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Kaja Talks about Choices

by Kaja The Coach
February 20th 2021

In this podcast, I talked about the choices we make in life.  The choices i talked about were education, social circle as well as the effects of the choices we make. 

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Hey guys, have you heard about the app anchor? It's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. It's free. There are many creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer and car will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on Spotify, Apple podcasts and many more. You can make money from podcast and you know what's the best part. There is no minimum level of listenership, it's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Therefore I suggest you download the free anchor app now or go to W W dot anchor FM dot com No mm Oh, hey guys, welcome back to another episode of kaga tops. Hope you guys live the intro. I took some time to do the intro.

So hope you guys like the intro shoutout to my friend who did that intro for me. So let's go to the podcast and today's podcast will be processed by nobody because no one wants to sponsor this podcast or if you guys want to sponsor, you know who to Hitler. So we're drinking too much. Let's go to the podcast today on caddo talks, we'll be talking about choices in life via dealt adult with choices. We have to deal with choices like the choice I had today when I woke up is to eat Nasa lama with one egg or two eggs. Eventually I chose the one with two eggs. But then again, life is not filled with easy choices like that. Let me go more into in detail today, I'm gonna talk about three important aspects in our life. Let's just talk about education. Let's talk about our social circle and let's finally talk about how our choices will affect us, older people around us.

So let's go to the first one. You guys ever wonder right? Like are you in the right cost? Did you make the right decision, choosing the cost that you're right now in or if you're already working, are you in the right job? Did you guys ever ask yourself these questions? Definitely. I have asked myself multiple times why am I in the cost? That I'm currently studying the amount of pain and torture and frustration that I go through studying the cost that I'm in right now makes me second part myself. But then again I always remember why I decide to choose it. But yeah, that is my story. But there is people out there that they are forced to do the cost. They don't want to do. I'm using the word some because some people get triggered easily by the word also. I'm using the word some. So if you think about it, why are you in the course like the typical engineer lawyer, doctor account and the stereotype asian thing you guys are in this for?

Why is it because more of a priding or is it because if you want to serve into a society. But there's a lot of situations that we can think of. But and again, if you look at the road last travel, which is the business dream and the arts stream, those are viable opportunities as well. But why don't we talk about them as well? Yes, we don't. That's the thing. Why don't we often an opportunity for us to absorb the business dream? I know many people who did get degrees in science is, but in the end they open up their businesses. I'm like, why I was thinking, why did you study all those wild in science only to realize that the job that you're working, actually, it's not the job that you want to do. So if you studied for the job that you really want, don't you think that you perform better and work on it? So those are the type of choices. We are conflicted when it comes to education.

Another factor that we are conflicted about education is will this cost make me happy or will this cost make court and court my family happy. So this is a very problem, problematic, problematic situation that we we face? We tend to think about how other people will react to the decision rather than us. So, coming again back to the education, but why are you in your course or why are you working the job? Are you working is the choice that you made today is the choice that you're happy with or the choice that you made a few years back? Yeah. Now facing the fruit of it or what can I say? The price of it. So are you guys happy with it? And now we talk about social circles, we all have friends except me.

So if you guys want to be my friend uh please. Uh Common common fiction below. Yeah. We all have friends. We all have good friends and we all have peer pressure trends. But then again peer pressure at certain extent is good and again to certain extent is bad. So I I also also with terms of peer pressure, I was peer pressure to do something which I didn't like and it cost me month of recovery. And also like it took me many months realized that that was not the one that I wanted to do in my life. So how many of you guys have actually been peer pressured? Do you guys think that you guys are happy with the friends you have right now or do you really think that you can make better friends? Then? Again the choice is yours re evaluate your friends because honestly your friends are the walking reflections of you guys. If you have if you have like like minded friends or you have friends that you know talk about how to develop yourself.

How do you make you a better person, how they can be stupid and smart and motivate you all at the same time. That is what you call a true friend. You know friends are people that you can't classify or quantify as good or bad. It's all up to how you prescribe it. But to me a definition of a good friend is someone who can play all these three things. That is why when it comes to choices about friends, I tend to delay calling people my friend because it takes to me friends mean a deeper language, a deeper meaning. So when it comes to you again, what is the choice that you made to choose your friends? And now finally we're going to talk about vision. How will it and how do you know the effects of it? Right? So why do you care about people's choices and why do you care that your choice affect people?

Because no matter what you choose, you're going to affect some people. So why don't you choose something that makes you happy? Like when I chose to do a count and many people didn't agree with me. Like I chose that I want to go to the us many people didn't say that okay. You know, don't do it. They said maybe we don't do it. But they said that you you are a guy. You come from a family of these people, why don't you do discuss? And I said no because that is not something that I want. But thankfully the cost that I mean now even though I'm struggling is because I'm a lazy person. Not because I don't like the cost. It's just that I'm lazy and I just don't know. I just don't want to put extra asset that is all. But I lived the cost that I'm in right now and I fought for what I believed was right. How about you guys? Do you guys fight for what you think is right? And please do not care about how it affects the people around you, no matter what you choose, you're gonna if you're gonna affect people positively positively or negatively.

So why don't you affect yourself positively by choosing the best option for you? Think about it for a few seconds and after thinking about this and you know, thinking back about the choices that you make in life. Think about Does it make you happy? Does it make you sad? Does it does it make you, you know, yes. The choices that I made in the past made me the person I am today, good for you. If you improved if you became better, good for you. If you made that choice is in the past like me and you became better good for you. If you're thinking of making a bad decision, think about it because to me it's very, very hard to come back from a bad decision. Trust me, you think it's easy. You think okay I can come back for me? It's not it's not that easy. It takes months, maybe even years of forgetting about that bad decision and coming out of it and making a better person you are today. So trust me, ladies and gentlemen, credible hearing today choices are made for a reason.

Make the choices to evaluate them, discuss with people who respect like mentors, yo, people who have the same mindset as you. People who know you can sync with sick and wise. Do not be afraid to seek and wife because sometimes we can't see the talent of ourselves that people can see. So re evaluate them, think about it and that's how you make constructive choices. That's all from me today. I hope you guys enjoyed the second episode of casual talks. Stay tuned. I love you guys. No matter what I remember in casual talks, we call our fence, the culture, nation. And don't forget don't follow this channel and keep updates it. And you guys want to sponsor me. You guys can. The patron account link will be in the description below. Thank you guys. Stay safe.

Kaja Talks about Choices
Kaja Talks about Choices
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