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Client Corner: Damian Gilbert part 4

by Shaun Kober
May 3rd 2021

Damian is a friend, colleague and client.

He served his country, and experienced the highs and lows of war that most front-line soldiers share. From being blown up in an Improvised Explosi... More

what does it mean to live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best. Leave nothing on the table. That's a non negotiable is that I I strive to be better every day because if I'm not on top of my game, how is anybody else gonna follow me down the road? Keep demanding more of yourself to live up to that potential and to stay hungry. Training is progress. You know when I look at the word training, I think of steps, baby steps to get somewhere that you want to be and that is basically your life journey. It's a mindset in itself, man, it's like, it's not just about I know that for you, a lot of that's about the physical, but we're constantly in training, whether it's growing our skill sets, whether it's growing our physical bodies, whether it's growing our relationships whatever and all of that is a training ground and that kind of goes back to the mindset that we just talked about, You underestimate yourself and you don't even start. But then once you start, you often surpass what you thought you could do performance your best mate. That's that's sort of what life is all about. You don't have the knowledge and have the fitness, the healthy ambition and drive that no matter what comes along.

When that next phone call comes, I can just say yes, I don't have to worry, just go and do it, yo what's up guys, welcome to this episode of the live transform podcast, I'm your host, Sean koba joining me for my client corner series is my man Damien Gilbert who is a friend, a colleague was an intern for me at Tiger muay thai and is one of my clients. This is the fourth installment of a 2.5 hour conversation with Damien around the tools and principles that we've implemented into his life to allow him to be better at life. Let's go. I had all figured out my trauma was my responsibility which I still believe but I that was a superficial guy. I went in to see my old this is why I got rid of all on instagram. I don't know if you noticed I have the DJ neckline man I had a good following, I had a bunch of lights but my I will catch myself posting and then I would just be checking checking checking checking checking, checking on o ship 300 some lights Fucky yeah.

Oh 600 lights on a shirtless picture. Oh okay you know and then it was what the fudge are you doing idiot. None of this matters catch yourself man. Yeah it feels good, it feels good then especially if you have a bunch of fucking ship that you don't do it. It feels great. You feel once you feel Good that's that that's the external validation bro you still you go to your fucking still turn your light off and crawling into bed at night and you're left with your own thoughts and now those thoughts like why did that picture and you get fucking 60 likes you know that's the difference bro you get that So I was like you know what I'm going to delete this account, I'm gonna keep my personal little one that I have. You know just a few 100 people that I know that I like to know and I don't post any more now, I don't post because one work you know there's a lot of operational security. Yeah you know I'll post the story here and there something funny or else we're gonna do some dump ship. But another reason why I don't is because even though I've been working on myself and I've been working with you I also don't want to fall into because I know me I know what personality and I don't want to fall into that.

So that would be my next test I guess per se mentally can I go and post something? You know some people say oh you fucking arrogant because you posted I have a shirt on like sorry I don't have it. It is dude yeah sorry about that bro because of working years and years and years and years and years. It's just training. Years and years and years and years and years and uh I'm at the beach, I don't wear a shirt at the beach. Yeah dude he's here's here's the thing make people that are commenting ship like that? A fucking insecure in their own mind right? They're projecting their own insecurities on you mate. 100% do. So I absolutely a few stories like doing pushups and quarantined with the bands like I've asked you what should I do this and that? And dudes are like well you can work out with the shirt on, Have you been in Afghanistan in the summer? You have, I want to be naked, I'm just not naked cause I'm about to post. Yeah, exactly, exactly. It's funny you say that man, people always comment like why why are you training shirtless in Thailand? I'm like because I don't want to fucking, I don't want to do washing every two days.

I don't wanna have to put a load of washing on every fucking two days because it's hard, you sweat so much but I'm like my coach for fucking hours a day and then I train and then I'm coaching again, I'm like man, I'm that's like fucking three wardrobe changes in one day. A lot of women now use their sports bra and shorts fun because you know back in the day you gotta wear shooting a man call that dude, nope at least in our environment, which is what I also like, we weren't like, you know, oh you don't worry that now you're comfortable cool, let's go time to run trying to hit the steps, trying to hit the jumps and yeah, so I've gotten away because my thoughts man at the end of the day, if you if I don't have if I go to bed here, which is this tiny little room and you'll see how look how dark it gets, you know what I mean? And if I shut that off, it's pitch black, man, Fuck yeah, your mind will either fuck you or make love to you. So you got to pick one which one you want, Right? So it's been it's been loving on me lately, man.

It's been super loving. And but I again, yeah, I know I've done all the work, but I got to thank you, I gotta thank my therapist, everybody that's been around me. That has shown me a positive vibe, man. I'm always grateful for I hit up people randomly, they're probably like the buck is this dude? Yeah, because that made me who I am today. They're in a way they've positioned me where I'm at, man, I just had to drop a bunch of fucking dope because my pops and all this ship, you know, and I said, you know what mom, I got it because I'm at work and I don't need anything and I'm good, I have good circle of friends and I'm calm. I'm not anxious anymore. I'm anxious about certain ship. You know, like man, when I get home, I am I still gonna be in the right state of mind is going to be different when I go home, uh am I going to see my dad's urn and now it's my turn to be weak and to cry and to weep and to kneel in front of, you know, so that's what I'm anxious about, but I'm not I'm not sweating it, I'm looking forward to it, I'm looking forward to and how I'm gonna react.

That's a that's a that's a great point mate. Like people look at anxious nous as a negative thing, but you know, you should be anxious at times, it's about managing that anxiousness and understanding that it's going to serve you at times, like, you know, we've all had fucking butterflies when we, you know, you go out on patrol, you got butterflies, man, or your I'm playing in a fucking rugby grand final Law, you know, you're stepping into the cage and you're talking about to go into battle with some dude who wants to take your head off right, like it's good to have those butterflies, it's good to be anxious about that things, but you know, you can use that to your advantage, but when that anxiousness becomes too much and you're not able to deal with it, that's when it then becomes a problem. 100%. I mean if you look at so I think Joy did that crossfit come, I think it was like a week before I left, you know what I'll do. It sh it's easy, it's just crossfit bro, that was I was like, how do you guys, because I was thinking Crosby, it's just you, you know, you can't blame anybody and we got to run, I like running and we got a row, I've been running with Sean, nobody told me that it's back to back to, back to back, back, back, back back back and how proper some lips have to be, and I was like, I can't clean this bit, I was like, oh ship, so Mhm.

You wake up the next day, man in life hits you in the face, you're not as strong as you think you are, you know, this is a different beast and it puts everything in perspective, but now I wonder how do they do it? You know, my job requires uh very high risk environment sometimes, but these people do this ship for fucking fun, these guys are going to compete and this is what they live, and it's a motherfucker rugby, you mean after you tackle me like that, I can stand up and punch in your face, you know? And so it's it's such a great thing to think about now, because it's a mindset before you think you can do anything right, when you're ignorant on your own beliefs and you think that, you know at all, you think you could do everything, you think no woman's gonna out lift me, I'm a fucking dude, I've got a tiger got wrong everybody. Yeah, but like that's that's, you know?

Yeah, man, that's as you said, that's humbling but you know something that came up for me there is you woke up you wake up the next day and you're like oh fuck you know what what did I do? Well what did I not do so well what can I work on? Like that is an A. R. And after action review. Use the same um You suppose the same thing in the U. S. Yeah. Um You know how often do you use a are in not just your professional life but also your personal life every time that um I I like to say it's a shower thought because relaxed and I'm thinking man you know today I was I was I was a ship head to that person. Maybe I should have done that, maybe I should have talked to him that way. Maybe I should have been a little more compassionate or not just them to myself. You know sometimes I'm too hard on myself uh or maybe I should have had that size of pizza and then I'm like no dude Sean says good bro you're good you can so I've gone to the appointment where now I don't respect, I told you I don't respect myself for much and I enjoy it so what I'm doing my little a are in my head, how was your day today bro this whole week?

I've done any schoolwork, I'm about to do it after we hop off here I've been hammering myself for that with the lazy, but you could have been doing your homework, but what a lot of it goes into my mind, I was like, I'm still grieving my father in a way, let me use this as an excuse to not do the ship that I should be doing because I'm depressed, do your fucking schoolwork, my professor doesn't care, so I critique how my day goes, I could take my interaction with a few people, but I also understand that at the end of the day, man, this is who I am, you know, uh I believe it doesn't take much to get to know a person and almost 33 that I am, I think I've gotten it down to, this is the polish versus version of myself, you know, this is this is the critiquing myself, seeing how I conduct myself with others, seeing how I treat the local afghan that's here, picking up the trash and then how I treat my friends, that how I treat myself and it doesn't make me any fucking holy person, It just, it's just sucking dude man, you know, so I like that, I've put everything aside and understand that I suck up a lot, I'm gonna keep sucking up, but I'm going to keep asking for help and I'm gonna keep doing my job as a son, as a partner, uh as an employee here and I'm always gonna have work, I'm always man, I'm such a needy fucking person that everybody is lacking in a relationship like a when I get home your life stops but it doesn't, you know, that's when it comes to being selfish, like I've been in Afghanistan for three months, you could take a week off the truck I can at work.

So yeah, so that's that's a great point mate. Like whenever I go home, you know, may I drive fucking you know 5.5, 6 hours down the road from my mom's place to go and stay at one of my best mates places for a night bro. And people like are you serious? I'm like man, it's like I'm on holidays, he's got his family, he's got his work, like it takes nothing out of my fucking day to go and it's worth it for me. That sacrifice is worth it for me to go and spend a night with one of my best mates and make it a point every time I go home to get around and see as many people as I can. Um You know within reason obviously making sure that I'm managing my time, I'm looking after myself and sometimes that means I need to prioritize who I'm going to see if I'm at home for a month and I'm doing a road trip, I'm going to make sure that I'm spending quality time with the people that I care most about that, you know, I'm in contact with the most that mean the most of me um you know, at times that means that I'm sacrificing spending time with other people and I'm just like, look, I can't say yes to everyone and you know, if I spread myself too thin, then you know, I'm leaving myself fucking clutching at straws and not able to see the people that I want to see and leave myself burnt out, worn out.

So, I think that's an important thing as well, is the people that you surround yourself with an understanding that when you do go home, you know, you can't expect people to just fucking stop their lives and come and catch up with you and yeah, man, that's that's a that's a great point. That was a big problem, big problem for me, man. I would it sounds like granted I'm over here gaming and getting in shape and I'm like, I'm over in Afghanistan, you need to take time out of your day, but their life does not stop. Yeah, you've got you've got different, you've got different like different lives, man, where when you're at work you're sucking switched on. But then when you got home you've got the time to be able to get around and see people and you know, it is it is selfish to I think that just because you're home, people need to stop what they're doing and put aside their families and their own commitments to come and see you and it costs friendships, it costs, you know, not permanently. But it makes you realize, like you said, maybe I'm the funding problem. I can't expect people to not go to work.

I'm not going to pay their bill. You know who the funk am I to tell them what to do and what not to do. So this man again, I always tied down to this because people that I've met me before, I know the type of ship hint that I was, A lot of people will tell, you know, he's a good dude, but a lot of people like, yeah, motherfuckers, selfish dude. All about himself. Uh and now I'm even volunteering when I'm home. You know, I've been volunteering for a few years now and it's cool because I will never post about it. I will never fucking this is me volunteer. No, these are things that I want to do because I'm not that hurt guy anymore. I'm not, I'm not a victim of life. I'm just another guy participating, you've got your own emotions. Um and character under control and you know who you are, you know what you value. And then when you're when you're emotionally mentally physically stable, then you're able to contribute to, you know, helping make other people's lives better man.

You have people, you have friends that will call you on your bullshit, right? You have friends. That if you bring you bring a chick around like you're not. Yeah, right? That's what I'm saying. You're not gonna marry that chick. You need friends. You know, you know you're not gonna do that. You need friends. Like that's a friend. I got people here when they talk about their marital problems and stuff. I'm like, you're the problem. Well, why are you like that? Because what you just told me so yeah, we need friends like that. People, you know, we think we're gonna hurt their feelings. But that's what the funk we need man. It's accountability and it's that's a good friend that a person is going to call you out of your bullshit. But it's also going to be there and tell you. Amen this is probably you could do better or uh hey, let's have you tried this? Hey, have you tried that? You know, you should probably think about this. Are you saving your fucking money? You know, people hate talking about a lot of veterans are horrible with money bro. I don't know how it is in Australia won the US man.

That's that has to be a different podcast. They just take the money away. That's yeah. So many homeless. Yeah, exactly. And then we blame the system, We blame the war. We blame our pity. Which yes, it does affect. But I know in our in the U. S. We are given a lot of tools to cope. Were given a lot of we just want more. I don't know. Obviously everybody's gonna want more, you're never gonna be satisfied what you get therapies free, uh university is free, you're going to buy a house, you don't have to give a down payment if you're a veteran, even if your credit ship uh when you're going to get a job, you get points for being a veteran, so they'll look at you before I look at the other person, So if you're disabled after 7% percentage, your medical is free. So there's a lot of tools that we could use, we just want everything. Spline fit uh and it takes off. That's a it's a big problem in the veteran community, mate, is that that sense of victimhood, I served my country, I went overseas, um this has resulted in me losing a limb, I've lost friends, it's funked up my mental health, I've got PTSD, you know, you need to fix me now, that is the funding problem, man, veterans need to, veterans in particular should fucking know this better than anyone.

Take responsibility for your own fucking ship because nobody's coming to save you. No, I always come and fix your problems, man. Like if you want to get out of that hole, you need to stop digging first. Yeah, you know, it's easy, I think bro, it's uh it's easy being a soldier, right? Um Some people may disagree with what I'm about to say. Uh once you turn into a soldier, you are at the right place at the right uniform, you just completed a day in the army. Then you learn your job and you go to Iraq and this is your job here and you're gonna do this. But we forget that nobody put a gun to our head and told us you're going to go serve your country. We chose to serve our country, which is why we have all these tools and we're not using them. And that's why again I seek and I was a fun time. There's something missing. Dude, this just therapy with this one on one with this lady. It's not, it's helping me and helped me a lot. But I need, my lifestyle is different. I'm still in the game, I'm still carrying my weapons.

I'm still, you know, I enjoy it. I don't want to lose joy in it. So let me talk to somebody that has been there, done that and there is also incorporate fitness into this. And again, that's why message joseph Klock bro. Look, I even asked, I was like, I want to work with you. I was like, I don't care what is going to cost this work. Okay, we'll start this day, fucking three weeks later brought it, man, This should do better. I'm calm. I'm doing this and Francis, no, it's just because I'm working out heart. It's like, oh sh it it ties down to what I've already learned what I've already lived at the end of the day, man. It's our life, no one really gives a crap you think somebody's gonna go and tell hey sean I go pay your rent, a lot of people be like whatever you know. Yeah so it's good man, sort of friendships and mentorships are good seeking for help is good dude, thanks, we weren't fucking way over today but it was also like a therapy session because I got to you know, express how this has helped me after my father and I feel like not just veterans but if anybody else is out there that Wants to make a little change it's hard man, it's not easy organizations easy 33 almost and and just now huh?

Okay fuck yeah man it's a beautiful ship together. Yeah yeah man this is beautiful sucking life. Yeah yeah bro, that's freaking awesome mate. Um just to wind up the podcast bro, the name of the podcast is live train perform, you touched on it earlier but that's live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best. What does it mean to be mean to you? We live to the fullest obviously what I'm doing now man before I thought it was how many parties I could go to, how many fucking this dumb sh it right now it's I am giving it my all at work, I'm giving it my all as a son as a person, grow as a person, just I'm a good partner for the person that I went, you know, I'm, I'm there for her and bucket but not because of them. It's because I've got my ship together when it comes to training. You know, same thing when I'm training, it's, I'm training, I used to train to like a tired and tired and tired and tired and tired And now when you told me like, Hey man, some days when you're done, if you have to run three miles or if you have to run and then you feel like you have more in the tank, you're done.

Sometimes the training sessions stoned when the train is not when I'm exhausted. So I used that a lot more uh it allows me to perform. Dude, it allows me to just train smarter. Not harder. The military I think has a little misconception all sucked up. So you just need two hours sleep for four hours sleep and we're gonna go in the ruck march and then you're really going to eat and you're barely going to sleep but you got to do 100 push ups so we can show you what the body can do. Yes, that's cool. But if you want to make a uh wanna have longevity in the game of life. If you want to succeed, you want to be healthy if you don't want to be one of those fun, you gotta train smart in it, you have to and you're again turning your potential if you can live the 100 kg or 80 kg or 50 kg drop down man who cut ego inside and you have not earned the right to the bucket. Wait, we worked on pull ups, you were like, hey, I was like these are easy bro, no, no, no I'm doing like this doing negative oh ship so that my potential was that you know, slowly my potential got better and better and better and it helps me at work man because if anything pops off, I know I have my guys or if I'm part of the crew, I know that I can be down there ready kitted up with our masks because it's covid and the bullet is not going to kill you.

You got to wear your mask with your helmet and your best. Um but I feel good man, I get into that truck, my adrenaline's pumping but I can have that bitch under control because I'm able to perform and I'm were arrested, my mind sharp switched on. You got the anxiousness but you're able to use that to your advantage rather than being detrimental. I'm not really, I'm thinking before I'm reacting and I'm taking my deep breaths, I'm getting out of my tunnel vision. I'm opening up my field of view. Why? Thinking about S. O PS. Exactly if I don't, if I don't take my life with joy like I do now man, it's like I'm telling you bro, I'm happy go, lucky motherfucker. Uh even in this, in this time, like I said, I joke about my dad's passing word because I know that's the type of dude he was grow so um I'm able to train better, I'm able to perform well and when I'm home I do the same thing because I'm able to be present for the people enemy to be present. But I'm also not afraid to tell somebody to funk off because I want to be by myself and I want to go get a massage and I want to go to relax and I want to just do to me and take myself out and eat and do what I want, okay I do that Damien is good now, I can be good for you, I can be good with you now, we can do this.

You know, we can go on this path, we're going on this journey. But Damien for back in the day man now so I implement this this uh you know, lived to the fullest perform training my potential and perform to my best ability all the time because now it's just a part of me man, I'm just like if I if I suck off, I'm like no you got to rectify that, that's not right. You're not doing right to your team, you're not doing right to yourself, rectify that we're in the rooms a lot bro, especially since Covid hit. So it's easy to fall into that false sense of security. Uh, and just enjoy it. That this has given me the opportunity brought to look at life 100% different because I am, you know, we've been through the wringer. All this should have happened. I'm not seeking for validation from anyone, but it's good that you can be that person for somebody else. Now. I don't need anything in return. I don't need how many people were likely on anything every time.

I just need them to understand that whatever whatever rough patch we're going through we've gone through. If you don't work on it, you're gonna drag it along man. You're gonna bring it into your marriage, into your relationships and your friendships and that. Maybe that maybe the wake up call you need, it took me years to realize I'm the funding problem. I have to have to live a good life but to live a good life to be a good person and it comes to me to sleep. Like you said man, if you don't sleep well the moment you wake up and you don't have the sleep, you have a good sleep hygiene. Your day goes ship. Yeah. Everything else is affected. Yeah. So you have to take care of your sleep or your mental health. Yeah, for sure man. That's, that's how I use this. I feel every day. You know, it's good to have the banter with the guys here. Um they all make fun of me because I think I'm some weirdo fucking buddhist but I'm not just like you know who do you know who Rudy raises? Uh huh You know Rudy Reyes uh Search the real Rudy Reyes on instagram. So he was have you seen uh what's that fucking documentaries that series?

Uh fuck is the U. S. Marines recon um snipers that went into Iraq I think true stories uh funny, I can't remember it all if I remember a link in the show notes but Rudy Reyes is an actor in the in that series but he's actually like was one of the guys that was on the ground that was sucking invading Iraq and he was a sniper man. He's a fucking he's a loose unit. Crazy to like kind of all this stuff that we're talking about now kind of ties in. Yeah. Generation kill, generation kill the series is called, I've heard there is a city I think. Right? Yeah, I think so. Rudy Reyes, there was there was two guys that are in the series that were actually there on the ground, they were soldiers there but then they were acting in the funding series now it's really cool. So Rudy raises the sniper in there who's just he's a loose unit, he's a rig man. That's why you have guys like that. Yeah 100 and when they get out they're amazing, they are successful. Business people, they excel whatever they're doing man because they are able to manage their mind which then and they take those lessons that they learned from the military and they apply them to the normal life and dude like that's the big point that comes up again and again when I have my podcast right, I have guests on, I go through these interviews and talk to the boys from Swiss Eight and you know that's a big thing that comes up over and over again.

That's why Adrian from Swiss A asked me to be an ambassador, He's like dude you're fucking you're killing it, you've taken you know these lessons that you've learned from the military and you know a lot of guys get out of the army and they lose their self identity, their purpose, their tribe and they kind of spiral out of control and you know it takes them years and years to get back on track and he's like dude you you learned those lessons very quickly and you just sucking you know change direction, you pivoted, you took those lessons and those S. O. Ps that you learn and you simply just re applied them to your current life and you know that's allowed you to excel and you know at times be head and shoulders above the people around you which is fucking super important and I think it's a great point for guys to particularly veterans that have discharged recently or in the last decade or so to two understand that you know, just because you're not in the military anymore, doesn't mean the funk off all of those lessons, all of those fucking life lessons, those S. O PS those TTP s that you've been taught, you don't just call them off and rebel, use them to your advantage, start using them and implement them into your own life, your current life right now to allow you to build towards being the fucking the person that you want to be bro, look at when covid hit, you know, you're still in Thailand doing you're sucking thing, That's fucking crazy, that's my hat's off to you because a lot of fun people man needed tiger to continue to operate, you know and it's hard man, it's a hustle and it's disciplined and it's what am I gonna do, am I going to buck the buck up and work or am I just gonna start, I don't know, go fund me to help you and if you, I mean obviously if you need help you help, but the thing is to grind that you have to go through what you went through and how you implement those things from the army to this and just like in general world traveling man, the experiences you've got there worldwide, not just the military, military military for people that have never been in the military, there's a lot of discipline people out there, I'm not disciplined for fucking schoolwork man, I hate that ship, but you tell me I gotta be outside at four a.m. With my guys ready?

Omi ready? I'll be right there are 3 55 or 3 45 ready to go. So I think it's cool that you managed to stay there throughout the pandemic because it's been hard on everybody everything. Yeah and just a cat with their heart with tourism. They're hard with everybody foreigners. It just tells your shows and drive because tough times don't last, you know what I mean? But tough people do. Um we need to give ourselves more credit as humans and it's crazy and a lot of our friends have changed their path but they're still within the fitness field and if they're doing great their movement because life goes on because you realize life goes on. So three fucking words, you know what I mean? Life goes on. So yeah, it puts it in perspective. For sure bro. Yeah man dude this has been a fucking incredible conversation. I've really enjoyed this. This has been my longest podcast, Episode 2.5 the Hey I sent you I sent you Simon's podcast last night.

Did you listen to that do I want from suicide? No no no no the guy that got shot. Yeah he knew who shot him doing. Yeah bro. Hi how do you not take that personal? Oh he did for sure. Yeah we spoke about it before. You know you know what it's like you were listening to it and you'll be like all right, there's definitely ship that happened that they haven't spoken about. It's like okay I got your bitch. You know what I mean? Not only do I have you by every fucking people or ever everyone around you, they're gonna get it too and but but she to listen to getting shot bro, and understanding that and still being able to function, do your goddamn job. That that right? There is admirable man. There is you are cut from a different flocking cloth. You are you are not normal and you got to understand what we do, right?

We're not putting normal situations which was my therapist is always telling me like, hey Mr Gilbert, it's good to feel that way because that's not normal. Normal. This get in your car, going to work, going home, make love to the wife, have a few babies live your life, right? Yeah. Not normal. This In the early 20's going somewhere with experienced fucking killers. No, if somebody shoot nobody, they want to end your life and knowing that a lot of people back at home doing back here, right? Yeah, but you know that if we were not here and they were at home everybody at home Bass, where's the military? Oh what? We're here? So they're not there. So I know that you got shot and that's a sniper because you have to keep your composure but you fucking got shot. You know it's not normal bro, it's a different type of mindset, it's a different type of strong, it's a different type of discipline because self aid comes first, man buddy, eight comes second and then comes the medic.

But if you're engaging and you know who shot you? Fuck all those three, let me kill this time, I'm taking out the fucking threat first. Yeah dude, that's that's that's brilliant man. That's an excellent point to end the conversation on me. I really appreciate this conversation man, thank you very much for sharing your journey, sharing the emotions, all of the things that you've gone through, man. Um I really enjoyed this conversation. Hopefully the audience did as well so much. Love brother. Thank you very much. Thanks brother. Thank you. Likewise man, we cried, we laughed. It was good bro, enjoyed a good session mate. I'll probably have to break this up over two episodes director, make it make it a little bit more uh easy to digest. Yeah, if you're going on a road trip play. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, 100%. Thank you very much brother, I've gotta run now I've got another appointment so we'll catch up soon. Sounds good. Homey, take care. Peace. Yeah, thank you. And that rounds out the final installment of the 2.5 hour conversation with Damien Gilbert.

If you enjoyed this conversation please make sure you share it to your stories and include the links in the show notes for Damien and myself. If you believe your friend and family can benefit from the message, please make sure you pass it off to them. Any five star ratings and reviews are much appreciated. Much love Guys, Peace.

Client Corner: Damian Gilbert part 4
Client Corner: Damian Gilbert part 4
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