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Ep65 EQ Academy Mini Bite

by Jacqui Brauman
June 23rd 2021

In the fourth EQ Academy mini bite, Ush discusses creativity as an aspect of emotional intelligence, including the state of ‘flow’.

Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Hi I'm Majdanek Australia's leading EQ expert and the ceo of the academy Now a little bit of a recap we've already covered so far the subconscious mind and the conscious mind And in less than three we covered self awareness. One of my favorite subjects of EQ. Now less than four is a little bit different. I want to cover creativity. So creativity is characterized by an individual's ability to perceive the world in new ways. This is not just relevant to the artistic world, creativity is important in all areas, particularly in business as we have to find new ways to help people. Creativity is linked to innovation of you and your business. Now you've heard of the term flow. So what is slow and how does it relate to creativity? So flow is an optimal state of consciousness in which you feel your best and you perform at your best during flow ego and to a certain extent your self awareness melts away and you become focused on the activity during the state of flow, the prefrontal cortex becomes deactivated.

This is the area of the brain responsible for higher level cognition, shutting this part of the brain down temporarily allows creativity to flow without the ego stepping in flow state triggers the release of dopamine serotonin and endorphins. The things that make you feel good flow helps you enhance your mind power by engaging both the conscious and subconscious mind to meet. Now when both parts of the mind are on the same page, your mind power will increase flow is about the feeling, feeling good in the process, focusing on the moment and not on your goals. And the process of unlocking your creativity is all tied up in enhancing your mind power. So tap into that and as they say, go with the flow. Talking of mind power, the next lesson is going to be all around mind power and thoughts because your thoughts are so powerful, there's something you can take control of. They're not something you have to wait for or something you have to hope someone else will do for you.

Your thoughts are within your control, no matter who you are. And once you control your thoughts, you will have to wait and see what magic will unfold. So watch out for the final lesson, lesson five That's coming your way which is all about mind power. I really look forward to sharing that one with you. Mhm.

Ep65 EQ Academy Mini Bite
Ep65 EQ Academy Mini Bite
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