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It's not just what you do, it's how you do it

by Shaun Kober
May 6th 2021

In this 5 minute fitness tips episode, I give some examples of using the same exercise, but changing how you do it, to elicit different physiological response and training outcomes.

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you know what is up guys? My name is Sean koba. You are listening to the live transform podcast in today's episode. We are going through my five minute fitness tips. This is where I give you some quick and dirty tips uh, to allow you to get the most out of your training regime. So anyone that's been listening to the podcast for a while or following me on social media will have heard me say the following and that is it's not just what you do, it's how you do it. All right. So that is going to be the theme for today's episode. Now, what I mean by this is that there's a principle called specific adaptation to impose demands. Okay, The said Principal. And this dictates that we get good at what we practice. All right. And we can't expect to build strength if we're focusing just on endurance. And likewise, we can't expect to build endurance. If we're focusing on just strength, there's going to be some carry over. Okay, But you're going to adapt to the stimulus that you're asking your body or your putting your body through.

All right. Um Now, the reason I bring this up is because last year around about this time I put together a heap of training programs or training sessions, sorry, on my Youtube channel. Um as we went into lockdown that would allow people to continue focusing on all elements of strength and conditioning whilst they were locked up at home with either no equipment or very minimal equipment. So I'll put together training sessions using kettlebells using suspension trainers, skipping rope, glide boards and just body weight based movement and bands as well. All right, so you can find all of those on my Youtube channel at performance functional training. This this video is actually going to be up on the Youtube channel as well? All right. But the reason I bring that up is because when you have minimal equipment or no equipment, you're pretty limited with the exercises that you can do, your exercise selection gets cut right down. All right. So this is where looking at the different variables um which might be tempo, time under tension range of movement.

Okay, are we focusing on mind, muscle connection which will be more of a hypertrophy adaptation which is building muscle and by focusing on a strength adaptation where the goal is to produce as much force as possible. Am I focusing on a speed um adaptation which is producing rapids, amount rapid amounts of force. And my focusing on a power based adaptation where I'm producing high amounts of force rapidly. And my focusing on an endurance based adaptation where I'm looking to build stamina and um sustained repeated efforts over long periods of time. All right, so Let's take the push up as an example. Now, I think I put together like 15 or 16 training sessions using that equipment. Okay, focusing on all the different elements. We were focusing on hypertrophy, building muscle strength speed. Power endurance energy system conditioning. All right. But a lot of those training sessions had push ups in them. Okay, but how is doing those push ups was different for each session, depending on what the goal was.

So let's take a strength based session for example, I'm going to take a push up. I'm going to hit that top position. I'm going to squeeze the fuck out of my chest and think about generating as much tension as I can from my wrists right through the chest and the shoulders to the opposite risk. Okay then maintaining that tension, I'm going to come nice and slow down to that bottom position and then drive back up Maintaining as much tension as I can throughout that full range of movement. I might do that for 3-5-6 reps. Okay, well I'm generating as much tension as I can. That is going to be good strength adaptation. Now if I want to focus on hypertrophy and the goal is to build my pecs, build my chest muscles then I might do the same thing. But I'm going to drop down to my knees so that I'm taking the attention away from the shoulders, taking attention away from my abs and my core, um my arms etcetera. So I can get a little bit more targeted focus and concentration on the pecs. So I'm gonna drop to my knees.

I'm gonna do the same thing. I'm gonna think about squeezing my arms towards each other, firing my pecs really focusing on that mind muscle connection. All right through that full range of movement and now I'm going to do this. I'm gonna probably pick the pace up a little bit and maybe I might focus on that mid range where I'm not going all the way up. I'm not going all the way down. I'm staying in that mid range where I'm getting some pulse reps there where I might hit 8-12 reps there with roughly 40 45, 50 seconds time under tension there. All right. If I'm going into a power base push up now, what I'm doing is focusing on producing high amount of force, but rapidly. So I might come down fairly slow and controlled. Hit that bottom position. Boom. I rebound out that bottom position and I might hear the clapping push up here. Okay, I might do them on my toes if I'm strong enough to do that, I can do them on my toes. Okay? But if I can't be fast there, I might have to drop to my knees. Okay. And I might do say five reps on my toes and then maybe another five reps on my knees so that I can maintain that that power based movement alright?

If I'm focusing on speed, upper body speed, if I'm working with a fighter for example, I'm going to take that same push up. But now I'm going to hook a band around a rack or a tree branch or something above me, I'm going to step into that band and get down into that push up position. Now that band is wrapped around my chest as I push up, That band is assisting me. So now I can move even faster. Alright, so again, I might drop to my knees here and the goal is to be nice and explosive. I'm coming down fast, boom chest touches the ground, I explode back up and the goal is again, move as fast as possible. Now, if I want to build endurance, this is what um most people do when they do push ups is they just bang them out. They're not paying any attention to mind, muscle connection, They're not paying any attention to form technique, um range of movement, speed of movement, um how much force they're producing, etcetera. Okay, this is where most people goes to the endurance based push up. So this is what everyone does. Okay, just bang out whatever 2030 40 50 reps, we're kind of pushing it towards your uh limit without allowing technical breakdown.

Alright, so, again, it's not just what you do, it's how you do it. So, if you go on to my Youtube channel, have a look for those training sessions using minimal equipment. Okay, that will give you really good examples of how you can do the same exercise is complete them a little bit different, changing the different variables and that's going to give you or illicit a different response. All right, that's it for today's five minute fitness tips guys. If you enjoy this episode, please make sure you pass it off to your friends and family, and if five star ratings and reviews are much appreciated, much love peace.

It's not just what you do, it's how you do it
It's not just what you do, it's how you do it
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