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April 11th 2021
On tonight's podcast we are counting our blessings 😊😊 listen on ANCHOR and You can also Tune in with our YouTube link link We are also on spotify,Jam it FM and various... More
mm Hi guys, you are welcome to my podcast channel. Super excited to have you on board tonight. How is a week? Well, mine was awesome. Thank you for acting in your mind. So remember how we started here. The energy, the new girls, the plans to ginger, the swagger. D I'm gonna do this gang and I'm gonna do that gang. What's up? How's it going? I hope you're starting to get results or needs. I hope you're pushing through. I hope you're not planning to give up any time soon. Now, if you're not amongst any category I mentioned, that means you're in the gang, go feeling stocked, you know, feeling like I'm gonna do it, but have not yet done. It's like something. Something is holding you back somewhere somehow. Well, I have good news for you too because we still have nine months. Nine good months. That is enough time to birth anything. Baby dream vision business family. Just name it. Regardless. The challenges. You have nine months to push, push, push dear!

First time listeners, you are officially welcome to the show into meter with blessing where anything and everything is discussed. My name is blessing and that your uncle to this. Just to stay tuned counting your blessings. I know we're all family with him. Count your blessing in the world by one here. Right. That's what we're talking about. The But we're not singing, we're talking. That's all. Do you talk? Talk talk so I can't see your blessings is a reminder for you to be grateful. Mhm. So it may look like everything is not going fine, or I'll use the word everything is not going the way you want it to go through. But still, yes, there's something to be grateful for. If you agree with me, of course there is something to be grateful for. No, it's so cold to rise above discouragement, doubt envy and self pity. You know, to reach a new appreciation for the blessings which God has brought upon us the God factor.

Now, no matter what happens, if we can't help blessings, we will be surprised, meaning it may look like it's on a regular like Krishnamurti and I wake up every money but you know there's really not normal for some people because some people really do not have to wake up. You know like that debt and your life. Come on. That's enough reason to thank God. That's enough reason for you to also feel great for us a person. Mhm. Whoa. Everyone who is alive can find something to be grateful for. Everyone can find something to be grateful for that little that little thing that looks like you know like nothing is happening. You just feel stopped. You know, you feel stagnant where you are. I'm telling you there is something to be grateful for and that's what we're going to discuss today. So You'll eat one type of food three times a. D. One type of food three times a day. It doesn't make sense to you. Right? Oh well I have, you Knew to tell you that there's someone out there who can afford to eat one type of food, one c.

D. O. A little about it. See why you have to be pretty, that's not all. Let's go to the next scenario. So you have this job and your boss is giving a tough time. The job is so broke it. The filed like I just have to sort out a whole lot of things every day. Really. I think you should actually bow that your next door neighbor how he or she feels staying in the house all day money tonight. No going out or coming in. Eat sucks. It's not good for your mental health. So you need to have joke please who did title and be very grateful about it. Another reason to be grateful today. Married folks, your spouses are knowing you're like, oh, I feel like killing them. Like how dear d uh well I think you should try to get in touch with, you know, some married couples that just lost their partners to the cord hunt of death.

They would rather prefer their spouse was actually alive and annoying. Right? I'm not the reason to be grateful for and here you. Yes, you, you feel like you have nothing. You're one place, your life is not moving like everything is just the same. Like your houses. They're saying you're closer to say everything is just that note. It starts with the fact that you are life. Give thanks to go for that 1/1. Just be grateful for that. You will have to be careful not to let things that you don't have to blindfold you from noticing all the blessing to your life. The blessings are numerous. You have to look for it, that's your duty. You just have to look for it. Look for that little thing that you think rented for that. Some people who have, well don't are not breathing properly. They literally like they are breathing oxygen and you can, your system can gladly taking oxygen and expel seal too and you're not excited.

Come on, come on. There's enough things to be grateful for. You went to walk, he came back, you know on hot, you know like nothing happened to you. You're not sick. He came back to walk healthy, your legs and hands complete. Come on, come on. You have to be grateful for everything. So I make it a point to visit that at the end of my podcast. I usually drop this take your wayward. So my takeaway word for you is this please. I want you to know that you're blessed. We are all blessed. We are all blessed. However, there are some people who have made up their minds to count their blessings. Why there are some people who also make up their minds to count their struggles, their challenges and their obstacles. Please choose wisely count your blessings. D by d minute by Minute, 2nd by 2nd.

Count your blessings and feel good and be grateful. Always count your blessings daily. Okay, please you don't forget that and please before we run up this beautiful piece, I'm begging in the name of goat. Subscribe, subscribe to my Youtube channel comment like this beautiful podcast and here to everyone. Please please please. So always count your blessings. Steely. Okay, and have a week full of blessings. I love you very much. Take care of yourself. Bye!

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