Life is Pain

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by Reuben Carter Addo
January 13th 2022
Opinions they say are like noses, everyone has one. While its important that everyone shares their opinions about issues, its also very important that we remind ourselves that there is still a right a... More
we live in a world filled with so much opinions these days. Everything you see about a particular topic, people just consider it as your opinion. There's nothing like the truth or at four statement that something like this is wrong or this is right. Everything is just based on your opinion. Even when you are saying what is right or you're just speaking the raw facts and truth, people will just tell you that is just your opinion. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. And my problem with this right now is that of course there's nothing wrong with having an opinion about an issue. But what I find really wrong with this is that we are losing the concept of right and wrong. So this is there's practically nothing like um this is right or this is wrong anymore. Everything is just about open and then how do we find our way forward as humans? I really think we should take a look at this.

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