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Episode #024 - Don't forget the GAME you're playing!

by Criterion, Braden Cheek, Brian Duck
February 27th 2021

On this Episode of How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate we have Brian Duck and Braden Cheek from The Criterion Fund, & Joel Thompson from Precision Equity going over the importance of not fo... More

Most people, not everybody, most people, they could spend an additional, they could work 80 hours a week at their day job and they're never going to make $1 million dollars a bonus. There's of course rich, you know, doctors or lawyers or whatever that can make that much. So I'm just talking about the average person. Yeah. And so I think people should take time to try to find a game that they work on on the side that they could win in a big way. Yeah, Welcome back. Episode 24 of how to invest in commercial real estate. Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening. Thanks for joining us. If you haven't already, make sure to check us out on the interweb, how to invest in There's some free giveaways out there. All the videos, all the links you can ingest us anywhere. You consume media were there. Oh my God, can we just get started? Okay. Yeah. So today it's just, you know, don't forget the game you're playing. It's, it's a little bit more hopefully inspirational and a little less about, you know, the nits, the nitty gritty of real estate Joel, can you start talking? Please follow?

So what does it mean when I asked the question, You know, don't forget the game you're playing. You know, for me, I went to work out of school and uh, you're leaving your family all day and, and some people just have self identify with that career. You know, they may be an accountant, they may be an attorney, they may be a project manager. Uh, but what if you're, you walked into your job and and the boss said, Hey, I really love what you're doing, but we're gonna cut back, we're going to reduce your pay 50% this year. You'd immediately start looking for another job. Yeah. You want to quit right now, You wanna quit? But I thought you you were, you were an accountant. I thought this is what you love to do. Why are you, why are you going to quit the job? Because it's really about the money, it's all about the money, it's about the money. And I saw this and when I worked at the engineering firm there's so many people that you know, because they got that paycheck, they just forget really why they're there and uh think about this, There's so many out there that do this and I did it too, especially when I started to get a little bit of bonus is that I would bust my butt every week. I started coming in early, I started staying late, I wanted to impress that boston review time came around, I would get those marks that would get me, You know, probably based on your review, I can maybe get $3,000 bonus or $6,000 bonus.

And so man, I'm working. But the effort in the energy and I don't want people to take this the wrong way. I want everyone to be the best employee that they can be because it will help them in their careers and give them opportunities. But just think about the time you're spending and what reward is it at the end of the, at the end of the year, at your day job? If you hit a home run at your day job, think about this. If you're listening, what is it that you're going to get if you worked weekends and nights, what is it at the end of the year? That is it a 10% raise? You might get a 10% raise in most industries and that's just one year, the next year they're gonna say you worked really hard but we gave you 10% last year so you're just gonna get the average uh for three or 4% this Year. And I once again I want people to do this but $10,000 bonus. $20,000 bonus. So at some point um don't forget that you're there to make money. But what if a side hustle uh that all those nights and weekends could be, could be spent learning a skill building a side company or learning how to invest in commercial real estate. Would it pay off differently?

I think what people, you know what we all failed to acknowledge this businesses are built to service the owners. Yeah. I mean fundamental law of business when somebody starts a business, it's meant to benefit them like a public company goes public because they have shareholders and they need to make them money. Apple is worth a trillion dollars because it has, it makes money all of all of these things. Yeah and I I fully appreciated that as an employee because for some of that time I was also a business owner on the side. But I never expected my employer to make me rich. I was never an owner, didn't matter how many hours I put in, I was never getting a part of the profit. They paid me contractually what they told me that they were going to pay me and I worked really hard actually. Uh and I got paid fairly but at the end of the day it's not the employer's job to to make me rich by by my effort. He they they agree to pay you so much money. But the point I want to tell people is hey make sure you have a side hustle, play a game that you can actually win at.

What do you mean by when? Well I don't know what win means to different people. But for me I wanted at some point For for it to pay off enough or I didn't have to go to the day job that was winning for me. Okay. Time freedom. Time freedom. It could be other things for other people. Maybe they want to make an extra 50 grand a year so they can vacation, how they want to, they can do that and keep their current job just by working on it. Uh Either before or after work or maybe even at lunch or something like that. The reason I like commercial real estate so much is that it's a game that is not easy. Um It can, it can make you money but it has a potential to hit home runs. Uh that just weren't possible as an employee. Um You know, I don't know if I could think of an example. I want to use the Vegas property. Uh Stephanie. You know, we we got a bunch of investors and we bought this property in las Vegas and it's it's doing what it's supposed to do. It's it's returning the money. But brady, I think you were there, we walked up on this piece of property and there was this, you know, it's a parking lot at the at the northern end of the property and we we thought, man, huh?

It looks big enough for like a coffee shop. We we there was literally a brand new coffee shop that was like 100 square feet built across the street from our office. I forget the name. Okay. And I I think somebody said, man, I think a scooters will fit here and what's there now, Joel well, so yeah, two years later we we got a Dutch brothers uh to sign a ground lease for this patch of parking lot. It's like a half an acre. Gosh. And uh and they agreed to pay us, uh, you know, 65,000 year to lease that parking lot. We didn't build him a building. That's the value of that parking lot. Yeah, They plop their building down on it. We were in contract to sell that for about a million and a half dollars. Oh my God. So there's a home run. That's a home. That's an example of a home run for the investors, not just me. Um, it wasn't even in the business plan. It was an accident that it's just in addition to the returns that we pitched the investors. And I say that just to say that, um, there's a lot of, there's examples of other people that started a business on the side and one thing led to another and pretty soon they're making money.

And, and so I think you should spend a little bit of your time every day working on something that could pay off big your day job. You spend, you spend time on your day job making the money, but You could, most people, not everybody, most people, they could spend an additional, they could work 80 hours a week at their day job and they're never going to make $1 million. A bonus. There's of course rich, you know, doctors or lawyers or whatever. They can make that much. So I'm just talking about the average person. Yeah. And so I think people should take time to try to find a game that they work on on the side that they could win in a big way. My, my next door neighbor just you know, fun stories about side hustles. My next door neighbor is a woodworker And makes these like kind of rinky dink essential oil holders, not much, you know, it's probably a $20-$35 item on etc. I talked to the other day, I think he's doing like eight grand a month nice in $25 skews. I hope he doesn't listen to this podcast. You just called his his craft rinky dinky is but oh yeah, hopefully it Does't 8000 isn't rinky dink that's for sure.

But it's just this idea right that he's probably making more money on nights and weekends in his garage, busting out some essential oil holders. Then he then he was at the day job and he's a trained professional, you know, he works with his hands, he's a valuable guy, He's got a valuable person profession that pays him well. I'm sure, I think some people, they watch shark tank and they think man, I I can never come up with anything, but I would bet most of the people that say that don't really set aside any amount of time thinking about it. I mean when they're watching the show, they may think about an invention like I wish I could think of something but you know, you have to, you have to be thinking about it, reading books that are giving you ideas and and listening to two things that are sparking ideas in you. That's that's how you're gonna come up with the next big idea, find out what other people are doing for their side, hustle, what's working for them brian and I are working on a really cool development right now, we can't talk about it yet but it's a development which means it was literally in our heads a couple years ago and that bitch to be built like this year, I'm super excited about it can't just we, it started as an idea and then we just took it from there and then start looking for land and you know architects and builders and and you just start making a few phone calls, working a little bit on it and now it's hopefully becoming a reality.

Yeah. And it's just like, like you were saying earlier, you know when you're looking at the possibility to to have big winds, you know people, a lot of people work for people and help them get to those big winds and the only reason they're getting there because of them, you know what I mean? Like the big win is on their back, they're just, they didn't have the infrastructure in place to fully take advantage of it. You know, they were they were kind of, you're the best the best employer that you know the best number five guy which there's nothing wrong with that, you know, at all those people have to exist, they have to be there. It's you can't do it without them. But at the same time when, when you're just thinking about, you know, you bought a real estate deal, you know, out in Vegas and then you accidentally stumbled across a million, half be in a profession where you can accidentally Stumble upon seven figures is all I'm getting at. You know, and I wanna, I wanna give a shout out to the precision equity employees, they're, they're fantastic and they help precision equity hit home runs, I helped my employer a few home runs when I moved to India and took over the office there and, and the employees, there were a big part of those home runs.

So I want to make sure we're celebrating the employee. I want everybody to do a great job, at their at their day job, but I also wanted to take a few hours a day and focus on their business 100% and them Yeah. And even before you give us money, like don't, don't give us money unless you're investing yourself. You know, you may be on a home or you know, you you've, you've got something, you know, the investments you can make in yourself are going to pay you hundreds of percent a year. You know, you start limited investing when you've got extra money that you don't need to put in yourself or your business. That's when you start giving other people money. So don't give us money yet. Just save up. You know that 1st 5, 10 grand and do that thing you've always wanted to do. You know what it is? You've been thinking about it every night. You know, you go to sleep, you want to start, you need that certification, You need that partner like whatever. But commercial Real Estate is a good one because you can win and you can win big and you can get in small with a day job like like the day job like I did like, like you did. So everyone did.

I feel good. I hope hope that came across. Okay. Yeah. If you again want to see us flexing with our Lamborghinis checks out on Youtube. I'm just kidding. All right. Anyway, we'll see you in a few days. Thanks guys. Thanks. Yeah.

Episode #024 - Don't forget the GAME you're playing!
Episode #024 - Don't forget the GAME you're playing!
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