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June 13th 2021
IWe are learning how to take good care of ourselves Afterall no one will take care of you like you 🥰Use the following links to listen too Googlepodcast: More
Good evening everyone. You are welcome to another educative episode of intimate er could blessing where we talked about anything and everything that relates to you and die. My name is blessing her that your favorite host tonight I will be edition out four tips on self care. Do you know that no one will take care of you like you so you just have to stick around to listen to four wonderful teams. I have to share with you on self care. One stay hydrated drink water, drink enough water, juice is not water. Beer is not water. The function of water in the body cannot be overemphasized. It promotes with loss, it flushes out dogs scenes, it improves skin complexion and it also maintains the regularity of your body and their phone ways of drinking water personally I take cucumber water three times a week.

I slice my cucumber in tiny pieces and put it in my water bottle and I take it throughout the day. You can also create more fun ways of drinking water. You can also set A lamps on your phone that reminds you of drinking water and show you drink enough water more during the day and less at night, so it won't to stop your sleep. Two eat good food. Food gives you energy that would help you carry out your daily tax dolla is not food. Pizza is not food. Egg roll is still not food. They are all under the family of snack food. Each food that contains a balanced diet and as we tend to grow old, we tend to select the kind of food we eat.

Yeah to eat is a necessity, but you eat intelligently is B and we should also learn to practice portion control because too much of everything is bad. Three take time for yourself. Life is really not had all the time spoil yourself. See when you have the chance rest, sleep very well laugh and always keep a smiling face everywhere you go. Just sit down and do nothing, sit down and be in the present. Don't think of doing any other thing at least rest okay. You can also lock yourself in the room and act like you are the only person in the whole world. Cool right, chop life and learn to chop life at least once a week, maximum once a week.

So we won't get to misuse it. Okay And finally the last point is exercise. I know I just change someone now. I know someone to not want to hear the word exercise, I totally understand but exercise is good even if you don't have the money to go to the gym, exercise is as simple as walking. Just taking a walk is a form of exercise and it's underrated but walking is a very good exercise because all parts of your body is functioning. Um I would recommend that you walk at least 30 minutes every day and don't stop there, consistency is key and do not allow your walking days to be less than your non walking these for me, I walk sunday, monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, thursday and friday then on saturday is rest day, you can take it up and then you told me how you feel when you try walking.

Um so the four teams are stay hydrated, that is drink enough water, eat good food, say no to junk and welcome Virg and they also practice portion control, then take time for yourself. Once you break down, there are one million and one person, they are ready to take your place. So rest spoil yourself silly because you got you and finally exercise. Help your heart by exercising often. Do these and thank me a few months later. Thank you for tuning in and listening. Please don't forget to listen to this podcast again. Subscribe comment like here and of course, tell your wonderful friends to listen to and also repeats the process again.

My name still remained blessing of it. Have a wonderful week. Learn to take good care of yourself using these tips, then come back and thank me bye and.

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