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March 28th 2021
Helllloooooooo🤗 Who dey breeeeeet😏 It's sunday evening again 💃 Spoil me with your data by listening to the latest episode of intimate talk with Blessing 🎧 The gist tonight is on Random acts of ki... More
Mhm Hi, you're welcome to my podcast show, intimate talk with blessing were everything and anything is discussed. My name is blasting a that your ankle tonight. If you're listening to me for the first time, a very warm welcome to you. Tonight's episode is going to be exciting and very, very educative tonight. Our discussion is on a random act of kindness. Now with the rate of hatred and evil we see and hear on a daily basis, kindness needs to be preached to everyone. So what is kindness? Kindness is you being friendly to someone that has had a bad day? Kindness? Is you being generous to someone who has less enough of something? And kindness is you being concentrated Now let us learn not to take someone's kindness for granted because kindness is often mistaken as one being naive or weak.

So why is kindness important? Each act of kindness is changing the way we see ourselves and others now. How cool is that? Very, very cool As our kindness positively affect, others will feel more compassionate, confident, useful and in control. One small acts of kindness can change the whole world. Now let's go to the benefit of kindness, one that brings you happiness helping someone or making someone feel happy or going that extra mouths to make someone happy. Just you've been kind to someone at the end of the day, it brings you happiness. You take the glory baby, you take the happiness roughly secondly, the happiness is also transferred to all that joy over flu, joy over flu.

So first you have to be kind to yourself and then to your family and then to your neighbor and then to where you walk and tend to everyone around you. He starts from you, another benefit of kindness is it improves relationships. What goes around comes around now the kindness seed you plant today can come knocking at your door 10 years from now, three years from now or even next week. And there's something about kindness, like literally makes you feel so proud of yourself. You know, you go on sleeping like you've achieved and you've made it so let's continue. Mhm. Now we're going to landy random act of kindness. You do not have to break your bank to be kind.

I always say being kind cost zero Naira You can go to the grocery store or two anyway, maybe went to buy something and somebody also wants to get something and it left like maybe 10 Naira and the person doesn't have, we can just, you know, so don't worry, I'll pay Simple acts of kindness and to that person it may be 10 narrow you draw, but the person is like you were the one who bought it for the person. That's how kindness is. So let's not prolong this issue so much. How to Show Kindness. one A Kind Word. I will explain this. I'll explain this with a personal story. So after my secondary school there's this particular place I usually make my hair and there was one girl that enjoys making my hair.

So one day I was walking on the road and I saw this girl passing and she was hooking, I gave you bread of course I saw her and I was so excited and I went to meet her and I hugged her and the next thing she started crying. I was like uh why are you crying? Did I offend you or did someone offend you earlier? She said no that she's crying because the other people she sees on the road who know her so on that make that she makes her hair for their literally black her or they act like they don't know her. And she and she saw me first and she wanted to dodge and she was surprised that I came to hug her and I smiled. I said really look you're selling bread. Today does not mean that tomorrow will not be gary bright and you don't have to feel ashamed. You have to be proud of yourself because you have different sorts of income.

I give her words of encouragement and she left smiling few years later. Probably during my service here or something. Yeah. I was working again on the road and someone called me. I turned back and so she was the wall. Yes. Also happy to see her. And the first thing she said to me was and blessing thank you thank you for the words you said to me that day. I held on to that word Honestly, I forgot about it and she had to tell me, do you remember that day you saw me and you hold me on the road? I was like, oh wow. She told me thank you very much that she held onto that word and she didn't forget me. She practically told me that now. She owns her own saloon and she offered me and she said I should come to the salon and she's going to make a free hair for me.

Like she said, I should just come and see and let her make my hair for me for free. My heart jumped. I went home feeling so happy on site assessing was released at that moment. I would like to see this. It's a full moon. It was released and I was so proud of myself. I was like, how many years and the present state? According to that word, I went home sleeping and feeling like a superhero one word few years back and she carried it along with her wow it just shows us how words are very powerful. Words are so, so powerful. He can literally live within you for a very, very long time. It kind were to a few people won't hot. Another act of guidance is helping to lift a load for someone I know we length those ones in my moral instructions in primary school.

Hey this life it could be any public transport and an elderly person who has load is actually a lighting before you and you see the man or the woman struggling to you know carry a load out of the very cool. Please offer to help. It cost nothing, it costs zero. Naira. Mhm Sandy in a thank you note to possibly to magic. Now I won't speak more on that because our 1st 2nd episode of intimate open blessing has that covered already. And the last point is refusing to gossip. I don't know how people sleep with their two eyes closed knowing that they manage someone's image. See from this moment from today, please be the kind of person that when gossip comes to you, it ends with you saving someone's image in their absence is a good treat.

You might never know who is actually listening to you and you don't know who you're saving. Remember what goes around comes around? No. Mhm. The main thing is to keep in mind. Sorry. The main thing, Yeah. The main thing is to have it in mind that you need to open your eyes and also be active. When you see someone in each I would leave you with this kindness beget kindness. However, you should never be kind with the expectation of receiving something in return. Instead incorporates the smallest acts of kindness into your everyday life. Thank you for listening. Be sure to show kindness to everyone and please be intentional about it.

Have a flourishing week ahead by.

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