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Unleash Your Greatness! | Les Brown & Tim Shurr

by Tim Shurr
June 25th 2020

In this episode, we have a true privilege to have one of the most legendary authors and motivational speakers in the world, Les Brown. More

I'm sure that we all have greatness within us, but most people don't take the time to self reflect to get to know themselves and because we live in a world where we're told more about our limitations and our potential. Most people died aged 25 and don't get buried until they're 65. Here's the question, what's going on inside the minds of top achievers that caused them to make extraordinary breakthroughs both personally and professionally. My name is tim Sure. And I invite you to join me as we take a deep dive into the unconscious mind and discover how to transform your biggest dreams into a reality. Welcome to the how to be mesmerizing podcast. Hey everybody! Welcome to how to be mesmerizing. It's tim scher and today I have a legendary guest Les Brown is with us. Ladies and gentlemen, Les Brown, thank you, thank you very much. It's a plum pleasing pleasure as well as a privilege of everything going everything it couldn't be better.

You know, I heard someone say if I had a tail it be wagon, I love it. I like that. Yes, Okay, so this is a real treat for anybody that didn't grow up on planet earth and doesn't know who Les Brown is. You are one of the most legendary authors and motivational speakers and inspirational authorities on this planet and it is a true privilege to have you with me and this is just so exciting to be able to spend a little bit of time to swim some laps in that brilliant mind of yours and and see what kind of tools and insights inspire you so that we can use that in our own life? So, so happy that you're here less. Thank you and I'm happy to be here and I want to thank you for the work that you're doing and helping people to get an expanded vision of themselves and transform their lives. Congratulations for the light that you bring. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, that's what this is all about, helping people to realize that, as you say, I'm get to quote you in front of you, which is extraordinary, right?

But people have greatness within them and most people don't know how to unleash it, they don't know how to unlock it. So, let me start with question number one then for you, if someone asked you, Mr Brown, what is the secret to success, You know, or to be being happy or fulfilled in your life, what would you say? I would say living in life? That is an alignment with who you are, Something that is your passion, it's your reason for being, it's something that you would love doing it seven days a week and don't get paid for it, but you do it so well that people want to pay you and something that provides some impact and service for others. Yeah. What if people don't know what that is, You know, I feel like you and I've found are calling, right? But there's so many people that maybe don't know how, you know what they really like. Um do you have any ideas for where to point them?

Absolutely. That's a simple one. You experiment. Mm That's all. I mean, I used to be a disc jockey. I was a community activist. I was a state legislator. I was a photographer. I used to produce concerts. I was the master of ceremonies. I've done a variety of things, working to find out what was my sweet spot. What was that? Something that I was chosen to do? You know, they say the two most important days of your life and the day that you were born and the day that you realize why you were born and the day that I realized I was born to speak, I became a different kind of person. It introduced me to a part of myself that I did not know at that time. Mm I think that's one of the reasons why we go through this life experience and why we go through different challenges and exciting times. Because it's how you become you. It's how you grow into your full potential, as you would say, how you find your greatness within without challenge, without adversity.

How could you possibly discover how far you could go or or how great you can be? Well, the other thing is we have to reverse what has been done to us. We had 12 years of indoctrination, not education. It's your intelligence is measured based upon your ability to memorize not to think. And so we really have to revamp our educational process to teach people how to think how to be creative. We were created by the creator to create. And unfortunately, when you have educational system that you are not challenged to think, you can tell them that columbus discovered America and it was occupied by indians. Yeah. That's like going outside it and you discover my car. Well, I hope you discover the car payments and the insurance cost, build a holiday around a live. It's so true. I mean, that's really a sage advice And not just the knowledge that we're taught the academic knowledge, but, you know, people also have 12-18 years of emotional programming that often cause them to feel like they're not good enough.

Like they don't deserve to be happy that they're not worthy of success. And that is equally troubling because it's false. And so this journey and and that's why I guess why we do what we do right and why you do what you do, what made you decide that you weren't going to put up with that or tolerate that, that you are going to take a stand for you and then also for doing it in public, right? And sharing it, taking a stand for others, right? And I had a defining moment in my life when I was in fifth grade, I was labeled eligible, mentally retarded and put back from the fifth grade to the fourth grade, And I fell again in the 8th grade, but my junior year in high school, I met this instructor I was in his class looking for a friend of mine and he said, young man, I want you to go in the front of the class and read this script, I want you to work this out for us. And I said, I can't, sir. And he said, why not? I said, I'm not one of your students. He said, look at me. I said, yes, he said, do it anyhow.

I said, I can't. And then the other students started laughing, saying he's d T. He's Leslie, he's got a twin brother, Wesley Wesley is smart, but he's D. T. And he asked, what's D. T. And they said, he's the dumb twin. And I said, I am sir. And he came from behind his desk, he said, don't you ever say that again, someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality. And that was a turning point because how we live our lives as a result as you are aware of the story, we believe about ourselves. And he interrupted my story at our self explanatory style and it was a jarring moment, but a defining moment. And I developed a relationship with him and that relationship in that moment. I really took me to a place within myself, I could not have gone by myself, my mother said sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you, that's not true. Words can hurt and very deeply, but when he said that it just just touched me at the core of my being, you know, it's Oliver Wendell Holmes said that once a man and woman's mind has been expanded with an idea, concept or experience, it could never be satisfied to going back to where it was.

So the experience that I had standing before him and after that, the relationship that we had, it gave me an expanded vision of what was possible for me. I went beyond seeing myself as the dumb twin to beginning to believe that anything is possible and that was a major breakthrough for me, wow, that is a powerful story. So, you know, they say that sometimes you just need one person to believe in you so that you can believe in yourself and that was your story, right? And that that happened for you. And so if somebody is listening right now and you don't feel like someone, anybody in your life believes in you less believes in you, I believe in you now. It's your turn to believe in you. Yes, that's why we do this right. We could have had a conversation without recording it. We're doing this for the person that is listening to it right now, which are watching it right now and that's you so outstanding.

You know, I have two boys, the 12 and 16 and for a long time I've told them if somebody calls you a banana doesn't make you one and they always would laugh. No, no, no. So if someone calls you anything else, it doesn't make you want, it just reveals who they are. So yeah, that's beautiful. So you have had, so that's kind of interesting that you would have that label and then, you know, for people not to recognize the person that you are going to become and the legend really in the industry that you are going to become. You know, it's, it's the same thing as I said, the same thing to Albert Einstein right that he wasn't very intelligent. Okay, So they got that one wrong. They said he fell in the 3rd Grade three times. He was just getting warmed up. That's all. So then you went on and you've created an extraordinary business. So if somebody was, you know, an entrepreneur business owner or running a company and but they had to start all over for whatever reason they had to start on a shoestring budget, what advice would you give them if you had to start all over from scratch knowing what you still know, having the wisdom that you've gained, what would you do?

I'm glad you asked that question because we have 40 million 500,000 people who've had the rug snatched out from under them financially, who've lost their jobs out of nowhere because of the coronavirus and before the coronavirus, the suicide rate in this country increased by 32%. So it's truly a spike now. But what I would say to them and I have a friend, one of my mentees, his name is Mike jones and Mike jones. If you drop him in any city of the United States, Mike jones give him two years and he will be able to get everything that he lost. And so how is that possible? Well if you blindfolded me and drop me off in any city of the United States, everything that you take from me, I'll be able to get it in two years now. The difference between like jones and myself, I can see mike jones cannot see he's been blind since he was two years old.

Mike jones is a pastor. He's an entrepreneur. He has four different businesses. He has real estate. He wrote a book that I'm going to write the forward for a call, how to earn over $200,000 a year with your eyes closed. Oh, mike, Good job. That's wonderful. Yeah. So the first thing that would do is, if I had everything executive way I would try and find the nearest library and listen to motivational messages that happened from our odd mandina augment. Dina was on the verge of committing suicide. He wrote the book, the greatest salesman in the world and on the day that he looked in a window to purchase a gun to take his life. He didn't have enough money to buy it. Thank you. He's wondering around homeless and, and he's doubled into a library and started reading personal development books and that's what I would do.

I would train my mind to help me to get out of the situation where I am the people that are going through tough times right now, they need to train their minds because they've taken a hit and so they have to fortify their faith and strengthen their confidence and allow their doubts and fears to stop to death. So I would be involved in a regiment of listening to motivational messages everyday for a minimum of two hours. First thing in the morning because whatever you here, first thing in the morning for the 1st 20 minutes will affect the spirit of your day. Next thing is I write down seven things and I'm grateful for. Its called my gratitude list, seven things that I'm grateful for. And then the next thing I will look at the seven things that I want to get out of the day that I spent time thinking about what I wanted to do with this day last night. And so I would spend time looking at that list of what I want out today.

If you're not smart enough and aware enough to have an agenda for your life. You will be a part of somebody else's agenda and then I will learn something today that I did not know yesterday and I do that now. There's something I'm going to learn today that I did not know how to do yesterday. And so that's for the mind peace. Next thing is I would work to find three core competencies, three things that that I'm fascinated with. That's my passion that I would enjoy doing and that's my calling and calling it something you love so much to do it for nothing. But you do it so well that people pay you to do it. So I'll find three core competencies. This is the era of what the late Peter Drucker calls the era of the Three C's accelerated change, overwhelming complexity and tremendous competition. So you don't want to be one dimensional today. Anything can happen and take you out. So we've not learned that from the corona virus.

This has been unbelievable every day. I'm hoping that this is a bad dream, but it's continuing all right. So I would find three things that I'm interested in that I can provide service for people. You know, they said the greatest among you will be your servant. And so I would find three things that I could master that I can bring out into the marketplace and monetize it. Third thing I would create a team Of collaborative achievement driven, supportive relationships. You can't make it by yourself today. One goose can fly 75% further information with other geese than it can ever fly by itself. So if you want to make it today, you want to surround yourself with people who know more than you. People who have more than you and people who have more money than you. Why is that important? Because you earned within 2 to $3000 of your closest friends? My mother used to say birds of a feather flock together.

So you want to upgrade your relationship? This man Mr Washington. He told me to develop my mind, developed three areas that I could master and he said practice the principle of oh QP only quality people so I speak. I trained speakers and I produce books. So those are the three things that I'm using at this stage of my life 75 to build a legacy for my Children and for my Children's Children, I have 15 grandchildren and four grandsons. Mm that's beautiful. Beautiful. 15 grandchildren and four great grandsons for great grandsons. That's a beautiful family. I love that less. Very practical, very straightforward out of all of that. If I put my two cents in here, focus on your beliefs first because your beliefs is gonna be what takes you forward and allows you to follow through on all the sage advice that you just gave all the practical advice or those beliefs are going to cause you to hold back because you don't think that it's gonna work out for you or you don't know anybody, you don't have to know how it's going to happen, you just have to have faith that it will and be allow yourself to receive it.

I wouldn't be having this conversation with you right now if I want to have cleared some beliefs because to be honest, when I first thought about reaching out, I'm like he's not going to talk to me and I'm like, what is that? What is that about? You know, bless and I are going to be buds, this is gonna be great, right? So I had to change that belief and here we are and it's amazing. So it's a beautiful, beautiful response. So flipside. Any advice on what to do or what not to do based on some things that haven't gone so well for you in your life because I know you have tremendous success but you're human. So we've also, I'm sure had tremendous setbacks and things like that. So are there is there something that you've learned not to do that you want to provide is kind of like a warning or cautionary tale. Don't react immediately when something happens to you. Good. There's a gentleman who received the Nobel peace prize for that. He talked about the value of pausing because you don't make your best thinking available to yourself when you react as opposed to pause to take time and to respond.

And so because life is going to always throws you some curveballs, things that you just can't anticipate, that's why. Forrest gump said, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. This is true. I never forget. 27 years ago doctor looked at me and said, you have cancer and it has metastasized to seven areas of your body, including this. Fine. I said, wow! I said man. And he said, why are you smiling? I said seven is my lucky number. I said I was born february the 17th. I said I'm one of seven Children. I said Joshua marshall on the walls of Jericho seven times. Nayman dipped himself in the River Jordan seven times 7 is my lucky number. He looked at his nurses said this is a strange one here. I asked him, I said, can you give me a second opinion? He said yes and you're ugly too. I know you didn't, yes, call me ugly.

I I said, man, that's malpractice. Yeah, I know. My God. And as we were both laughing, he said, you got this, we determined the diagnosis. God determines the prognosis. You and God got this. And I left his office, not with a heart full of fear. What a heart full of faith that I was going to be here in spite of the prognosis that said I had around 4-5 months and so here I am 27 years later. One of the things that I believe the doctor should never tell someone they're terminally ill, what they should say is that my knowledge and my ability to help you has terminated. Now you need to begin to explore some other options. Mm. That is so much more accurate. Wow. Who again? I got the chills. It's just that's a beautiful story. Yeah. Remember when we were talking about another time and you said, I'm a cancer conqueror, right?

That was an experience that I had. But you are the experiencer. You're more powerful than the experiences and you transcended it. How do you think that happened? Because of training my mind to serve me as opposed to being a victim of my mind and being manipulated by my mind and that's why we're told, bu not conformed to this world. That means don't allow your mind to conform and have you making choices within the parameters of what's in your head, live out of your imagination and not out of your history. And so that's an ongoing process of reading, of listening, of challenging yourself, of reaching beyond your comfort zone. Because in order to do something you've never done, you've got to become someone you've never been. And so through the ongoing process of disciplining myself. I remember brian Tracy that I talked with yesterday, he did a lecturer and he said that the average american reads one book a month.

He said, if you read one book, the average american reads one book a year. He said if you read one book a month And five years when the average American would read five books, you read 60 books that will make you an expert knowledge is new currency. So I discipline myself to read 30 to 40 pages a day, which really added up to around 2-3 books a month and now he was absolutely right, I found a way to monetize that because I was reading stuff that I was interested in speaking is not work to me. I have fun sometimes when I speak, I just, when I get through, I feel so good, I just want to just pass out $1,000 bills to all the members in the audience. I'm sure they'll be very excited. Uh that's beautiful. But you kind of answered my next question I was going to ask you, what do you do each day to create fulfillment in your life, Is there a routine or a habit or something that you do that kind of gets you in the mood to create or share.

That's a good question. I don't, I'm not into sports, I don't watch the people live their dreams so read, I listen to messages motivational messages every day and that my little nephew, my nephew and my grandson, they are just bored because I played around them because I wanted to get into their minds very early on unlike doing what I'm doing now talking with you, I like helping people to explore options on how they can use their talents more effectively. I like the personal challenge. I have a friend. I called him and and he said, hey man, what's going on? I said, well what's going on with you? He said, well my wife is preparing me to go to hospice. I said why? And they said that cancer has been to synthesized in my body and there's nothing We can do. I said, well don't include you in the wee nothing they can do.

Let you. And I have a conversation about this. I've been dealing with this for 27 years. So two months later, he's not going to hospice, he was in bed for three weeks prior to that phone call. He got out of bed that day. He is actively engaged in a process. They told him we're going to provide for you palliative care. I said, you don't want that. You want a game plan to fight, life is a fight for territory and once you start fighting for what you want, what you don't want will automatically take over. And so he, when I talked to him this morning, he said, I'm going for a walk on the sea. New pictures. I said, okay, that movement is very important for your immune system and it says to your body that you plan to be here. So I enjoy that. The strength and the power in his voice. His son calling and saying thank you for pulling my father back from the brink. He had had lost hope, thank you so much.

That just thrills me because someone has been there for me. Yeah wow, that's amazing. So I'm sure there's been many times in your life where you've gotten scared and how have you learned to handle it now? What do you do if somebody was, you know, well first how do you do it? And then if there's somebody out there because they're you know, there's millions of people out there right now they're scared because of what's going on. So how do you recommend they start to take hold of their fear so that they move from fear to faith. It's a process that you learn because at the end of the day, L. C. Robinson said something, he said, things may happen around you and things may happen to you. But the only things that really count are the things that happen in you. And so zig Ziglar he calls faith, he use an acronym he said I love what he says about this. He said that the majority of people when they are confronted with a fearful situation, they forget everything and run.

But there are some who face everything and rise. Ooh finally new ones new one. I haven't heard those two before right here I used to use because I had so much anxious evidence appearing real. No it was f everything and run. Oh my God break for you to know I needed I'm receiving it. Oh my God. And then and then I learned how to channel it into feeling excited and ready. Ah Feeling excited and ready. Said again feeling excited and ready. Feeling excited and ready. I love, yeah. Yeah we're both taking notes. Okay. Yeah you can tell people who are students of success and motivation because we're always taking notes.

Yeah. Absolutely. Yes. So when those times come you have to stop and pause and look and think and collect yourself because there are a lot of things in life will will throw before you and you just want to pause for a moment. And I remember when the doctor told me he said listen your P. S. A. Is 2400. Well and 1 to 4 is normal. I said well should I bother going home? And I said well you know what the prostate specific androgen. Well I'm gonna change that. He said to what positively staying alive. That's outstanding. He said if that works for You I said it it's worked so far right I'm still here 27 Years later. You know February 17th I turned 75.

I tell you I feel like I used to think people in their 40s were old dies at 75. I feel like I served at the Lord's supper a lot too because laughter as you know it boosts your immune system. One minute of anger weakens your immune system for 4 to 5 hours, one minute of anger weakens your immune system for 4 to 5 hours, one minute of laughter boosts your immune system for over 24 hours. So when people get to watching us, They won't get sick for 30 years that you heard it here. That Yeah, that's wonderful. That is so true. And that's been backed up as well. I had the honour of doing a keynote one time in Wisconsin with dr Bernie Siegel who is uh you know, famous oncologist and he wrote great books like How to be an exceptional cancer patient.

And and he said the same thing, he said, you know, he could just confirmed everything that you said, you know from his practice and what he's seeing and so, you know, there is a strong truth and to back up everything that you're saying. So awesome. All right, So let me ask you this then. So, what's some of the best advice you were ever given? I think The three most important things. One when Mr Washington said to me develop your mind and he gave me a series of cassette tapes and one of them was the strangest secret by Earl Nightingale. All right. I mean, that when I listened to that now I still hear things that I did not hear in 1963 when he gave it to the okay, the second thing he told me that was very important and Robert Schuller said it always expand because if you don't, you'll become obsolete. And robert shiller said expand or you are expendable.

And the third thing he said, practice the principle of oh QP only quality people, people rub off on you. You earn within 2 to $3000 of your closest friends. So when he told me that I got all the broke people out of our life, you got to go, got to go. You have to be bad with me. But y'all gotta go, I gotta get away from all the rate people broke people. I can't, I can't deal with y'all, no, no, no. Oh gosh. All right, okay, that's great. Alright, so here's a new segment I'm introducing to my program and I asked my boys because I've been telling them about, you know, our our interview and and you coming on and how exciting it is. And I said, here's someone who you know is extraordinary. Do you have any questions for them? And so I got a question, a couple of questions from my kids for you. Okay. Yes. So this comes from eight and he's 12, 12 years old. Okay. He says, are you satisfied where you are now or would you like to go further?

I am not satisfied where I am now eight and I'm so excited that you asked that question, I'm working on producing a new york times bestseller, I'm working on a global communications business that will be able to leave from my Children and my grandchildren and I'm working on getting a six pack like your father. After this interview, I'm going for a walk. I thought you saw the beer that was hidden where I That's wonderful. Alright. He has a second question. Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams when you were first starting out that you would accomplish the things that you've accomplished? No Aiden because of my background. I was born in abandoned building on a floor in a poor section of Miami florida with a twin brother and when we were six weeks of age who were taken in as foster kids and ultimately we were adopted and raised in poverty.

So I never envisioned living the kind of life that I'm now living, where I've been speaking for over 50 years and over 51 countries and to over a billion people I never envisioned that. Yes that's extraordinary. Okay, now I have a question that come to questions that come from my 16 year old, he's going to be a junior in high school, he said, What's his name? Oh, I'm sorry his name is maximus maximus Oh, I love that. David aided. Okay, go ahead. Aidan alexander the great All right, so he's probably going to be mad that I just said that. But okay, so so maximus says or asks, how did you find your motivation and what drives you today Maximus I found my motivation through my mother, I'm here because of two women. One gave me life, the other one gave me love. God took man of my biological mother's womb and placed me in the heart of my adopted mother Maximus.

And so my adopted mother, mrs Mamie Brown, I feel like Abraham Lincoln who said all that I am and all that ever hope to be I owe to my mother. And I was motivated inspired by her example, taking in seven foster kids and ultimately adopting us and I was inspired to buy her home and to take care of her to say thank you and I did that and in pursuing the skill and ability to generate the income to do that. Now Bought four different homes for her before she passed at 89 I became a different kind of person that my brothers and sisters who did not have that kind of ambition and drive, they were just focused on getting a job. I was focused on becoming an entrepreneur so that I can say mama, you'll never pay another build mama, you can sit down now you will never work again because I remember Maximus, my mother saying that if your wife when you get married has a job and her husband to one of us got to go.

So I was taught that women weren't supposed to work and not pay bills and so I was driven by the things I learned from my mother that gave my life a sense of fulfillment. Mm That's beautiful. Alright max's second question then, were you ever in a rut or feel blocked? And how did you get out of it? I was in Iraq when my mother died. I've never seen anyone die before. I was holding her hand. My best friend died within three months. And I went through a divorce from someone that I loved very much. And I had a nationally syndicated talk show that I was paid $5 million dollars to do and it was the fastest canceled talk show in the history of television. It was # one but it gets a bit so bags. I was in a rut for a period of time. And then shortly thereafter my Sun came in my room.

My youngest son John Leslie, he was 14 at the time because I had been diagnosed with cancer And given a 4-6 month prognosis. And he came in my room and he said, are you going to die? And I said, we're all gonna die? He said, no, I want to ask you, are you going to allow this cancer to kill you? And I said, why are you asking me this? He said because I don't see you fighting. I don't hear anything coming out of the rule. No sounds no motivational messages. You got the shades down, there's no music. That's inspiring and uplifting. You're very quiet. This is not the dad that I know. Mm and max I just sat there for a moment. He said I'm gonna ask you again, are you going to fight? I said yes, I'm going to fight. Yes, I'm gonna fight. I got up and I I pulled the blinds up and I said thank you for that question.

I'm going to fight. He said you taught me life is a fight for territory and once you start fighting for what you want, what you don't want will automatically take over. I want my dad back. Oh let me tell you something. I man, I was crying like a little kid. That's all. Oh right. Oh my God. I just want to give john a big hug right now. He'd be like why are you hugging me? I'm like doing I came out the room and here I am, wow, wow. All right, john! I know you're listening. So good job, good job, good job. Okay. So Oh wow, that was excellent. All right. Thank you. All right now I have a question for my wife. Your name is Stacy getting the whole family and yeah, Stacey Stacey Stacey. But basically, I mean many see Stacey. That's right. She's gonna love it.

So she wants to know. Did you ever have an ah ha moment or an experience that was traumatic that helped him you informing the person that you are today? I know you've talked a lot about that already was there that you recall uh you know, you've definitely talked about some traumatic things you've experienced. Was there ever an Aha moment besides fifth grade where you're like, hey wow. Like maybe when you're speaking career started to really take off and you're like, I can really do this. It's this an unusual or her moment. Okay. I was called upon to speak at the Georgia dome before 80,000 people. If you go online and put in Les Brown speaking in the Georgia dome, I'm speaking before 80,000 people. I came there not knowing that I thought I was going to be speaking in a banquet room. And so when they had like walking me too, the wardrobe room, the guy asked, what is it like to speak to 80,000 people? I said, I don't know. I most I've spoken to probably around 1000 2000.

He said, you don't know. I said no. He said you'll find out today. I said what are you talking about is to come with me. And he took me and he took me where I could see the people seated in the stadium. The Georgia dome. I said, oh my God. And I took off running down the hall going to the bathroom. I can't even I know. And so they called Mike Williams. He wrote the book the road to your best stuff. The road to your best stuff. He's been my mentor for 51 years and I said call Mike and he was there and I said you you got to talk to me. He said you're scared, aren't you? And I said yes, I'm talking to him through the door. He said come out Brownie. And I said, Mike, I can't hear the voices. He said listen to me. He said they came to see you, You didn't come to see them.

He said come out brownie. I said mike, I don't know if I can do this. He said Brownie, are you listening? I said yes, come out and make your mother proud. I said my don't use my mama, don't do that. Oh he's good. He knew he knew where he had to go. And they were walking toward the stage and we're back of the curtains and I stopped and and I got everybody to pray for me. Then I took their hands and put it on my heads and all I I was as I was growing up, he said Brownie, you can do this, make her proud. Mm. And I turned that God gave me the microphone and I gave the speech but I don't remember giving the speech. I don't remember seeing the audience. I don't remember hearing their response but after I went to the dressing room and they were chanting for me to come back out and I came back out.

I said they like me, I say, wow, thank you very much. That's cry. I do like I say, they like me very good. I don't remember to this day. I do not remember giving that speech. That's extraordinary. Yeah. That's a legendary talk. That was the, you know, it's not over till you win. Yeah. Speech that you gave. That's uh wow. So if anybody hasn't watched that youtube go to Youtube and do the search on Les Brown, it's not over till you win because that is powerful. In fact, in a little bit, we're gonna be talking about how other people, if you feel like you have a calling to do something like that or have an experience like that less is putting together a pretty extraordinary opportunity. So make sure you hang into the end of the interview and we'll talk about that. So that is a remarkable story.

I had a very small similar experience. I was supposed to do a show and I thought it was gonna be about 100 people. And I walked into the back of the room and it was as far as you could see and the lights were out and it was, you know, stage up front, it was all lit. And then uh and then when I got up there, you know, the lights are so bright, you can't see the audience, all you can hear is laughing and echoing all the way back. Yeah, I about had a panic attack, but it went well, that's what I do too. I started praying, I do it every time I did it before this interview I asked God to come through me. Use me as a tool. Let his words and wisdom come through me and kind of help me get out of the way. You know? It's more the less of me. Oh that's so sweet. More the less of me I will be done. Oh good. Okay. That was great. All right now a couple of rapid fire questions real quick. So what's your favorite way to relax? My favorite way to relax is meditation. I meditate and I will listen to asian meditation music that they play in Spars.

That's my favorite way of life and going for walks in the park. Yeah. Yeah, that's nice. Well what's your most exciting adventure that you've ever had? My most exciting adventure I've ever had? Was I convinced the pharmaceutical company that I was able to communicate with doctors to teach them how to communicate with their patients to increase their taking of a hypertension medication. Mm and they sent me to 35 cities including Sweden And they paid me $640,000 in one month and was exciting. That is exciting. And what a powerful message. You know, it's something you could get behind which is really good. Who is one of the coolest people that you've ever got to meet? One of the coolest people I've ever got to me was Shaq O'neal mm the shack. Played for the Lakers. He's a very nice guy and very playful, just like a big kid.

It was such a pleasure of meeting him. And he was the same that you saw before the camera during a commercial playing basketball. He was very joyful and fun to be around. Uh That's wonderful. All right. How come Mike was your mentor? Why did you choose him? I saw Mike speak, mike Williams. I saw him speak and I followed him around and I loved his style of communication, his substance, his air of confidence and how he was able to have an audience sit on the edge of their seats waiting for the next words that he would speak and how he put those words together. And I asked him afterwards, I said, could you teach me how to do this? And he said, yes, I can teach you how to be better than me. I said, I'll never be as good as you are, but if I can just be halfway decent, I'll be a happy camper. And what he was right. Ultimately I did pass him. He said any good coach, all of his students will pass him.

Yes, that's really good. So once you achieve the level of success that you have desired, was it what you expected? No, I was pursuing financial success and I achieved that, but the greatest success I achieved was when my Children gathered and they said to me, dad, we're proud of you, we love you and we're proud. We're proud of what you have accomplished. And but it did not equate to the money that I had earned the money did not matter what they said to me, had more currency and value for me and I thought I was working for the money, but I was working for them because I love to make large amounts of money. But that did not replace the love and the appreciation and admiration of my Children.

That was the greatest day of my life. Uh that's beautiful. That's beautiful. I feel the same way. So if you could, this is my favorite question and I know you've been asked it before. But if you could travel back in time knowing what you know now, taking all these decades of wisdom and go back and meet less when he was, you know, 10, 11, 12, what advice would you give him? I would tell him go for it. Bet on you. 14 years. I did not go after my dream because I don't have a college education. I was labeled educational. Mental retard it. I was put back from the fifth grade to the fourth grade. Fell again in the eighth grade. I didn't think that I was good enough to have someone to see me as a credible resource like at and T. Proctor and gamble. IBM General Electric to hire me to come in and teach them how to do something I've never done. So 14 years I denied myself living a life that reflected me.

And so I allowed myself to be sidelined by fear and not feeling good enough. So I would say bet on you bet on yourself. Les Brown what you have is enough. Mm. If I could go back, I would tell him the same thing. You bet on Les Brown put your money on him. You're gonna be just fine kid. You're gonna be just fine. So, all right now, I'm really excited about this. I want you to tell me a little bit about the book that you have and then about your power voice course. So your book, this is the one right? You've got to be hungry. Yeah, Yeah. You know, so that's the one. And everybody should have a copy of this. I don't know if it's backward on that. Yeah. In the show notes. Yes, they can see it. Yes. Yeah. It took me 21 years to write that book. Three times seven is 21. I was starting stop talking and start and stop. It's for this time where we are right now. It will, people will learn how to get through tough times.

They will learn how to begin to overcome the setbacks. They learn how to pick yourself up and you've been devastated by life. They will learn that there's a power in the presence in you that can conquer anything that life throws at. You learn how to overcome procrastination and most of all they will learn how to live a life that will outlive them. I think that's why we're all here, Horace Mann said we should be ashamed to die until we've made some major contribution to humankind and I believe that we're here to do that. Yeah, wow, that's really powerful. Yeah, wow, so good, so good. So how can people find out more about your power voice coaching program, our voice coaching program, You learn, you earn you pass it on. So at this stage of my life is 75 I'm looking for people that are hungry. My book is entitled you've got to be hungry, the greatness within to win.

And so I'm looking for people who have a passion for wanting to make a difference and also would like to build a business around their passion and I will teach them the secrets of my power voice system, have a power voice system, that this systematic process will connect them with their power voice. We all have another voice. This is not my original voice, This is the voice that mike Williams helped me to access, you have to have a coach, someone who can see what you can't see because you can't read the label when you're in the box and he helped me to access my power voice and now at this stage of my life I'm going to only do virtual seminars and speeches virtually, but train people who are ready to invest in themselves and want to learn how to use their Power Voice to create an experience with an audience to transform them individually and collectively.

It took me three years to earn my first million. Now with the technology we have today, they can do it in a fraction of the time that it took me because when I turned mine in 1980, there was no commercial for advertising come of computers. Okay. We have computer lengthen and twitter and tip talk and all these other things. And so it was flying from city to city hotel, the hotel, but now you have all the tools you need to do whatever you want to do and have a global business from your home, you can reach millions from your home on your computer. So I'm training people how to use their power voice to bring their personality through how to bring the best out of people and how to bring the best out of themselves. That is it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone to have the experience of being personally coached and trained by you.

And so anybody that feels a calling, anybody feels like they have a message inside of them, anybody that wants to use their voice to make a difference in this world and add more value. I strongly recommend that you invest in this program as fast as you can because I know it will sell out. I'll make sure we have links to everything in the show notes because this is an extraordinary opportunity and opportunities like this don't come along very often. So you know, Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you never take so take this shot and you'll be glad you did. Thank you. Yeah. So one final question, what is something that you are sure of? I'm sure that we all have greatness within us. But most people don't take the time to self reflect, to get to know themselves and because we live in a world where we're told more about our limitations and our potential.

Most people died aged 25 and don't get buried until they're 65. And so my goal is to, with the work that I do is to expand a person's vision of themselves, decrease the level of unconscious self loathing, increase their sense of worthiness where they come to believe the words and the play Lion King Simba. You're more than that. Which you have become. That they have greatness in them. Oh, that is beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen Les Brown less this has been, I feel like it's been the perfect interview, Your spectacular. You're the definition of mesmerizing and I can't thank you enough for being on this program today. I appreciate you so much of all the interviews I have and you can put this on your on the Euro piece here. It's the most touching and the chemistry that we have between each other. I just feel honored to be interviewed by you and thank you for the work that you're doing and helping people to live their dreams and get out of their head and get into their greatness.

Thank you. All right, everybody you heard from one of the greatest speakers of all time Les Brown and this has been spectacular. Here's a couple of things. I want you to do one. I want you to go and listen to this program again because let's drop so much wisdom. There was so much in this that I'm going to go back and just transcribe it, you know, and just go through it again and again because there's so much wisdom, there's no way you can possibly get it out of listening. Just one time then You go get a copy of lessons book because you know you've got to be hungry is going to be a national bestseller. And so you want to be a part of that. And then of course make sure you check out that interview or that speech on YouTube that less gave to those 80,000 people, can you imagine, right? And it's called? It's not over till you win. So check that out. And then finally I'll be sharing more information about how you can get involved with the power voice coaching program with Mr Les Brown. So thanks so much for watching today, share this with your friends like this episode and make sure that you make today mesmerizing and we'll talk to you soon.

Bye everybody. Hey, would you like more free tips on how to be a mesmerizing leader? Then check out mesmerizing leadership dot com and also hang out with me on facebook facebook dot com forward slash tim. Sure. Thanks so much and make your day a sure success.

Unleash Your Greatness! | Les Brown & Tim Shurr
Unleash Your Greatness! | Les Brown & Tim Shurr
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