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E11- Flashback 10 with Srikanth

by Srikanth
December 24th 2020

Welcome to Episode 11 - This is an amalgamation of the last ten episodes and is presented as 4 key lessons,

Lesson # 1 - Make continuous learning the corners... More

co create the answer. Far from wanting to show I am the best are from wanting to command and control. Take all the credit. Such people get joy when they see 1000 flowers bloom when they see people that they have nurtured and nourished becoming better. These are multi fires when you, when your body starts feeling supremely fit in the sense you don't have any eggs pains. You're able to do your activities of daily life very easily and keep going tonight and not even feel stressed about it. What happens is your mind really opens up when the mind starts thinking that I am now then you become supremely confident. You feel very good about yourself because your body is feeling so good at that point in time that you start feeling supremely confident. Don't follow what we actually loved and what they have always loved doing. Don't follow her passion.

Just thinking one more little thing that you know, maybe it will make us financially weak and how are we going to go up. Another aspect is with all of them, I would say take the plant, take the risk. Mhm. Mhm. Hello everyone welcome back. This is three count your host and chief curator at inspire someone today. What's next on I. S. T. Well celebrating the 10 episodes and my wonderful guests with this special bonus episode titled flashback 10. And this will be a regular feature going forward. If someone had told me the following, I would get when I started this podcast have to continue to be a joke. But not now thanks to the patronage and support, inspire someone today has a mass in which that's this past 10 episodes for 2200 downloads. 400 place follows on the dedicated linkedin page and 50,000 plus views and loads of love all of it has been possible thanks to your support, a sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you.

The listener flash Back then marked the completion of the 1st 10 episodes and a summary of a key takeaways from these 10 episodes in the form of poor lessons, lesson number one learning make continuous learning the cornerstone of professional and personal growth He to accelerate forward is continuous learning without professional world, all other one's self development, we cease to exist is learning stocks, highlighted themes under learning was pulling paradoxes from episode 10. The best question of yourself I saw mill much model on episode fight, let's play articulates the importance of being in a state of flow to make learning impactful. I finally, the renowned business etiquette expert, she told her take on the importance of reading, listen to them.

The third aspect I learned by observing them that these people were all willing to examine different worldviews. They were able to hold paradoxes. It's like saying how can I grow the business and yet manage my costs? How can I manage my cost without asking a single I'm trying to be laid off. I mean they were holding these paradoxes. So most people get lost between paradoxes because they would become this worse is that how can you be employed friendly if you are excessively focused on return or how can you be focused on returns the other way round. So there are very interesting paradoxes that we are brought up then we are not able to teach ourselves. So I think these leaders were practicing this and you know how you can make your own failure your own pain, how you can channel that by practicing compassion.

Because if you keep worrying about why me, why has this happened to me? You know, you get into depression, but if you say why not me and now what can I do to serve others? The whole thing changes And lastly I just want to say another quality that almost all of them practice the humility of uh serving a cause which is bigger than themselves you see um very interestingly this is what I tell my students all the time I said, if you find a sense of purpose in your life and you become the best follower of that purpose and the world's best followers become the world's best leaders, think about the notion of fun and I want, I would recommend to the folks who listen to think about fun, not as fun is not only about having a party and singing and dancing and you know, fund has this kind of imagery that comes out, but the way you should think about fun is and three things happen one year fully enrolled in that duty are doing who are deeply connected people are doing it with you not being left out, we are being included and you have connected and three you're pushed just beyond the boundaries beyond the liberals being pushed too much is not fun, being pushed too little is boring, right?

So I think if we find a way to have fun and again one has the superhero motion to it, but I'm thinking of one as what is I think also called flow nowadays, right find your flow, find that fun then it's possible to do what do you want to do for a long time, have fun, read, read and read a lot, view yourself as a brand and make investments in in yourself as a brand. So whether it is subscription to a magazine, books, podcasts, anything that you feel you would like to purchase and today a lot of it is freely available, a lot of it of course is very cheaply available, so view yourself as a brand and make investments in your brand, that's very important, secondly executive majority is very important, that means what you're seeing and absorbing and processing Do so with a lot of majority.

3rdly listening skills are very important because they help you understand what's happening around you once you have got these three in place, it will be very easy for you to articulate a thought because you have the basics of this, So one knowledge to of course please improve your listening skills and three, whatever information you get, please look at it with a lot of majority because there's a lot of fake information, data points all spending around. So whatever information you get, look at it with majority. So three elements and that will give you all the data points and the skills that are needed to articulate and intelligent, crisp thought which you can share with the audience. The greatest personal and professional satisfaction is when we help others and see them throwing high many of the leaders on the show or thought leaders in their chosen field and in this section about leadership and helping people grow, we have the ability to talking about living a legacy and gradually do they sharing insights around creating a multiplier effect.

Listen to this great thought Leaders on that's the number two leaders and leaving a legacy where I sit and reflect for those who are at the top. Think beyond yourself, just by ensuring that you are safe and protected, don't quash people under you, grow more people. And when you grow more people, your reputation will grow and when your reputation grows, everything else will follow. So be a lot more large hearted, be willing to be vulnerable, give more visibility to your teams. You know, bet more aggressively on younger talent, that's what I would tell them because now you're playing for your legacy, you're not just playing to europe is more, it's easier said than done. But very clearly I think uh this is what differentiates people who before clothes and some people who have made their money but are not likely to be. Uh so it's a choice that you make. So that's the one that called the senior leader for the younger leaders. I think the important thing is be hungry, be hungry and be a little bit of feedback, seek feedback.

You know, many managers don't give feedback, but I asked a lot of younger people, have you sought feedback? Have you start feedback from your friends and you start people were sounds forget the manager. But have you even asked your manager ones? You're human not be getting feedback. So the question is when it becomes habit early in your life to accept feedback and therefore the process you become more vulnerable and you don't say I was the top of that, my interest in in college or at my business school, it's not going to help you right? When you get feedback, we'll start processing the feedback without being defensive. And that is why I use the word a little bit. I think you will prepare yourself better for the days ahead because the days ahead are going to be free. They are not going to be black and white. Don't look for black and white answers. Multiplies are people who listen who respect the views of others who don't pretend to know all the answers, but we'll focus on asking the right questions and then working with their teams to co create the answer.

Far from wanting to show I am the best are from wanting to command and control, take all the credit. Such people get joy when they see 1000 flowers bloom when they see people that they have nurtured and nourished becoming better than these are multipliers. Well that was a big chart. Talking about building legacy. While creating legacy and roger you do be on the maximizing how one can become a maximizing Well we have a lovely, we know how to leave a legacy but how good it is if the physical well being is not taken care of and that my dear listeners is lesson number three is physical well being propels all don't development as The 62 years in Kendo Gopalan hear her secret of handling stress and importance of play in the lives of kids and others as articulated by sawmill. So listen to Kendra and sawmill in this next section trying training or keeping yourself fit, it's not just only for your body.

I have learned this long back that when you're physically fit when your, when your body starts feeling supremely fit in the sense you don't have any eggs pains, you're able to do your activities of daily life very easily and keep going till night and not even feel stressed about it. What happens is your mind really opens up then the mind starts thinking that I am now then you become supremely confident. You feel very good about yourself because your body is feeling so good at that point in time that you start feeling supremely confident and once that confidence comes in then you're able to do a lot of things, I was able to handle stress so well, I mean nothing was stressful for me, I mean all of us have challenges in life who doesn't, but nothing was ever stressful for me. Work wise also I was driving entrepreneur, running a chain of gyms. It wasn't easy, there are always ups and downs and businesses as you know, but somehow I felt if I can go out there and conquer 100 kilometer distance, believe me, when you do a run like that.

After a while your body kind of slows down, it gets tired, it gets fatigued, we're also not machines, we're humans. So you've got to keep re fueling the body, keep going on because you're praying for it, so you're able to do, it is physically very, very exhausting. But at the end of it, when you tell yourself, listen, if I could do this, I can probably do anything in life which nothing should really feel daunting for me anymore. So that is the advantage I feel that I have got out of physical fitness, it's not only running, it's just keeping your body fit and fine, it gives you the supreme courage and confidence to face anything in life. Believe me. So we have seen playing sports, help with economic outcomes were simply help get girls more included into community. We have simply bridge the gap between underprivileged and uh, all over the place of privilege.

Kid were simply bring disparate communities together. We simply help building work, helping leadership. We have seen schools, branches in brand news play for achieving their good and getting consumers to play. We have seen fierce our donors in education, achieve better educational outcomes. Were hiding sports of the layer because then kids want to come to school, kids are more focused, they're more engaged and therefore all the investment they're making on academic core, academy concepts are now have improved efficacy because at the end of it, if you think about investment in education, all the investment finally has to come to bear when the child pays attention to what is being taught and it's likely to be engaged if that is not happening, everything else is a superficial, we can build a toilet, we can break us so we can smart classes that kid is just not engaged. People just start in the days, it's just not there, it's only, we're just going through the motions and don't take books away, nothing has happened.

But to playing sport, we have kids who are induced, kids who want to be in school, kids who are able to negotiate with their peers, they're able to understand how to deal with the world and therefore they're very positive learning outcomes, let's take along to lesson number of poles, what good is all inspiration if it doesn't lead you to action, what can we do to shake off the inertia plays? And some of the end changemakers Solar who spoke about following passion on episode two creating ripples. So there's some path redefined the outlook of life and explicitly talk the world welcoming fear. The important part of action is to have a growth mindset, that's precisely what you hear from the growth mindset guru who was our guest in the gold mindset episode round developed and that's lesson number four having a bias towards action. Yeah, I would say that, you know there are a lot of times and they don't follow what we actually love and what they have always loved doing, don't follow your passion just thinking one more little thing that you know, maybe it will make us financially weak and how are we going to go up.

Another aspect is to all of them, I would say take the plunge, take the risk. The worst that can happen is you would fail. There's nothing apart from that little thing you will rise again, you'll figure out definitely new ways because once you fail, you know, those are the things that you would not want to do and you will restart and probably will become, you come up with something really. But you know amazing things, right? We all know the story of almost a tradition. I mean I think if I'm not wrong, he said, I know 1000 ways of not making a bill. We know the story of uh angry birds stay, they did not intend to make angry, but but eventually it happened and it became the worst one of the biggest games in the entire world. So that's, that's something that I would like to emphasize on, hey chris until unless you get to this I think is gonna happen and for that, all you have to do is just take the birthday. It's a sure right.

But it's only when you go through something like this, you realize how incredible how valuable life is every minute every second is an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself, for you to do the things that you love most of us are brought up on a diet of fear, to fear what people think to fear what you do. But if you replace that fear with love right? There is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Don't feel making changes to your life. You have to make it lovingly. Sometimes you have to make it ruthlessly. You have to align to your best and highest version of yourself and that's what I try to look by, right? My life is my masterpiece and your life is your masterpiece, right so you should, if you're creating a masterpiece, if you're painting a painting, you will be so careful about paint, you choose the color you choose right? Where you put it. Your life is like that. It doesn't really matter what other people say a thing, right? I would say just drop that. The second thing that really I try to focus on his love and I know again, right? When you say focus on love, I'm not talking about loving others. I am talking about loving myself as a person. This was very hard for me, Right From childhood. You're told love others be kind to others.

Nobody tells you be kind to yourself, right? That's given is what people think. I think it's very important to be kind to yourself to love yourself. Because when you love yourself, you will do what makes you happy and the more you love yourself, the more you have to give others. The third thing that I think I touched upon in my blog as well as you live your life in your head and therefore when you know that you live your life in your head, you need to make your head beautiful. You would never throw junk in your house, right? You will never throw garbage in your hall for example, or know your dining table. We take such great care to make our houses look clean. But when it comes to a head, we are constantly loading our brains with stuff. We watch entertainment that borders and violence. We consume content. That is vulgar sometimes loaded with gender bias and racism like what is the need for it? Keep your head clean. Yeah. And you know this I know this is easier said than done but do what it takes right? Like. But some people meditation helps them yoga helps them keep removing stuff, keep clearing the cobwebs in your head. Just like how you clear the cobwebs in your house, do it every day, right?

Keep clearing it, keep hearing it. Your mind should be so sharp that you're only doing the stuff that you love because life is too short. Life is finite. You only have time to focus on the things that you love and nothing else you owe it to yourself the last and the most important thing I would say is be as you as you can see now. I know it sounds a little bit like Lipton under here, you know that me, me, me nothing but my take on it. This you don't have to be anybody else. You just have to be you because you are unique in yourself. Right? So shine your light as brightly as you can embrace your uniqueness, embrace your quirkiness and love yourself unconditionally. So these four things I try to live by it is not as if a person is always having growth mindset because that itself goes against the tenets of growth mindset, right? I mean anybody can grow a growth mindset also, that's very important to remember and uh almost all people at times they demonstrate a growth mindset at times that demonstrator fixed mindset, what we need to try and do is to cultivate growth mindset more and more so that in majority of the situations you start demonstrating a growth mindset, So the default position will be growth mindset, nine out of 10 situations.

Absolutely, yeah. What are those 34 things that kind of makes it as a growth mindset? So uh because the person who is demonstrating growth mindset believes that every experience that they have is something which will add to their knowledge or add to their skill set or expertise. Growth mindset people are typically very risk taking. But people with fixed mindsets they are worried that if they are unable to perform well in a particular task that shows up their inadequacy are there lack of an ability and hence they are worried about taking that step or taking the risk in life. So for example I'll you know I'll give you an example from my own life as I said, you know I started an small village Marella medium school government school and uh I had no self doubts at that point in time because I had nobody to compare myself.

There's nobody else even studying for an engineering and translate them let alone studying for a variety. Nobody even knew what variety was. So uh I was at complete isolation and I had all the time too study try problems out become better and better at those things and become really good at solving difficult. Mathematical or physics, chemistry problems once I got in the idea and I got him with a fantastic rank and my entire family was talking about it. My extended family in my in my district I think most people knew about me and I became the talk of the town so to speak. So when I got into it the pressure was on me to continue to perform well. I thought I don't perform well then it will show up my inability you know my lack of ability compared to the rest of my classmates. And I realized that I was pretty average in the class. I mean there are many people who are much better at the concepts than I was and because I got scared of that rather than putting an effort to become better I started pretending as if I don't care and I sort of gave up the race and I got into all kinds of habits which finally saw to it that I flunked out of piety or I mean I didn't flunk out of piety.

I flunked one year in I. T. And I graduated only in five years instead of four. So this is a very classic case of your own success becoming determined for your your growth mindset you get fixated on a fixed mindset and then you stop trying out new things. So to some other is a full lessons learning, leadership, legacy, taking care of the physical self and bias towards action. I hope you enjoyed this flashback 10. If you have any feedback comments, feel free to drop me a note and if this can help somebody feel free to share it amongst your network Because this is all about inspiring. I hope you like flashback 10. That's a wrap for this special episode. Thank you for your support and wishing you all a wonderful and a peaceful 2021 until next time. Keep inspiring. Mhm mm hmm.

E11- Flashback 10 with Srikanth
E11- Flashback 10 with Srikanth
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