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September 2nd 2021
How do you overcome limiting beliefs?
Richard Morris has written a book called "Hit Refresh Now" and it is a guide to help you overcome your limiting beliefs. In this episode, part 1 of a 2 part series, I chat to him about the process of ... More
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May 27th 2021
Childbirth without drugs? Is hypnobirthing a safe alternative?
Today we visit Angharad Parry who is a practicing hypnotherapist based in Wales. She tells us about hypnobirthing, how to use self-hypnosis in the birthing process as a safe alternative to going to a ... More
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April 15th 2021
Revealed: The number one problem Covid-19 has caused that Hypnosis can solve!
Heather Fountain is based in Durban and describes her journey through life as a colorful and interesting one. One's life is never a straight path and hers has taken many twists and turns, some were da... More
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