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Follow your dreams

by Reuben Carter Addo
February 20th 2021
This episode encourages people who have given up on their dreams to follow their dreams and be ready to go against all odds
when you wake up in the morning with a happy face, but a lot of fear in their hearts, they put it in front of their tv every night, wishing they had a Tesla a Ferrari or a very big mansion. People go to work every day, hitting the job and wishing they could quit. But that's where it all ends. Wishes wishes wishes, if wishes were horses, it would all ride them all they do is wish, but they never actually become courageous enough to actually do it. Truth is to follow your dreams. You need to be ready to go all out, You need to be ready to be extremely broken, go completely out of your comfort zone and take on situations you never dreamt of taking on, you need to be ready to work for free and also take a lot of discouragement from people who do not know anything about your vision yet they have the nerve to tell you.

It is impossible. Two days if you want a Tesla, a Ferrari or a mansion, you need to make a lot of money because it is very expensive and you can't make a lot of money. Being being an employee. I mean think about it. If you were an employer, would you pay an employee so much that they could afford a Ferrari or a mansion because that would mean they have achieved their goals in life and will probably save a lot of money and stop working for you. That is why as an employee, you are paid just enough to survive. So you keep coming back for more salary can be very addictive, but you need to have a strong will to struggle for the best in order to follow your dreams or become an entrepreneur for your own sake, I hope you find your true purpose in life.

Follow your dreams
Follow your dreams
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