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NEW BEGINNINGS《EPISODE 31》#intimatetalkwithblessing

July 11th 2021
It's the second half of the year and it's all about new beginnings tonight. Tune here on anchor and on youtube : And subscribe while listening 🎶 T for thanks
but mm hmm. Hello, thank you for tuning in. My name is blessing and that's your favorite anchor and you are welcome to another exciting episode of intimate your blessing where we talk about anything and everything that relates to you and I, So it's no longer news that we are now in the second part of your 2021. Wow, how did we get here? We got into 2021 like yesterday and today we are still under moved. Awesome, awesome. So the topic of today is titled New Beginnings. I chose this topic because there's some of us that upon entering 2021, we have this huge plan. You know, we have this huge target. We just had to meet up like new year, new me, you know, I'm gonna do this, it's my year of this and that and so forth.

So and I want to act have you started? Well if you've not started, I think there's a good Time to start because we're now in the second half, 28, over so you're still on track and if you have started, wow, well done, I'm so proud of you. Well done. Let me share a lead to story with you some time back in March this year. Uh we discussed here on my podcast on a topic titled What is holding You back. So someone reached out to me and told me that after listening to that podcast, she decided to start our own business. Wow, I was so excited and happy. You know, I felt I felt so fulfilled at that point, you know, well done, well done, thank you so much for listening to me, I really, really appreciate you.

So remember our topic tonight is a new beginnings and I will petition out five pieces of advice. Mhm. For you to start a new beginning, Remember when the second half of the year 2021 and it's the right time to have a new beginning? Let's get talking.1. Be willing to change now, I made this number one because all other points I'm going to mention is not going to be effective if you're not willing to change. That's why I made it number one. You just have to be willing to make that push. You have to be willing to take the bold step. You have to be willing to come out from your comfort zone. Now, when you started with that, you can join me to number two, which is writing out your plants.

I know it's easier said than done, sit down and write it first. You know, map it out. You want to start a new business, right? The things that you need, you know, writing it down like it's going to give you this um sense of am I really going to do this at this point in time? Or what are the most pressing things I need at this particular time? That is why you need to write it out. So when you have money, when a certain amount of when it comes to, you know where to direct it to okay like that. So writing out your plant is so so important. So if you want to start something, then you do something start by writing it out right out your plans. Very important. Now we are done. Which number two? Let's move to number three? The point is Don't be afraid to feel. Yeah, that's number three.

You know, when you feel it exposes the things you didn't do rights. Yeah. So you started up a business today you discover is not doing, it's not really going the way you planned it to be. There is something you're not doing right and once you figure it out, you're good to go. So do not be afraid to feel you're better than the people that has been thinking about it and has not yet acted it out. So you're one step higher. I'm pleased. Do not be afraid to fail. Now let's move to the 4th point. Don't try to fit in. No, there's everything is copy and paste. Don't try to fit in. There's this advert I always didn't have forgotten where he came up from both. Its there's a phrase that was mentioned in the advice. He says, why fitting when you can stand out. Come on. Don't you know that that lead to different you make is your selling point.

Don't try to fit in. Na stand out. So in this new beginning venture, please stand out. Don't do copy copy for the fact like a page maybe on instagram is doing giving away, you know that I don't have money or you want to give away how you gain. I'm not saying it's bad, but if you use a reasonable amount of your profit for your baby, you want to use all your profit. You do give away. So don't copy. Just stand out. Why fitting when you can't stand out, always access self The question and then the final point is try new things. So let me ask you, how did you love what you love now, wasn't it because you tried new things? Okay, let me break it down a little. How do you why do you prefer? You cannot rise to just love Right, because you've tested both of them and it hits differently.

So try new things, you know, be scared. Do not be scared. Try new things. Okay now I hope you cute these pieces of advice that I've given to you. I'm going to run through it again. Number one. They're willing to change number two Right out your plants. Number three. Don't be afraid to fill number four. Don't try to fit in. Stand out and number five is try nuthin. Do you have a french that you really, really care about? Please share this podcast with them so that they are going to love you the mall. Do you also want to get more of this podcast? Please subscribe and click on the notification button to get notified as a drops. I really enjoyed this conversation tonight. I hope you did too. Thank you for listening and remember that you are loved by uh huh.

NEW BEGINNINGS《EPISODE 31》#intimatetalkwithblessing
NEW BEGINNINGS《EPISODE 31》#intimatetalkwithblessing
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