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Legendary Sales Secrets | Tom Hopkins and Tim Shurr

by Tim Shurr
January 31st 2022
In this episode, Tim Shurr is with a special guest, Tom Hopkins. Tom Hopkins is probably the world's best sales trainer. He has spent years and millions of people have ... More
I had a desire to teach people in sales, marketing and business how to not just be good or maybe pretty good, but to become what we call a champion, here's the question, what's going on inside the minds of top achievers that caused them to make extraordinary breakthroughs, both personally and professionally. My name is tim Sure, and I invite you to join me as we take a deep dive into the unconscious mind and discover how to transform your biggest dreams into a reality. Welcome to the how to be mesmerizing podcast. Hey everybody welcome to how to be mesmerizing. It's tim scher and oh we have a special treat for you. Ladies and gentlemen. Tom Hopkins is in the house tom welcome to the show. Oh, tim was so nice to get a chance to share with people like you who go back a long time with my training. So it's super, This is just a real treat. So if you don't know for some reason tom Legends is probably the world's best sales trainer.

In fact, he has spent years and millions of people have benefited from his incredible trainings and he doesn't just teach sales, He builds sales champions and so tom I'm really excited to learn from you. I know that one of the special things that you do is you create acronyms to help people remember all the knowledge that you have, so, and you have one for us today. So I'm going to turn the stage over to you and the mic over to you and share with us what you've got. Well I've always tim believed in acronyms and of course, anyone who is now watching or has been through my boot camp for three day program. They know that we have an acronym for memorization to remember the concept and you're right many years ago when I first founded the company, it was called Champions unlimited because I had a desire to teach people in sales, marketing and business how to not just be good or maybe pretty good, but to become what we call a champion and you can't fight that term.

And so what I did was I took the word champion and as an acronym, I think each letter triggers quality, a concept of what we could put on a stage and say that is a champion. So I'll cover these real quick. But the first letter of course is C, which I have always found that top producers live with C every day, which is being courageous and by being courageous. I think there's five words that they have exemplified And the five words are you, do what you fear most. And this was true in my career. I got into real estate at age 19, I had been a construction worker, I didn't go to college, I had three months of college and that wasn't for me. And so I got into real estate At 19, which again was unheard of back then, it was normally a middle aged man's business, but I got my license and luckily I found a broker that would give me a chance and hire me and I didn't do well for the 1st 4.5, 5 months, I was just a kid.

People come into the office looking for a home or a property and they look at me when they meet me and they go, this is just a teenager, what the heck? But I did my best to learn and fortunately I did what I hope the folks watching and viewing with us today will do and you have to find mentors to become a part of your life. And that's one of the blessings I've had is to be a mentor for well we've had almost five million people attend my seminars In the last, almost 40 years, which I hate to say it. But anyway, I find that the champions I've ever met, they really do what they fear most and that's kind of what happened to me. I was in real estate and been about four months, hadn't done much. And my broker who had just bought a brand new car, he said, hey, let's go for a ride. Well I thought fine, I'd like that.

And so he drives Tim three Miles up into a residential area and he stops the car, I says, what are you doing? He said tom you have been sitting in the office waiting for business, it's not gonna come to you now, you get out, we're three miles from the office and if you'll just knock on these doors of all these people let them know you're in real estate. You will find someone who at this point in their life is either wanting to sell their home or buy another home. Well of course he drove off and of course I used every curse where I could think of because that's how upset I was. And here I am up in a damn strange area and I have to knock on these doors. It was funny in the beginning I didn't know what to say. And he told me this though, timmy said I promise you if you'll do 100 doors you'll have one very qualified future client.

Well I scoffed at that of course. But I started knocking getting a little better with what to say. And I hit the 64th door and the man that answered the door I told him I'm in real estate and wondered if you thought of listing or selling your home or maybe purchasing another home blah blah blah. He goes are you in real estate? I said well yeah he says you have a license. And I said well yeah of course he goes stay here and then he turns and he calls his wife honey come to the door and of course now I'm terrified what is going on. And his wife comes to the door. She goes so you are in real estate. And I said yes ma'am, I am. She goes, well you're an answer to prayer. And of course I'm taking back what she goes, we got notice that my husband has to move and leave myself and three Children because they're transferring him with the company he works with and he has to go to keep his job.

And we were so nervous about finding a real estate agent. So you're an answer to prayer. Well, of course I said hallelujah, here I funny tim is I not only got that dang listing, I found a buyer and I marketed my own listing which is a larger piece of the commission in a way that was the start because I started letting all the neighbors know around this house that I was the person that found the buyer. And sure enough I started getting calls and all of a sudden I started getting listings. All of a sudden I'm learning what to say to people and all of a sudden it started building and of course I worked terribly hard. Many people don't realize this. But my first three years full time realtor, I took three days off which were christmas days and I was the first one in the office and normally the last one to get home because I found over the years that to build a momentum and a business, you have to commit a tremendous amount of effort to get it going.

And of course after my third year, fourth year, because I took real good care of my clients. All of a sudden I'm building referrals And after my 3rd year I never had the prospect because of how I handled my people built this business and they would send people to me. And so that's why when I teach, like we are right now, take good care, do more than people expect, give more than they expect. And then also become a follow up specialist where you keep in touch, keep in touch, follow up, follow up, follow up till they buy or die, which in a way is how you do build a successful career in any type of marketing and sales. So the sea is courageous. The agent and Champion stands for honesty and I totally believe that this is critical for long term success, that you've got to be honest with what you say to people.

And if you tell the truth at 10:00 AM, You don't have to worry what you said at 3:00 PM. So I have found that this age of honesty is so important because there's so many people in a way that here of a person in sales marketing and there's this feeling like, well, they'll say anything to make a commission or make a sale, which is in a way, somewhat true. But for the real Champions, they are more concerned with serving and making people happy, building a clientele following and that's how they work, so courageous. See h honesty and of course the a word is so foundational for a life of success. And that of course stands for attitude. I've always had a little feeling you will determine your altitude based on your daily attitude.

And I've always had that philosophy where you've got to be pumped and excited. And I have said this over the years that hopefully whoever is watching us now enjoys what they do, they enjoy, they like, they're happy with what they're doing what their marketing, if they are in marketing. But I found that was one of the keys to my success is I all of a sudden start falling in love with helping families find a home. And I can't tell you how many times I'd go into a city. And of course now I'm not selling real estate, I'm in the seminar business doing what I do now and I go into a room and a man or woman would come up with a break and say something like this tom I came by because In 19 I won't say 60 something. We walked into your office, we didn't have any money. We wanted to rent a home.

And you were so strong and convincing us that now is the time to buy and you were so good and creative financing That you sure enough got us into a home. And then of course he said, we paid $18,500 for this home in southern California and we just Sold it for 430,000 and this money is the major part of our retirement to live in dignity financially the rest of our lives because you wanted us to say yes to owning and not renting a home. And of course those are the type of things tim that I think have kept me excited, motivated, you know, in my business today, I have people come to the seminars and a lot of them will bring their teenagers, they say tom changed our life 40 years ago, 30 years ago and you're gonna listen to him, blah blah blah, beginning, beginning, beginning hell, we'll have to go, mom and dad brought us normally, I can get him into it in the seminar, but so that attitude is everything.

And then the m and champion is motivated. We have to stay motivated and excited. And this is something I think we have to work on because you're gonna have cycles, not only tim and my belief is life is a huge cycle. It's a cycle of periods where everything is perfect and going great. And then all of a sudden the cycle changes and everything is going to pot. You can't get anything going, you're not making any money. And I think one of the keys to long term success is to not only stay motivated, but keep your attitude and your activity levels up during times that slow down and this is something that some people have a challenge with because they get slow month or a couple of months whether or not making much and they get their negativity going up and they quit thinking they have to go out and prospect. And I've had a philosophy that if everything's gets slow live by what I call the Goya Formula G O Y A Goya which is get off your anatomy and get out and talk to more people.

It is a numbers business in life in business. And I think the companies that you look at that are huge today, everyone goes out and talks to lots of people and creates lots of activity which leads to productivity, so attitude and then of course the m is motivated. You've got to always stay motivated to help more people own real estate and And of course I will always believe and of course in my seminar business today I'll have a room of 500,000 and there will be all walks of life all ages, they'll have computer sales and insurance sales and this and that and I have to be careful because I am prejudiced because that eight years in real estate changed my life and I've always had to kind of say I can't overdo it because there's people who are bringing their people to see me and they don't want them thinking about real estate.

So I have to handle that suddenly and so forth. Well your lesson applying carry over anyway. Just in general, not even just professionally. I mean personally have been honesty and being courageous and keeping yourself motivated and when there's downtimes, how can you turn that into the opportunities and you know, and sometimes when you're successful, you don't have any time and when things slow down, that's a huge opportunity for you to take care of yourself or spend more time with your family or when Covid hit and we had a lot of all my keynotes disappeared. Yours did to you. I'm sure then at least the live ones then. Yeah. What do you do? Well, in that space, I created our first legend summit, you know, and brought all these amazing people together. And now we're about to do our third Legend summit On October nine, which I'm super excited that you're going to be a part of and that created. Yeah. And that happened in a down cycle. Right?

That happened when things were down. And so I love finding the creative opportunity in any situation Well. And I really feel that's also see, uh, and as a champion, you also are mentioning the word P, which is persistent and you must be a follow up specialist. I mean, you have no idea how many people in sales. You have a good future client, a good financial opportunity. If they'll just keep in touch. Follow up, keep the basics, send the thank you notes, do all those little things and I was a fanatic in this tim. I had you as a client. I would not only know you your wife's names, all your Children. I would get everybody's birthday and of course I used to tell the husband, I'd say john just between you and I, if you'll write down the birthdays of your kids, I just like to send them a little something.

And it was amazing how much business I got because I was probably the only real estate agent that sent the Children on their birthday. A nice little gift. And it wasn't expensive, something very something they could use. But this is what I think I built my business on was keeping in touch following up and if I got a lead and I got someone as a client, believe me, I would follow up. I had a philosophy that they would hear from me so often that I would send them thank you notes or all the birthday cards. I always found out what the wedding date was for the husband and wife, their anniversary. And I would probably be the only person three days before that anniversary to send them a very nice card just saying, Hey, congratulations on being happily married in today's world. That's a real challenge and you've done well.

So have a great anniversary. And again, these are those little things that I think separated me from just someone out there trying to make a sale or make some money. And this is what I think the philosophy has to be today is to be special, be different, do what other people don't do, keep in touch follow up. And these are the things that I think allowed me, thank God to build my real estate career, which is how I got into what I do because of the number of homes that I sold one year, I had 365 homes sold in 365 days, averaging of course not Every day, but averaging one a day. And when that got out, They're bringing in a young guy, I think I was 24 And they said, we are bringing in a guy that's only 24 years of age, it's his fifth year in real estate. And last year he sold 365 homes, which if you compute it, that's averaging one a day.

And of course there would be a gasp in the audience when he'd say that because it had never been done, I don't know if anyone has done 365 homes a year. Today, there probably is, but yeah, I busted my backside to build my business and my life changed when I said to myself, I've got to teach others. They have got to learn the words, I say how I present, how I qualify people before I start suggesting what they invest in. I think these are the things that have, we're fortunate in my life and so persistent follow up, keep in touch and the i in champion is integrity by integrity. I think the best thing I can say is treat everyone the way you'd like to be treated and try with a concept of always doing the right thing.

And in this philosophy you'll be amazed how you'll build a referral base, which again should be the goal of anyone in sales and marketing to never have to prospect after a few years because of the tremendous following of people who believe in you that I can trust you that want to work with, you don't have to but want to and I think that really comes from the integrity that you have with people and then the o in champion is ownership or as I've written here, you'll make a great living listing and selling real estate. But the real greatness I think comes from owning it. And many years ago I was just a kid and I went to a seminar and this is in southern California and this is back, believe it or not, that there was very few homes between Los Angeles and san Diego and the seminar guy said, I promise you this in the next 20 to 30 years California between san Diego and our L.

A and san Diego will be packed with homes, which luckily I believed him and made some very nice investments in real estate in California before of course moved here to open my business in phoenix. But so important that people realize that you have to really own what you sell and if it's insurance, you make sure you have a good amount so you can come from your heart and see my family and I rest so easily at night because years ago I decided to do what I'm asking you to do, make an investment, an insurance program that will give you a lifestyle in your golden years to live in dignity, financially secure. And these are the type of things I think we have to transmit to people and the indian champion stands for nonjudgmental, nonjudgmental.

And this is another thing I find I used to watch when I was starting to make some money in real estate. I would watch how some of the sales people would see the car that would drive in the age of it, how old it was, how good a shape it was in then the way they were dressed and they would judge them just by what they would visually see. And I found that you can't judge people by that. I had a man bob Wyatt and he invested in more real estate with me than any of my other clients and I'll never forget the day he drove in an old chevy dressed very humbly as he's walking in. We had an up system where whoever is on the floor many up meets the client well, as soon as he parks his old beat up car and starts walking in all the other sales people are going, oh options, this is your walk in boy, he's got nothing.

And of course they didn't realize that this man was so wealthy, he didn't need to drive a big car, He didn't care about what the clothes were. But he started buying gas station corners from me in California and it was just amazing because he trusted me to the point where if I went out and did research and talked to other brokers and found a corner lot that could be built with a gas station, he was right there and we would buy it. And then luckily I tied up with the company that would build gas stations and it was a great relationship. But here it comes back though, had I judged him and not really given all the follow up, all the service, all the way you treat people. I probably would have never had a huge client at all those properties. And then of course the S in champions stands for service and I really believe that if you will serve people, you will sell more so think of serving not selling and the selling will be a product of your service which I hope that makes sense because that's kind of the way I have always lived.

So those are the words, courageous, honest, attitude, motivated, persistence, integrity, ownership, non judgmental and service now, does that trigger any concept or question that you might add to that tim Well that was an extraordinary masterclass right there. I mean that really was incredible. You hit all those key qualities that allow someone to stand a cut above the rest, right? Exactly. You have to face your fears. I always say that our biggest breakthroughs are hidden in the places we don't want to go. You need to be honest and say and do what you say you're gonna do so that people can trust you and having an attitude and keeping yourself motivated is something that also you said you were the first to show up, you were the last to go home. You know, there was a reason you were successful and you didn't start out that way, right?

You had to train yourself to do that. Getting, having a mentor. I mean there was so much wisdom and what you just shared. I mean this is truly a path to be successful and happy with anything you do in life. No, I totally agree. And I just have a feeling to him that if people will work harder on themselves than they do on their job to become a person that people not only like and trust, but want to work with and listen to and that's kind of how I was so fortunate after again, a while to have clients bring people into me, clients would call me up and say tom my uncle or my aunt, they're gonna be wanting to move out here and we certainly want you to work with them because of how you've helped us. And I think that's a highlight in your life when people respect you for the job you've done and to where they really not only like and trust you but they feel like I'm going to help you build your business.

And that was true in my business and today of course in the seminar business after all these years it's amazing how many parents bring their kids and teenagers and they come and make them go through the workbook at the program, take the notes and then of course, you know I get letters, you know tom I brought my Son, he was 22 and just out of college and I brought him and we got him into our company in sales and he listened to your cd well back then it was tapes he'd be tapes or Cds today at C. D. S and he would listen to you in his car every day and he's now the top person in the whole company. And and you know I guess that's the payment again to a teacher when you can have a positive effect on a person's life to where because of the time being it shorter a whole three day program, whatever they're better off because of what you've done.

And that to me is when you're really getting the payment if you're a true educator or a teacher and I know probably right now there are people watching or involved in our training here who have been in education, who have been teachers who have been in front of young folks with a chance to positively affect their life. And I think it's so critical if that's true, that we always do everything we can to get them to be excited about learning what we're teaching. So they opened their minds, their hearts and they want to, in a way duplicate what we have taught them out with other folks. And that's kind of always been my goal. And I've also had a philosophy, I wrote this down that champions in the field of real estate Live by these 12 words and years ago, many years ago, I was a young guy and I had gone to a seminar and the seminar instructor said, go back to the Chamber of Commerce in your city.

They will know the people that are the most successful in business and find out the people in your city who are not only financially successful but who have built companies and normally these people who have achieved a high level of accomplishment, They really enjoy sharing what they do and so forth. So that's kind of what I did tim I I went back to the company I worked for which back then was one of the largest real estate companies in California. And I found out who was the highest income earner. And it was a woman named Rose Lane and she was the top income earner maybe of everyone in California in real estate. And I sure enough, you know I was just now 19, you know, I called her up Mrs Lane, my name is Tom Hopkins, I've just gotten into real estate and not done well, but I watched how successful you are and I was hoping maybe I could meet you.

And she was so gracious. She said sure young man, well I went and we clicked. I mean we just, she saw the potential that I had I had didn't know I have it and God bless her, she said sure you can come with me and when I take a listing You can get in the car and I'll make you a trainee, watch me show homes. Yeah and I did. I lived I would say 3-4 months on every one of her listing appointments. I would sit and like a sponge. Now we didn't have any recording devices back then. I know it sounds funny but I would take notes like crazy everything she said when she'd show home and I'm in the car, I'm making notes like crazy because I really believe another key to success is copy someone who is successful, they couldn't be here income wise, they couldn't be here on the top of their productivity and company if they haven't achieved a high level of accomplishment and success.

And so that's one thing I've tried to teach people find the most successful people you can And literally begged them to let you watch them, let you listen to them. And of course today we have access to such wonderful training. I so hope all the folks that are enjoying our listening with us today will turn their cars into classrooms, you'll spend 5000 hours in your lifetime driving. Yeah and that shouldn't be just driving time, it should be learning time. And one thing nice about that is once you drive a car for more than three months there's no thinking to drive, its totally subconscious so you can really focus on what's being said, so you can I will call and turn your car into a classroom to where you drive and that driving time is learning time and of course one thing that everybody listening or with us today you have access to so many good some of our people N.

S. A national speakers association has got so many wonderful speakers who have all their Cds and books and stuff and I do of course as well, but I just think this is something that people need to do become motivated to learn from those who have achieved a higher level of success than you and if you do you'll become like a sponge, taking in these ideas, these concepts, you know, it's kind of like here I'm watching you take notes of our talk and I'm thinking to myself, here's a man interviewing me who's taking notes of what I'm presenting, which again is such class, but I think that's what we have to do. We have to become students of those who have achieved a high level of accomplishment and take their ideas, their concepts and make them a part of you which I think if you do that all this short time we're spending will be very worthwhile tom such sage advice.

I mean I was, I was one of those kids going to the library, getting my tom Hopkins cassette tapes, I couldn't afford to buy them, I didn't have any money growing up and so I would go to the library and I would get them and listen to them and I'd have my walkman and I'd put them in there and I'd walk and listen and and it was just amazing you have to be a student of success and I didn't have any friends that were business owners or leaders or entrepreneurs, I didn't even know what an entrepreneur was. So I found people that I saw on tv or that I heard about like you and how do I get access and now you're right, it's so easy to be able to jump on your smartphone and have access and of course everybody tom has an incredible training set of training resources that you can get on amazon now. So I would go to amazon and type in tom Hopkins and you will see and amazon makes everything so affordable that what would have cost you thousands of dollars you can get it for a fraction of the price.

All his training programs, as audio programs, as books, stuff like that. I'm partial to the audio programs because I could listen to you talk for hours, just the stories you have and the jokes you tell and and it's just so you're so engaging. Right? And so I highly recommend everybody go to Amazon and check out your resources because everything you're talking about is as relevant today as it was 30 years ago. And I mean even more relevant I think when in an age where people are going fast and and they're not taking time to follow up, they're not being follow up specialists, people barely say thank you anymore. And so this is such sage advice and I hope that everybody has been taking notes and writing things down and we'll go through this over and over because you really have put together in a very short, laser focused amount of time. A very powerful master class. Well, I appreciate that it's so true amazon. It's just been so great. You know, they said, I know you're winding down my career, which I am and they said, we really want to make sure that all the people that enjoy what we offer and get a chance and you're right, they're offering it.

And and I also hope the folks listening will realize we had such a short time here, but learning how to ask better questions, becoming a better listener, focusing on how you can implement what they're saying into your presentation for their benefit, all of these little concepts. If you add them to your life, you'd be totally amazed at how successful you can become. And of course, if tim and I are part of that in your life, then we're doing the right thing, and I've always tried to live with that concept, do the right thing and things will be good for everyone, make your life a win win win for you and your family, a win for anyone that does business with you or your company and with that philosophy, you'll have a long and very happy life, I'm sure you'll agree. Yeah, I couldn't have said it better. That is absolutely spectacular.

And if you want everybody you want to learn more from Tom he's gonna be having a legendary conversation coming up on october 9th when we've got some other spectacular people as well, Michael Gerber is gonna be there, and Michael Norton, and I mean, just some real all stars, everybody's a headliner in the legend summit, so tom this has been very special, it's been a treat for me and a treat for everybody else who has been a fan of yours for so long. So we really appreciate you being a mesmerizing guest today. and tim will give him a great time on October nine and all the best to you and all of you have watched. We so hope we've given you an idea or two to have a better life and if we did then we're doing the right thing. All the best tim. Thank you. Absolutely! Thanks everybody for being a part of this today. We really appreciate you being here and we will see you next time. Thanks everybody. Hey, it's tim you ever wonder why so many talented hardworking entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with inconsistent self belief for high stress or procrastination or self sabotage?

Well, the answer may surprise you and the solution is already inside of you. I've been searching for the answers to this for decades and I found them and I put it into a new program called the power of your unconscious mind. Mental secrets for accelerating success. And because you're a listener, I want to give you a free V. I. P copy. Head over to power mindset program dot com. That's power mindset program dot com and grab your copy today

Legendary Sales Secrets | Tom Hopkins and Tim Shurr
Legendary Sales Secrets | Tom Hopkins and Tim Shurr
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