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A 9 to 5 Won't Cut It - How to ask BIGGER questions to get BIGGER answers!

by Criterion, Braden Cheek, Brian Duck
December 7th 2020

On this quick take from our show "How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate" we go over how to outperform your traditional investment options with Commercial Real Estate.

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We've not only made $1 million dollars on a deal. We've made multiple millions of dollars on multiple deals. Mhm. What is up? My name is Brandon with the criterion fund and this is how to invest in commercial real estate. Today's topic is just on how to think bigger, how to ask bigger questions. I'm joined by brian, my partner in the criterion fund and Joel Thompson co founder, precision equity. What's up guys? What is up? So I think bigger ask bigger questions, you know just most uh I don't know who said that quote, but most people underestimate what they can do in 10 years and overestimate what they can do in a year. I think that maybe buffet maybe, but but the biggest thing right is ask bigger questions, set bigger goals. Like set something that you can look down and and just work at every day and then at the end of a few years you look up and there's something fantastic there because I I think that's secret, my personal opinion is just putting your blinders on like a racehorse. This is what I think of in my head, I'm a racehorse with blinders on and I just have this one task to run as fast as I freaking can around this track and I can't think about anything else.

I set that goal in my mind and I just looked down and I do those tiny meaningful tasks every day and then at the end of a period of time, my dedication has always paid off. Yeah, so this episode very well could change some people's lives. Uh I'm gonna, I'm gonna say this statement that I heard from one of my mentors that absolutely changed the entire direction of my life and it's the size of the question determines the size of the answer. So those listening, what questions have you been asking yourself? And I bet you, I know a couple of them, you know like How do I retire at 65? How much money do I want to make or how much money do I want to make next year? How much do I need to retire? I want to take one big family vacation here, those are questions I bet a bunch of you have asked, well I'll tell you the beginning of my real estate career. Uh I wasn't thinking big. I I definitely had found real estate through some mentors, but man, I was trying to make $200 on a rental house Or $5,000 on a house flip.

And another mentor robert Alan uh he, I came across this and he he said that with passion, he said the size of the question determines the size of the answer. And I decided that day that I was going to get out a piece of paper and I was going to write better questions. Uh and you know, there are some guys that were uh investing with me at the time and they were asking really small questions and I'm sure that they achieved those, but what I want to encourage you guys today is I wrote down that day that I wanted to retire at 35 I wrote that question when I was 20 24 or 25. So about 10 years, about 10 years. I also asked the question, I don't want to make $200 a month. How do I make $1 million dollars on one real estate deal? I bet that sounded insane. It was just ridiculous, insane. But once again, it was a mentor challenging me to change my life by asking better questions. Now. I didn't Retire at 35.

I I did retire from that day job at 37, or 37. Um but man, if I hadn't, if I had never asked myself that question, I'd still be working there today And and making $1 million dollars on one deal. Why do you ask yourself that question? Do you guys have an idea of why you want to ask yourself that question? I mean just to, just to strive for it, I mean To be thinking about it constantly. Well that's true, but it helped, it helped me to know what to spend my time on? Do I do I need to buy a $50,000 rental house. Um Is that gonna, is that going to accomplish? What is that going to take me where I want to go when I want to get there. Okay, so if I just started buying rental houses, I'm not going to retire at 35 because I wanted to retire with a bunch of money and there's not a house, a rental house. So you can buy and make a million deals a million dollars on it. So it really then it starts to give you direction because now you know where you, you're going and you know, we're not to go, that's right. And so uh, you know, victor, Whitmore, my business partner and I was precision equity. We've not only made $1 million dollars on a deal.

We've made multiple millions of dollars on multiple deals, but it all had to start with asking that first question. I never would have attempted to buy some of the deals that I'm that I bought. Uh if I hadn't first decided that I wanted to make a bunch of money on a big deal. So anyway, I think it's really important. I hope that that everybody listening really lets that sink in and they go home tonight and they start asking themselves, what do I want out of this life and how do I get there? Because most people, they don't even ever ask themselves when they want to retire or how much money they want, how do I travel the world at 28 or whatever that question is. So, so start thinking and brainstorming, what do you think brian? Yeah, I wish someone would have told me those same things when I was younger because I uh as a lot of people I had an 8 to 5 job and I worked at it for a long time, I was just like you're saying I was thinking okay well I guess I'm gonna retire at 65. I wonder how much money I need, who knows how much money I need at that point.

And I thought well maybe I could retire at 60 but I didn't know how to get there. So I thought okay I'm just gonna contribute to my four oh one K. And so my answer was like a lot of people I thought okay well everybody retires with with 441 K. So I started working as an engineer. So I had a good job And since the day I was 21 started that job until just recently until rating. And I co founded uh Criterion I maxed out my 41K. Every year I for for 40 years I've put the maximum amount the government would let you put in which is hard to do in and of itself, that's that's dedication to accomplish. A lot of people Don't do that right? But I did it and now at 60 I don't have enough to retire. And um so you don't in that account. Uh Well not in that account I do in my real estate account but uh in that account I wouldn't have and not only did I invest the maximum amount I aggressively invested in mostly the stock market and I had really good returns.

I had as good as returns in the stock market, you could probably have Over the last 40 years. And in that account I don't have enough to retire. So um but let's go back 10 years when my friend Joel introduced me to commercial real estate and said hey I've got a deal uh I want you to invest in and I uh invested um a few $100,000. And on that one deal I made as much money on that deal when we sold it two years later as I had my 41 K. Account at that time. So I've been investing in the 41 case 41 K. 30 years maximum amount invested compounding. And I made as much as one deal, two years as more than 30 years of investing maxing 41 K. And you made you'll do all the work. That's that's the best. You didn't even do anything. That's so good. No that's the power of thinking big. Uh And it doesn't have to be from from starting your own real estate company like I did. It could be from being an investor in commercial real estate like brian.

So yeah I mean I I think each each different real estate deals is uh I think of each real estate deal as a different business, right? So like most people start a business and and grow it. You know, maybe it's a massive business at the end of the day, But we're going out and buying multimillion dollar businesses with with each property. And you may buy, you know, several of those a year that that are multimillion dollar revenue producing businesses, these real estate deals and guys out there, we'll just go buy a dozen a year and just let somebody else run our management company. I mean, just these massive, massive frickin goals. It's huge. Yeah, no, it's uh it's how how do you make all the money you want to make without working, Right? How do you do that? And and that's for me, commercial real estate, solve that equation, right? I make all the money I want to make. And it doesn't matter if I show up, if I am travelling out of the country, the money just comes in. I don't have to do anything for it.

There's not a lot of systems that can produce that kind of result. So yeah, Well, you can't do that with an 8-5 job. Certainly. No way. I've really enjoyed the freedom once I uh quit my five job and started doing commercial real estate. Yeah. 8 to 5 job, you can't just change somebody else's company either. It's not like you can make some massive dream about their company and execute it. You know, it's it's typically your own stuff. It's just this, this massive goal, I mean how many people actually set a Quantifiable measurable goal, right? That you can you can track with data that lost longer than 12 months, how many people are actually doing that? But but like Joel was saying earlier, We have a tendency to always be right. We make ourselves right. And what you are focusing on constantly. If you wake up and all you can think about is that stupid goal that you told yourself 10 years ago. I mean, you're you're going to do it. You have to this all. You're thinking about all of your mental energy is dedicated to achieving that one, that one goal. So if it's how to take you and your your kids and your grandkids and maybe, you know, everyone in your extended family to Disney World, I knew somebody with that goal.

My grandparents had a goal to take the entire family Disney world, just like you're saying, they're right. You know, they were they were a little older, I think they were in their fifties and, you know, they probably worked so hard for that. And the joy it probably Gave them, you know, working for a goal for 20 years, delayed gratifications, the best kind. But it's it's Disney World, I mean, people practically live at Disney World, there's nothing, I mean, Disney World is awesome. Taking your family Disney World's awesome. I'm just saying like if you're going to set a goal and work at it for a dozen years. Let's just pick something crazy man, bigger, bigger, way bigger. Think big guys. All right, well, we'll see you next time. Yeah. Mhm.

A 9 to 5 Won't Cut It - How to ask BIGGER questions to get BIGGER answers!
A 9 to 5 Won't Cut It - How to ask BIGGER questions to get BIGGER answers!
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