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June 6th 2021
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Hi everyone. My name is blessed another, the host of the show intimate talk with blessing where we talk about anything and everything. Okay now let's imagine you picked up your phone and you received in a lot of 500 million. You want to step for that. You used the U. S. S. D. Code just to be sure You're not still satisfied. You took a step further again to check your app and is still the reading 500 million. Naira. You go through the receipt of your app and you see the close 500 million. Then then you get your laptop and start typing your scale of preference which includes car, land, health, visiting the orphanage, is investing. And in the middle of your typing you say to yourself, I have never visited this far before. And then you imagine you being massaged by the best hand and at that moment you could feel your skin telling you. Well done, scratch that Waco because our mind just got engaged.

Which brings us to what we're going to discuss tonight, which is the power of imagination. Everyone possesses a certain degree of imagination ability. It enables you to walk at any situation from a different point of view and to mentally explore the past and the future. Now, what is imagination? Imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the five senses. However you can imagine the five senses, imagine we are at the University of Syria and you can't even perceive the spices and all you want is you just grab everything and eat and go without paying. Of course, all you can imagine yourself being in the cinema with that big scream. Watching one of your favorite movies, we just engaged two of the five senses, imagination is a creative power that is necessary for inventing either instrument, it could be designing a dress or a house, painting a picture, or writing a book.

Listen everything present in this world assad's today was first imagined by someone example, the cheers long time ago we were used to sitting down on the floor. What someone someone imagined us instead of sitting down on the floor. We know great a funny child that looks like this and then we call it here mm the creative power of imagination as an important role in the achievement of success in any field. Now, this statement do not encourage listeners. Okay, good. Let's move on. What we imagine often and expect to happen can come into being. That's all we have to be very conscious of what we create in our minds because it is an important ingredient of creative visualization, positive thinking and affirmations.

This means that we should think only in a positive manner about our desires. Otherwise we might attract into our lives event situations and people that we don't really want. Do you know that um that's an abusive relationship partner because you somehow create for it. I'm going to need now mm And do you also know that what is happening to you at the moment? You imagined it like three years back, two years back? Yeah, Yeah. You know, and what is happening to me now? Me recording this podcast. I imagined it some few years back and I imagine me trying to you know, start something like this ball. You know, I just kept on postponed to December 13 when I decided to come out. I'm going to leave you with this. It doesn't matter what your current reality is. You have the power to improve it.

Mm Because your your anti jacket to walk there. Do not me. You know, anti arrangement that will walk tomorrow. He has a power You know, imagine positive things only only because you're going to attract it. Make your imagination so beautiful. You know all the time because you have the power to do so thank you for listening to me. Okay, imagine what you want to see in your life and you you see it manifest few years from now. Unless you've been a good thing Again, this does not encourage listeners. I am not saying if you imagine you have 100 million and tomorrow we have 100 million. It's a gradual process. Just think everything beautiful. Because if you can't think it, you can't do it to be. Please kindly subscribe like share talented notification bill to get new videos and new update whenever it drops.

Okay? And please tell your friend to tell different to listen to this podcast. Thank you so much for engaging with me tonight by Yeah. Mm

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