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Ep61 EQ Academy Mini Bite

by Jacqui Brauman
May 26th 2021

Ush Dhanak, founder of EQ Academy and Australia’s leading EQ coach builds on her previous two mini bites, and talks about the importance of self awareness as an EQ skill, and requirement for succes... More

mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah, I am a stomach on Australia's leading EQ expert and the ceo of the academy. So you have less than one all about the subconscious mind. You've had lesson two, a little bit of information around the importance of your conscious Mind and consciousness. Now this lesson lesson three is all around the importance of self awareness. So what does self awareness actually mean? It means that you have an understanding of who you are and how you relate to the world, You understand your emotions and why you feel the way you do. You understand other people's emotions and how your actions influence their emotions and you learn to develop empathy. Self awareness requires you to be mentally and emotionally present in situations and with self awareness comes the ability to control your emotions. Now you can choose to respond to outside stimuli or you can choose to keep your emotions in check. So what affects our ability to be self aware? It's actually our upbringing as we are taught to behave in certain ways.

Our beliefs are created from the information we were told. Secondly, the media also affects our self awareness, but more than that it affects our self worth and our self esteem. So how do you know if you have a lack of self awareness, one of the best ways is to notice if others are always to blame for your misfortunes. Another trait is the inability to give and receive apologies. Now look, this isn't a permanent condition if you notice this in yourself realize that you can change it in an instant because self reflection is the first step to becoming self aware. You have to stop and really examine each situation for what it is, your behavior, their behavior what happened. And you have to be willing to admit that you might have been wrong. Ask your colleagues to share their frustrations with you because over time you're going to see how your behavior makes other people feel most people have had or still have a limiting belief in their life. And limiting beliefs are those beliefs that really aren't true, but we still believe them. Fear that there's not enough money to go around is a limiting belief.

Fear of success is limiting belief. The idea that somehow you aren't good enough is also a limiting belief. The guess what None of these are true. You can make them true in your mind but they are not true. And once you are self aware enough to figure out what your limiting beliefs are, then you can start to overcome them. Remember that all of these things can be changed their just perceptions that you've received. Now in the next lesson, we're gonna talk about creativity and how this is a valuable skill to help you increase your success in business and in life. I look forward to sharing. Listen for with you. Right. Mhm

Ep61 EQ Academy Mini Bite
Ep61 EQ Academy Mini Bite
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