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Ep77 EQ Academy Mini Bite

by Jacqui Brauman
September 29th 2021

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Hi again, it's Ush Dhanak Australia's EQ expert. It's about helping business leaders lead with empathy and insight to improve engagement, productivity. So in the last video I promised you that I would like to now explain to you what Frankenstein is, what Einstein is and how you can use this method to transform your business and your future for the better. So Frankenstein is the reacting part of your brain. It stimulates the body's automatic fight flight and freeze response, which doesn't allow you to be in control of your emotions. So what triggers Frankie while the lack of knowledge, skill, stress, self doubt, uncertainty, lack of clarity or even real or imagined danger, it releases cortisol. Yes, that's the bad stuff and adrenaline and this leaves you feeling anxious, agitated, fearful and stressed. Now if you don't have the skill to move out of Frankie and into Einstein mode, then you're going to keep feeling this way and the patterns in your brain keep repeating themselves.

And this is what we call the doom loop. Now you're nervous system reacts automatically and responds deliberately. So we need to move out of the state so you don't reinforce that pattern of what you don't want. So the Einstein side of your brain is the responding part. It stimulates the body's automatic calm and responding abilities here, you have a sense of certainty, control clarity, self confidence and a plan releases. Dopamine serotonin and oxytocin and yes, this is the good stuff. This leaves you feeling energetic, motivated and excited and when you've moved into this day, you're actually able to think with clarity and position, Here's how it works. Step one refrain from disempowerment of your emotions and situations into empowerment step to what questions you need to ask yourself to shift your state. And step three is expertly using your emotions and brain to the best of your ability because if they're competing it's like having your foot on the accelerator and the brake pedal at the same time, right.

A lot happens. But you don't move forward now if you don't learn how to shift your state it's going to control you and your problem will end up being bigger than you are. So let me recap Frankenstein is your right prefrontal cortex creates doubts and negativity. It's an obstacle finder and inhibitor and it tells you why in how you can't do things, it's pessimistic and it gives you constraints. Einstein is the left prefrontal cortex, if figures things out, it creates solutions, it's a motivator and it shows you how you can be rationally optimistic and it provides you options so what we need to do is turn on your Einstein brain in the next video which I'm going to send you in a few days, I'm going to show you what the key steps are that you can take to turn this side of your brain on and how your life could be when you are in control. So make sure that you don't miss that. Next email and really looking forward to connecting with you. Thank you. Yeah. Right. Mhm.

Ep77 EQ Academy Mini Bite
Ep77 EQ Academy Mini Bite
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