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The Biology Of Belief | Dr. Bruce Lipton & Tim Shurr

by Tim Shurr
August 30th 2021

In this episode, we have an extraordinary guest who is a brilliant biologist, a research scientist at Stanford Medical School, working on stem cells, and the author ... More

money is the equivalent of energy. It's a physical expression of energy. And then I say energy is life. And if you don't have energy, you don't have life, here's the question, what's going on inside the minds of top achievers that caused them to make extraordinary breakthroughs both personally and professionally, my name is tim Sure, and I invite you to join me as we take a deep dive into the unconscious mind and discover how to transform your biggest dreams into a reality. Welcome to the how to be mesmerizing podcast. Hey everybody welcome to how to be mesmerizing. It's tim Sure, and I'm freaking out today, We have a super legend in the house dr Bruce Lipton is with us, Bruce! Welcome to the show, tim. I am so happy to be here with you, you know, the energy is high, I'm really excited, but I also know we have a great audience and for me that's the important part, because evolution is looking outside the box and here we are, tim way outside the box, getting answers that we can make a better future with. That's right. I want to start off with a giant, thank you for all the work that you've done all the service that you provided and how you have expanded our awareness our paradigms.

It's just extraordinary. Your book. The biology of belief is one of my all time favorites because and it helped to carve, you know, my path, you know, I've been award winning hypnotist for 30 years. And so I've always been fascinated with the mind, body connection, and you are really one of the founding pioneers of the way that we look at, at our impact on our body. So for anybody that doesn't know who you are, you're extraordinary biologists. You taught at, you know, at Stanford Medical School in the seventies Research research scientists, thank you at Stanford, you're working on stem cells and you were doing all this stuff to try to figure out, you know? And I think at the time you were, most people believe that your genes and your hereditary, that's it. You know, if you had cancer in your family, you're probably gonna have cancer. And when you started doing your research, you're like, no, your environment and your beliefs influence what's going on. So, can you tell us a little bit about that research and how you made these discoveries?

Okay, well, it was about 50 years. It was over 50 years ago, 1967. I was cloning stem cells and it was about many people in the world that knew about stem cells that are on the screen right now, stem cells back in those days was a rarity, but I had an opportunity to work with them. A stem cell. There's an embryonic cell. And I say, so, what's important about him? I said, Well, a human body is not a single entity. Human body is 50 trillion cells in community. Okay. But just in the time we started talking here, you've probably lost maybe, you know, 50 billion cells because they die by the millions every minute. And I say, so why is that relevant? I said, well, if you can't replace those dying cells every day, you lose hundreds of billions of cells every day dying. I said, well, if you can't replace them, then we wouldn't be here. So there's something in the system that as the old ones are dying, new ones. And I say, that's because our body is infused with stem cells.

And another word for stem cell is embryonic cell. Once you're born, we could look at that and say, well, it's an embryonic cell, but you're not an embryo. So we changed the name. So stem cells embryonic cell. So I'm teaching in the school genes control life. That's a belief called genetic determinism. And most people today still hold that belief that genes control their life. And I said, so what is the meaning of teaching that? And I go, well, as far as we know, we didn't pick the genes we came with. And if we don't like the characteristics, you can't just go change the genes. And then you're told also that genes turn on and off by themselves. And you start to realize, oh my God, the genes are controlling my life. I have no control. And I say, why is it relevant? Because that insight makes us a victim of our heredity. As you mentioned, if there's cancer running in the family or diabetes running in the family, we're always saying oh I got the gene that does and I go the genes do not do that. And I said how I was cloning stem cells.

That means put one cell in the dish by itself. It divides every 10 hours after a week I got 30,000 cells. But the point is they're all genetically identical because they came from the same one parent. So I take the 30,000 cells split them up and 10,000 cells in each of three dishes. They're all genetically the same. And then I changed what is called the culture medium. This is now the interesting twist. I said what's the culture medium? That's the fluid we grow cells in. I said well what does it represent? And I say it represents blood. So if I grow human cells I say what is human blood made out of? And then in the lab I make a synthetic version culture medium and I grow the cells so that its environment for the cells. And this is the wiser relevant. Well I made three different versions, chemically slight difference between three different versions of culture medium and I gave each of the three dishes a different version chemistry of that culture medium. And and the crazy result was after a few days one environment, one culture medium, the cells the stem cells form muscle and another dish genetically identical cells different culture medium different environment and they form bone.

And yet in a third dish again, genetically identical cells, different environments. And they formed fat cells. And I go, so what was the point? Well, I'm teaching in the classroom genes control life. And then I come in the laboratory and it says, hey, they all had the same genes. The only thing that determined what genetics activity was going to be read was the environment. Okay, now we step back, just one step back and recognize the genetics of the cell are controlled by the environment. And I go, okay, now here comes the twist. As I Said, a human body is 50 trillion cells. So we are a skin covered Petri dish inside. We have the original culture medium blood. And I go, so I go, it doesn't make a difference. If the cells in a plastic dish or a skin covered dish, it's still controlled by the environment. And then in the case of culture medium in the plastic dish, blood in the skin covered dish. And then I go, the biggest issue now is, well, who's the chemist or what calls the controls the chemistry?

Because as I showed change the chemistry of that blood a little bit and the genetics are very different. So it turns out, here's the big step to him. We're coming to it. The brain is the chemist that controls the composition just like in the lab. I was a chemist and controlled it. Okay. But then comes the most important question and that is so what chemistry should the brain put into the blood? Whatever picture you have in your mind, the brain will translate that picture into complementary chemistry. There's a different chemistry for love than a chemistry for fear. Chemistry for anger. There's each one is different and I say so why is it relevant? So whatever picture you're holding in your head, Your blood transforms that into chemistry to match that picture. And that chemists that blood goes to the 50 trillion cells in the culture dish and adjust the genetics. And I go, so what's the relevance? I go, you control your consciousness, you're consciousness, controls your genetics.

And I go, so why is it relevant? You're not a victim of your changer, the master creator of your life by whatever picture you hold. And that's where the conflicts in life come from. Because the I say the mind is where that picture comes from. But it goes to the mind like there's this one thing called mind. I go, no, there are two things called mind network together. And that is the conscious mind. The subconscious mind. I said, why is it relevant? The conscious mind connected to your personal identity, spirituality? That conscious mind is creative. The other mind. The bigger mind called the subconscious mind is habitual. I said so what's the difference? I said with a creative mind? I can manifest wishes and desires. I can manifest what I want. But what about the subconscious, whatever programs you've got in that subconscious, they control your life and I keep trying to make it shorter too. But I'll get it right. Let me rephrase that real quick. The subconscious programs the programs that are running in your subconscious mind are really influencing your life.

Yeah. In in your in your book you had mentioned that there's a quote I forget. You'll know where it came from that, You know, give me a child to the age of seven and I'll show you the man, you know, he will become right. And so why is it the biggest thing we just left out was okay. I got the two minds creative habitual. I was going higher conscious. Lower subconscious I say. But here's the point. And this is the point where if you get this the whole world can change. And that is this. Look, if I'm operating from my conscious mind, I'm creative, I can manifest my wishes and desires. But when I operate from the subconscious mind, these are programs where did you get the fundamental programs from? I say in the first seven years of your life, your brain is operating a vibrational frequency. And I go, what does that mean? I said, well you put wires on a person's head. It's called electroencephalogram. If you read brain function, they're different vibrations. A lower vibration of the brain is called Byetta. Which is for the first seven years of a child's life expressed as imagination.

I would say, oh they poured nothing in the tea cup. They drink the tea And they said that's the greatest t I ever had. I said that's a theta imagination. But theta is hypnosis. Okay, gosh, I want to say everything. So I'm gonna back it up one second here, tim And I'm gonna say this the brain is a computer, most powerful computer we know on the planet. But there are parallels that are in the silicon computer that we buy versus the one we have. I said, what's the parallel it goes like this when you buy a brand new computer, you bring it home and you push start and it boots up. I go great, the screen lights up, I go great. And then I say let's do something and go, no I can't do anything. It's a brand new computer. I can oh first you have to put programs into a computer and then you can access the computer with the keyboard. And so here's the point. Human brain boots up last trimester of pregnancy. Three months before you're born. The brain screens on, okay? But you can't do anything with a computer until you get programs. So the brain operates in a state of data, which is hypnosis for seven years.

I said why I say, do you know how many rules you have to know to be a member of a family and a member of community? The behaviors. And oh my God, there's so many rules. I said, how's an infant gonna learn all these rules. I go not reading it. Brain downloads it by observing mother, father siblings and community observing them like a video recorder and say that's the behavior. If I generally a boy grows up generally observing his father and downloading this is what boys do when they grow up by observing them and downloading your father's behavior, vice versa for for girls generally watch the mother and that's my future, what her behavior is. And I said, what does the child have to do? Just watch? Because that went into subconscious. So now here comes big thing. And that is this through the programs that were downloaded into your hard drive subconscious. Do they support your wishes and your desires? Not necessarily a matter of fact, a lot of the programs we download, A really dysfunctional.

I mean, look, I programmed by my parents and relationship. You had my parents for, you know, your parents would say, well, that's a very dysfunctional relationship. Yeah, but my brain recorded the behavior and for 40 plus years when I wanted to get a relationship, my subconscious program came in and destroyed them. But You know, that's why you're making a beautiful point and I love this so that people will say what I'm doing all this conscious work. I'm doing all this reading, I'm doing all this personal development. I have, I've been in therapy for 20 years. This is my creative conscious mind. But my life is not improving. And this is why this is why because here's the monkey wrench in the machine is the conscious mind is creative. But here comes the conscious mind can also think what the hell is the difference. I go imagine the body is a vehicle that we're moving through our life and that the conscious mind when it has its hands on the wheels is driving toward what wishes and desires, the things that you want.

And then I say what? Well if I start thinking, the conscious mind is not looking out the window anymore because thinking is inside. So the moment you have a thought, your conscious mind is redirected to look inside because that's where thoughts are manifest. So why is it relevant? I go, well, if you're driving a vehicle and you let go of the wheel, then what happens? Then I go, oh the subconscious is autopilot. So when I let go of the wheel, the subconscious just grabs that we don't start driving. I go yeah, but it drives according to the program that we got not to the wishes and desires that we have. So when you are thinking your life is not controlled by your wishes and desires. It's controlled by the programs you've got in the first seven years. Hence that quote from the judge will give me a child until it is seven. I will show you the man point whatever program they give you before 7, 95 95 percent of our life is coming from the program because that's how much we think and I don't know why is irrelevant. I go, well, as you mentioned, you can educate the conscious mind, man, read the books, go to the lectures, you know, watch all the videos, audios, whatever you download.

I go, wow, you got a very smart conscious mind. I go, well, how much of the time are you using it? 5%. I go, well, there's your problem Because 95% of your life is not coming from your creative wishes and desires. It's coming from the previously downloaded programs which didn't even come from you. So all of a sudden sudden then you're not living your life. You're living the life of a program. And so the movie, the Matrix turns out to be a documentary, not science fiction. It's the truth. First of all, everybody got program why? Because all of our brain computers have to have programs in them before we can use them. Consciousness begins as a predominant activity around age seven. So the first seven years is hypnosis. Learning the rules by just recording what you see. And so then things that get passed down in the family from parent to child, parent to child. It's not genetic, its behavior because the parent is programmed From their parent, your grandparents.

And I go, so what? Well then your parent is 95% life is coming not from them, but from your grandparents who came from your great grandparents. It's like a lineage of of you know, programs that are passed just to highlight one point. I'm sorry, I talked so fast, but I got to get it. I love it. I love it. You go Bruce, you go. And the point is this, there's no such thing as a gene that causes cancer. They're called cancer genes, but they don't cause cancer. Angelina Jolie gets this young beautiful woman has a double mastectomy in the fear that her gene, the breast cancer gene was going to give her cancer. So she said, well, I just, you know, mastectomy remove the breast. I'll never get the cancer with the what belief that the gene causes cancer and then I go, half the women that have this gene never get the cancer. I said, that's a very important point. I said, what is it like the gene didn't cause the cancer? And it turns out, Well, what did Then? Here comes the answer. They did a study of kids adopted into a family where there's cancer running in the family and they find that the adopted child will get the same family cancer just as any of the natural siblings.

But I thought the child came from totally different genetics and the point was the cancer is behavioral dysfunction that is passed from parent to child. Put into the hard drive and then 95% of your life coming from that hard drive includes the behavior that gives cancer. And we blamed everything on Jeans. Less than one, less than 1% of diseases connected to genetics. And now we recognize 90% of illness and 90% of doctor visits are for stress, stress is where the diseases on this planet are coming, from not from the jeans and the stress, most of the distress are coming from programs that we developed, not just, you know, how am I supposed to eat? How am I supposed to carry myself? You know, how am I supposed to function sitting in a classroom or talking to my parents? But also programs that am I worthy? Do I deserve love? Am I good enough? Right. Yeah, that's it.

And I'll tell you where the problem comes from. As simple as this consciousness and a child doesn't fully develop until about age seven. That's when self consciousness and self awareness comes in. So what now? I said, but before age seven, a child isn't thinking, it's recording data hypnosis. So I said, what's the, what's the point? And here it is when an older child is on a sports team playing something on the team and it's not doing well. The coach comes up and the coach doesn't go, oh, please play better know the coach says, come on, that's not good enough. Who do you think you are? You don't deserve to be on this team. Now, a child older than seven is recognizing the coaches. Talking about them not performing well and trying to encourage them to do better. I go, great. That's what it's point. But a parent doing the same thing to a child under seven thinking they're going to, you know, push that child to do better by needling them. You know what you're gonna do better? I go, a child under seven is not conscious. A child under seven is just recording. I say. So what does that mean?

Well, when the coach told the older kid that's not good enough, who do you think you are? The kid takes? It goes, um, I'd better work harder. You say the same thing to a child under seven. That's not good enough, not deserving and that's now recorded. And then I go, so what I said, it's in the subconscious. I said, so what? And then the answer we just talked about was, well, 95% of your life is coming from those programs. So if you downloaded not good enough, the job of the mind is to manifest the reality so that you can prove your program is right by what You'll generate behavior that will compromise your life because 95% of the day you're not creating it with your conscious is just a program and the brain will make that program true by creating behavior that will manifest the program. If you were programmed, not good enough, then the subconscious will say, well, we have to throw some flaws in here. We have to screw up a little bit wide because at the end of the day, guess what? We're not good enough. And then, you know, I'm not worthy then and I started having success. I have to get rid of that. And that's where the self sabotage comes from.

Absolutely. And it's invisible and tim for God. Since 1985 when I first remember using a lecture, a simple story. Same story 40 some years. What's the point? Simple and profound. And here's a story. You have a friend and you know, your friend's behavior very well and you know, your friend's parent. And one day you see your friend has the same behavior of their parents and you just gotta go, hey, Bill, you're just like your dad. And I'll tell you what the first thing Bill is going to say. How can you say that? I'm nothing like my dad. You know, and people laugh because they all have personal experience. And I go most profound story tim in the damn world. I go, why? Well, where does tim get us seven years of behavior from his dad? But he plays it when 95% of the day and then there's everybody else can see this behavior because he got it from his dad. He's playing it. But tim can't you know, he can't see it. Bill can't see it. And I'm not talking about. You don't you don't you don't you don't say Why don't you see your own behavior?

And the answer was because we said if you're thinking you're not looking out the window. So whatever behavior is coming from the automatic subconscious autopilot program, you're the one that doesn't see it. Because the reason you're playing the program is because you're not paying attention. So whatever is coming out is going to match the programs that you've got in the seven years because that's the autopilot. So if you've got not good enough not deserving, not loving. And then I say I don't care what age you are, 50, 60 doesn't make any difference. Why? Because the moment you are thinking, you will revert exactly back to the programs in that first seven years? Because that's the same program. It's called a habit. So it's always there until you change it. But the point is then we are not creating our lives with our wishes and our desires. We're creating with our programs. And I said, but you don't know your programs. And I say why? Well, you were being programmed even before you were born in the last trimester of pregnancy. You weren't there? Ok?

And for the first seven years. The brain is just recording. And I said yeah, but Okay. Tell me the program you got from 0 to 1 a whole year. You've got a lot of programs. Okay. Okay. You don't know those who weren't spherical. Okay. How about the programs from 1-2? I wasn't there. I don't know what the program was about. three. You might remember some things. Okay. But so here's the point. Most of the program that we have that runs our lives and controls what we experience were downloaded into our mind before we were conscious and therefore we don't see the programs. And the story of Bill was when the conscious mind let's go to the wheel. And 95% of the day the subconscious program dr said you don't observe these programs. So then all of a sudden you go, what the hell are my programs? And I go, here's a beautiful conclusion, 95% of your life is the program your life is a print out of your programs. So the conclusion is simple. Look at your life right now and go the things that you like that come into your life.

They came in because you had a program to acknowledge them. But the ones that you struggle with work hard over, sweat over. I'm gonna make this happen. I'm working on, I'm gonna make it happen. Why you're working so hard. And here comes a beautiful answer Because whatever subconscious program you've got about that is sabotaging you, 95% of the day. So your program is a reflection your life what you're struggling with our programs that don't offer what you want. So, so you can look at yourself and go where what programs that are not working so well, you're having trouble relationship job, you know, help issues like that. I go those are all issues connected to the program. Yeah. So to keep it, Yeah. To keep this brilliant Bruce, to keep it simple. I always say the programs are the beliefs that you developed, you know, through the experiences that you went through. Absolutely. Yeah. People, I've been asked a million times that people are like, how are you? It's shocking how fast you can get results with people that have been, you know, stuck for their whole entire life.

What are you doing? And I'm like, I'm just upgrading unconscious beliefs, All right, that's all I'm doing. And I'm just going to the moment and I love hypnosis. And I know that that you're a fan of it as well because it works with your state of mind and put you in that magical state of mind. But it's not just that, it's not just that you're accessing theta. The reason that I use hypnosis is it allows me to go right back to that moment in time where that belief was formed when that program was formed and upgrade it then and there. And what happens is that yeah. And immediately people have a shift in how they think and how they feel and how they behave immediately is exactly the word because it sounds oh that's nice. It must take no, immediately is as you said immediately, you can go through a process and immediately walk away a different person. But the problem is this most people don't even know that their behavior is the creative part. Stay here. That's right. The most valid. The most valid science on this planet is quantum physics. No science that is that science the most tested and affirmed to be truer than any science.

So I say so why is it relevant? I go, principle number one is consciousness is creating your life experiences And significant. That is a fact of quantum physics. And I go, so why is irrelevant? I go because well of consciousness is creating my life experience and how come all this crap is around my life. And I go, well because consciousness is consciousness and subconscious nous and 95% is this one. And if you don't see it like Bill, who is behaving like I said, everybody else can see it if you are a Bill, Hey, wait a second. We are all Bill. That's the first thing that everybody out here. We're all Bill, Why we all got programmed. And the idea about it is if we look at the print out of our lives and it's not working And we like bill didn't see that 95% of the day, it was our own behavior. They're generated. Then what are you left with what almost almost everybody what they left with at the end of the day, they started off, I want my wishes to be true. And at the end of the day, they come home and didn't happen.

And they said, well, it wasn't me, I wanted to be successful. Then they look at the world and say, oh, I'm a victim. Oh, that stopped me from getting there. And this is the interference that could, you know, and I go, no, we stopped ourselves unconsciously just like bill playing these behaviors that other people are responding to and we don't even know we're playing them. So it's like, ah the biggest issue right here is recognizing personal responsibility and we have no responsibility. You didn't know how the damn thing works. But now if you have some responsibility saying what if you see it's not working rather than looking at the world and saying the world is interfering with me. You start to say, wait, maybe my program is interfering with me. And then I said, so what's the relevance And as tim knows for sure you can change that for a crab. And if I put you in control instead of feeling helpless. You know, there's so much anxiety and depression, a feeling of, you know that I don't have any control over things and I'm not going to be able to handle the stuff that happens to me.

And so we get, we terrify ourselves. We're not using our mind to prepare us, we're scaring ourselves instead and you know and then you know what you're I love how you're talking about the importance of shifting from feeling victimized to realizing that you have the power to create a new experience using the magic that's already inside of you. You just have to start with some more self awareness that this is actually happening. And then the biggest breakthroughs happen by upgrading the programs. You know, I had someone say the other day, they're like, you know, well I didn't have any control over what happened to me the first seven years of my life. So that might be influencing me now that I'm 50. So what am I supposed to do or? Yeah or 100. Yeah. I mean everybody that I'm working with, you know is usually in their forties, fifties, sixties and they're still being influenced by what happened to them when they were six years old and so and they don't know it. Right. And so what do you do then if you want to program yourself? You know, do you have some ideas for what we can do to reprogram our minds? Yeah.

Well the first thing is this identify where the programs are, where's the struggle in your life and recognize you're not a victim, you're experiencing the struggle but you're also the one 95% of the day that is manifesting that struggle. So the first thing you have to take responsibility and stop saying they did it because if you start doing that then you've just said I'm giving up responsibility to them. So I'll say okay, but what's the issue now? Here comes the interesting part, conscious mind is connected to your identity, your spirituality, your uniqueness, its creative subconscious mind is just habits playing okay. And the problem about this has been always that, oh I'll just give myself a good talking to and I will fix the problem and you talk to yourself and you talk to yourself and you're always caught up in the problem and I keep telling myself not to do it and I'm still doing it. And I go I love the joke of this. The brain is like a computer, the hard drive has programs in it. The keyboard is creativity.

And I go, okay, you want to change the program in the hard drive on your computer, Talk to it. You know, what do we talk to? I said tell your computer, I don't want this program, I want to change it and go blah blah blah. And how many years will it take you to learn that the hard drive is not listening to, you know why there's nobody in there, There's not a person in there to hear you ask it to do something and I go, so what's the relevance? I say, it's so frustrating for people to say, I see this isn't working, I want to change this thing, I know what I want and I'm gonna read the book that says I should do this, I can do this. And then with all the effort of what talking to themselves that it didn't change. I go, yeah, because it's a hard drive. Nobody's in there. So you want to change the subconscious? You have to have a way of accessing the subconscious. I go, well, how did it work? And I go, ah programs come into the subconscious in the first seven years because your brain is in a vibration lower than consciousness called Theta.

And that's hypnosis and that's how you put it in. So hey, the first way of putting a new program is go back to the way it learns hypnosis is the way it learns. Okay, you could do self hypnosis or with a hypnotherapist, whatever it is to get you into Theta. So your minds operating in theta. Then you can download a program. Okay? And every night when you go to bed, the vibrations are higher vibrations of consciousness which are Beta the highest, not the highest. Next to the highest betas are average working consciousness com, consciousness is called Alpha. And then right after Alpha is theta. Now that's just below consciousness. But on the way down to the lowest one called Delta, which is sleep. So when you come home from a hard day, you've been in beta working and then you relax and then the vibration slows down Alpha. I'm calm and then I say by when you're in bed the moment you disconnect consciousness just went to sleep. You're in theta, which is hypnosis for a short time before it drops into the lowest one Delta full out sleep.

So why is that relevant? The answer is this every night when you go to bed, there's a window, a small window of when your alpha consciousness went to sleep, but data is now working brain is in record mode. So I go, oh it is. I said, well then put some earphones on and do self hypnosis. Okay, that's the way of doing it. Get a program that will play that you want to be real and put it on and you'll be sleeping And the program is downloading into, you're unconscious. I love it because it's like, how much effort do I have to have? And I don't just go to sleep. It'll take care of itself and play. I call it lay and play. Just lay down, push a button, let those suggestions go in while you're sleeping at night. But Then you also acquired programs after age seven. I mean you learn how to drive a car playing music instrument complex, fly a plane, whatever. I don't know. And I said, wait, but they become habits. I say yes, they do. And I said, how do they become a habit? And the answer is repetition, practice repeating it over and over again, you want to drive a car, hand you the keys if you've never been in that car, I'm not driving with you, you know, just to practice.

And so the second way of putting information into the subconscious mind is habituation through repetition. You have to think or live or experience something like a new behavior and practice it just like I'm practicing an instrument, I'm practicing a new behavior. I say relevance, practice repetition will make that new behavior a new program. Okay. And then lastly, there's something now called energy psychology. And I said, what's energy psychology? I go, well, it's a new version of psychology that engages what we might call super learning and then all of a sudden then what is super learning? Well maybe you've seen somebody read a book by just moving their finger down the page as fast as they just moved like that, just as fast as I went like that. Every word on that page has been read and you say what size page that says this page or this page? Just move your finger down subconscious, a supercomputer. And I say so you can download information when you're in a super conscious state.

And energy psychology is a whole bunch of modalities that get your mind into that state. So now you can say, I want to download a new belief and I go, oh how many minutes minutes instead of the other to hypnosis. And repetition are time dependent of you repeating it. But super learning Can allow you to download a program and walk away after 10 minutes with a new life. And I love it because that old story, you know something about nature and necessity, you know, mother nature is helping us because we have a necessity to change our behavior very quickly. And therefore this new realm of energy psychology is here because this world is heading down a track to destruction at this minute because of human behavior. We're destroying the world in which we live the environment that provides for us. We're killing it and therefore we can't live Point is we're the ones that are doing it.

And therefore the answer is how are we getting out of this sense like we have to change our behavior and the world will accommodate. Yeah, wow. Well said there's just so much wisdom and all that and I've been obsessed with energy psychology with fast change. How do you create change. That is that happens immediately, that also is sustainable at last. And so I love upgrading unconscious beliefs and just shifting behavior instead of the old, you know, repetition and affirmations for years on end. You know, it's so slow. And what happens is people don't get the results that they want right away. And so it just reinforces in a negative way the old program so that every time they try something new and it doesn't work. It just reinforces the old program and the old belief and they just get into that pattern over and over. Yeah, that's a belief. If that's a belief that you hold change is difficult and recognize this. If you are trying to make change, what's the, oh I didn't see this in a little box. Warm. Let me give this one. The function of the mind is to create coherence between your beliefs and your reality.

So therefore you have a negative belief. The function of the mind is to generate a negative reality. So you can go, yep I knew it versus like what's going on around here. It's just my beliefs turned out to be real. So all of a sudden I said yes I knew that was gonna happen. Well you're not that you knew it, you manifested it because that was your belief. And then so it's important to recognize this and that and I go so why is it relevant? And the answer is simply this. If I start with the belief change is hard and I try to make change. That's what I instituted now a program that between me and the changes. The thing that says, it's gonna be hard and therefore filters that thing. And so that change is very difficult and that's what we generally believe. But that's an understanding that feeds itself. If you believe it's hard then guess what now you because that's a program, a function of the mind manifest the program and therefore when I try to make a change and the program is this is hard. Then all of a sudden now I'm struggling. It's like it's it really helps people understand why they why we struggle so much because people used to say, well no, because I have all this evidence that supports why nothing works out for me while I'm an unlucky person, why people reject me.

Look at all these things that have happened. And I'm always like, well it's because of the beliefs that were formed in your mind. You know that set up those kinds of situations or cause you to interpret those situations in the way that you did. So the belief was always behind. You can always find any any behavior that you have that you don't want. You can find and trace it all the way back to a limiting belief. Absolutely. But here's the beautiful part time. You don't even have to trace it back. All you have to do is recognize what the program is. So you know, there's an old saying don't kill the messenger over the message, conventional psychologist, let's go back and find out who did that to you know, your mom, your best friend. And as you go through that, what do you think you're also doing replaying program and go well like re traumatizing yourself in a lot of ways you are. That's exactly a problem. It's like you're going back to the original pain. I don't need the original pain? I walked away with a message. I need to change the message. I don't go back and kill the messenger. Because that's what I said.

Here's a simple part. Look at your life. Whatever part you're struggling in the universe is not against you. That's the first thing you are creating. This is physics. Okay. And now biology because it's called epigenetic. I go, what's the difference between that and genetics? And I said a revolution. Because genetic is the belief that genes control your life. You didn't pick them. They go on off. As I said before, that makes us a victim of whatever genes are in our family. Epa genetics is a new signs that says genes don't turn on and off. That's a whole full story. Gene is a blueprint just like in an architect's office. I go, why is that relevant? I say architects working on the blueprint, you lean over her shoulder and you say, hey, is your blueprint on or off? She's looking at What the hell are you talking about? It's a blueprint is not on and off I go. A gene is a blueprint. It's used to make as a blueprint to make a protein, which is a building block. So why is it relevant. Blueprints don't control themselves. Blueprints. Don't even know what they are, why they are, what they do. It's the reader of the blueprint That determines that.

I said what the genes are the blueprint. What do we now know consciousness is the reader and transformer because an architect can change the plan anyway they want. And I go, oh my God. Then my consciousness is controlling my jeans. I go, yes, I said so why is that relevant answers? The old story. I'm a victim. The new science, the brand new one, the good one is epigenetic, I am a creator. And I go, oh well then the only thing you need is responsibility to recognize what you've created was not an accident but an expression of programs. And then if you go there, that's why we don't have to go back. I just did what program is not working. I said change this program. I go do I have to go back and change the messenger and now you don't have to do that. That they're not even there anymore. So this is the hard part for the most because we've been you know, continuously given this knowledge of being powerless in the world and you know and and all that stuff and the mind, oh no, that mind doesn't work until medicine found something called the placebo effect which then blew them out of the water because the placebo effect is totally based on consciousness.

This is the pill that's gonna heal you and I'm the doctor and I'm a professional and this a pill and you say yes, I can see this when I take this pill and you get well and you find out pills, a sugar pill. And I said, well the damn sugar pill didn't heal you. What he'll do was your belief in the sugar pill. And that's called positive thinking, which everybody denies. It's like, it doesn't work, it doesn't work. And I go, it absolutely works because that's the placebo effect. That's where it came from. And then I go, so how come I have trouble thinking positive thoughts all day? And I go, which mind is thinking, oh, the conscious mind, You got some positive thoughts in there. Yeah. How much of the day is that working? 5%? I say, what's 95% of the damn program? And the subconscious which cancels that thought of yours and therefore you say, I'm thinking positive thoughts. I said that's great. But until you change the subconscious, positive thumbs useless because it's not controlling and tim you're the expert on that.

I don't have to go in that. It's you've been telling your audience stuff like this for a long time. So this is it. But there's a science tim stuff, sciences on tim's side here. What's going on? Yes. That's why I was so excited to have you on because you're bringing the intellectual authority, right? You're bringing the science to this. You're the one that we're doing the experiments. You are the one that was talking about, hey, we've had scientific proof that this is happening. And you know, and so I was like, yes, yes, yes, yes, I just love everything that you're saying because you know, there has to be special people that come into this world that have to create a new paradigm shift that have to cause us to say the world is not flat, it's round, right? We do that. The universe does not revolve around us, that we revolve around the sun and that just because you've had experiences in your past, it doesn't mean that you have to be a slave to them for the rest of your life. And it doesn't mean that your external environment has to change for you to experience prosperity and inner peace.

That's the internal environment you have to change. Not the external, the external is just a reflection of what was going on internally young life since you're creating it, just look at it and if you say geez that life sucks, I go, oh well that's a bad creation. We want to change it. But you have to go back to the program to change it. And then again, try and talk to the program out writing answers, nobody's in there very frustrating because it will not change just because you want it to the machine and habits are important. Now people say that, oh that's subconscious where all the evil comes from. I said, no, no, no, it's a hard drive. It's not evil or anything. It's hard right now, Some of the programs could be evil. But then I'll give you a program. That's amazing. And I said, what's that? When did you learn how to walk Before you were too? I say, well thank God you got a subconscious mind because you can be up to 100 and 120 and still be walking from what the same damn program you got at age two. So I said, Oh cool. And then that also brings up another issue.

Why is it so difficult to change the program? The answer is called a habit mind. If a habit would just change, like blood habit change, I go, then there's no habit habit, resist change. You have to learn how to push the record button. And that was hypnosis. Practice repetition. And thirdly energy psychology, these are all ways to say I can change the program. And then of course you have to say, what's the program? And all somewhere back to the same old story. Yeah, life is the program. It's a circle of empowerment awareness and empowerment. And I'm so glad you're out there because the evolution of this planet, we're facing an evolutionary upheaval right now, the chaos that you're looking at in this world, we're right on time and it's necessary. And I say why there's something called mass extinctions. I go, where are they? I go Five times in the history of this planet. Life was thriving and some cataclysmic event led to a mass extinction wiping out up to 90% of life.

And it started all over again. Well, the last one just so people referenced 66 million years ago, there were dinosaurs and lush tropical forests and all kinds of stuff. And then comet hit near the yucatan peninsula, upended The web of life wiped out what 75% of life all the dinosaurs disappeared. And I go, yeah, because they couldn't live after that cataclysm. So that was the fifth I said, we're in the sixth mass extinction right now. Sixth mass extinction go, we're going extinct. I said, you bet we are. I'll give you a simple statistic 50 years ago, 1970, the World Wildlife took a foundation did a survey how many animals on planet earth? They just did it two years ago and repeated it. 2/3 of the entire animal population of planet Earth has disappeared In the last 50 years. That science has recognized that there will be no fish in the ocean. 2048 because we're overfishing, we're destroying the breeding grounds and we're polluting the water were so human behavior is causing an extinction that wipes out humans.

And I said, but it's caused by human behavior. So the point is that what does that mean? We either change our behavior now or kiss it, goodbye and I say we change our programs that change the program and change the world we created with these behaviors. So what that means is the breakdown of our world and what's happening right now, everywhere is required. And I said why? Because it's the foundation and structure and consciousness of that old world view we're in right now, that is causing this extinction. You want to survive. Then you cannot build a new civilization on top of this foundation because the foundation is bad. So when we see it all falling apart, the analogy is simple. A caterpillar goes into a butterfly. So yeah, but a caterpillar is the most voracious of organisms. You put a caterpillar on a plan to lead all the damn leaves off the plant and when all the leaves are gone, then it goes into something called the cocoon. A pupa, a chrysalis. I said, what's going on in this little close thing? Here's the answer. A caterpillar is made out of millions of cells.

A cell is a miniature human. Every function in your body. I can show you it's in a single cell. So I got a caterpillar has got millions of cells but millions of people think of it that way, Working, digestive system cells, muscle cells, these are jobs and the cells are working, creating this caterpillar. I go, Then what caterpillar reaches all the end, There's no more leaves. I go, well then there's no job for the digestion cells and there's no job for the muscle cells. And I go, what happens? It goes into a cocoon. I go then what's going on? The population is breaking down because the jobs are disappearing because they can't continue the same work. Now, you got a whole bunch of cells like a soup of cells going, we're out of work, nobody, there's nothing going on here, Most of them going, oh jeez, the whole thing falling apart. And I say in that community there are specialized cells called imaginable sells. Well imagine all cells like imagination, but it's actually an insect as it's it's growing.

There are several levels of development and the juvenile version is called m ago I? M A G o imaginable cells are specialized cells. I go, what are they? They're like the stem cells but they're a little bit more than that. They're more like tim I go, what do you mean? There are cells with a vision for the future. Not the one that's coming down, caterpillar coming down. Uh huh. The imaginable cells have a vision of a butterfly and I go, the butterfly has the lightest touch on the planet. The caterpillar was the most voracious and I go in the cocoon. That old system of caterpillar falls apart because it cannot do this anymore. The imaginable cells, tim over here is hey, there's a better way. Here's how we can do this imaginable cells are guiding a future of thriving, not surviving thriving. And I go, so why is it relevant? Because civilization is in the cocoon and falling down?

The old structure everywhere you look. But a new one is assembling to go to the future. I go, why is it relevant? Because if you're holding onto the old one, it's the biggest mistake in the world. Because it is destined for collapse. Because it's causing the extinction. And therefore, when you see all these, you know, the chaos that's going on here. Social, economic, religious, racial and all that stuff, I go, that's shaking the system saying it didn't work. It hasn't worked. It's creating our self destruction. You want to move into the future, then we have to fix the issues of the past because you can't move in to that future. So, black lives matter. Me too. Generation. Green Generation. I said, what are these? These are the imaginable cells waking up saying, we can't do this anymore. You want to move into the future. We can't do this repression, you know, the competition and all that stuff. So I said, why is it relevant? And tim as you are always telling people in this particular case, it's like, hey, this falling down.

It's a good thing. It's a good thing. Because if it doesn't fall down Our extinction, it's not 1000 years, folks, Our extensions within decades, Nasa has acknowledged that industrial civilization. It's in a scientific research from Nasa. And this is the title, Industrial civilization is facing an irreversible collapse. And it's irreversible? Because that civilization is the one that's undermining the world in which we're living destroying the planet nature, the environment and it says, if it doesn't collapse, Then the extension is in a few decades, not 2000 years. So, mother nature is giving us a chance. She said, break it, shake it up, shake it up because you just keep continuing where you are. It's the end. And so it's like, so thank you for being an imaginable self. Thank you for letting me have an opportunity to say, hey, the future is bright. If we let go of the one that's collapsing and start working in harmony to the one of the future, which is all of us are cells in a bigger forming organism called humanity.

We're all cells in the same body. I don't care where you come from on this planet. What sex, what race, what religion, that's all really irrelevant. We're all cells and when we're fighting each other, that's the definition of auto immune disease, self destruction. So when we fight each other out in the outer environment, guess what? The biggest illnesses facing us on the inner environment is a complete compliment. The biggest issues we face are self destruction. Yeah, wow, What a powerful metaphor. What a beautiful vision! It's not designed to scare us is designed to prepare us, caterpillars were born to become butterflies, to evolve, not to stay caterpillars and the human species needs to evolve. And because we have more self awareness now than ever before, we need to evolve. We need to change their programs. That's what we need to do or we're not going to be around right for this community tim this community is so engaged in what creativity, you know, leadership and creativity.

And I go, yeah, but if you're leading with the belief that you're leading with your wishes and desires, that's the Invisible Bill story that says maybe you're not during the day. I don't think most people are even leading anyway with their dreams and desires, their leading with why those things will never happen for them. And that was the program. Who do you think you are a wake up call? Listen, why am I so excited about it? And the answer was this, I'm a student of this information that the cells taught me and I go, what's the relevance I say, I now have two different lives in one lifetime. The previous life, which was the struggle life worked hard. I did well in my career, I was a scientists and at stanford, you know, stuff like that. But my personal life really sucked. You know, and other characters in my life really sucks. And I go what? I had a great program for education and work, but I had bad programs for family and community because it was dysfunctional when I grew up.

And then when I understood this stuff, the first problem I had was I saw it scientifically, I saw the cells doing and I saw how the genetics wasn't controlling it, but how the environment. I was like, oh my God, if you understand this, you can create the most fabulous life the science. So I grabbed a bunch of people. I said I got to tell you the secret of great the greatest life. And they come into the room and I started talking and they look at me and they go Lipton for a guy who says you know this stuff your life doesn't look that good. And I realized I'm talking to talking sure as hell wasn't walking the walk, you know? And then it was a wake up call that said stop talking and you either use this knowledge or don't talk about it. And I was like, what if it doesn't work now, I'm out of work, You know? So and the beautiful part was the first instant of taking conscious control over old program reverse. It was so cool that I looked around. I go, oh my God, I changed established behavior of social regularity that I didn't want to be involved in.

Why uh life is based on energy. If you waste your energy, she waste your life. Okay. So yeah, so what was my turning point? It was nothing more complicated than I'm in my office at the university. And one of my colleagues comes in and says, don't forget there's a faculty party on saturday night. And I go, oh I hate those damn things. Why? Well everybody stands around with a drink and I, we don't like each other that much when we're in the lab. So what the hell I want to spend saturday night? And, and all of a sudden I just said, because that's what we always do. That, that's the social, oh, you're a part of the faculty. You go. And then all of a sudden my mindset, I'm sorry, I can't make it. I made other plans I have for, you know, blah, blah blah. And he looked at me like you forgot. And I go, oh yeah, I got up and he walked out and the second he walked out the door and went, oh, I have saturday night, it's for me, I can spend what I want to do. And all of a sudden I realized how much energy I just got from what?

Stop playing a damn program. And immediately that feeling said, what's next? What's the next thing? And give me a minute. I would really like to add this because this is our economic world that we're living in. And I'm gonna tell you very simply this is that energy money is the equivalent of energy. It's a physical expression of energy. And then I say energy is life. And if you don't have energy, you don't have life. And I go, so what is irrelevant? Said when you have a savings account or checking account? I said, you don't just go down the street and right, hey tim nice jacket. Let me give you five bucks. That's a beautiful jacket. Oh barry. What a nice pair of shoes. Here's five bucks for you. You know, in writing checks, giving away your money. You don't do that because that's your life. Now I say, here's the thing I was getting to energy. Energy is your life was that relevant? Right? And before you write the energy check which we've been writing and giving away to start to recognize it's the equivalent of money folks you want to use your energy.

Here's the point that people don't recognize if you're putting energy out, you damn well should be getting something back. That's an investment. If you go into a bar and then you get into a political argument and you're using your energy, you get all heated up and you're fired. You're wasting all this energy and after you get all the anger and blah, blah blah and you leave the bar and I go, well, you invest a lot of energy. Did you change anything? Know what the hell did you do that for? And all of a sudden it makes us go back and say before I invest my energy, my life. And what I'm going to do is there a return because if there's no return, that's the same as writing the damn check and just throwing your money out. It compromises your life. And this is one of the most important things we have to look at because like go to the faculty party. Yeah. I'll put my energy and I'll go to the faculty party and I'll sit there with a stupid glass and go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I go, I just wasted the whole damn energy of my evening when I could have been having fun, right? And all of a sudden I said, well I wrote the check because that's what we always do.

And I go, I'm not writing that check. Yes. And this is so important because your investment of your energy is the same as investing money. If you're so concerned about your bank account and not disregard the energy that you use during your day and night, then I don't care if your money is going to be used for health care at some point. You're not going to be healthy. And the idea is health is to keep this energy, maintain it, but use it when you get a return for it, there's no return positive return. Yeah, Yeah. And that's making yourself a priority setting boundaries. Doing things that you enjoy instead of feeling like letting the programs cause you to do things that you don't want to do for a variety of reasons. Oh my gosh, Bruce. This has just been incredible. I knew it was gonna be, I was so excited. Just an outpouring of wisdom and new ways of looking at things and I'm just so again, thankful that you have spent decades helping people to, you know, usher in this new way of looking at ourselves, you know, and looking at ourselves on the inside and it's just been outstanding.

I can't thank you enough for making time to be on the show today. Um I, I so appreciate it because this is an opportunity to talk to this big audience of yours and have them recognize, wait a minute, we're not victims, we're creators, quantum physics, epigenetic science. Both say you're creating, well then there's a moment where you have to stop and say, well if this life, I'm not creating what I want, where's the problem? I don't know, you're the creator start looking inside because looking out is not where the problem comes from. That's just a manifestation of the program that you've got and tim so for me I'm just excited. As I said the second half of my life ever since then, it's like I I am living heaven on earth. I wake up every day. My God, I'm still here. I am enjoying my days all day white when I stopped writing those stupid checks and giving away my life for no benefit. I started all of a sudden I became rich and energy And creativity and love and life, I mean my parents, as I mentioned a long time ago was that was dysfunctional behavior and I couldn't get a relationship off the ground for nearly 50 years, changed these programs.

I'm Margaret my partner and I, we have been on a honeymoon? Not just a relationship for 23 years. And I go, why? Because the, okay, go back. The last thing I don't want to, I want to keep going another five hours. But we go back to recall that. I said the movie, the Matrix is a documentary because we all got program. And then in the movie there was a red pill and a blue pill. I go, what was the difference? Or you take the blue pill and wake up in life is just the way it's always been. But if you take the red pill, you get out of the program. And now I'm gonna say most everybody in this audience, at least if they're over teenage years has taken this red pill with the most dramatic change in their life they could ever imagine. I go, what was that? The day they fell in love with somebody didn't have to last. It could have been a week, a month, a year. But the moment was this, your life was Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. You meet someone fall in love 24 hours later, life is not blah blah, no, life is beautiful.

Oh my God, I love my life. Oh, I'm so excited. The music is better. The food's better. Even the crummy jobs. Not so crummy, I'm in love. I go, what was the difference? And science? And this is the different science recognized love is the red pill. Like what does that mean? Why are you playing your programs? And the answer is Because I'm thinking 95% of the day and that's where the programs come from. And I go, what happens when you fall in love, you stop thinking you stay present. It's a term called being mindful. Why would you think when you, your whole lives have been looking for this and it's in front of your face, it's not time to disconnect and think it's time to be present. And what was the point? You stop thinking? You stop playing the program. I said, what was the result of the stopping that program at that point? And the answer was you created heaven on earth? The next day I go, Heaven on Earth was always here. It's your damn program. So taking the red pill is like, oh my God, if I stop thinking now I keep my conscious wishes and desires at the steering wheel and in 24 hours, wishes and desires turns into heaven on earth.

I go, this was not an accident. This was the result of just stopping the programs for a few days and all of a sudden the creativity leads to another life that fast. And if people recognize that, then the point was then why the hell should I leave the honeymoon behind? And I said, why does the honeymoon not last? And the answer is simple. Well you start thinking again and I go then when I said those crummy behaviors that you downloaded that never played when the love thing was the honeymoon to conscious minds creating, the subconscious minds kick in and that's the bad doo doo. And I go, but your partner, when in the honeymoon never saw this. And then all of a sudden now it starts manifesting. It goes, your partner goes, who are you, where did that come from? I never saw that. Well your bill and you didn't even know what you just said because the whatever the garbage just came out of your mouth from an old program bill does not see that.

And I say, what's the result? Well you're in a honeymoon then your partner comes in to ask you something very lovingly. You're thinking behavior is not yours. Now behavior is now back to the program, my father and all of a sudden I turn around and be my father and go blah blah blah. And my partner looked at me and go, who are you? And the idea was I didn't even see what the hell I just said I'm Bill and I go, what are you talking about? And guess what argument? And I go, what's the result of an argument? That breakdown on the honeymoon because these behaviors showed up. So I want to keep going with that tim but I know I love that you have so much we're gonna have to have you back so we can do. I would love to come back a lot of stuff. A lot of good stuff. Oh my gosh! My appreciation for you as a provider of valuable evolutionary information, of self empowerment. Because it's the only way we're going to evolve is when each individual recognized, wait I'm creating stuff I don't want and I said well then to create something different and that's our evolution, wow, dr Bruce Lipton everybody wow, thank you, thank you.

And I love our audience because some of them are gonna think and say maybe I could change my life. I said I know you can change your life. There you go. Hey it's tim You ever wonder why so many talented hardworking entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with inconsistent self belief for high stress or procrastination or self sabotage? Well, the answer may surprise you and the solution is already inside of you. I've been searching for the answers to this for decades and I found them and I put it into a new program called the power of your unconscious mind mental secrets for accelerating success. And because you're a listener, I want to give you a free V. I. P copy. Head over to power mindset program dot com. That's power mindset program dot com and grab your copy today

The Biology Of Belief | Dr. Bruce Lipton & Tim Shurr
The Biology Of Belief | Dr. Bruce Lipton & Tim Shurr
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