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Ep 73 EQ Academy Mini Bite

by Jacqui Brauman
September 1st 2021

In this episode, Ush Dhanak introduces a great EQ concept - thinking about your ‘doom and gloom/fear and angry’ brain as Frankenstein (“Frankie”) v your best brain - “Einstein” brain.


Hi, I'm Ush. I'm Australia's EQ expert helping Australian leaders or leading with empathy and insight to improve engagement productivity. Now we've all had that feeling where we don't feel in control of our mind, right? It's that feeling where you know that something small and trivial could be the next trigger for you to snap. So will it be your partner or will it be your kids asking you a question when you're right in the middle of something? Will it be a colleague at work that needs your assistance? Or will it be that driver in the car who cuts in front of you when you're running late and you're in traffic? You feel agitated and on edge. Your concentration may not be great. You're feeling irritated and snappy. You are aware of it, which is great, but it still doesn't make it feel any better. So we've all been through this. It's simply a part of being human in this video. I'm going to explain how we have two sides of our brain. We have something called the Frankenstein and the Einstein and I remember learning this from one of my own coaches and it was an absolute game changer, which is why so excited to share it with you.

The uncomfortable feelings I just explained above are due to the activation of Frankie. So, understanding both sides is going to help you with the following will help you remove the anxiety, fear and stress to get out of the doom loop, which is giving your brain more of the same, which is making you feel more of the same. You'll be able to learn how to respond to situations around you and not react now, not only that, you will also be able to overcome your fears. Step into your greatness and also become the change that you want to see. Now. Some of the changes I've seen in my clients have been around more freedom around money in time, getting on better with others, getting more out of other people, getting things done in less time and reduce stress, which leads to better health. This is not difficult to do a promise. And over the next two videos, you're going to have the exact step by step roadmap to do this. Now I've taught this approach of behavioral self control for years and the results always blow me away. So let me share. A recent client of mine was struggling with her business partner and she just wanted out, she initially played the victim card, didn't want to go through the legal process is for the fear of the unknown and she felt what I called emotionally bruised, we started working together and initially she ran smack into an inner wall that she had put up to protect herself.

She wasn't sleeping constantly in a state of exhaustion and she had lost joy in her life. She actually missed who she was, she was always known for being energetic and stepping up to any challenge is can you relate to any of this? So working with me, she learned about Frankie and Einstein, she started using the tools I told her and within weeks she was close to buying her business partner out. She had worked away through the unknown through those processes would come. She grew her business that she acquired new clients. Now the freaky part, she even had compassion towards her business partner, who she initially had almost a hatred for now. What fueled all of our added changes and success was the inner work that we did and understanding how your brain's and emotions work and not letting them control you. This has been proven to work for thousands of people from all walks of life from all over the world. And I just know it will work for you in video, to which I will email you in the next few days. I will explain more about Frankie and Einstein and the result that you can expect and how they can transform not only your business, but also your life too, so make sure you don't miss the email that's coming through and I'm really, really looking forward to connecting with you right

Ep 73 EQ Academy Mini Bite
Ep 73 EQ Academy Mini Bite
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