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October 18th 2021
How important is a periodised training, nutrition and recovery plan for the average person? With Luke Leaman of Muscle Nerds.

Luke Leaman of Muscle Nerds is back again!

I love talking shop with Luke. He is a straight-shooter, and can make complex topics seem relatively simple to understand...which I massively app... More

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October 11th 2021
How to create psychological safety

In this follow up episode from last weeks chat with @the.brain.guy Scott Robinson, I share some tools from one of the modules in my NLP Master Practitioner Course.

During conversations, mo... More

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October 4th 2021
The Brain Guy

I met Scott Robinson a few years ago whilst I was on an Applied Movement Neurology Mastermind retreat in Thailand, and was absolutely blown away with his knowledge and approach to understanding neu... More

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September 27th 2021
Training principles that apply to life

I've learned so many amazing principles and skills from my time as a soldier, and as a coach in the fitness industry, that are relevant and transferable to all aspects of life.

Last w... More

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September 20th 2021
Marshall Officer of Anvil Training and Development

Welcome back to the Live Train Perform podcast to Marshall of Anvil Training and Development.

Marshall and I met whilst we were undertaking our veteran run, veteran heavy yoga course in Au... More

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September 14th 2021
Live Train Perform Facebook Forum Access

The Live Train Perform Private Facebook Forum is the place to connect with other podcast listeners and guests, and to interact with the host, Shaun Kober.

  • Ask questions.
  • Post rel... More
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September 13th 2021
Live in the process, not the outcome

Last week I spoke with Nic Edgerton  about the principles and protocols he uses with his physique athletes, and something he said piqued my interest, and that is, "I tell my guys to live 90% i... More

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September 6th 2021
Nic Edgerton on what it takes to train, and look like a bodybuilder

In this episode, I speak with Nic Edgerton about the journey that took him from competing as a physique athlete, to becoming one of the leading physique coaches to come out of Australia in recent y... More

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August 30th 2021
Remedial drills to deal with chronic pain

 "Wait until you're my age, you'll understand what I'm talking about."

Everyone has heard this uttered to them by many different people, multiple times over the ye... More

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August 23rd 2021
My thoughts on Afghanistan

I have been accused of being a baby killer.
I have been called a puppet of my Government sent to invade another country and do the dirty work on the ground. 
I've been assured that the... More

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