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December 24th 2020
E11- Flashback 10 with Srikanth

Welcome to Episode 11 - This is an amalgamation of the last ten episodes and is presented as 4 key lessons,

Lesson # 1 - Make continuous learning the corners... More

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September 13th 2020
E1 - Prabir Jha - Off to a Start

We all look for role models to build our careers and conviction needed as leaders. Hear from a leader, who has built careers across sectors through the practice of simple but profound leadership tr... More

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September 11th 2020
E3 - Sudha Sampath - Embracing Life

When life throws a lemon at you make lemonade out of it”, Sudha Sampath shares her personal story of challenging life experience. How she has been a fighter, has committed to traverse a p... More

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August 28th 2020
E2 - Sourabh Kumar - Ripples of Change

A young changemaker who is on a mission to save lives and makes roads safe in India. On an audacious mission of making India potholes free. This social enterprise Pot Hole Raja is also creat... More

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