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Ep91 Making intuition accessible

by Jacqui Brauman
February 9th 2022

Very different topic this episode - or a similar theme, but from a different source! Ioanna Serpanos is a recognised and well-respected Psychic Medium and Mentor who comes from a long linage of Psy... More

Welcome to the I Q CQ podcast. I'm Jackie brahman, principal solicitor at Tv A law and Ceo of legally wise women and I'm here with Oceanic former corporate lawyer then head of HR and now an emotional intelligence coach. Morning rush morning, Jackie, how are you? I'm well G S back to school. Yes, she, she was back on friday, which is a really hot day to their back and then she's back with me this week. So yeah, she's getting back into that morning routine. It's like, oh my God. Oh yeah, school because they have like two months off a long time. I don't ever remember having that long. I know it's such a long time. So it's just trying to get back into the routine and now that it's dark in the mornings again, it's just like, it just adds to Exactly. Got to get up and get going. Yeah. How's your week been? Yeah, pretty good. It was nice to have some time off on Australia Day and just really do nothing and yet onboarding these three newbies now, yep, wonderful to see them start taking on some of the load.

It's good. Excellent. You're going to not know yourself now in a few months. I know, yeah, I reckon by Mid eight East are things will be well and truly like settled down and humming. I hope good. Very good. Yeah, it's been worth the wait, right to get people on and the right people. That's right. You do have to go through a few before you find the right ones, don't you? Exactly. But a lot of it also is a learning process for me with hiring, trusting my gut about people and then being tested again because I didn't trust myself and over and over. So really interesting lesson to even look at the pattern over the last two years of the hires and the ones that have worked and the ones that haven't, which sort of leads us into the topic of this episode, given our the guest that I interviewed. So you wanna supa nose is quite different from someone we've interviewed before, although she's perfect example of IQ meets EQ because she was a trained engineer.

Her corporate career was in the automotive industry as an electrical engineer. So you hear all about that. But through her progression through her engineering roles, she went into management, became a general manager in quite a large area and it was her leadership that brought out her empathy and intuition and EQ and then a complete change in career. So let's have a listen and you can hear from her yourself, you wanna welcome to the podcast, How are you this afternoon? I'm really well, thank you for having me, Jackie, I really appreciate it. I'm so glad you're the first interview I'm doing for 2022 and I think that it's the perfect conversation that we need to be having at the start of a new year. But I don't want people to anticipate too much about what we're going to talk about. I want to hear more about the journey from yourself as to how you got to where you are. So take us all the way back. What did you want to be when you were a little girl? When I was a little girl, I was always a bit of a science geek and a bit of a science nerd.

So there was two or three areas that I really liked. Scientists. Being a scientist with one of them doing psychology was one of them. So anything that was science related to me was very exciting and that's what I kicked around. Very inquisitive mind. I suppose the stem subjects were not as readily available to girls back In the 90s either correct. So that didn't put you off. No, it didn't. In fact originally, right up until the start of university for me, I was definitely going down that science path and I started university in 1989. And in that year there was a huge push by the Australian government, an initiative to get more women into the science based studies and to encourage them to do so. So I actually got a letter sent home to me, I obviously fitted that demographic and in it it said we're encouraging women to do engineering. I had no idea what engineering was. All I knew was that if I didn't like it, then my first year of engineering would have been counted towards a science degree.

So it was a win win for me. So when I embarked on my degree of engineering in 1989 I really did not know what I was jumping into and I thought, great, let's let's go there, let's get into this. I was curious. I was excited. In my year, There was only a 3% representation of females. So I have a story where I rocked up, You can imagine a faculty full of men and the dean of Engineering at the time when I was just getting my paperwork signed off, he he was just a beautiful man in the end, but he just looked at me at the time and he said, I don't know why you're signing up, you know you're going to fail. That was his first words to me, which of course challenged me. So try telling me I can't do something, I'm the person that if you tell me I can't do it, that will make me doubly determined. So I remember saying to him, oh my gosh, at least give me a chance to fail, why can't you sign me off and give me a chance to fail?

And he said to me, okay, if you want to waste your time, I'll sign your paperwork off. I said great! So my paperwork got signed off and then I went, I was one of four females in a class of 100 and 10 males and the other three females were from the Philippines and they were very quiet, they really stuck to themselves. So it was really me and about 100 and 10 guys as well and when I launched in with that it was, I can't say it wasn't challenging, it definitely was, but it did inspire me. There was a lot of things that I loved in there the first so I did my degree at the University of Tasmania the first two years were common, so we did a little bit of everything including physics, chemistry, we did engineering fundamentals, mathematics, that's a whole heap of things and I loved all of it because I am practical in nature as well. So there was a lot of practical workshops but also what really captured me and inspired me was quantum physics.

I loved that component and it fascinated me because quantum physics is about things that are intangible, they're about things that are not seen, we can see the effects of these things and at this stage I was very much practical, was very driven by this. But I also had that, as you say, that curious mind, that enquiring mind and for me it fascinated me, I continued on with my engineering degree and I finished I think in 93 thereabouts just when the recession hit, I'm not sure the exact date but it was right on the recession and it took me a little while to find my first job for a couple of reasons, one was that being the female again. So there was a few interviews, I think, you know, if you looked at it today, in today's terms, people would be horrified. But in those terms back in the day, you know, my interviews became more about me as a woman than me as an engineer and what could I bring to the table. But having said that, I was very delighted to get my first job which was in the automotive industry.

So I jumped into the car industry and I absolutely loved it because I was working with teams that were at the forefront of development, working on systems that would come out on cars, you know, 8, 10 years later. So it was really looking at those early developments things we take for granted now, like Kayla Century was one of the things I worked on in the nineties and no one, you know, I would have even conceived the fact that we could start a car without putting a key in the ignition or that we could open doors without taking our keys out of our handbags or pockets. So it was really exciting stuff and it was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. Did you move across to victoria then to work in the car industry? I did absolutely, I did. So I came over, I picked up all my things and away I went and I arrived in Melbourne and knew no one other than the person that employed me. And I started a life here in victoria And this is home? I've never looked back.

I love victoria as you were talking about the key less entry. The reason why I was silently laughing because it was only just had the conversation on friday with a friend about the fact that we never get our keys out of our bags anymore. And so we're never looking for those. And I said there must have been a woman on the panel that developed that bit of technology and here you are. And here we are. One of many. I'm sure there was wonderful women. But definitely it was on one of those early teams. Absolutely. So it's really exciting. I look around at times and I go, yeah, that's one of my keys and that's one of my keys and it's really exciting to see that. And yes, sometimes it takes women to be just a little bit more practical with the day to day. We kind of do that. But you know, I was lucky. I worked with wonderful, wonderful men, wonderful teams as well. And all the different personalities. So it was terrific. It does sound like that. It sounds very futuristic. I suppose in the early 90s I remember watching the the tv show beyond 2000 and so I suppose you would have been thinking about all those technologies that were to come as well. Very, very well.

Again. Using your curious brain because you are really thinking ahead of everyone. Yeah. So what did your career look like as a, I suppose you is it a mechanical engineer? Is that what I actually did electronic. So it was electronic space and it was fabulous in the sense that we got to work with what they call original equipment manufacturers which are the car makers and we are components suppliers. So you become part of a larger team developments, core timelines, getting things to production from concept were really exciting things. I was fortunate in the sense that I was put on a an accelerated management pathway plan as well. So I was what was called an early riser or an early, I had a really strong career path, particularly in the management of teams and moving up through management. So by the age of 32 I became the general manager for the Australian sales division on a particular component for a particular company I was working for and I was in charge of teams and had a very sort of stellar rise in terms of the corporate side of things.

So on paper, I loved it, it all looked amazing you know whether it comes all the perks in terms of dollars and cars and all the you know, I don't think I ever looked at a phone bill for over 20 years because it was always paid by the company so that kind of thing and and I loved it because I am very much motivated by people. But I was feeling very empty, very, I kept searching, there was something more, there was something that was missing some of the things that I noticed in the corporate world was that certain decisions would get made, but all the factors weren't put in there. So I was fortunate to have some good mentors in my field as well. And those mentors typically had a real grasp of what we would call now emotional intelligence back in the days, we might have called them people skills or soft skills and they did really well.

And when I first started in my career, a particular style of management was encouraged which was to be very directive, very factual and logical driven and all those things, part of my makeup as well. Absolutely, they are, but they weren't all of me, there was the other half of me which had that intuitive side, that innate wisdom, that innate knowledge, that empathy and that understanding that comes with it and I didn't know at the time, but I since obviously have understood my abilities as well. But I'm someone who's very in touch with her spiritual side or your what we would call psychic abilities if I can use that word because I know in these audiences the word psychic is quite loaded and quite charged and people, you know think of turban wearing, you know, crystal ball gazes or whatever and they don't give it much weight. But if you from what my own learning and my own application of this has come about, I see that that side of us is actually present.

It is a birthright of every single person. And the difference between someone who is psychically aware or in tune with that is that they've embraced it, they've acknowledged it and they're able to with time build a trust in it, there's a trust basis and in order to do that, it's experiences the greatest teacher and the greatest builder of trust. And once we start to follow our gut feelings, our hunches, you will actually see that there is a deeper intelligence. Where does it come from? I'm not really sure, but I do feel it is very much part about makeup as humans. It's instinctual. It's we're all born with the ability. Is it a survival mechanism? Who knows? But it's whether we embrace it and whether we use it as an additional tool set to us rather than shunning it or belittling it or pushing it away. It's when we can do that. And the way that I've got it through my intuitive means I call it my guides, my help is whatever you want to call it.

They gave me the literal thing of the left and the right hand coming together. So the logical brain and the emotional brain, the left and right side coming together. And one of my biggest discoveries that I discovered is that when we truly are inspired in whatever part of our field that we're working in, it's actually tapping into the higher mind, the higher intelligence, the emotional intelligence and my heroes like Einstein and Nicolas Tesla, they all had that deep spiritual side to themselves as well, that enquiring mind. And that is the key thing. If you have that curious enquiring mind and you're open to get assistance from above than and when I say above, I mean higher frequency, I'm going to take it right down to frequency level, then your ability to grow in your chosen field, irrespective of whether it's one like where I've landed, which I will reveal shortly is just it's so expansive after that and there's no stopping it.

So going back to where I was talking about, feeling unfulfilled, I started to look around for more, what was it, what was that thing that was missing and what it was was the unclaimed part of myself, the unacknowledged and understood side, which was my intuitive side. And once I understood that and integrated it. I started 20 years ago this year. I spiritually based business where I embraced my psychic and I'm also what's called a medium as well. So I'm my mediumship business and I've integrated into this business, practical strategies because I know the business world so intimately myself, I've been able to help numerous business people, men and women tap into their own intuition and learn to trust it. And I love that part of my job. It's so amazing to be able to do that and to give people real strategies and practical strategies to connect to that and be okay with their gut feeling.

I have permission to, as you say, trust that your gut is telling you something that's relevant and isn't just some kind of reaction to be ignored because as you said earlier, experience is a great teacher and that's what often develops your trust. Unless you ignore, you know what what the lessons are that you're supposed to be learning from your experience because I just think, you know, your your pathway, I mean it's almost one extreme to the other, but it is a meshing really, as you say, you know, you had the science, the deep physics in the quantum physics and the engineering mind and you don't often think of an engineer being someone who can also manage people and be empathetic and intuitive and all those things. So, you know, it's it's probably quite obvious that someone singled you out and went, let's accelerate this person because she has skills on both sides of the brain and can do that.

But even though you were you were using empathy, you were relating to people, you were probably using your intuition in helping lead, as you said, it still wasn't it wasn't enough, it wasn't deep enough. How did you go about or were there particular moments or particular lessons that you actually actually triggered you and pushed you into the more clearer path of going down and finding your intuition and realizing that it's also something that can be. Yes. So I would agree with you with what that statement, Jackie. I absolutely, without a doubt. When I look back now with hindsight, with reflection, I was using my intuition and I was very successful in my career. Every customer that was mine in terms of my area of responsibility. We always one supplier of the year and it was because I always anticipated what their needs were and I always knew what the elephant in the room was.

So I looked back and I would, you know, people would say, oh the customer wants a B and C. And I would look around in senior management meetings and go actually that's not what they really want. They want x, y and z. Even though they're saying they want a B and C. And they'd all look at me and say, well how do you know that? And I couldn't have told you exactly how I could know that at the time. But really I was reading the subtle energies in the room and interpreting those energies and that's and good leaders will do that because you'll see I call it focused or active listening. They're listening with all the senses open. Um and that's what we mean when we talk about psychic, we're really talking about the same sets of sensors we have, but they're on a higher frequency, they're on the subtle plane. So we're still seeing even our site, but we're calling it insight right? We're getting an insight into this which is really the clairvoyance or the third eye, the gut feel is a common one. And a lot of leaders in the top echelons of progressive companies that are very successful, relying that field, we know that that's called clear sentience.

So it's feeling your way into this or you know, modern terms are leaning in, let me lean into this and that's what you're really doing and we all have the ability and um, the and the same with the knowing, so the knowing is, oh, I just had a thought, I just had a flash of brilliance or something's just popped into my head, but no one stops to say where did it come from? Where did it pop in from where you know, where does it come? And I do believe, you know, we look at philosophy terms of philosophy that are out there that often are incorporated into religious texts as well, like the classic is as above. So below and I've really come to believe that on a different level and that is if we can touch it and it's tangible and if we can feel it here. It's because it exists on a higher plane. And so I talk about the collective, I call it your spiritual entourage, business people upstairs in whatever field of expertise you are in will influence you in the way if you're open to it.

So when I say influence were not controlled by them because we are part of that team, but they will, if you allow them to, we sometimes call it in spiritual circles, you will flow and if this, if you are in tune, everything flows easily, there's no resistance, there's no push, there's no blocks and often when I'm blocked I will sit there and say, okay, I refocus we might call that meditation, I'm not a passive meditator, I don't sit there and but I'm an active meditator, so I might walk around and think about something and then suddenly that flash of inspiration will come through. So how did I learn it? I learned that the old fashioned way and this is one path and there's other paths now as well. So I teach in different ways than what I was taught. But my path was sitting in what they call development circles. So you can develop your emotional and spiritual intelligence through practicing the art of meditation, sitting with like minded people and doing a number of different exercises that will allow you to look into your insight and how that actually happens.

And the way I teach it myself these days is I do believe the term we use is sitting in the power and that's sitting in the power is a form of meditation that is actively priming your energy and your focus so that you are able to be open and receptive to receiving information from the subtle planes from that are not logic driven. And if you can do that method which involves for me the sense of grounding, it's very important that we ground and tap in and I bring back my engineering knowledge here is because we're effectively we're creating a circuit where earth is the ground and the higher potential if you like. The higher voltage, the higher power comes in from the upper planes and we do that with intention. So our intention is like switching the power point on to create that circuit that flows.

And once we've done that and we are open to receiving information, We get surprised and delighted how easily these things come in and people will say, oh I don't know how I know, but something just told me to look here instead of there or to turn to page 49 of this legal document and look somewhere down here for this piece of information. And part of you will get delighted initially. And then there will be the other part of you with time you'll see many, many of these instances stack up and that's where the trust builds up so there's all sorts of different activities that can be done and I do mentor people in this field quite a lot and give them practical exercises. I'm all about being an engineer. I'm very process oriented as well, very practical and even the examples I use are ones that you can translate readily into the everyday world. We don't always have to sit there and be thinking about we, we things up here. It's about how do we anchor it back into our practical world and our practice reality as well.

Yeah, the word that comes to mind is sort of embodiment because I think a lot of people throw embodiment around but in fact they're not bringing anything to their day to day. They separate their meditation practice from their daily life and don't have any component in there whatsoever. And I mean some of the elements I even talk about in terms of like a conflict situation, people's brains sort of flip out and become very emotionally guided I suppose and directed when they're in conflict because they can't calm it down. And so it is, it's about calming it down, it's about grounding, it's about some using some of these practices so that they can even tap into good decision making instead of fear based reaction, stress situations. And I think a lot of this is also about the words that we're using because so many of the words that you use are already pulled into the business world. But then a lot of them are scary to the business world and as you said earlier before we started recording, potentially drawing in on shame or other fears because we talk about flow in business all the time, we talk about priming ourselves and showing up in certain ways.

So we do talk about those things but we don't talk about the claire's at work and we don't talk about you know, so many of these other elements. And yet as you say, a lot of very senior executives and business people do use this element as part of their as a tool. You're 100% right. And I love that word you used embodiment and that's that really encapsulates exactly what it is and it is owning that and people that if they don't understand, it fear comes up and that pretty typical. And then fear brings the shame as well because no one wants to appear to not be part of the mainstream but what a boring world would live in if we had all the managers that just all went down mainstream, there would be no innovation. It takes a brave and courageous soul to step out of that and say I wonder well what if let's try this and be prepared to be vulnerable enough if it doesn't go right? Because we've seen all the behaviors people duck and weave and blame others and try and save themselves, which is all lower vibrational, fear based thinking and the intuitive side keeps rising.

If we talk about raising your vibration or raising your frequency and going up higher and higher and higher and when we go up to those higher frequencies, the access point to infinite knowledge, the collective consciousness or whatever you want to call it, some people might call it God the God force, you know, I don't mind what you call it, but whatever that is an infinite wealth, that infinite intelligence that sits there will suddenly be easier to access and more readily available. And if we have to shroud it as an interim step. I look forward to the day where this is very much part of our day to day conversations around the workplace. But if we have to shroud it, but we can use it and tap into it and make more grounded, well rounded, well thought out and well structured business decisions, then what an amazing world we would be living in just to know that that flow is there and that that fear based thinking is eliminated because it really is incredible. You can tap into so much if you are exactly what we said, grounded but open, it's almost like the satellite dishes waiting to receive all information and I liken it to data and voice going over the waves and we can hear it just simplistically as a simple voice or a simple video but we can also decode so much more in amongst all that with more sophisticated equipment and the more sophisticated equipment comes.

We've got it in tune. We're already there. It's part of us. We've just got to learn how to drive it, how to use it Rather than just receiving it on one level. And this is going to be a bit of a selfish question because I mean you briefly mentioned Einstein earlier and I think Edison very much so as well, they had a lot of time and space in their day to think and to allow this stuff to come in, but these days we don't have much time and space. So personally I get these little insights and I call them pings and so I'm getting these little things all the time and I'm always jotting down, I should do this, I should do this. So this is interesting, I'll go and look that, check that out, blah blah blah. It's all these little things and they're all very practical stuff and I'm getting these pings regardless of not having much space in my day, how much space in our day do we need for intuition to work? How much space do do we need to be to be able to practice using our intuition or really, is it, can it be as simple as, you know, getting those pings?

That is intuition? Yeah, so it's not separate and the minute we make it separate, we're never gonna have enough time, It is in the very fabric and the very essence of who we are, it's in part about what makes us human, what makes us us, what makes the soul the soul I love, I get those things all the time? And I'm forever jotting things down or doing a quick voice recording because you have to capture them in the moment. So wonderful. We've got wonderful technology now. They did have Edison and all those wonderful people had amazing amounts of time to contemplate. But our brains and our souls have evolved since that time. And we are used to being in supersonic speed at the moment. We're used to getting sound bites, which is why we get pings. So where Edison might have had months to develop an idea, we get flashes of inspirational flashes of brilliance and the idea is to, to take it and to utilize it straight away. So, you know, I have journals everywhere, of little things I've written down and I have a quick little voice recordings on my phone of things because I know we're all busy who isn't right.

We have all those other roles where when some of us are moms, we're, you know, we're sisters and we're doing all those, you know, we're, we've got husbands potentially something possibly not. We've got wives or whatever. We've got, we've got partners and we've got another life too. And the minute we, you know, hang up our intuitive and emotional sense, you know, we take off our clothes for the day and go, that's it. I'm clocking off now. Well what is sad, what we've lost it all? So it happens in real time simultaneously all day every day. So how do we develop? We can make conscious practice of developing it by sitting and Blocking out times and saying, right, I'm going to work with a mentor here and I'm blocking out one hour a week every week for the next 10 weeks, or I'm going to do that one day of immersion or whatever that is. Or we can start a very simple conversation and like I said, I call it my spirit team. Some people call it guides. You can be your higher mind, whatever you wanna call it, let's call it the higher intelligence. I start my day just before I get out of bed.

I review my day for a head, but I set an intention and my intention is very simple. My intention when I wake up is I say to my team, I would like to be taken to the greatest need today and I want to be of service, that's it, that's my intention for the day. And so and then I trust that whatever comes out of my mouth, whatever I feel inspired or pushed to do is going to meet those two criteria. And if you can be of service because we know we don't work for the dollars that's a perk and it's a side thing, but it's really not what gives us meaning and value. And if we can be of service, whatever that looks like and not a servant. And there's a big difference with that. But if we are of service and that's what fills my cut up, you know, I jokingly say I stopped working 20 years ago and most people that work for themselves would know you never stopped working right? I probably worked harder than ever, but it's not work for me. I love it. And I never wake up now going, I've got to do this or that.

I love it. And that is because my focus is on how can I help others? And when I'm helping others, because I do believe we are beings that are collective were not designed to be on our own as individual islands in a sea of humans, we are very much connected. And you know, if you've if you've had, if you've been fortunate to be a parent even that we can't underestimate that telepathic communication that occurs, you know, before our Children have the words, we're actually, they were teaching us to tap into intuition because we're anticipating needs and the same with our fair babies. And so it is in the very fabric of what we do, we just don't own it, or we don't consciously grab it and say that's what I'm actually doing. But we all do it and people will say, oh, I just know they need that or you know, they're wanting to do this because we know that. So we know that information flows all day every day around us and we just have to acknowledge that and once we bring focus and attention to that, then the opportunity to continue to grow it is increased tenfold.

Like we just see it happening in opportunities arise left, right and center. So I don't make a conscious effort every day now because it is in the very fabric of what I do. But when I was learning, I was very consciously aware and I'm experiment. I'm an experimental being an engineer. I would say, okay, while I was building up trust, if I gotta sign, I'd say to my team, you need to give that to me in threes. I need to know categorically that that is a sign from you and that it's not just me wishful thinking or making it up or whatever and they will oblige because again, a basic philosophy that applies to everyone is asking you should receive. So we just have to put the intention out and then look for it and be open for it. Wonderful. Such great practical tips to. That's good. Now to be respectful of your time because half an hour does go so quickly and we didn't even really jump into any of the trust stuff which is, so what can we do for you? Is there any way you'd like us to go to, to check out or how can we give back to you for your time.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that. So obviously I have a wealth of information on my website so www you ana So I O A A S P R P A N O S dot com. And I also have on my website a beautiful book called Giving Spirit of Voice, the mechanics of mediumship. What else? And even though it's medium sheep, there's many chapters in there in this book that are around intuition and understanding that and there is at the back of each chapter, a list of exercises. Again, practical exercises that you can try out for yourself as you're experimenting. So that would be a great place to start and I'd really appreciate that. So, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Wonderful, thank you for your time and again for all your insights today very different. It was different and you know what this one really was, wasn't it the epitome of Eq Eq Eq? Sorry, It really was, I think, you know, having that high like career and there was one line that she said in the podcast that nailed it and that was, you know, she was put on the fast track programs because of her ability to I guess she just stood out, didn't she, from other people and other leaders by having, you know, the other side of her brain really in gear and using those skills as part of her leadership journey.

And it just shows like it really isn't about like you, you know anyone can really do the job once you're hired you're hired because they know that you can technically do the job and I think people forget that and they're constantly trying to still focus on the I. Q. Improve the I. Q. But it's not that it's so much more than that and as you say like it's not only that she stood out of the leader, she stood out of an engineer. I mean so many engineers you wouldn't because they're so strongly in that IQ as you say to be so well developed with All the elements of equal as well. You know really powerful for her and good on her for persisting things with engineering in the first place given that she was only like 3% the women were only 3% of the class so it was good. Yeah that's right. You know female on top of that in a really high I. Q. Male dominated area and then really able to leverage that empathy intuition and like you said you know her emotional intelligence and I honestly think like you know you're you're going to be such more of a well rounded leader when you use your Eq and your leadership, you're going to experience so much more not only yourself and your emotions but your ability to really connect with other people and you know what you'll be one of those leaders that people will leave work and they'll remember you they'll talk about you for a really long time to come and I'm sure she has left a trail of people that you know to this day, if someone has asked them, you know, who's been, you know, who's played a really big role in your life or in your leadership or in your career, they're going to say her Yes.

Mm hmm. I agree. And I reckon that that probably shows with the career change that she's had as well because she must have quite extensive networks from you know, that sort of traditional space and other leaders to be able to transition so successfully into a space that people are quite reluctant to engage or believe in from from corporate, from engineering from leadership. I think that we quite often engage in mediumship when we're in crisis because we want, you know, some kind of grieving to be relieved or something like that. But she seems to have gone well and truly a step further in, you know, self mediumship in training intuition and therefore it is attractive for leaders because even though we're scared sometimes of using the specific language and we call it it's our gut, it's these other words, it's still the same thing that she's she's talking about.

So she must have been so good as a leader to be memorable and have extensive networks to then transition quite successfully. Yeah. And I also think, you know, leveraging your intuition. It's interesting all the research that I've done when I've been coaching in this space, especially in the intuition spaces. Yes, there's a level of vulnerability and authenticity when you use eq 100%. You know, you're not leveraging your EQ unless you display those areas and leaders sometimes think that going on your intuition or that gut feel whatever you want to call it is going to be harder to build relationships because there's no sort of proof around using your intuition or gut. But actually all the people I know and have coached and trained in corporate that have rarely used it have actually built relationships based on trust. So it actually does the opposite of what a leader thinks it's going to do, which is which is just incredible.

So you do because you do end up trusting a leader that can communicate what they are feeling and thinking. You do, you trust them. Yeah, you do just thinking back to those that display that in my own life. And I think as a leader, when you get that gut feel and you know something you just know the problem is is that you can't explain why. And so you wonder if someone asks you why you you don't have any basis for it. And so your only answer is, well I just know or I feel and that that's a huge vulnerability step to go, it's just the vibe. Yeah. And look, you can say it's experience, you know, or gone through similar instances, but it's more than that, it is definitely more than that. And, you know, like, you know, she was saying yesterday wherever that intuition comes from, right? Like it comes from source and whatever you believe source to be, whether it's called all the universe, it doesn't really matter where it comes from, but it's there and we all have it.

And I think that's the other thing she was, you know, mentioning bits of yesterday is that we all have this untapped reserve within us. We're born with it, we have it, but we don't always access it or we dull it and we don't actually listen to it. So, you know, for someone who is in that space and as a leader to go, you know what, I'm going to go against the norm and I'm going to really listen to my intuition wherever it's coming from. And I'm actually going to talk about it and not only leverage it, but use it and do something about it, but it's there and you know, she's right, it's all within us. It's who are the ones that are brave enough to go, I'm going to explore this a little bit more, yep, it's that curiosity bridge she spoke about and as I talked about before I introduced you wanna in even thinking about with the hires, it's the easiest thing for me to think about when I'm flying intuition and when I'm not because I will look at someone on paper and go, I can make this person fit even though there's just something in the interview or something about them that has already rubbed me the wrong way.

Yeah. And and they don't last, you know, they last 6, 12 months maybe. And my brain tells me not to trust that gut instinct because I'm like, but you need diversity. If you stick to what you know, you're just going to have a whole lot of people just like you. So I don't trust, I don't trust it. But I don't think you are going to get a lot of people like you because you're aware of it. You've got the awareness that you don't want that and you've got the awareness that your biases for that. So it's different, right? Yeah. I don't trust that I can counter the bias. I don't think you do with the bias. I think that's your excuse not to use your intuition because you almost need a reason to go, well, you know what, I can't use my intuition. Oh, it's going to be because I'm going to be biased. It's not go with your intuition and that feeling that you get. I mean if you look at it from an energy level. All it is is you're reading vibration. There's something about the person that's already got me off side a little bit. That's vibration. That's that's the vibe.

Right? So we call it. Right? You say, I don't like the vibe vibe this vibration. So it's, what is the energy that that person is giving off? And that energy is comprised of, you know, their life experiences, how they feel, how they feel towards you. So what your energy is doing for them, right, is also going to happen. So I think a 100% go on vibes and probably more than logic with my work and my things and you know, I use, I use the vibe thing, even with timing of things in my business. Like if I'm not feeling something that's at the right time, I'll give you a really good example actually. It's been on my mind recently to get my EQ course now that it's all done actually formally accredited and turn it into maybe a diploma or something so that, you know, when I'm using it into corporate so we can give them a legitimate certificate and it's a really good way to promote it, right? And it's been on my mind and you know, as you know, we've, we've both been doing the vedic meditation and it's come up for me in the meditation that their bit as well. And there was something in the last two days and it's not been at the forefront of my mind, but it's popped up and this message has gone contact someone and talk to someone about it, like, and yesterday morning it came up to me in my meditation straight after the meditation about eight o'clock, I contacted this woman that was through my coaching group through Dent and we had a chat and she's actually now going to help me.

She's the best person to get my course accredited and get this at the moment. Talk about intuition the next two weeks, there's no fee from the government to register your course. Amazing. So we're saving like in excess of $5,000 and it's a two week window. But that was intuition, right? I had no clue. I don't read anything about the fees being waived or her being the right person. It just happened. But that is intuition exactly there in itself. Well, it's similar to those pings that I spoke about with you on a towards the end and when I said, you know, do you have to be sitting and contemplating for the intuition to come because I wanted to confirm like the quick things that I get is that actually intuition like that instant feeling or that instant thing that drops in. So it was really good to hear that No, you don't have to be sitting contemplating, you know, it's all the little things and then you can't you have to take it as it comes because it disappears.

So then that challenges you to trust as well because it's gone almost as soon as it came and that's why she then started saying, well ask for signs that that's something Yeah. But if you don't capture it, it's gone, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah it is gone. I don't know. But I think the more you listen to it the more you will nobody's intuition and what's not and it's really hard to explain but but it is a feeling. It's really hard to explain. You know how I get asked a lot is how do you know what feeling is an intuition feeling and what is just me wanting something to happen and trying to make it my intuition like fake, like a fake intuition. It's it's a couple of things. There's definitely an inner feeling that you get. It's something that also, yes, it's fleeting. But I really believe that it will come again. That feeling will come again. Like you know when you're not thinking about that it would actually pop into your mind. And another way that someone explained it to me who's who's really into sq spiritual intelligence said there will be no association when that thought comes.

So like you might be doing something random like you know, cooking something or you'll be talking to a friend about something or but that thought that is totally unrelated to anything you're doing. We'll come back. So that's basically the universe going, hey I'm going to nudge you again here because I gave you this intuition and either you're not trusting yourself or you're not listening or you're not in tune and it's really important that you're listening to. Here it is again. And don't you find when you meditate, like I find the 1st 10 minutes of my meditation is just thoughts. It's his work is life, but around the 8-9 minutes everything goes like, I don't think about anything and I'm actually quite blank and it is just the mantra that I'm focused on. You know, they say favor the mantra and in that moment there's no thoughts and then all of a sudden something will come in and I know for a fact if something comes in Within the last 10 minutes of my meditation, that's my inner intuition speaking to me, it's like really clear.

And I also, the other thing get this for intuition As you know, we meditate for 20 minutes without fail. Almost every single time I will open my eyes, I don't have a timer On the 20 minute mark. If that's not intuition, what is that? Is intuition right to go, okay. My halfway back is My mind stopping to run from all my crazy thoughts. And then the last 11, 12 minutes is pure Mantra. Silence connection intuition. And then I opened my eyes and I'm good to go. So I really listen to what comes up for me within those 10-12 minutes every single day twice a day. And it was, it was speak to someone about this of meditation. See I find that the pings droppin sort of within an hour or two of meditating, particularly the morning primarily because if I do the afternoon one, it's sort of in the middle of the day and there's not then not much space. So I do find that I still need some space for the intuition to be coming through.

But no, my meditations, as you say, the first half is usually just wearing thoughts and then the second half primarily mantra and me also looking at the colors on the inside of my eyelids. So I don't actually feel like I get much dropping in during it, but I certainly get it in the shower in the car after. Yes, because you'll get it yet. Exactly. It's in the space, isn't it? That space is for you is where you're going to get it. And also, you know, I think don't be afraid to use other sources to test your intuition. Right? So I've got a deck of amazing cards that I use as well. And yeah, I'll like literally pick out a card or pick out three cards out of the day And 100% though there will be a something message in there that is in line with what my intuition is saying. And some people say, oh well you're just reading it and making it into your intuition, it doesn't work like that.

It doesn't, you can't even if you read it in that way to favor your intuition, it's because it's needed. It's not like you're trying to bend it right, make it fit. And I think, you know, whether you call it taro or cards or assistance like that stuff is coming in into mainstream now and and just yesterday on my newsfeed as a woman again in my coaching group, she's an alumni event and she's amazing and she's, she's a guest speaker at one of these big leadership events and she was saying yesterday that one of the women, the guest speakers is a woman who does tarot, but she's doing it into corporate and she's like really well known for doing it now and she's breaking those barriers of, it's just woo woo stuff and she uses the word, it's using your intuition because then you pick a card, you're drawn to it, your intuition that draws you to the card, so why can't you use that as a medium to get your messages? Yeah, so like whatever works for you. I always have that deck on my bedside table and you know, randomly in the month, I'll be drawn to to use it and there's always always something powerful for me and that's great that you know that woman that you're talking about making headway into into corporate with card reading and things because it's almost like what you want is doing as well, like she's really just not hedging either way, this is, this is what it is, take it as it is and learn it rather than trying to shroud it and call it something different than what it is because as you said earlier, sq is really black.

She's gone through full spectrum from EQ EQ and all the way to SQ Yeah. Yeah. It's great. That whole journey is incredible and and you're right. I think there's some people that are so high I. Q. That almost want the science behind it to go. How does it work? Why is it working? But look, how many books have we read, write that? We talked about the universe. We talk about being supported, guided, manifesting. Like there's vibration energy, like there's so much out there that, you know, people are more accepting of it even if they don't know how it's working, they just know it's working and it feels good, doesn't it? It does, it does. And ultimately um when, you know, when my mind starts berating myself for, you know, trusting in something else, I always come back and I tell myself well, what's it hurting? Like really? Like why not try everything because something sort of work.

But who would have thought that you'd be doing the vedic meditation? No way. Like when I first met you, I never thought you'd be doing that, it's just it's not something I would have seen you do, but you know, and look at us, we're both doing it, we're getting so much value out of it and great. Yeah, that's right stress levels significantly decrease. That's the biggest thing that I've seen with it instead of that sick feeling. And to be quite honest, literally thinking about driving my car off the road on the way to work quite regularly. That's gone. Yeah, isn't it? And again my intuition comes in that meditation space as well. Like you might have heard if you if you guys are at that level and if you've done it, but where it's called hypoxia and it's where you give up something to achieve something. So you decide to give up something that so what you're doing is you're basically stopping instant gratification of what it is that you give up and then you say I'm going to wait whatever period of time um to attain the goal.

And then once you hit that goal, you bring that back into your life. So it's using your will. But the intuition is coming in because you have to give up something that you that's really dear to you, right? So your intuition is going to tell you like what is it that's going to serve me to give up right now. So mine and it's been over a month has been chocolate and that would be one of the hardest things for me to give up all coffee. And I was drawn intuitively drawn to chocolate and do you know what? Since I've made the decision, I have not craved it not thought about it, don't want it. It's just a thing. It's like I don't know where the wheel powers come from, but it's there and in the past I've tried so many times to give up chocolate. It's never worked ever. It's like the last like a week. So there's there's something in this to go, this decision has come from a deep place of intuition that this is the right thing for me to do at this moment in time to get to my goal and whether that's three months, six months or six years, I have no idea. But um but I'm going to do that and be in sync with nature and you know, that's what we're taught.

So there's intuition is part of our life so in so many ways in the day. But again, we don't know that what we're doing is intuition. No, and that was a good example because it can be small things as well as like what am I supposed to do with this big decision. It can also be, we should wear those orange earrings today because who knows what or what about a detour when you know that you have to do a detour because as a road closure and you sort of go with your gut which way you need to go to get back to the main road. That is totally intuition and I'm the worst thing, I'm the worst with directions and I've done that so many times and ended up where I needed to be and I look back and go, how the hell did I do that without looking at my gps. But it is, it's intuition, that's what it is. It was fascinating to, you know, openly talk about this topic a little bit more than we ever have. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah, it's sort of what opens up being able to talk about this stuff more and opens up.

I know that there's a guest that you were wanting to bring on which the next guest is exactly this that will be recording and interviewing is going to be around the sq space. But she is huge on intuition and what your purpose is in life and how to find out what that is. So that's going to be like, so it's almost like this has set the scene for her interview for people to like edge them in and they'll be blown away when they hear Sheila. Yeah. Mm hmm. Here's another example just quickly of what I suppose it's intuition because or the right things popping in at the right time. We've always had the right guest at whatever level we've been going through. Yes. Yes. And I almost like you use your cards. I almost use my Spotify or my Apple podcast selection issue. You know, you might be interested in this, you might be interested in this.

I almost use that like an intuitive thing. Like scroll through. Oh yeah, that sounds interesting. I'll listen to that and oh my God. It's just what I needed to hear. Yes. How many times is that? I get that when I post on facebook, like I'm not kidding you. At least once a day I will get a message from someone, a messenger going, I read your post and it felt like you wrote that for me. Like I read that and it was like just what I needed to hear. Like I get that I'm not joking daily. Right? Yeah. It is. And that's people's intuition right where they're at that right time, right place reading it. But again, you have to be open to it whether you agree with it or not, just be open to it because otherwise I just believe and I say this to my daughter as well. Like you're missing on so much magic. My intuition is magic in a way. It gives you that mystical feeling, doesn't it? And if you're not open to it, you're missing out on these beautiful moments. Be open to it and just see what happens. And if you know what if you're struggling to hear your intuition, I'm telling you ask the signs, it works all the time.

Just ask for a sign. We need to dive into that deep breath in another. Yeah, we can do that with Sheila actually, she'll she'll be good at that as well. You know, me and my daughter play around with that will be like driving on a on a trip somewhere like if it's like a half hour drive and we'll go, right, let's think of a word and we're going to see that word somewhere on our drive. It would be the most random missed words and we will see it somewhere or another or somehow, whether it's a word or a picture or an image that links that word, we will see it. So it's yeah, yeah, yeah. We're just open to it. It was great to have you on a on So if anyone wants to go deeper in this conversation or congratulate us for talking about intuition or even share if you know you've had a moment of deep intuition. I think it's just nice to hear what other people have got or as well, if you doubt it sometimes and you want to talk about that too. Yeah, comments can be on our website, meets eq dot com dot au or we post these episodes onto linkedin as well.

That's a great place to get us otherwise. Where can they contact you directly? Push the academy. Thank you. Wonderful. And for me, Jackie at legally wise women dot com dot au. So another morning, another half hour that has flown. Oh my goodness, what a great conversation. I feel like 10 minutes every time we see them. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you again for allowing me to feel safe talking about this stuff to Yeah. And we should, we should talk about it more often. I think people were blown away with Shell is like it will take them to that next level of what's next. What is posting tuition? Excellent. Look forward to it. Alright, Catch you then. Catch you that by.

Ep91 Making intuition accessible
Ep91 Making intuition accessible
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