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Organized planning 2

by Abing Lamnio
March 10th 2021
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how to get the exact position you desire. Everyone enjoys doing that kind of work for which he is best treated. And artists love to work with pains. A craft person, A craftsman with his hands. A writer loves to write. Those with less definite talents have their preference for certain fields of business and industry. If America does anything well it offers a full range of occupation, dealing those were manufacturing, marketing and the professors first decide exactly what kind of job do you want if the job doesn't already exist, perhaps you can create it. Second choose the company or individual for whom you wish to work. Third study your purse prospective employers. As to policies personal and chances of advancement. Food by analyzes of yourself. Your talents and capabilities figure what you can offer and plans with and means of giving advantage services, development ideas that you believe you can successfully deliver 50.

Forget about a job. Forget whether or not there is an opening. Forget the usual routine of have you got a job for me? Concentrate on what you can give. six Once you have your plan in mind arranged with them. An experienced writer to put it on paper in need form and in full detail seven present it to the proper person with authority and he will do the rest. Every company is looking for men who can give something of value, whether it is idea services or connection. Every company has room for the man who has a definite plan of action which is to the advantage of that company. This line of procedure may take a few days or weeks of extra times. But the difference in income in advancement and in gaining recognize ASian will save years of hard work at small pay. It has many Advantages the main one being that will often say from 1 to 5 years of time in reaching the chosen goal. Every person who starts or gets in halfway up. That letter does so by deliberate and careful planning.

Excepting of course the boston. The new way of marketing services jobs are now partnerships. Men and women who mark their service to be best advantage in the future must recognize the two pendants change which has taken place in connection with the relationship between employer and employee in the future. The golden rule and not the rule of gold will be dominating factor in the marketing of merchandise as well as personal service. The future relationship between employers and their employees will be more in the nature of partnership consisting of the employer, the employee and the public deserves. The new way of marketing. Personal service is called new for many reasons. First, both the employer and the employee of the future will be considered as fellow employees whose business it will be served the public efficiently. In Tempus, employers and employees has bartered among themselves, driving the best bargain they could with one another not concerning that in the final analysis they were in reality bargaining at the expenses of the third party.

The public deserves the depression serves as a mighty protest from an injured public who's right had been trampled upon in every direction by those who were clamoring of the individual advantages and profit. When the debris of the Depression shall have been declared away and businesses will have been once again restored to balance. Both employers and employees really recognize that they are no longer privileged to drag bargains at the expense of those whom they deserve. The real employers of the future will be the public. This should be kept uppermost in the mind of every person seeking to market personal service effectively. Nearly every railroad in America is in financial difficulty. Who does not remember the day when, if a citizen inquired at the ticket office at the time of departure of train, he was abruptly referred to bulletin boards instead of being pole early, given the information, the streetcar companies have experienced a change of time also, there was a time not so very long ago when streetcar conductors took pride in giving arguments to passengers.

Many of the streetcar tracks had been removed and passenger rights on the bus, whose driver is the last word in politics, all where the country's streetcar strike are resting from appointment or have been taken out wherever streetcars are still in operation. Passenger mayor now right without argument and one maybe even held the car in the middle of the block and the motorman will uplink lee pick him up. How times have changed that. It's just the point and time to emphasis, times have changed more over the changes reflected not merely in railroad office and on the street cars, but in other walks of life as well. The public be damned. Policy is now past. It has been supplanted by the we are obligated only at your service, sir. Policy. The bankers have learned a thing of two during this prep it change which was taken place during the first or past few years employed nous on the part of the bank official or bank employed today is a rare as it was considered suspicious adoption.

Years ago in the air pass some bankers, not all of them of course carried an atmosphere of mystery, pretty austerity which gave every vote be borrower a child when he even thought of approaching his banker for a loan. The thousands of bank failures during the depression had the effect of removing the mahogany doors between which bankers formerly barricaded themselves. They now sit at the desk in the open where they've been seen an approach at the will, by any depositor or by anyone who wishes to see them. And at the world atmospheres of the bank is one of the courtesy and understanding it used to be customer really for a customer to have stand and wait at the corner grocery until the clerks were through passing the time of David friends and the appropriator had finished making up his bank deposit before being waited upon chain stores managed by Cortes men who do everything in the way of service sort of selling customers who have pushed the old time marching into background.

Them are just on courtesy and service. Are the watchwords of the merchandizing today and apply to the person who is marketing service, personal service even more directly than to the employers who whom he served. Because in the final analyzes, both the employers and his employees are employed by the public dessert. If they fail to serve well, they pay by loss of the privilege of serving. We can all remember the time when the when the gas meter reader pondered on the door, hard enough to break the panels. When the door was open he pushed his way in, uninvited with a school of his face which plainly said, What the hell did you keep me waiting for? All that has undergone a change. The middleman now conduct himself a gentleman who is delighted to be at your service sir. Before the guest companies learned that there scowling emitter men were accumulating liabilities never to be cleared away. The polite salesman of oil burners came along and did they learn of his business during the depression?

I spent several months in the mantras. It's called reasons of peninsula of India studying condition with all but destroyed the coal industry among several. Very significant discovery was the effect that greed on the part of operators and the employers employees was the chief cause of the loss of business for the operators and loss of jobs for the miners. Through the blizzard of a group of over jealous labor leaders representing the employees and the greed for profit of the part of operators. The entrance side business suddenly doing later, the coal operators and their employers drop sharp Bargain with one another, adding the cost of the bargaining to the price of the coal. Until finally they discovered that they had built up a wonderful business for the manufacturers of oil burning outfits and the producers of crude oil. The wages of sin is that many have read this in the bible, but if you have discovered its meeting now, and for several years the entire will have been decent by force to a ceremony which might well be called whatsoever a man.

So it This shall be also reap nothing as widespread and effective as the Depression could possibly be. Just a coincidence behind the Depression was caused. Nothing ever happened without the cause in the man the cause of Depression is trust believe directed to the worldwide habits of trying to reap without sowing. This should not be mistaken to mean that the Depression represents a crop which the world is being forced to read without having stones. The trouble is, that will sort the wrong sort of seed. Any farmers know he cannot sow the seeds of thread pistols and reap the harvest of green bargaining at the outbreak of the World War the people of the world began to show the needs of service in in both quality and quantity. Nearly everyone was engaged in the past time of trying to get without giving this illustration are brought to the attention of those who have personal service to market.

To show that we are where we are and what we are because of our own conduct. If there is a principle of cause and effect which controls business, finance and transportation, this principle controls individual and determines their economic status. What is your Q. Q. S. Reading? The cost of success is marketing service fees effectively and permanently, and have been clearly described unless those are unless those kids causes are studied and allies understood and applied. No man can market his service effectively and permanently every person must be on his salesman of personal service. The quality and the quantity of service rendered, and the spirit in which it is surrendered, determined to a large extent the price and the duration of employment to market personal service effectively, which means a permanent market at a satisfactory price. Under present recognition one must adopt and follow the cute us formula, which means that quality plus quantity, plus the proper spirit of cooperation equals perfect salesman of service.

Remember the Q. Q. S. Formula? But do more apply it as a habit. Let us analyze the formula to make sure we understand exactly what it means. Quality of service will still be constructed to mean the performance of every detail in connection with your position in the most effective manner possible, which, with the object of great greater efficiency, always in mind, quantity of service shall be understood to mean the habit of rendering older service, of which you are capable at old terms, with the purpose of increasing the amount of service rendered as a greater skill is developed through practice, and experience emphasis is gained placed on the world habits, work habits, Spirit of service cell becomes true to mean that habit of agreeable harmonious conduct, which will induce cooperation from associates and fellow employees. Adequacy of quality and quantity of service is not sufficient to maintain a permanent market of your service.

The conduct, or the spirit in which you deliver service is a strong determining factor in connection with both the price you receive and the duration of employment. Andrew. Carnegie stressed this point more than others, in connection with his descriptions of the factor which led to success in marketing of personal service, he emphasized again and again the necessity for harmonious conduct. He stressed the fact that he would not return any man no matter how great a quantity, or how efficiency the quality of his work, unless he walked in a spirit of harmony. Mr. Carnegie insisted upon men being agreeable to prove that he placed a high value upon this quality. He permitted many men who confirmed to his standard to become very wealthy. Those who did not conform had to make rooms for others. The importance of pleasing personality have been stressed because it is a factor which enables one to render service in the proper spirit. If one of a personality which pleases and render service in a spirit of harmony, these assets often make up deficiencies in border qualities and the quantity of service one render nothing, however, can be successfully substitute for placing conduct the capital value of your service.

The person whose income is derived entirely from the sale of personal service is no less a merchant than the man who shall communities and it might well be added. Such a person is subject to exactly the same rules of conduct as the merchants who sell merchandise. It has been emphasized because the majority of people who lives by the sale of personal service, make the mistake of considering themselves free from the rules of conduct and the responsibility attached to this are engaged in marketing communities. The new way of marketing service have been practically forced, both employer and employee into partnership Alliance. Alliance, to which would take into consideration the rights of the third party, the public dessert, the day of the go getter has passed, has been supplanted by the go giver. High pressure method in business finally blew the lid off. There will never be the need of to put the lid back on because in the future business will be conducted by methods that will require no pressure.

The actual capital value, the actual capital value of your brains may be determined by the amount of income you can produce by marketing your service. A fair estimate of the capital value of your service made by men by multiplying your annual income by 16 and two thirds as it is reasonable to estimate that estimate that you're annual home income represents six persons of your capital value. Money rents for 6% per annum. Money is worth no more than brains. It is often much what? Much less competence brain, if effectively marketed represents a much more desirable form of capital than that, which is required to conduct a business dealing in communities because brains are capitals of a form of capitals which cannot be permanently they appreciated through the presence. Nor can this form of capital be stolen or spent, moreover, the money which is essential for the conduct of business is a wordless as a sundown until it has been mixed with efficient brain that are the major causes of failure.

How many of these holding you back guys? This is important. Life's greatest tragedy consists of men and women who are earnestly try and fail. The tragedy lies in the overwhelmingly large majority of people who fail as compared to the few who succeed. I have had the privilege of analyzing several 1000 men and women, 98 percent of whom were classified as failure. There is something radically wrong with civilization and a system of Education which permits 98% of the people too good through life as failure. But I did not write this book for the purpose of moralizing on the rights and wrongs of the world that could require A book 100 Times the size of this one. My analyzes will provide proof that there are 30 major reason for failure and darting major principles to which people accumulate fortunes. In this chapter, descriptions of 30 major cause of failure will be given as you go over the list. Check yourself by it, point by point for the purpose of your discovering how many of these cause of failure has stand between you and the success.

one unfavorable heritage. Three background. There is but little, if anything, which can be done for people who are born into a deficiency in brain power this philosophy offers But one method of breathing this weakness to the edge of the master month observed with profit. However, that this is the only one of the articles of failure which may not be easily corrected by any individual to lack of well defined purpose in life. There is no hope. There is no hope of success for the person who does not have a central purpose or definite goal at which to him, 90 eight out of every 100 of those whom I have analyzed and had such no aim. Perhaps this was the major cause of the failure, lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity. Three, we offer no hope for the person who is so indifferent as not want to, yet ahead in life, and who is not willing to pay the price for insufficient education.

This is a handicap which may be overcome with comparative ease. Experience has proved that the best educated people are often those who are known as a self made or self educated. It takes more than a college Degree to make one a person of education. Any person who is educated is one who has learned to get whatever he wants in the life without violating the rights of others. Education consists not so much of knowledge but of knowledge effectively and persistently applied. Men are paid not merely for what do you want, what they know, but more particularly for what they do with which they might know, lack of self discipline. Five discipline comes through self control. This means that one must control all negative qualities before you can control conditions. You must first control yourself. Self mastery is the hardest job you will ever taken. If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.

You may see at one and the same time, but your best friend and the greatest enemy by stepping in the front of the mirror. Six year hill. No person can endure outstanding success without good health. Many of the costs of ill health are the subjects of to mastery and control this in the men are a overeating of foods, not conductive to help be wrong habits of thoughts, giving expressions through negative see wrong use of an overindulgence insects, d lack of proper physical exercise. E an adequate supply of fresh air due to improper breathing. Seven unfavorable environmental influence. During childhood. As the twig is bent. Social, that tree grows most people who have criminal tendencies acquired them as a result of bad environment and improper associates during childhood. A procrastination. This is one of the most common cause of filler. Oldman procrastination stands with the within the center of every human being awaiting his opportunity to spoil one's chance of success.

Most of us go through this life as a failure because we are waiting for the time to be right to start doing something worthwhile. Do not wait. The time will never be just right. Start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your comment and better tools and found As you go alone. nine lack of persistence. Most of us are good starter, but poor finishers of everything we begin. More ever. People are prone to give up at the first sign of defeat. There is no substitute for persistent the person who makes persistence. His watch board discovered that only old man failure finally becomes tired and makes his departure. Failure cannot cope with persistent the negative personality. There is no hope of success for the person who refused to people to a negative personality. Success comes through the application of power and powers attend to the cooperative efforts of other people. A negative personality will not induce cooperation.

11 lack of control. Sexual argue. Sex energy is the most powerful of all stimuli which most people into action because it is the most powerful of the emotions. It must be controlled through transmutation and converted into other channels. 12 uncontrolled desire for something for nothing. The gambling instinct drives millions of people to fill her evidence of. This may be found in the study of Wall Street crash of 29 during which millions of people tried to make money by gambling on stock margins. Starting lack of well different purpose, lack of well different power of decision man. He will succeed. Rich decision promptly and change them if at all very slowly. Men who fell right. Men who fail which decision if at all were very slowly and change them frequently and quickly in decisions and procrastination. Are twin brothers. Where one is found, the other may usually be found also kill off this pair before they completely up to you to the straight trade means of failure.

14, one or more of the six basic fears. These fears have been analyzed for you in a later chapter. They must be mastered before you can market your service effectively. 15 wrong selections of a man in the merits. This is the most common because of failure. The relationship of marriage brings people intimately into contact. Unless this relationship is harmonious, failure is likely to follow more. Everett will be form of failure that is marked by misery and unhappiness destroyed. All sense of ambition. 16 over cousin. The person who makes the person who takes no chance generally has to take whatever is left when others are choosing over cousin is a bad as under cousin. Both are extremists to guarded against life itself is filled with elements of Chance. 17 Wrong Selections of Associates in business. This is one of the most common cause of failure in business. In marketing Personal services, one should use great care to select an employer who will be an inspiration and who is himself intelligent and successful.

We evaluate those with whom we associate most closely, pick an employer who is worth emulating. 18. Superstition and prejudice. Superstition is a form of fear. It is also a sign of ignorance. Men who succeed keep open minds and are afraid of nothing. 19 wrong selections of evocations. No man can succeed in a line of endeavor, which he does not like the most essential step in the marketing of personal services. That selecting an occupation into which you can throw yourself well, hardly 20 lack of concentration effort. The Jack of all trades seldom is good at any concentration, all of your efforts On one definite chief. A 21. The habit of indiscriminate spending. The spendthrift cannot succeed mainly because there stands eternally in the fear of poverty form the habits of systematic savings by putting assets, a definite percentage of your income. Money In the bank gives one a very safe foundation of courage when bargaining for the sale of personal service Without money, one can one must take what one is offered and be glad to get it.

22 lack of enthusiasm without enthusiasm, one cannot be convincing. Moreover, enthusiasm is contagious, and the prison who has it under control is generally welcomed in any group of people. 20 three intolerance. The person within closed mind of any subject seldom gets ahead. Intolerance means that one has to stop acquiring knowledge. The most damaging forms of intolerance are those connected with religious, racial and political difference of opinion. Inter parents, the most damaging forms of inter parents are connected with eating strong drink and sexual activities overindulgence in any of This is fatal to succeed. Success 25. The inability to cooperate with others, more people lose their positions and a big opportunities in life because of this fault than all of other reasons combined. It is a fault which no one informed business of men or leader will be tolerated. It is a fault which no well informed businessman or leader will be tolerated.

26 positions of power that was not acquired through self effort. Sons and daughters of wealthy men and other who inherited money, which they did not earn power in the hands of one who did not acquire it gradually is often fatal to success. Quick riches are more dangerous than poverty. 27 intentional dishonesty. There is no substitute for honestly. One may be temporarily dishonest by force of circumstances over Which one has no control without permanent damage. But there is no hope for the person who is dishonest back twice sooner or later. His deed will catch up with him, and he will pay by loss of reputation and perhaps even loss of liberty. 28 egotism and vanity. These qualities served as a red light, with which ones others to keep away. They are fatal to success. 29 guessing instead of thinking, most people are too indifferent or lazy to acquire facts, which with which to think accurately they prefer to act on opinions created by guesswork or snap judgments.

30 lack of capital. This is a common cause of failure among those who start out in business for the first time without sufficient reserve of capital to absorb the shock of their mistakes and to carry them over until they have established a reputation. 31 under this name. Any particular cause of failure from which you have suffered that has been included in the foregoing lease In this 30 major cause of failure respond as a description of the tragedy of life which obtains for practically every person who tried and failed. It will be helpful if you can induce someone who knows. You will to go over this list with you and help to analyze. You buy dirty cause a failure. It may be beneficially if you try this home alone. If you try this alone, most people cannot see themselves as the as others see them, they may be one who cannot. The oldest of admonition is men know that myself. If you market merchandise successfully, you must know the margin.

There is the same is true in marketing several personal services, you should know all of your weakness in order. That you may bring either with them or eliminate them. In Delhi, you should know your strength in order that you may call attention to it. When calling your service, you can know yourself only through accurate analyzes. The fully of ignorance in connection with self are displayed by young men who applied to the manager of well known business for a position we met. He made a very good impression until the manager asked him did what salary he expected, he replied that he had no fixed. Some in mankind lack of definite aim. The manager then said, We'll pay you all you are worth after we try out for a week. I will not accept the application applicants replied, because I'm getting more than that. Where I am now employed before you even start to negotiate for a readjustment of your salary in your person position or to seek employment elsewhere. Be sure that you are worth more than you now receive.

It is one thing to want money, everyone wants more, but it is something entirely different to be worth more. Many people mistakes there once for justice, do your financial requirement or ones have nothing whatever to do with your word. Your value is established entirely by your ability to render useful service or your capacity to induce others to render such service. Take inventory Of yourself 28 questions and you should answer. Annual self analysis is an essential in the inductive marketing of personal service. As an annual inventory in merchandizing more ever did really analyzes should disclose a discreet in false and an increase in our jews. one goes ahead and stands still or goes backwards in life. Once objects should be of course to go ahead. Annual self analysis will disclose whether advancement has been made and if so how much it will also disclose any backwards Step one may have made. The effective marketing of Personal service requires 1, 2 more moves forward.

Even if the progress is slow. Your annual self analysis should be made at the end of each year so you can include in your New Year's resolutions. Any improvement which the analyzes indicates should be made. Take this inventory by asking yourself in the following question and by checking your answers with the aid of someone who will not permit you to deceive yourself as to their accuracy itself analyzes questioners for personal inventory. Have I attend the world which established as my object for this year? You should work with a definite yearly objective to be attained as a part of your major life objective? Have I delivered service of the best possible quality of which I was capable or could have improved any part of this service? Have I delivered service in the greatest possible quantity of which I was capable? Has the spirit of my conduct has been harmonious and cooperative at all times. Have I permitted the habits of procrastination to decrease my efficiency? And if so, to what extent have I improved my personality?

And if so, in what ways have I been persistent in following my plans through to completion? Have I reached decision a promptly and definitely on all occasions? Have I permitted any more or more of the sick? Basic fears to decrease my efficiency. Have I been either over classes or over cassius or under classes? Has my relationship with my associates in work been pleasant or unpleasant? In fact, if it has been unpleasant, has the full has been partly or worldly mind? Have I dissipated any of my energy through a lack of concentration of effort? Have I been open minded and tolerant in connections with all subjects? In what way I improve my abilities to render service? Have I been in interpreted at any of my habits? Have I expressed either openly or secretly any form of egotism? Has my conduct towards my association been such that it has induced from to respect me. I have my opinions and decisions have been upon guesswork or accuracy of analyzers and thought.

Have I followed the habit of budgeting my time, my expenses and my income? And have I become conservative in this budget? How much then I devoted to unprofitable efforts which I might have been using to better advantage? How may I re budget my time and change my habits so I will be more efficient during the coming years. Have I been guilty of any conduct which was not proof for my consistent in what ways have I rendered more service and better service than I was paid to render? I have. I have been unfair to anyone. And if so, in what way if I had been the purchasers of my own success for the rear? Would I be satisfied with my protests? Am I in the right questions? And if not, why not? Has the purchasers of my service been satisfied with the service I have rendered? And if not why not? What if my present rating on the fundamental crisis principles of success? Make this rating fairly and frankly and have checked by someone who is discouraged. Who is courageously enough to do it accurately.

Having read and assimilated the information conveyed through this chapter, you are now ready to create a practical plans for marketing your personal service in this chapter, you will find an adequate descriptions of every principal in planning the sales of personal service, including the major attributes of leadership, the most common causes of failure in leadership and descriptions of the fields of the opportunity for leadership. The main cause of failure in all walks of life and the important question which should be used in self analyzes. This extensive and detailed presentations of acquired information has been included because it will be needed by all who must begin the accumulation of riches by marketing personal services. Those who have lost their fortunes and those who are just beginning to earn money have nothing but personal service to offer enrich forages. Therefore it is essential that they have available. The practical information needed to market service to best advantage. The information contained in this chapter will be of great value to all who aspire to attend leadership in any calling.

It will be particularly helpful for those aiming the market their services, business or industrial executives, complete assimilation and understanding of the information here convey will help in marketing one's own service and it Will also help one to become more analytic and capable of judging people. The information will be priceless to personal directors and employers, managers and other executive charged with selection of employers and maintenance of efficient organization. If you doubt this statement tests it's soundless by answering inviting the 28 self analyzes question that might be both interesting and profitable. Even though you do not doubt the soundness of the statement where and how many find opportunities to accumulate riches. Now that we have analyzed the principle by which we just maybe accumulated. We naturally asked where many find favorable conditions and opportunities to apply these principles where we will let us take inventory and see what the United States of America of other person seeking riches, great or small to begin with.

Let us remember all of us that we live in a country where every law abiding citizens in the freedom of thought and freedom of debt unequaled anywhere in the world. Most of us have never taken inventory of the advantage of this freedom. We have never compared our unlimited freedom with a cartel. Freedom in other countries. Here we have freedom of thoughts, freedom in the choice and enjoyment of education, freedom in religion, freedom in politics, freedom in choice of business, profession or occupation, freedom to accumulate and on without molestation, oil the property. We can accumulate, freedom to choose our place of residence, freedom and marriage. Freedom through equal opportunity to all races, freedom of travel from one state to another. Freedom in our choice of foods and freedom to aim for any stations in life for which we have prepared ourselves. Even for the Presidency of the United States, we have other forms of freedom, but this list will give office, give a bird's eye view of the most important which constitute opportunities of the highest order.

This advantage of freedom is almost this year's because the United States is the only country guaranteeing to every citizen whether native born or naturalized, so bored and a varied list of freedom. Next let us recount some of our blessings which our respect freedom has based within our hands. Take the average american family for example, meaning the family of average income and some of the benefits available to every members of the family in this land of opportunity and plenty food next to freedom of thoughts. And it comes food, clothing and shelter the three basis necessity of life because of our universal freedom. The average american family has ever leveled at its very door. The choices selections of food to be found anywhere in the world and at prices within its financial friends shelter. This family lives in a comfortable apartment heated by steam lighted with electricity with DS for cooking the toast they had for breakfast and the food estimate was toasted on an electric toaster which costs but a few dollars.

The apartment is clean with the vacuum sweeper that is run by electricity, hot and cold water is available at all times in the kitchen, in the bathroom, the food is kept in a refrigerator that is run by electricity. The wife calls her hair washes her clothes and Ireland's them with easily operated electrical equipment on power obtained by sticking a plug in the world. The hubs the husband saves with an electrical saver and they receive entertainment from all over the world 20 four hours a day if they want it without caused by mainly turning the will of the radio. There are other convenience in this apartment, but the foregoing list will give a fair idea of some of the concrete evidence of the freedom we of America enjoyed. And this is neither political nor economically propane gender clothing. Anywhere in the United States. The woman of every scrutiny requirement can dress very comfortably and neatly for less than a dollar 408 years and the average man can dress for the same or less.

Only the three basic necessity of food, clothing and shelter had been mentioned. The average american citizens have other privilege and advantage is available in return for more. This effort Not exceeding eight hours per day labor among this is the privilege of automobile transportation, with which one can go and come at all at very small cost. The average american has security of property rights not found in any other country in the world. He can place his surplus money in a bank with assurance that his government will protect it and make good to him if the bank fails. If an american citizens want to travel from one step to another, he needs no passport, no one's permission. He may go when he pleases and return at will. Moreover, he may travel by train, private automobiles, busses, airplanes or ships at his pocketbook permits the miracles that has been provided these places. We often hear politicians proclaiming the freedom of America when they solicit words, but seldom do the text that the words of diverting the sufficient efforts to analyze of the source of nature of this freedom having No X two Green, no registered to express no ulterior motives to be carried out.

I have the privilege of going into a frank analysis of that any mysterious, abstract, greatly misunderstanding something which gives to every citizens of America more blessings, more opportunities to accumulate wealth, more freedoms of every nature than may be found in any other country. I have the right to analyze the source nature of this unseen power because I know and I know for more than a quarter of a century, many of the men who organized that power and many who are not responsible for its maintenance. The name of this mysterious benefactor of mankind is capital. Capital consists not alone of money, but more particularly of highly organized, intelligent groups of men who plan ways and means of using money efficiently for the goods of the public and profitably to themselves. This group consists of scientists, educators, chemist, inventors, business analyzed, public publicity, men, transportation experts, accountants, lawyer, doctor. And both men and women who have highly specialized knowledge in all the fields of industry and business, the personal experience and blessed trails in few fields of endeavor.

They support colleges, hospitals, public schools, build good roads, published newspaper pay most of the course of the governments and take care of the multi tedious detail essential to human progress. Stated briefly. The capitalistic are the brains of cultivation because they supply entirely fabric of which old education, enlightenment and progress and human progress concedes money without brain always is dangerous, properly used. It is the most important essential for cultivation. The simple breakfast here described about not even delivered to new york family at the time, each or any other price. If organized capital had not provided the machinery. The ships, the railroad and the huge armies of trained men to operate them. Some slight ideas of importance of organized capital may be had by trying to imagine yourself burdened with the responsibilities of collecting without the aid of capital and delivering to the new york city family. The simple breakfast, the square to supply that you would have to make a trip to china or India, but a very long way from America.

Unless you are an excellent swimmer, you would become rather that before making the round trip. Then to another problem would confront you. What would you use for money? Even if you had the physical indifference to swim in the ocean to supply the sugar, you would have taken to another long swim to cuba or a long walk to the sugar bed section of. But even then you might come back without the sugar because organized efforts and money are necessary to produce sugar to say nothing of what is required to defend. Transport and delivery to the breakfast table anywhere in the United States. The ex you could deliver easily enough from the barn near it, new york City, but you would have a very long walk to florida and New Year and return before you could Serve two glasses of grateful juices. You could have another long road to Kansas or one of the other with growing states. When you went after the four slices of the bread, the ripple of it would have been omitted from the menu because they would not available.

We expect through the labor of well trained organization of men and suitable machinery of all which call for capital. While resting, you could take off for another little swim down to south America where you might pick up a couple of bananas and unwritten. You could take a short walk to the nearest from having and diary and pick up some butter and cream. Then your new york city's family would be ready to sit down and injured. Breakfast seems absurd, doesn't it? Well, the procedure describe would be only possible these simple items of food could be delivered to the heart of new york city if we have no capitalistic system system

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Organized planning 2
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