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Ep69 EQ Academy Mini Bite

by Jacqui Brauman
July 28th 2021

The final lesson in Ush’s first 5-part series is about mind power! Ush Dhanak, Australia’s leading EQ expert talks about thoughts, words and actions - forming habit... More

Hi this is Ush Dhanak Australia's leading EQ expert and the Ceo of the EQ Academy. So we've made it to the final lesson of my five part series And this final lesson Lesson five is all about mind power. Mind power is one of the strongest most useful powers that you possess. And this power consists of your thoughts, your actions and words. Your thoughts become words, words become actions and your actions become habits. Positive thoughts become positive habits while negative thoughts become negative habits. So your predominant thoughts control the outcome of your life. These thoughts influence your behavior and attitude. They control your actions and your reactions. They develop and shape your belief system. You can either enhance your mind power with positive thoughts or you can limit your power with negative thoughts, thoughts are like seeds and they're going to grow and manifest in your life if you feed them with attention and you can choose whether you want to grow flowers or do you want to grow weeds, thoughts have power over your moods over your body and your emotions, negative thoughts decrease your self awareness.

So if all you focus on is how bad things are, then you're going to miss out on all the good things that are going to happen. And when you focus on negative thoughts, your mind wonders to all the instances in which you have been wronged your energy scatters and you become less effective. Positive thinking goes a long way and sticking with things does to most people who are successful stick to things, they don't care how hard it gets, they just stick to it and they keep moving forwards towards that goal. Part of having that is having a positive attitude and realizing that things are going to turn around. It's very easy to get wrapped up in our misfortunes, but it's not as easy to stop talking about them. So whenever you feel that you're thinking about bad things that have happened or you catch yourself complaining to stop, it doesn't mean that you don't learn from your mistakes. It just means that you stop going over and over what you're really not going to change and use your mistakes as stepping stones to the next lesson instead Master self awareness and learn to control your moods because once you understand your emotions and why you feel them, you can then learn to control them and you realize that happiness is a choice.

You choose to be happy or you choose to be unhappy. It's your choice. So how about we choose to be happy. I hope that you have found this series useful. It has shown you the foundation of what is needed to begin implementing EQ in your business and in your life by getting your mindset right? Because this getting the mindset right is the key to your success and your mindset needs to be primed for EQ. So please click on the link attached to schedule some time in with me. So I can share some more specific strategies to assist you in bringing about greater success in your business by really tapping into this magic power of EQ. Thanks.

Ep69 EQ Academy Mini Bite
Ep69 EQ Academy Mini Bite
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