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The Lens

by One People Productions
September 1st 2021

One of my students was concerned that someone was rejecting he... More

Hi, this is morning rods. Welcome to the in your right mind podcast. We were learning how to be happier by working with our minds. Today's podcast is brought to you by the stress meditations. Three powerful meditations that teach you how to become more resilient to stress and anxiety. Come to Mani roads dot com, click on courses drop down there. You will find the stress meditations are available for you right there. One of the things that causes our stress is when our minds run away on us and I had an example that happened a few days ago where I was talking to one of my students and we started to see something that had happened for her. So a situation had happened and uh someone in her life had had to say to her that they were a little bit concerned about something she had said and she felt nervous about that.

She felt like, oh maybe she was getting a little bit rejected. And then what happened was was that every time she saw particular actions from this person, she believed that this was confirmation that she was being rejected when it wasn't and this is something that all of us do consistently. I remember when I was first going to buy my jeep and I just remember seeing jeeps everywhere. They were literally everywhere. And the reason that they appeared everywhere was because suddenly my mind was tuned to seeing them and the most important thing that we have to understand is that whatever is showing up in our lives is what our mind is tuned to. If I was to give you a pair of sunglasses and those sunglasses were to have a blue lens, everything would suddenly appear blue to you if I came and told you bad news after bad news, after bad news, after bad news and told you that the world was such a terrible, terrible, terrible, difficult place, you would start to see with that lens of fear if I came to you and told you that you were extraordinary in a particular way, scientific research has shown that you will live up to that expectation.

So there's a really interesting scenario that happened where people were on a basketball court and this experiment was done was so interesting. And if this experiment, what they did was they got a really well known uh basketball player and they got him to stand there and shoot some shots. Okay. And then what they did was they blindfolded him and now he had to do it blindfold. There were a group of people there. He actually got a lot of the shots and but they pretended that he hadn't. And then when they took the blindfold off And they got to him to start shooting here. So we did the first one, he shot 10 shots, he got them all in. Then with the blindfold, they pretended that he only got one in or maybe none in. And then when he took the blindfold off and they got him to shoot again, he was seeing through a lens of I can't do this and the percentage of shots that he got in dropped dramatically and then they did the experiment another way.

They got someone who wasn't a basketball player and they got them to do their shots, Maybe they got a couple of hoops in, then they blindfolded them, the people at the side were cheering and they pretended that this person had got a number of the shots and blindfolded it was amazing. And this person's confidence grew. And then they found that they got a higher percentage of the next round of shots into the hope because they believed they were able to do it. Their lens had changed. So the professional basketball player started to see himself and a lens where he wasn't so good. And so that's what he demonstrated and the basket and the person who was at the basketball player who was led to believe that they had done this incredible thing, got a whole bunch of shots in when they hadn't suddenly came from a lens of confidence and with that lens of confidence, they were able to get so many of the third rounds of the basketball shots and this is how we live.

What we believe is what shows up because our lens becomes tuned to it. So what happens is is that whatever circumstances show up, we start to see them through a particular lens just as if I gave you a pair of blue sunglasses, you would see everything in blue all of a sudden for my students, she started seeing everything in terms of I'm being rejected and there were a bunch of situations that happened that were coincidental and the interpretation became I'm being rejected on their own. There was actually nothing to them, but because the lens was on of rejection, suddenly what she saw was are being rejected. So we have to be very thoughtful about our lens. We have to be very thoughtful to choose our lens. Do you live in a lens of negativity?

Do you live in a lens of struggle? Do you live in a lens of victimhood? Or are you like me? And you live in a lens of positivity and possibility. I believe that the world is on my side. I believe that the whole universe is set up to support me and whatever it is I want to do. I believe that there is so much love in the world and goodness. I just have to see through the noise of negativity and access it, but it's there and that is what shows up. I see through a different lens. I'm not deluded. I well maybe I am, but I would rather have the delusion of positivity and love. Then the delusion of negativity, we get a choice. We get to decide who were going to be in the world.

We are like a magnet, whatever it is that we believe is, what's going to show up and it may not be that those things even show up, but through the magnetize ng lens that we have, we will interpret things in certain ways due to this. The more love, the more generosity, the more positivity, the more grace and wonder that we go into the world with, the more of that is going to show up the world is a mirror of our mind. Whatever we believe is going to show up for us, it's important that we don't underestimate this. So it's vital that were very, very thoughtful. What is the lens that I want to show up in the world with? You get to choose. There is no truth to what has happened. The only truth is how you decide to interpret it in your mind, the more powerful and positive and full of possibility.

Your mind is the more of that you will see, it's like being in love with life, you know, when you meet someone and that's so good and you're so positive with them and there's so much possibility and you see hope and then everything has this lens of positivity and people might comment on how wonderful this new relationship is for you, because you're so full of positivity and love and they love being around you when you live with a mindset or a lens of positivity and all of that possibility. It's like you're in love with life because every day is like that you are ridiculously happy with no reason at all.

It's not that something amazing is happening, you're still going through your everyday life. But the difference is is that you have completely shifted your baseline of happiness so that even an ordinary every day kind of day, it's magical. That's what I want for you. It is absolutely possible as always, be generous with each other. Be kind, stay safe at this time, go gently in the world.

The Lens
The Lens
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