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Rumors about Nigeria

by Mariam Temitope
October 6th 2021
Bad tags go a long way but it would be nice if you don't judge a book by it's cover. Don't forget to follow us on IG @l.a.f.p_. Sending in your reviews would also be nice. I love you 💚✨ --- Send i... More
should I have said this before but you're messing with my mind. Uh No se ve got cake and that Yes I was bad bacteria but myself to be a hot cake and red. Yeah. So I feed my uh Uh kila. Yes a big and bigger shout out to arrest are for the 19 and dangerous our bomb if you know that the album you're sleeping. That song was big baggy are east african ck Ck is that guy. That's that song. That song there is now on billboard. Uh huh. You know the song but welcome to life as a focal points podcast. Yes, this is Miriam Hello Waco mariam Lola. Cool. I'll say my name because as I like this I am in the after initial stage so I am Miriam Pacheco and we will be going on a break.

Stay tuned. I'm coming to shake some things. Right? I see if my uncle, I don't know this about this number. I don't want to go back to uh maybe nobody knows his job. Well well well well well it's not well well I don't know the song. You don't necessarily have to actually listen to that song but the week is not over yet. October started like it was starting october started in a very good news for seeming like october was going to be drama free. But no damn people are not sparing us. Including Mark Zuckerberg. He's not sparing us. Ah it gives some people with depression has attack this short section is a section for the WhatsApp and instagram so called celebrities and influencers. You know people. Hm My people see social media addiction is not good.

Honestly. Social media addition takes you to another level where you don't want to be at. Some people have over 5000. Some people have over five K like five K contacts so that people can view that stretches on WhatsApp. So the broken video status on WhatsApp. I don't get I don't understand. Make me understand. This is like okay, I'm speaking specifically for Nigeria. I said this month for Nigeria. So I'm speaking for Nigeria People. Why would you, what app is for people that know you right? It's like the supposed to be like safest up where your privacy is kept you get but not for Nigerians. It is 90. It is in Nigeria. We are what up TV. These people so called Watch up tv people. They don't post anything about memes and visuals. Their status is long. Like bid. Like what the funk are you what the funk are you why?

Why just take us that long. I have all of them. You did. I don't fucking care about you. I don't know how you, how I got your number safe. Like it is just so stupid. Then we have the bad day celebrities. These people are into versions. The ones that are popular with so called popular. So people write them messages and everything and they repost people post their picture up in the media reports. Are you do good. You you deserve between between mm hmm. Oh God why I move I'm moving piece. I'm moving piece. I'm moving piece. I'm moving piece does it. And we have the conversion of the bed. The celebrities that those ones that will come to your DM spam your necessarily and beg you to post on. Yeah, I begged you Sorry boards. Why?

Like you don't need self validation in life. Loving yourself is enough for people. You need to get this to your brain. Loving yourself is fucking sorry, Sorry, Sorry. I'm so sorry. Love yourself is so enough. But no, not for WhatsApp celebrities. They are looking for views. There's to do views challenge. I don't get to talk. Have you seen joe boys um, original challenge video. This guy's no points ever call you every I see uh that's why I see my aka uh people, that's what according to pan wine, water, AIPo Jig box cake. Nigerians, Nigerians, Nigerians. Well, the social media saga was wonderful. Now what's up? Celebrities came in in the grand style and they are like if I am, it's a I uh huh Who are you, Who are you?

Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? No sense more sense. See I came here today to talk about good things about my country and it was supposed to be like 13 units podcast. But this was have celebrities and celebrities. They have taken almost all the time. You see people on it's like our celebrities. They will not go to their story. Then they started asking questions. How did you black out? Make a few count all of you don't stay in your house, stay your house, stay in your house, then go work and come back gun. I introduced my comfort level that said, okay, Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay, welcome back room. That should welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome back. Don't, I'm gonna have to say, well combat, let's run this podcast once and for all. So you know, yeah, popular rumors about Nigeria and then these rumors are actually rumors that had abroad were in Nigeria.

We know some of these things get and then we got to know about some of these things from Tiktok instagram and everything. Well first thing I want to go to check popular and was about Nigeria. I did not see anything but people still actually, there are some rumors about Nigeria to know. True. First one thing I want to say, please please please. Africa is not a country. It is a continent because you are no well traveled because you don't know your geography properly doesn't mean you should meet a Nigerian at the canyon uh South African on the road on the streets in your country and then you ask them, are you from Africa? Africa is a continent. I'm not saying it is wrong, but you all act as if Africa is a state. Africa is a continent. Please As wanting a fact is Africa is the best blessed, most blessed continents in the world.

And if not for africa and then you peoples, it was so good. I don't think it was ways of slavery's back in your ancestors. This you would not have black people in your country and there'll be no need for racism. So in the first place you people were because of it and know know who actually actually actually to go and be stealing people telling people an accident telling them to walk by force. It's all my teddies. Most Nigerian girls I prostitute please. I'm pleased. I'm pleased. I'm please I beg you name of your father and your mother. Why you know you are more people that said we should not judge a book by its cover. Why would you, I will try watching a girl sick dog. And she said she traveled from the UK to Belgium for our masters. So she was working, she was coming back from school and just come back from work in the nice and like the stress has been with any guy called uh okay.

She thought okay probably wants to act something and she went dream to ask what you need Zack and he offered her money to sleep with down and she looked at him like she knew she's she slapped him or did anything. She would be disadvantaged because she's Nigerian uh this struggle out. There is real. These rumors are one of the things that are making Nigerians struggle. And I am here to debunk those rumors. Yes. In this country. The amount of normal people is very very very very low. What's apparently live in a country like Nigeria where everything is going around or going either right, is it going left? Always going right. And then you know, have a bit of craziness in Nigeria. You need to have some small with it so that you can feel reported. But no, doesn't mean if you judge everyone you see by the way they act or the way other people act.

I know some people are not happy to be doing prostitution as a job. It's just the type of situation they found themselves in. I'm not justifying prostitution in any way at all at all at all. I should have gone for more options like take a loan or go to school. We ended up in prostitution boards. Who cannot be saved by God. Who cannot be saved by God. Do not judge a book by its cover. And as it another room. Oh, die ahead or sorry, not a remo taste. I see on the internet. This internet needs to be shot down. It needs to be shut down. Then restarted. The only food people went. People I say we are making in Nigerian dish. Dollar Price. Make your research make your research. You know, don't make your research on the price is not the only food in Nigeria.

We have ha We have over 300 ethnic groups in Nigeria. And then you want to mention food. You mentioned gala price if you know. Yeah, I wouldn't talk about Nigeria please. I beg you the name of God don't be doing just fine. That was that the digital prize for in the first place. So because if not for you people are misrepresenting us. And then you people, you Nigerians abroad. You ever tease Canada Canada. Canada. You shouldn't always be gentle. Price should not be just a price. That more beautiful. Do you have any idea? No expected. It becomes an idea. You don't need to pry but damn. Um Allah is yahoo The very food. We are five drives in Nigeria a bar. Please stop misrepresenting our country. The diversity in this country is too much to have those one thing. Uh huh. In the first place In the first place you have three major ethnic groups, three major ethnic groups.

And I said that's my that's what your body bow and the house as the house has owed the largest share of Nigeria because these guys give back like cows. Sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry. Well because these guys give it a lot And they marry a lot. Most of whose cells are Muslims. So there are 4-5 wives. They have 3-4 wives. Even the people that don't have money to take care of their wives have more than two wives in in the northern part of Nigeria. And it's actually really alarming because you guys are just increasing the population of the world and the population of kids on the street. And then early marriage is also something that is quite popular in in the northern part of Nigeria. Which is something that should not be done. Something that should not be accepted at all. Old man around his forties fifties will have paid the buy price of a child at a birth.

They don't even allow the child to decide What she wants to be immediately after the 1st administration. She goes to her husband's house. It that's not the way life is. I don't choose to live life like that at all like at all at all. So like I said uh Nigeria's are not, not all Nigerians are prostitute and we don't do they don't choose to be prostitution by by force. You know, not all Nigerians are. Yahoo boys because you were scammed doesn't mean that everybody in the country as cameras. Because you know, do your geography will, doesn't mean Nigeria is a state in africa africa is a continent. Nigeria is your country where the african giants. Such disrespect. It's all this respect. We are the african giants. I can't visit Africa with a visit to Nigeria.

This is your call to visit Nigeria. If you are to visit anywhere in Africa visit Nigeria, Nigeria as a large land mass. I 168,000. If I'm not wrong we have in large land mars we have a president. Yes we have a president. Well honestly the hustle and bustle of Nigeria is something that is something noisy to get used to. The traffic. The traffic, the is the apple in the traffic is something or is it to get used to? But Nigeria is a lovely country in the west stand side of Africa, Nigeria is bordered by Ghana and Cameroon by the left and right. Nigeria does not have 24 hours electricity but that doesn't mean we are suffering. Nigerians are intelligent and are smart people.

Nigerians are one of the best people in the world. Check starts of Nigerians in the world. See if you yeah the country and you don't find anne bowman in that country. Sorry that country doesn't exist. That country doesn't exist at all because the Igbos in Nigeria are economically brilliant people. They have they have money in their jeans. Like these guys have money in their genes. They are always struggling from the age of 1415 to start making money so that they can do houses in their village. C as Anne Bowman it is said that if you don't have a house you know village you don't have money yet but our village safe. But there's the fun daddy. But the Ebo in Nigeria. Igbos in Nigeria are economically brilliance people they are well traveled.

He bows are in every corner of the world everywhere. A Visa can enter igbos are there. That's why they said, if you go through another country and you don't find anne bowman, you saturate your country and you find anne bowman, that country is a trap or is it dead? Oh, as long as the country works and its land, the bows are there and that's the way it is. The USa's like already said, majority of the users and Muslims, they are mostly cattle ranch Charles, but the users are also well learned, They go to the universities like add vibe they when uneducated avenue south like so when are the educators educated also shows up is degree chokes. Like these degree literally chokes people, their parents go out the way out to also for money so their kids can go out of the country to study and they come back and make a name for themselves.

The africa, the USa's actually a majority by population. Like literally if in Nigeria, I want to be a politician and I do have the votes of the Northern States or you have half of the vote of Northern States. It is hard for you to win the election. Do your buzz as pompeii, I am your, but honestly I don't know much about other other tribes, I don't know much about other tribes but the balls, they have wide ranges of food. The balls are actually mostly fair. That's something that you would see common. They're mostly fair people. Then the ACLU cells, they also have wide ranges of food for the Igbos. The Igbos are actually called the southerners like they are mostly in the south. Please acquire even people are not able caliber. They are not evil. The major evil people we have in Nigeria a number and you go people anymore. Um, if I remember, I'll see you later then did not turn us the major Nathan as we have people from Kaduna, Adamawa, Jigawa, Nasarawa, Kano Kano Kano is actually the largest city in the, all of Africa?

If I'm not wrong, volcano is the, in the largest population in Nigeria. It's a very large city. Great stories, centers in Kano, the places beautifully painted and then if you want to, they can um, while clothes, clothes are actually popularly sold in Canada traditional tires are mostly sold in Kano did not end part of Nigeria for the west. The people that actually Yorubas, the people that actually you but see all this crap, I don't know what it is to claim you, but they actually have ourselves for your body. So why should, why should you claim you about the negotiations? The oil people, the organ people, the, the joe Rogan, the ocean people. Then the Kwara, there are actually people that are conch. Oh, there are deep Eurobonds. Yes. So your body is actually a language that is largely spoken within these people, but they're also languages modern languages that are spoken in the worst like jab.

Ooh. Oh that's the only one I know of. Yes, jab. Ooh. And no other languages are spoken in the west. In the north, in the east, in the south, yes in the east and in the south, they don't necessarily have to be Bogalusa or Uraba. There are other languages. There are also other ethnic groups. The F E D buh buh, the chief. Honestly, I would just talk and talk and give you boring facts if you don't visit Nigeria. You know, Nigeria is Lagos, especially in the city that never sleeps. Abuja is the life of the party. Abuja is the places for those rich kids. You know, like I said in my last podcast, there's no car, no sign abuja. Our money, The center of corruption in Nigeria is abuja. So what do you expect? The center of corruption for Nigeria is abuja. But honestly, Nigeria.

My habits problem I have, it's might have its insecurities might have is corruption, bad leadership, protest riots, everything. But the Nigerians are the people that are coming to our not Nigeria. The Nigerians. Nigerians are very, very lovely people. Nigerians are beautiful. Nigerians are wonderful. Nigerians are very hospitable. If you know a friend and a Rainbow does if you know of you person, a foreigner that was visited. Nigeria before, just ask them. Ask them. I was Nigeria for them. And if you, I want to know how we can visit Nigeria or anything can always make a research on google or reach out to me. I'll tell you the best places to stay in Nigeria and stuff and stuff like that. But we, Nigerians are no prostitutes, don't judge a book by its cover.

The girls are no prostitution are not only boys as cameras, not only boys are yahoo boys, so thank you very much for keeping, giving me your little attention and for listening. This is life as a focal point podcast with mary and mrs. So big announcement, big announcement, big announcement, big, big, big, big announcement. Every life has focal point podcast as partnered up with evolve foundation africa To start, every Tuesday would be having evolved talks for the next few months to the end of the year will be having talks on mental eight October 10 is world mental health day and be sure that I'm going to talk, I'm going to talk probably you guys are going to hear my story and now jesus saved my life. Yes, and now Jesus saved my life. Don't forget the end is soon, jesus.

You come back negative in night please please. I'm pleased if you feel like you've not, if you feel like it's not time yet and some people, I was also part of the people, I felt like, okay, when I grow, they'll give my life to christ don't be too late for you. It's a journey to process. Don't let it be too late for you go to the, it was giving your life to christ It is by faith. My faith. So like I said, every Tuesday we would be having this segment is called evolved talks mental health talks. Yes, yes. We actually got to partner up with evolve. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Peace out and again again, again again again, we are not all prostitutes. You're not all scammers. You're not all your boys because you married in and young man as you used you for visa doesn't mean that I would also be like that.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't be like that. This is this world is all us. We are one visit Nigeria. We have great tourists centers here in Nigeria. Although the insecurities is only like I live right now and I wouldn't advise you to come here and get kidnapped bods, Be sure that one day I'll keep you updated until you ill uh to visit to visit Nigeria, you know, but they also safe parts in Nigeria. Like I'm Lagos and Lagos is like the Lagos. See they used to say a co cooking soon accordingly this city doesn't sleep. Lagos is one of the best cities out there. There's, there's nothing you're looking for that you find in Lagos just know, just know. So next segment we would probably be having a guest who would be talking about this is exclusively for Nigerians.

We're talking about young boys. And then if you're not in Nigeria, you want to stay to the next podcast. This is we'll be sharing tips on how on how to not get scammed. Yeah, I'm trying to see you get what I'm trying to see, so peace out.

Rumors about Nigeria
Rumors about Nigeria
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