom to do all that. I'm sort of a little bit self made. I had great parents that love me and you know, there are sort of astounded. I mean, you know, not only to have a paper and I saw more greeting cards, anyone at at nine years old so I could buy my own bicycle and then deliver papers and make more money. And then at 16 I had a rock group called The Messengers, which she said is prophetic Because the best in terms how do you do better than that is? And we made a fortune with at 16 because the Beatles came out and I call my best danish little buddy Gary Youngberg and I said, we're starting a rock group. He said, what do you play? I said nothing. He said, what do you play? Nothing? I said well, qualified. Look at Ringo. And within two weeks we know the next thing I'm gonna tell you isn't believable. But somehow, because we had a guy who had a photographic memory for music killer.

Greg Simmons, our lead guitarist, taught us all this stuff. Gary got the 1st 4th Oregon, electric Oregon, portable in America. I was playing bass and what my skill was was selling us into stuff. Killer taught me the what's called runs in the base, taught me the runs. And we started making money and some nights were making five grand tonight, which as much as my dad was making it the most per year. And so we made a lot of money we could afford to go to college. That's extraordinary. I mean, that's extraordinary. So hey, so real quick cause crystal, I want to hear from you to Mark. Tell me a time when you blew it when you flopped because you're so, you're so inspiring and so smart and so courageous. Maybe because you had to be, but I'm sure there's people that are like, well, I'm not like him. I don't know, I can't do, I don't know how to do that stuff. And sometimes hearing how successful people are, can make others feel small. So I've heard that before that. Well, your mark victor Hansen. No, I started out as nobody from nowhere while keeping only not far from you in Indianapolis.

I mean, uh, I was in a little city of maybe 18,000 people and all the stuff I had to take in high school we had take wood shop, I think mechanic hell I knew I wasn't gonna be that. I'm not good at the oily secrets. It's not my strength, my strength is morality talking. Like I said, I hope in every subject with so it doesn't matter where you are, it matters what is your decision, where you're gonna go, What is it you really want to be in your heart of hearts, your soul, that feeling nature. Because you've got to live In the assumption of the wish fulfilled. In other words, I was a sneaker before I became a speaker. I was a best selling author before I became the best selling author. When I started with the first book until 20,000 copies after going bankrupt. I lost $2 million dollars in one day. So for six months I slept in front of the other guy's bedroom. So I was in the pit. But I did a book called Stand Up Speak On when I was learning about 75 grand years of speaker and then they said you have it that those stories in the book. I did stand up Speak on wind at $10 each. I sold 20,000 from the platform those little for meetings I was doing today because and I said this is my best seller.

I didn't say it was a national bestseller. I didn't, I, I didn't say it was a new york times bestseller. I didn't say bestseller in London Or anywhere else. This is my best seller and everyone says well we autograph it the first day I came up with the book, I signed 37 autographs. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. So you start small and you grow tall. Oh, so good, so good. I'm gonna have to transcribe this. There's so many golden nuggets. Uh, of course I will. Yeah, I'm sure you will turn it into a rocket ship and take us all to mars because that's so, so crystal. What do you think about that then? You know, you feel like you're like you well let me ask you something different. Okay. Do you ever feel like, well this is what might the second question I'll ask you the second question for maiden. Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that you would have accomplished what you've accomplished and where you are today? You know, I didn't, I didn't have a full picture of it. I think it was step by step for me wanting to go to the next level.

But I always, I was never content a little bit like mark in that wherever I was, I had this feeling that there was something so much bigger and I was always seeking that and that started in high school where I was like I have already moved past high school, I got this, I need to move on and even when I wasn't exactly clear where I was going, like my plan to marry my boyfriend five years older, that didn't work out, but you can take me to the next step. It does right. And so I had some pitfalls in between there, but I've always followed my heart, I think I've had this sort of feeling of a destiny for myself, always my entire life, not always knowing exactly where it was leading, but it always leaves me as long as I keep moving ahead and keep asking the questions and never giving up, keep listening for the answers and not giving up. And that's, you know, and I feel like I do truly believe like God keeps leading me to my next best step and I think for so many of us, that's it, if we're just willing to keep taking that next best step, you know, it's like you don't have to, you can drive from here to California, You know, in the dark, but you know, your headlights like you see the next 200 ft in front of you, you don't need to see all the way to California to get there from Arizona, right?

And so if we can just trust that next step, that next little distance that we're going to go knowing it's going to be okay and you know, honestly you'll mess up, you'll make some decisions that you think, oh, how could I do something so stupid. It seemed like the right thing to do, but it's not lost. It's kind of all perfect. I really look at it is all perfect because you're going to learn exactly what you needed to learn for the next iteration of your life and so right foot thankful for it all. Yeah, that's good. I mean you both are entrepreneurs at heart right? And always always thinking how can I add more value and always believing that there's something else and you know you can come from fear or you can come from faith and it's you know, you both are walking in your faith just knowing and expecting that you're going to be guided and we all go through situations that where we can look back and go well right, but but you're right, it took you to the next level. You had to go through that experience to get to where you are. You know, whether it's because you had to have the learning or you had to have the humility or you had to have the breakthrough.

So so good. Okay, this is what I call my quick fire real quick. What's your favorite way to relax with a great book or I love relaxing, vowed by our pool. We have an infinity edge pool and looking at the sunset and it's just sort of this magical time for us evening I'd add one other thing that is if you're going to watch netflix watch positive stuff, some of the documentaries but there's one now we just watched last night called The healer and it's so magnificent because it really is about our dear friend paul Newman who just did so many phenomenal things with his life. Yeah, the healer. Beautiful recommendation. Alright. What's the most exciting adventure you've ever had? So I think it was climbing Machu pichu, you know, back when I was starting to speak a woman who's our dear friend, lindell and steve blair came home so he could climb Machu pichu and I didn't even know what it was or that it was improved and then I did the six day climb and then at the end of the client, you're exhausted because you don't get a bath, you don't get a shower, they're carrying food and you know, you can fall off 19,000 ft, die pretty quickly and the puma is coming out at you potentially.

And I did it, it was so exhilarating. And then I'm done. And bob says, well now we get to go upwind up each, I said no, no, no, no, I don't want you anymore. So yeah, you got to do this, this is where the top is. And I go holy cow. So that was really an aha moment. That's a lot of pizza, wow, that's pretty cool. Who's one of the coolest people for either one of you who is one of the coolest people you've ever got to meet. I was going to answer one of my top peak moments was touring through china. I mean just we had epic experiences in china like going and speaking to thousands of people. It's, it's an experience you, they do everything so over the top and going to motivate people who were, who really were so hungry because you know, they're raised in this, you know, Communistic environment where there's almost no individualism and then we would light them up at these events, thousands of people, they would be so excited and so loving and so willing to learn everything that we were teaching. And it was so surprising to me one time we were there over my birthday and they brought to 99 bunches of roses out for me for my birthday and they had all surprised me as well as surprised with a huge cake and they signed this huge silk authentic silk chinese painting.

It somehow circulated it through the audience and inside out painting it said, I noticed a couple times that said, jesus loves you and I thought oh my gosh, how sweet like they so want to be able to have faith and profess faith, but You know that's what communism does. So I just wanted to do that because that was our big, really epic moments when you're driving down freeways and we look more like look at that Billboard, Oh that's us. I mean you had 20 Foot billboards, 20 miles out of town, we arrive in and I never thought I really wanted bodyguards because you know you see him with almost pressing it but I never saw us as that. And all of sudden we arrived at a five star hotel and the people at the front counter are diving over because their assumption as if they touch me, they're going to get rich and they're wonderful. But is that what that uh but uh that's extraordinary. I can't believe china let you two of the Americas best entrepreneurs, they let you in.

Now there was a period in china and this was in the beginning, you know there was a different leader before and it was as that transition was happening to the current leader kind of was so much more open to allowing all of this in. It was it was a beautiful time really for china and then suddenly they got new leadership. I am just it's been contracting little by little and it's so sad for our chinese friends in our agent who lives there, we can't even really get a straight answer because we know if we text everything seemed by the government, he he can't answer us. We can't get on a zoom call or Skype call and never get a straight answer. The only time we can never talk to him candidly is if he flies to hawaii or flies here, we need yeah three years ago they started closing down our seminar paid and they said no, no the government said nobody meets over 1000 people. So that's why I said, I've been here for 22 years and then starting three years ago, they went as far as I'm concerned, I'm going to be rough on this but totally corrupt as far as I'm concerned, wow, that's unfortunate.

So, but you know, people that you know, they'll find a way human beings are resourceful, they'll find a way to you. They'll find a way to your book. They'll find a way to the stories somehow. Some way that's what we're going to cause, right? We're gonna cause that somehow in some way. So once you achieved a certain level of success, you know, you made more money and you have the nice stuff and people know who you are, you've arrived. Right? Was it what you expected? I'll talk to that. I wrote a book called Miracle of Tithing and I said everyone, you know, the curve has learned earn and in return and what we're saying is there's four types of giving nurse. But the most important part curious enough, if you're thinking there's forties thinking time, talent treasure and in thankfulness. But thinking is the real gift and right now we're co chairman of an organization called Childhelp, which is dot org, which is and you watch our videos and all that. But they've helped over 10.5 million kids get out of abuse neglect and sex trafficking all of which were wanting to get every have a great childhood and be fully magnificently loved and appreciated and grow because we're all here to fulfill our destiny.

Like we've said throughout the show. And so every one of the reasons I sold more books than anybody else answer your question at the biggest level is I'm the one who created tithing on every book and I've had to drag the publisher, I had to drag Jack along if you'll forgive me for being honest because they said, well if you give 10% you have less. I said no, no, it works like water water when you don't give us frozen. It's in mobile water when you give a little is just a little bit ambient. But if an airplane did sully Hit the water and didn't know what he was doing, it would have cracked the airplane apartment didn't because he's a brilliant guy, but water when it's steamed up and heated, it isn't, you're not, you're giving 10% but it becomes ambient, like one drop of steam fills the whole room when the shower is warm. And so what I said is look giving it is part of who we are giving his makes for a fulfilled magnificent living Well. And back to that question about some of the greatest people we've ever met, I would say two of the greatest people we I have ever met person. I speak for myself is Sarah O'Meara and Yvonne Feddersen there, the two founders of Child Help and these two women started off their stories in our book and it's a magnificent story.

It's in the ask God part because they were very famous little actresses at the time you know during World War two and they were called you know they did the U. F. U. S. O. Tours by bob hope and so they were called to Japan and this huge typhoon came in and they just felt restless. They for whatever reason they wanted to get out of the hotel and went down the street, took a long walk and found these Children these you're asian american asian Children. You know they were mixed blood Children shivering on the sidewalk and with no clothes, no shoes and they said you know where's your momma, where's your papa? They're like no mama saw no papa sun and they were left out to die. They were put out to die because the orphanages were so full and they were so racist in Japan at that time they wouldn't keep the mixed blood kids because they were from the soldiers right there was so much hatred so they sneaked them back to their hotel and then said okay God now what they just said, we knew God didn't put us there to walk away from those kids and so they sneak them into the hotel, bathed them, put them in clothes that they had the maids were sneaking food up to the room to help them and then they're like oh no now we have to tell the general told the general and he's like you got to get rid of those kids right now.

And they're like we can't we're not going to turn them back out. So they tried that they found they went to every orphanage in the city. Finally they found one woman who would take these Children but she said I have no doors, I have no windows and no space for them. And they said if we bring the troops back and put the doors and windows on and promise you we will send you food forever for these kids every year and on the food will you take them? And so she was very loving. She said yes and that's how they started orphanages international. They brought the troops the next night they passed around the hats to the troops and they said we're not taking no for an answer because these might be your Children and so and we're going to take you over there and help build this orphanage that repair it. And that leads one thing led to another and it's like God just kept expanding their call to where finally they built orphanages in Japan Vietnam and then nancy Reagan approach them at one point and said you've done such a beautiful job, They've got an award. The Reagans gave them a warden. They said you've done such a beautiful job on child abuse overseas.

Now, we need you to look at the child abuse of this country. It's Invisible in a secret. Here is the 1st $25,000. It makes me cry the story. Yeah, it's an amazing story, but talk about asking the questions and following the answers so courageously they gave up, Yvonne Feddersen was on every single television show, daytime show at the time. She dated Elvis Presley, she's so adorable. But they said this was given to us and they left all that behind. They started off being little starlet and then they were brought to this other opportunity and they followed the answer, wow! Holy cow! Crystal! That was an awesome story, wow, that was really good. So Mark, she's giving you a run for your Money Brother podcast today. That said that. I know, I know the good thing is keep saying I'm enough and sure sooner or later I will be.

That's right, that's right. Thank God she's on your team already speaking with my wife were in total cooperation. Don't love it. I I just get choked up. She's a great storyteller, brilliant woman. Oh, you have a beautiful balance. You really balance each other beautifully. All right, so how can people get a hold of this? Ask book? We would like them to go to one of two places because unfortunately the book starts on amazon dot com or go to walmart dot com and get the book preferentially easier and faster. Maybe at amazon because they're a little bit, they start out as a business and wanted to do it. And then we want you to bold ass one is once you get it, we want you to come ask the Book club dot com, ask the book club dot com. And once a month we're going to answer any question you got for anybody literally around the world. And then number two, is that for those either can afford it? We really humbly and respectfully ask you to buy 100 books and give them out to those that are needing of them. And we've had universities buying for every graduating student, we've had churches by him for everybody.

We've had corporations by him. And and that's, you know, it's just something that we wanted, get everybody out there to have possibilities that they don't know that this one thing I can give them everything they want if they just learned to master the fine art of acts. Yes, that's beautiful. So amazon and walmart and and yes, if you are a part of an organization or you can afford to buy multiple copies. But if you cannot by two, because the one that you get for yourself, you are not going to want to give away. And so so get to keep one for yourself. And then I think something that's so powerful. I've interviewed a lot of people and you said something, Mark that I have not heard before, that you have included tithing in every one of your books and maybe that is exactly why you've been blessed to sell so many copies. You know the line out of maliki I'll open up the windows of heaven and pour you such a such a rich reward. I have been paid again and again and again and it's the whole Circle of value that she and I talked about in the book that you know, you've got to get more give more capital value than you do in price value and you know, we all want to increase and expand the value.

You know, just it's possible to do it for each and every one of us and as we do it, we literally could make the world work for 100% humanity. Yes, we can. Yes, we can. That is outstanding. Last question for you both. Is there something that you are sure of in life? Final thought? Yeah, I'm sure God is real. Amen to that sister. Mr Crystal. That's right. I'm totally sure that she loves me and that I love her and that we love our kids and our grandkids. I just got to say that we've got spectacular little grandkids, we've got one little one that is gonna is mimicking her. She we had grand Quinn's and and the female grand twin his name Maddy and Maddy can dance. She can sing when when we have Face Time, she always gets in front of the whole family. And she thinks that she's the show yesterday, her dad said, you know, a few days ago, Father's Day, I guess, and said, you know, she's just a little ham bone like you Grampian and she she just show stealer and I said she steals every show you've ever been in.

You know, So you don't put a kid or an animal and anything you do. Yeah, that's exactly right. That's awesome. Well God bless her and you and your whole family. And thank you so much for one of the best interviews ever. I really enjoyed our time together. Thank you for being Yeah, thank you for being such givers write the book is asked. But you're really it's all about giving because you're giving things the solutions out of suffering in life. We're going to have pain, but we can minimize the suffering and maximize the joy. And that's what ask is all about. And so, thank you for writing this book. Thank you for getting it out there. And thank you for being on the program today. Thank you and thank you two boys and your wife are asking great questions to I will thank you so much. All right. You guys have a blessed day for everybody else that has been listening and watching, wow, Right. I mean amazing content. So make sure you do two things I've got to ask for you one go by those two books or 100 books or 10 million books, if you think like Mark All right?

So go ahead and just go ahead and buy as many as you can. Right? And and then share this because this there was so many good stories, so many practical takeaways. This wasn't just, you know, very spiritual, you know, lofty ideas, This was practical. You can do this right? You can start with a question and transform your life. So make sure you share this because it's going to empower you and it's going to empower everyone that you share it with. So thanks so much for being a part of our program today and make sure that you take what you've learned and use it to make your life mesmerizing. Thanks so much. We'll talk to you soon. Hey, would you like more free tips on how to be a mesmerizing leader? Then check out mesmerizing leadership dot com and also hang out with me on facebook facebook dot com forward slash tim. Sure, thanks so much And make your day a sure success.

How To Make Your Dreams Come True! | Mark Victor Hansen & Tim Shurr
How To Make Your Dreams Come True! | Mark Victor Hansen & Tim Shurr
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