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Independence Day Special

by Mariam
October 1st 2021
Independence means freedom for all and yes Nigeria celebrates her 61 years of freedom. Through the hardships and problems keep having hope in this nation. We are the African Giant and there's no dispu... More
tells by moonlight now, Dick. I love where do you find and everything that she said damn, Welcome to the month of october. It's been a long time since I did podcast and everything, but I'm back, I'm better. I'm eating now. So and bad. We're big is the month of october Welcome back to life as a focal points podcast. I promise you'll be making shut up podcasts from october and this is october. Today is one October And what else to talk about dan Nigeria Independence Day. That's gold and subject. And then we'll be back. We'll drive into all I think about today is october 1st up Independence to Nigeria, it's gonna break.

Welcome back from that short break. Yes. Today's Nigerians independence. The October one the day that we were officially underway over to ourselves, 61 years of freedom. That's what that's a good thing to do, dependence and islands freedom. Right? No, the question is, is Nigeria free. Are we actually independent or I was just following our pre colonial times. Do we know what we're doing? Well, I would love to answer all these questions in my food chest. But I say until I become President of Nigeria. These questions we remained unanswered. Well, on that day I'll give my speech as the newly inducted president of Nigeria. Be sure that I would answer the question before then.

If I gathered the courage and the chef buy food. Just I would answer these questions, you know, but we're Nigerian, please drop your bag. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. So there's a lot of controversy about Nigeria's Independence Day Should we really be celebrating independence this and santa are really independent. That that that social media boss october mhm Well everybody has their own opinion about this Independence Day and I have my own opinions. In fact is we follow a love let's have for me it'll I choose to do this podcast. Yes. But as we followed off celebrities what they say, we agree to what the block sales. Don't forget that is that same celebrity that does the efficiency. Um if I follow politician you go around for paper, you know like enjoyment. If money day four pockets shaving a national party chat you will go blow.

I'm like Trumpet tobacco, tobacco, tobacco, tobacco Yeah. You know that song very well, that song, big song. So as always thank you. You know, hello dan. They will follow position to collect, they will collect the money but they will come to social media and stopping for us and then My country pure Vibes Cruz five and 6 Nigeria because they're like trees, they come separate from each other. You would go on that post with see these celebrities in this country are one of the major influence of everything that's going on in this country or everything that's going on on social media. They would do photo shoots for independence there and capturing it And I know super the one going around in on twitter about how Nigeria is no good. Fuck you. Nigeria is no good but what have you don't make it better.

You are owning billions and billions in your account. How many Children have you fed? I'm gonna Children have you, have you sent to school? Yes. The independence there is not for the government is for the citizens. Citizens of Nigeria. They in light the people that have money this control you know they do oh come now you go turn the head of those poor people make them make them. The blank governments were waiting there to them. What do you know they do, what do you do with the money with you and what you need to use some do go by rolls Royce by Lamborghini by everything. Abuja. Have you been to A A BJ? If you are coming to Nigeria, my people please visit abuja. You would see it's like you sit and eat me, you would see cars running up and down. There is no card A is no in abuja. Even Tesla is in abuja. Why? Because now buddha they carry our countrymen.

You go now but that's not what I'm trying to say. You know I'm not here to preach about Independence Day. I'm here to run about Independence Day. The independence was not gotten for the government. It was gotten for the citizen. Yes we run a colonial, we run a colonial system. No We have independence, 61 years of independence and then everything seems like it was just 1960 like we don't have anything. Nigeria is the most blessed country in the world. I saved my food. Just Yes, we have mismanagement. Yes. These are going wrong with our finances and everything. But Nigeria is over 200 and it is something minerals. If your country are visual chest, I beat my chest. My country up and she has this second best girl in the world. People come to Nigeria to exploit this. They come to Nigeria to discover once.

Yes. Everything is going wrong from insecurity. Yes. We have corruption. You know what that is that are going wrong with this country boko Haram bandit kidnapping in my country. They went to the military base. Too cute soldiers. The military brains. Nd a natural defense academic. Those ones are supposed to be protecting us. They went to a free trade them and took them. Then these bandits must know something that I don't know. These bandits must know how to open the door. That I don't know how to open the door to the India. You know, see we know we know. No, it's the Yeah, the year for this country now. It's the mouth. The talk. But this way we don't see, you know, if you don't come for people when they see they're not. They're not talk also. Yes. They're all bad eggs in the government there little bad eggs here and there. But you that you are not a bad egg and you're not in the government that you are the lights are enjoying for your country.

I don't know how it's supposed to be pitch rods. Right. So compatriots. Yeah. What are you doing for this country? Exactly. You are just here to also exploit the poor. You want to get richer and then you want the ports remain poorer and they used to do want coming out and saying the government is not doing enough. Your billions, your account that even your great great grandchildren cannot finish anyone buying Rose voice. Mm hmm. Yeah. You want driving It's hundreds own bands. Yeah. What just did you want telling us that government is not doing enough? All of you you are sick in your head. See this country did not gain independence for the government to put it in your head very well. If you're not put it in your head, you will never move from the point of the government is not doing anything right. This country did not gain independence for the government. You can independent for the citizens and the citizens have money. Let them do something for other citizens. Don't come and be using our money. Yes. Okay, I would use my food chest to say these Dangote Alico Dangote is What $72 billion, $72 billion, $72 billion dollars or At jobs, $72 billion.

The poor Dangote is as in our so called allies. He has the best sugar. The poor buys Dangote sugar the smallest one at 1 50 Dangote cement. It's about 4000 something now. Down with the salt, down with the spaghetti, everything. Almost everything being consumed by the pole in Nigeria as Dangote in it. And then this same dango t does not have an orphanage. Well you're home for less privileged kids. Having been to Dangote state. Doesn't look like A $72 billion dollars businessman comes from there. No, we will not talk about that one instead we will go on to instagram under the celebrities post and comment when you're supposed to sit down and think about what is really wrong in this country.

You'll be scrolling through instagram. You gotta be liking bismullah, supposed you're gonna be liking the what's it called? Uh you got me like you sagas post uh sit down and take this country as much as it belongs to the government. It belongs to you. Those governments don't have put them there. They're also diseases. There are those being the name government. They also citizens. This country did not gain independence for the government to get independence was set. The freedom is supposed to be for us and for the government but we are a year giving ourselves a bad name in front of the old world. What are you doing to make Nigeria better? My brother future leaving tomorrow. You're sitting you're sitting and cruising all day. I've been mobile. Maybe you go go walk up our street, we'll stand at one point I just saw that girl where the I saw him was close to cancel it out tomorrow, carry yourself with class. See I have used up of this podcast to runt and I have come to the conclusion that Nigeria is not for the government, but for its 40 citizens.

The rich people of Nigeria. The billionaires, The millionaires. Please stand up and make your country great. Do something for the country and not for your friends. Also prove something for your community, for your race, do something for them. I'm proudly Nigeria and I'm proudly Uraba. I know what I am doing. Do you know what you're doing Three. I won this country is and would forever remain the giants of africa. Stay tuned for the second part of this podcast. Yes, she came all of a sudden. She's ranting. Yes. Our runt or runt. Stay tuned for the second part of the foot. Okay, so welcome back to the second segment of Nigeria's Independent Days podcast. In the first segment, Even though us cute and go to this point, you know, I would tell you what did you say?

I said in the last segment. Well, I said a brief tone is Nigeria is not for the government. We did not get independence. For the government. We gained independence. We gain freedom for the Citizens. So these citizens, the lights that in the Citizens, you need to do more for your country and stop blaming the government for everything. We know what you are doing even you know what you were doing. We need to stop all this instagram capping and everything. This is not instagram. This is real life, you know. So thank you the rich. Please feed someone in your community. Send a child to school. You are calm balanced with no move, does it? Yes, I know I have finished blaming the citizens of Nigeria for everything they've done. Body governments are also to blame as much as any person in this country. Yes, the governments have a lot of faults, insecurity, corruption on everything.

Think of it is inside this Nigeria police brutality disregard for the citizens. See aggressive electoral malpractice. The last free and fair election we had in Nigeria was in 19 99 over 20 years ago. 2023 is coming. Please if you are more than 18 do well to get your PVC because your vote, you count your votes, you count. If we are going to make a change in this country, your vote is what can make the change. Yes. Our voice cannot be silenced boggs. Get your PVC so that your vote would not be bought. You know, do the right thing by getting your PVC. The governments are to blame for everything. This October October 28 precisely Last year, 2020 blood shed the blood of the youths of Nigeria was shed on the streets of lackey for people who don't know where like he's lucky is in Lagos.

Like he's one of the most beautiful and fastest rising community of places in Lagos. They came out for the peaceful protest of answers. And the government of Nigeria shed the blood of its citizens. Yes, I say to my food chest October 20th 2020 it shall be remembered that the government of Nigeria shed the blood of its citizens. So I'm going to play an audio. That was that I extracted from bona boys song 2010 20. Yes. Let me play the audio. So you guys can do that. What I am saying is actually not cap or anything. Yeah, but they run away. Shoot. No, no. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Never shot and killed. Mm hmm. Mhm Yeah.

Mhm Please indeed. And mhm. Mhm. So as you add, you had gone shirts, you had the Youth of Nigeria ready to die for their country. This is the first time that Nigerians would be in togetherness to actually come out and let your voice be worn so they can actually speak the truth. Okay. Like I was saying, this was actually the first time The youth of Nigeria would add one voice, one voice and stand up for themselves. And Nigeria's Lopatto. Newts distinct the flood of Nigeria with plots they stay India.

And you know, this was not the fault of the military that came there. Why? Because the military would always obey the last order. But this was the fault of the government. Yes, I said don't let us blame the government, but this is the fault of the government. They would forever be remembered in our art. Yes. They love things wrong in this country, but we can only do better by what's keeping our hopes. I Independence Day is not to celebrate Nigeria where I believe is to celebrate Nigerians. If you are in Nigerian or you have those small bits of Nigerian body, you you are a dog. Yes, you are one of the best creations. You're one of the best questions ever. Nigerians, we are beautiful. We are smart. If you have ever worked with the Nigerian, if you're in diaspora and you've ever worked with the Nigerian, you would know that the person is a Nigerian.

We are you viper. We are everything good. We all just need to have hope in our country because what I believe it or not, it would be better one day it would be better wounding and then that day is not far. Just keep open for the country and play your own part. And how do you play your part first? Like getting your PVC and voting second, make sure you have someone in your community. We all helped by elevating ourselves for Nigerians in diaspora. Say thank you for also openers disobeyed our independence there. You know, but as a Nigerian, I told you that you are everything and more. You are beautiful. Smart creative. You're an african giant like you're an african giant. Okay, You come from the best country in the world.

Yes. Nigerians are giving us bad name. Yahoo fraud the sense and that that that sports get to know a Nigerian and you would never regret it is mariam Yusuf resigning from the headquarters of life as a focal point podcast. This is independence, They're special and up independence there too. You are Nigerians. You today is to celebrate us and not to remember about government. Yes, keep open and it will happen one day remember it is watch your mouth, can speak of your ends can touch and I can tell you, God is definitely working in this country, even when this country rises. Finnish people in diaspora with I want to come back to this country, I love you all. I love Nigeria one piece and to those they're died while of true fighting for us would always remember you guys are gallant soldiers and we love you, bye.

Resigning from our beautiful headquarters, you know, and we'll be making more podcasts double double double. Wait, I just said ow bo I don't feel like ending this podcast. You know, I don't feel like ending this podcast without giving a shout out to some Nigerians that are making it out there. So Mondrian's style, putting the name Nigeria on the map. Some Nigerians that are doing everything so that this country would be known and actually giving us the best name that we could ever think of. The likes of our music artists. Davidow grandma um born a boy to a savage. Those people, they're also studying abroad and then I'm making waves out there. Nigerians with vibe and everything.

A big shout out to you guys. You guys are doing great because you have put Nigeria on the map of the world today, Bonobo just it's one billion views on Youtube and is celebrated worldwide. Yes, Nigeria said with that, would, y mm well I'm looking for a would be proud of your country, Be proud of your heritage, be proud of where you are from. I am probably Nigerian shouted, I am proudly. You buy a proudly Ebo is security of whatever tribe you are, there is nothing like minority. Again in this country we are all majority. You know, so I say do your part by getting your PVC and voting In 2023 love y'all. And I am actually finally resigning

Independence Day Special
Independence Day Special
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