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The society clock 《Episode 29》#intimatetalkwithblessing

June 27th 2021
It is time⏰ There is something about this topic that made the tone of my voice change at the middle of this discussion. Tune in to find out How! when!! and why!!! on👇 YouTube @intimatetalkwithblessi... More
Yeah. Mm Hi, thank you for tuning in. My name is blast another the host of the show into me talking blessing. We have literally talk about anything and everything that connects you and I Yeah, A man builds a house at the age of 27 And another man butor house at the age of 14. The similarity between this two scenario ease. They now have a house while the difference is one beauty earlier than the other. Ladies and gentlemen tonight we are fisting on the topic titled The Society Club. At this point I will advise you get a glass of water so you will digest the discussion as it proceeds. The society clock who invented it. Especially here in Nigeria, it looks like at a specific age.

You expect her to do something that will accompany it. Example for the ladies where you're gonna meet 20's who are expected to be in a very serious relationship that will lead to marriage. You should have even given birth self by eventual, if you don't get married before 30, it's another ball game mentally who invented it where we know that people's time are different. People's stories are different and yet you want to kill yourself on top the society clock. I know distinct at the end of the calls this depression, you will not be normal at the end of the day. So why the rush, why have you decided to put pressure on yourself following the society clock again, I asked who event their deeds however could use to the older generation. So because some people say after in the holding these things were not like this like it is now.

Thank you to the older generations. What's in this age and time right now? You don't expect us to use abacos, which is a type of computer. I think the first set of computer that was invented in an age of Mark and Apple. Computer diving the same how it doesn't even it doesn't match, it doesn't fit in in any way. So my point is we should not put pressure on ourselves and don't look at what people are doing thursday. Oh at this age I should have my car by now. You know look at your life. Life is scheduled soft re take it easy step by step. one person can it's just going to go one and one step to another easily. The other will go through another route. Like how will I put it? We all know me. I live in Lagos.

So you know Lagos Island Abbey. Different roads leads to Lagos Island. It's not like it must follow this particular road before it gets Lagos Island. We have different routes that will lead to Lagos Island. That is how life is. Don't follow the society clock. Mm Life is not a race. It is a journey. It is a journey that we just we have to experience it. We have to enjoy it. We have to embrace it. Okay? We keep comparing ourselves to others aligned the society clock to take over our mind and everything which is not. So uh the clock is sitting pretty moving forward study. Why can't you do you see where you running to when? Why? Mm please let's not put pressure on ourselves.

It's not what it you know if you die today, that's the end of everybody remove on comes comes to your funeral, we eat rice and that's the end. Go move on. So why not enjoy your life steadily as it comes. Don't put pressure on yourself. I've said it like five times. Don't put pressure on your self. You know in this life because you're the first person that put put on the gas does not mean you'll be the first person or finished cooking. Example Indo Mie and Banco called my native food that food though. But they don't, don't the same time. Like the method of preparation is not the same time. Now does this proverb? I know like he says, I'm not television food the quick don't are that right cooking in the same place with T. V. Or Youtube, which we're all familiar with. Okay. Yeah, you just turned into a Youtube and Youtube channel and say hi, you're welcome to my Youtube channel today.

I'm going to teach you how to make your life right and you're with your own pots and your rights and everything and you're watching and the uncle in the channel says, so now cowboy, my rise before you know, it doesn't even reach 32nd person in the T. V. With a Okay now my rice is part Boyd. If you are going at the same piece at that 34 few seconds interval at that time your water has no Boyd. Uh huh. So it's a different ballgame entirely. That is why please do not put pressure on yourself. You know, don't follow the society clock to you. Do you don't compare your life to others. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon yet they shine. When is there time Whether you got the Muno or whether you're the son, there will be a shine either way.

So don't sweat it. Oh, I would like to stop here. I wish I could go on and on. But I'm very time conscious. Thank you for listening. I totally enjoyed this conversation. Especially thanks to blessing for this suggestion. Please comment. I want to see your comment. If this was guys hit you differently, like subscribe and share to any human being, you know, so they will have a taste of what happens here on intimate er Good blessing every sunday night you have been listening to blessing her that your favorite host have a fantastic week. Goodbye.

The society clock 《Episode 29》#intimatetalkwithblessing
The society clock 《Episode 29》#intimatetalkwithblessing
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