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"You and your health have to come first, because it ripples into every other area of your life" - with Simon Hall of Nourish Life Group

by Shaun Kober
March 22nd 2021

 "Real change starts within. If we want something outside of us to change; be it in life, business, income, health, love...we must first look inwards and change there first." - Simon Hall... More

what does it mean to live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best, leave nothing on the table. That's a non negotiable is that I strive to be better every day because if I'm not on top of my game, how is anybody else gonna follow me down the road? Keep demanding more of yourself to, to live up to that potential and to stay hungry. Training is progress. You know, when I look at the word training, I think of steps, baby steps to get somewhere that you want to be and that is basically your life journey. That's a mindset in itself, man, it's like, it's not just about, I know that for you, a lot of that's about the physical, but we're constantly in training, whether it's growing our skill sets, whether it's growing up physical bodies, whether it's growing our relationships whatever and all of that is a training ground and that kind of goes back to the mindset that we just talked about. You underestimate yourself and you don't even start, but then once you start, you often surpass what you thought you could do perform at your best mate. That's that's sort of what life is all about. You don't have the knowledge and have the fitness, the healthy ambition and drive that no matter what comes along.

When that next phone call comes, I can just say yes, I don't have to worry, just go and do it. Hey guys, welcome to the live transform podcast, I'm your host, Sean Cobra and joining me today is my man Simon Hall from bali. how are you brother? I'm great mate. House. Um well it's pretty crazy, isn't it? We're seeing each other from screens. I'm not used to not seeing you in Thailand in tiger, It's weird. Yeah, man, how long has it been since you've been here? Um well I've been here now a year and a half. I had a bit of an issue where I had to get back to England and then get back. But yeah, it's about a year. I've just called it like forced seclusion. Just go off the grid, hide in the jungle somewhere. Yeah, that's your jam though. You enjoy that, don't you? Yeah, I think I'm very similar to yourself mate where I kind of thrive if the world shuts down, I thrive in my own little bubble, that makes sense. I can just go and start doing my own little things, you know, I mean, it's it's kind of played me to my strengths really. If anything, everything that's going on. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

We're going to talk about some of the things that you've been doing over the last year in particular, but all of the things that led you down that path and has allowed you to kind of thrive over the last year. Um but for those people that have been listening to the podcast for a while. Um you've kind of got Simon here to thank for that, partially. Uh probably about a year and a half ago, probably right before you left Thailand actually, um I heard that you had your own podcast and um I was thinking about kicking off my own and my self interest and came and sat down with you and you gave us a quick rundown of, you know what to expect and to start working towards, you know, things now and building a plan and um you know, that type of stuff and and that kind of got the ball rolling for me man, and around about this time last year I flew back to Australia, luckily I got back to Thailand as well right before everything locked down, but I had six weeks off and whilst I was back home in Australia, um I actually bought a heap of podcasting equipment with the intent of doing my podcasting course, learning how, learning the ropes, just kind of figuring shit out as I went, and um as it turns out, I got back to Thailand everything locked down, I was like, right now, the perfect time, I've got all this time, I don't need to, I can't fucking leave my house, so I'm going to, I'm going to pivot and I'm going to learn how to do this shit on the fly and man, I think I'm about 80 episodes in now, and I look back at some of those first episodes and I mean, some of the first episodes is like really fucking good content, but you know, I look back and I'm like, I'm probably gonna need to redo those again at some stage because I was super nervous and I didn't really know what I was doing with, you know, microphone technique and that sort of stuff.

So um you've actually got your own podcast nourish life, we're going to discuss that in a moment, but can you give my audience a little bit of a background of who you are, what you're doing now, um and what your podcast is about? Yeah, for sure, first off me, complete acknowledgements, I completely forgot about was sitting down and having that meeting just kinda just sparked off my head like oh my god we did, and then I remember the day you pulled the trigger was like always going in, he's going in. Yeah dude, I appreciate it man, like you're just your words of knowledge from someone that you know, gone long before me and you know made all those mistakes and you passed on those lessons to me and I was so appreciative bro, have you ever listened back to your first episode? Like completely just like, oh not for a long time, just it's For yeah dude, the first probably 30 or 40 episodes, like I listened back to every single episode once it once it dropped um but I haven't listened since because I was like okay, I I'm not going to fucking listen to that anymore and I was like pushing down to my mates and I was like, please give me some feedback, like be a fucking asshole, don't be yes man, and tell me, you know, everything's good and you're kicking goals and blah blah blah, I'm like, I want to know what I need to fix what I need to improve and you know, the feedback has been really awesome man, so many people like, well one, you swear way too much, but to like your microphone technique is so much better and you're ability to communicate and um you know, just your presentation in general is so much better, so you know, we live and we learn bro, they totally, totally but yeah, totally make a complete Acknowledgments for getting off the floor, you're absolutely flying.

I saw the list of guests that you've got on as well, so it seems like you gathering that momentum now where you start to pull in the big guns, which is awesome, but anyway, you're on, you're on the list mate, you're on that, I appreciate it, I appreciate it. But yeah, anyway, that's the story. Um so pretty much something a lot of people don't actually know about me is that I I nearly went to the olympics as a gymnast, so from the ages of three till it's a really fun story actually, I feel like I I need to show it on the show, so I used to be obsessed with superman when it was like three um and one silly mistake from my family led to them buying me a superman outfit as a as a young fearless energetic kid and I ended up watching the superman movie so I thought I can put my superman outfit on and run and jump down the stairs and I will fly, guess what gravity completely. One, I didn't fly and I broke my arm. So basically once I healed from that my family decided like look we've got a bit of a nutcase of a child, maybe a bit of a. D. H. D. Or whatever but clearly has no sense of death or anything.

So they put me into a gymnastics course um From I literally saw someone do a backflip and just did it into the phone immediately. And then um he was like I was about 34 literally but I just didn't even think just jump back and like like I might have landed on my hands and then you should be like no one has ever done that. So immediately coach was like we need this kid. So from the age of four till 1314, I basically just trained every single day as a gymnast. Um there's a pro and a con in that obviously you missed quite a lot of childhood, you're on nutritional regimes, you're you lose a lot of your childhood through training your entire social circle X. Y. Z. Is revolving around the sport Um about the age of like 12, I was getting to a high level, but I had completely fallen out of love with the sport, I was done, I I resented showing up and I just kept going because my family believed in me so much, they sacrificed so much for me to be there, I found it really, really hard to leave, it was auditioning for about two years, I did the whole Colin McGregor left, came back, I left, came back and they just got fed up with having leaving parties for me, but eventually I did leave and I found myself very stuck, so leaving elite sport um at such an age, I really struggled because I didn't really know what else was in the world, I trained for a clear goal for So much of my life and then that that had gone, I had nothing to work towards.

So from about the age of 14, 15, 16, going through academia, which I wasn't greater, I just, I'm not good at learning in that fashion. Um it was quite rebellious kids, I was going to say you clearly, you clearly learned by doing your kinesthetic learner, you fucking grew up doing gymnastics, man, sitting, sitting, sitting in a classroom with someone riding on a chalkboard or white board or whatever, I don't want to age you bro, but exactly, exactly, but then the other issue is as well because I followed so much structural in my life when I came away from it, I just couldn't like copes your, I love you so much because I honestly, it inspires the living shit out of me and I wish I could have that piece what you have got, which is that discipline, the ability to sit in a fucking chair and not move like just focus on one thing and unfortunately cause that was my life for so long and I resented it, I just went the complete opposite way, so I ended up really rebellious like so at school um the entrepreneurial sparking, he came out, I was selling sweets at school, I was making so much money selling sweets and lockers full of sweet selling trainers from china or selling cds, skim dvds like cigarettes imported from table because they, by buying a pack of cigarettes for Dude, I've got mates, I mean I've left home at 14, but I had made that were like rolling into school and buying a packet of cigarettes and just like selling them for a dollar each and making bank bro, they didn't smoke themselves, but they were just hustling it because you used to take your money, go and buy more from the tuck shop and sell it, it's just like this anyway, so basically in school that's when I realized I had a bit of a knack for doing that sort of stuff, but I didn't really understand what I was doing, I got quite a bit of trouble Um as you can imagine it from that anyway, I had the whole like little car wash, so I had all my friends on the estate, there's about 14 of us, I go and get the sale, knock on the door.

It's like, Hey, we want to wash your car, I'd close the deal and get my friends to go in and wash the car. That was another little thing. But anyway, that was, that was that from that age, I realized I kind of had that little um, nak um, so anyway, coming out of school, going to college, I kind of had the entrepreneurial spirit, but I ended up going into the fitness industry within the fitness industry, I was part of, uh, and probably helped build one of the UK's biggest coaching companies. And then from that I suddenly realized the, a huge business lesson was that if something is built on your shoulders, you are the sticking point in that businesses growth. So for me, even though we're one of the highest priced coaching companies in the UK, we were charged, a lot of people were traveling from all over England to come in like a train, I had no time, I was doing nothing for myself, I was just seeing and I'm a person that likes to help people. So like if I've got a waiting list that's full, I'll still try and move people and not for the money because in my eyes, this person needs help, but I just completely blew myself up, I had burn out, I was helping every man and his dog and at this time the whole online coaching, I just started to see opportunities online.

So very early to the gay, I think we were one of the first companies to actually go online, we then build a global team and we created something called body composition coaching again was very young at this point, so we ended up with a large online coaching company was going to say, what year was this mate and how old were you? That was 21, but there's so many lessons, there's so many lessons like that business getting the amount of income I was getting at that age and dude, at that point in my life I was doing everything from like photo shoot model in an X Y zed, so I've become quite Not, I still think this is from gymnastics from coming away from something where I didn't, I still didn't know who, I was so from the age of like 15 all the way through to 21, I think I was just, I was, I was just off course doing everything for everything else and more to the point live in my life, trying to please the people and yeah, that's a great point man, you're getting pulled in multiple directions and because you didn't understand what your values were like, you're allowing that to happen. Yeah, completely, Just backing from pillar to post, just not listening as well.

And although we ended up with the business was doing really, really well, it blew up and it just got to a point where effectively I took a very big business slip. That was my first, if your business and you've not had a failure, you've not really had a business, you know, that was the first big hit and I went from being at the top of the sky penthouse two parking lot moment, like, completely, like it was, it was one, it's big, but fortunately some of the people who were training, we had like a lot of like billionaire clients and stuff like that. So I actually went and spoke to me like, look, you're 21 this has happened, you've got your eyes, you've got your ears, you've got your nose, you've got all these senses, you can go again. I was like, okay, yeah, well forward man, there's a lesson in this big time, big time. So after licking my wounds, um, getting a little bit of pride, uh, like gaining my pride back over a couple of years, I just, I suddenly realized I was like, right, I started to pay a lot of attention to myself and about 20-24 hours, like I am the problem in a lot of areas of my life right now.

I have fucked my health of, I can't relationships, I'm horrendous. I'm meeting amazing people, but I'm messing them up. I was like business, that was my fault, that was my fault, that was my ego, that was my ex wife said that created that to happen and I just looked at all these areas in my life and I was like, it was just that moment of complete ownership, I was like, this is all my fault. And then I put a post up on social media today, I was like, we really are a product of the questions that we ask ourselves and that was the first point where I think I really started to ask myself the right questions and you just touched upon on it beautifully was who am I, what do I want, where am I going? Like what are my values, how do I want to lead my life? Um and then, even though a lot fell from under me, I rebuilt my life from 23 24 25 onwards, so what I wanted to do, I want to go and travel the world, I want to meet amazing people such as yourself, I want to connect with people who are doing things, I want to be inspired by my environment.

I want to wake up every day knowing that I'm creating something that's moving forward and helping people, do you know what I mean? And I just looked, it was like, Yeah, and and it's kind of, I love now that people actually like, oh shit, you actually, you live what you speak about because I can remember when I had that coach in business and I didn't. Yeah, Yeah, Dude, like something, something I say all the time um to my clients and on the podcast is, you know, don't practice what you preach, preach what you practice. I think that's super important man and do it. Like That takes incredible awareness for 22, 23, 24 year old kid too, go you know what, I'm going to fucking take ownership, I need to be accountable for the position that I'm in right now. The decisions that I've made in the past have led me to where I'm at right now and I need to fucking front up and I can't point the finger at other people and I need to, I need to own up to that and you know, put my balls on the line and say, what do I need to do to get myself out of this position and keep myself moving forward in the direction that is going to be serving me, rather than sabotaging me, Let's talk about that for a moment.

Like how did your life change when you did take that ownership and put that accountability back on yourself? It sounds so spiritual and we would have changed overnight. It literally did. Um and this is a really weird correlation that I see and has happened multiple times in my life when you really choose, I generally believe that when you choose change at A level that's deeper than superficial things start to show up very quick mate within this is how I ended up in Thailand I met you, I think it was the first time I was a young pup at the time, I don't know if you can remember, but I met you on the first one of my first trips out there and literally the next day, I was like, I want to go and travel, will immediately something popped up which was a business event in Thailand to pick, it was like okay, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna go with that and yeah, it was, it was quite a weird thing, things just started showing up very, very quick and the more that I started to really narrow in on things, the more of the right things started to show up if that makes sense, and like my story is very simple and it's just like really listen to yourself, like what's actually coming through and all I did was I just became a master of Being able to get still enough even if it was just for 10 minutes in the morning to really listen, am I spending my time on the right things around the right people is what I am lined up to do today actually gonna move me forward or am I wasting time And I just started to run through this set sequence of questions um for me, do you know what I mean?

And effectively one of the biggest things that I've done and I speak about and I teach a lot now is like really set in your day up to help you with that because like now obviously I kind of cut that story when I was 22, now with the amount of businesses and investments that we've got, I need to, I need to make sure I'm 100% to show up for team relationship, business partners in like the full board needs me at my best and I am doing a disservice to everyone, not just the people who were serving, but everyone, if, if that's not this and I think we live in a world where like, people, people feel guilty for really just taking control of their own lives, a taking control, but really like creating boundaries around rest, looking after their own health, setting time out to get mentally clear set in time out, you know what I mean? To kind of like plan goals, I heard a crazy statistic through the day, a speaking event, which was um 90, of people who come up with goals, don't achieve them and I was like, right, that's 3% of people who actually write down goals actually achieve them, like what actually is that?

And it was the simple thing was Everyone has goals, but the biggest percentage, the biggest factor in that was only the 3%, write them down and make it real, they write it down to a point where they can plan it and they can create the, they can ask the right questions and it's kind of taking those things and giving yourself a dashboard where you can kind of see am I moving forward? I am I not? And you, the questions get stronger, the answers give you the data and things, just everything just lines up and that's pretty much it really, that was kind of the whole story really is just really kind of finding the target, lining everything up, making sure that I was the best that I could be to hit that target, you know what I mean? And then just continual action and another a couple of other big things in that little story for me was I had to overcome quite a lot, such as like fear of judgment, like I was always, I I stopped doing things because I was always scared of what other people would say, you know, and I'm a strong believer that were a lot of us a great goal setting, maybe we don't achieve them or we don't write them down, but a lot of us are very good at finding the picture of the future, it's something that I find a lot of people don't do is fear set, like actually be honest with yourself and go, you know, like I want this, but what's actually going to get in the way, like what am I actually scared of?

Because those are the things that all get in the way of you achieving that. So that's why I really a point man. That's very well put me like that whole passage was amazing and I've just written down the heat for things that I want to go back and touch on, so it's gonna take a little time to unpack all this bro. But that was awesome man. But something you just said then the fear set, I don't think I've ever heard that before. Um that's awesome man and you know, I can relate this to my time in Afghanistan, right? Like I was in a four man sniper team and going out on patrol. I fucking knew that there were certain points that if we pass there, we were always going to get in the shit, we're always going to end up in a firefight. We knew that that's where the bad dudes, where that's where the Taliban were and as soon as we passed that fucking line in the sand man, it was like right, it's game on and you know, we get our orders the day before and it's like this is where we're going, we're like, all right, we know we need to go through our battle prep, we know we need to prepare ourselves mentally and you know, it's it's you know, it's all well and good to look at the positives and be like, well we're going to do this, we're gonna do that.

And it was like, all right, we need to risk mitigate as well. These are the these are the things that are likely going to come up. These are, you know, the risk that we're gonna be facing, like how can we mitigate them as much as possible? And it's about looking those risks in the eye and then going right, we need to come up with a plan for if that does happen, worst case fucking scenario, we need to be able to deal with it on the ground, you know, I think that's a great point, man. Um and again, dude, do you want to add anything to that before I wind us back? Get us back on a couple of those points? No, actually kind of Yeah, because you're in, you're in a country with an amazing story of this, 100% you're correct about the whole, like once you're aware of what you're scared of what you're you're held back for, you can then start to do the things they're going to move you forward and I used to suffer really bad with anxiety and when I was ill prepared for the fear to trigger my anxiety would go through the roof to the point where it was debilitating and I think what you guys say is that you either move forward or you retreat, you don't stay still.

Am I correct in saying that? And I always found, and I always found when I was ill prepared for fear I would be anxious and stay still. So that was kind of one of the, one of the key things, but there's a really amazing story and it originates from Thailand um and it's, it's really like quite a powerful thing on this and it's not about basically tell the stories is so a young traveler was traveling to Thailand and obviously in Thailand when you're driving down the road, you see the little elephants unfortunately have the chain to the leg and it's tied up, isn't it? Now this traveler saw the elephant and he said to the zookeeper, he's like excuse me, there's you've got, you've got an elephant here which is a fully grown elephant, a fully fully grown elephant, but yet it's tied to something that it can easily break free from which is a log in the sand or like a little peg, it's like how come the elephant doesn't run off? How does it not realize its own strength and just make a move? And basically the zookeeper says to the travelers like from a young age when it's a baby, we we chain the elephant to the peg and it runs, it runs and it's not big enough to pull it and it keeps doing it, it keeps doing it over a year or two, It just can't break free.

So eventually it stops and um as obviously the other thing gets bigger and it gets to a full size. It just, it just doesn't try, it doesn't make that thing, it doesn't make them remembers it remembers that it put in the effort and it wasn't achieving the results. So it creates this psychological cage finger finger limiting belief. And and that was the same thing, like what was trying to say in that story about fear is the things that were holding me back. We're always belief orientated like I was that little elephant, the little boy who kept running up and those old things that hadn't quite worked out fear of failure bank and pulled me back and it stopped me doing the thing that I needed to do, you know? And eventually once I started to realize this, I I kind of pin to something else, is that right? I'm scared of these things. These are the things that are in the way these are my fears, these are my beliefs. But a lot of people have like, like a to do list, don't they? You know what I mean? And you start to notice like I need to do this, I need to do this and you start to notice like there's certain things that keep showing up on the to do list, like I need to do a piece of content, I need to make that connection to that celebrity which I've been saying for the past three years, I need to do this and it's your to do list.

All the things that are still staying on your to do list or out of the things that where your fears showing up in day to day life, you know, and they're usually things that couldn't stop moving forwards as well. So yeah, or your I should list is your you're scared of list. I should do this and you're scared of doing that. So yeah, that is a big topic, man. Yeah, dude, that's a great point, man. There's and again, there's there's so many things that are that we need to unpack before we kind of move on. I want to before we get too far away from it. I want to go back to what you said about when you your mindset literally changed overnight when you took accountability and responsibility for where you're at and you know, it set a trajectory for the path that you want to move on. Your mindset changed overnight. Now I say this all the time. Like if you're looking for shit in your life, you're going to find shit in your life. If someone says you don't think about the yellow car, you're going to think about the yellow car. So as soon as you take that ownership and accountability and you say, all right, well I need to start doing things for myself and you kind of you might not necessarily understand exactly what your values are right there and then.

But when you take that responsibility and you all right, I need to change my circumstances, that means I need to change how I'm conducting myself every single day. When you do that man, those things start showing up for you. And the thing is like they were probably happening in your life before you just weren't aware of them, where you weren't keeping eye out for them. But as soon as you do change your mind, set those things now, all of a sudden they become part of the picture and you start seeing them and then you follow that path for a little bit and then that path gets a little bit clearer and you gain more clarity and you know, it's it's a pretty cool progression. Um Talk to me about that progression for you. Once you did take that accountability, responsibility and then set that trajectory for your life. Like What happened then 1st thing I always say to people like, don't wait till it's too late if you're not listening to the signals. Like if you're not happy doing something, if they're there, you're getting signs every single day that something is right or is that something is wrong At that point in my life, 90% of the signals were wrong, but I kept going, I kept going.

You know, I got punched in the face. You know, if you are not listening to the universal signs that something is not correct. You will be slammed. That could be a relationship fall down. That could be a health problem, that could be business bankruptcy, that could be addiction. It could be coming home one night and your kids say to you, we don't like you anymore. You never hear, you know, there's the universal the universe will slap you in a way to wake you up for me. I wasn't listening. And it took me, it literally took me to get punched in the face and flawed before I went get it listening. Okay, I have nothing. I've got no more excuses. I can't go and mingle and do all this. I've got nothing now. So it's like, ok, I've actually got to listen. It's like, right, I haven't been paying attention for the last yeah, I haven't been paying attention for the last couple of years, but now I'm going to fucking you've made me pay attention. Exactly. And you just you just summed it up really well, is that what you focus on? You get? You know? Um at one point in my life, I was focused on everything from riches for our reason, all that sort of stuff, which is cool, but you can have those and not be happy.

Um And then I changed it. I was like, you know what, I actually just want love in my life, I want to wake up feeling inspired. I want X. Y. Zed. And the thing that I noticed from this is people set goals, okay goals are feelings, goals are emotionally driven. What is the emotion you're actually after that's behind that goal, you know and a lot of people don't want, you might want to look good but why it's confidence, you know, like what is the all love or like what is the actual emotion you're chasing? You're chasing a goal correct? But the emotion behind that is the deeper reason that that goal is important to you and that's what you need to focus on for me. I was focused on the looking good, the glam, the girls and all that sort of stuff. But what I was focused on the wrong things and when I flipped that focus to, I want to wake up inspired, I want to feel like connected to social circles, like I was in social circles where I wasn't connected to them, I was just showing up for people, you know, I want to like feel, look I want a partner, like and and those are the certain things, it's really like hone in and then after you kind of aware of the emotions that you move in, it doesn't have to be attached onto a massive goal.

You can immediately create those little feelings through little actions every single day. I don't feel connected to other people, I'm not connected to myself, okay, maybe let's start there, you know? Um it's just those sorts of things. Dude, that's a great point and one of the notes that I wrote down earlier was um selfish versus selfless and you know myself, my ex girlfriend used to run these health retreats down in Tasmania before I came to Thailand and you know, for the most part, like most of the people on those retreats were women and they were like stay at home moms and I would ask them like my my ex was you know that she was the kind caring person and I was and I was the dude that was coming in just like straight talking and I was like who is the most important person in your life and they're all like, oh my kids, my husband, I'm like wrong you are because if you're not at your best, how can you be at your best for other people? And you know, this is the difference between being selfish and selfless because if you want to be at your best for other people and you want to be selfless and serve others, then you first need to be at your best yourself and that means that you need to get up a little bit earlier than you need to before you get the kids lunches ready or make their breakfast or whatever.

Get up like how much time you're dedicating to yourself, Get up 20 minutes early and do some meditation, do some yoga, have a coffee, like, you know, watch the sunrise or get a little bit of movement in or whatever. It is, something that is going to set you up for your own day, put you on the front foot so that you can be selfless towards other people, but you first need to be selfish with yourself. Mhm. Bingo is totally true. I mean, you see it in the business world left, right and center in corp I love how in different sectors of life it shows up differently. That's another huge correlation. Like in business it shows up in health or relationships, you know, it always comes around in different things. Like if you're not looking after the key person, it will show up somewhere, it will show up something like you cannot connect to your partner if you are like ill connected to yourself and you're not happy, you're not gonna make anyone else happy if you're not happy period, you know? And yeah, you kind of can like, you kind of lie to yourself as well, like these points, you don't feel great when someone's like, oh, how are you?

And you're like, yeah, I'm great. But deep down you're like, no, I feel like, shit, you know, it's it really is really is just yeah, like having, having Ferraris and girls and like the high flying life and all that sort of stuff and you know, that's, that's material possessions and a lot of people, they aren't at a, you know, uh a consciousness level that is serving them and having a look at their, you know, their underlying values and creating these actions and behaviors that are going to align with them. So when people aren't doing that, they live um an externally validated life through material possessions. Well, I'm going to buy this for this reason because I want to I want to have the brand shoes or the brand car or whatever it might be. You know, like that's that's that's hedonistic adaptation is you buy that thing and you feel good for a couple of days and then that feeling is gone again and then you buy the next thing and then you adapt to that.

And then that feeling is gone again. You need to continue buying things and this is the consumer driven world that we live in. Now. If you flip the script like you did and you look at where you're at and what to put you in that position, take ownership of all your actions decisions and create some value in your life, then it makes it so much easier to then go all right, this is what I need to be selfless. And that means that I need to look after myself so I can be at my best for myself so that I can be at my best for other people and you know that's fulfillment. And you said emotions before emotions to drive drive decisions and for me man, like fulfillment and achievement is that fucking thing that makes me feel on top of the world, you know, you said, you said earlier, like I'm disciplined and I, you know, I've always got my shit squared away and I'm always working on personal growth and study and bettering myself and that's because I feel fulfilled doing that stuff. I'm achieving things every single day. I'm ticking boxes, I'm achieving little winds every single day, man and you know when I wake up with purpose and I have achievement, I'm taking those boxes every single day, guess what?

I feel fucking great about myself, You know, I don't need external validation from other people, I don't need external validation from things, you know, I'm I'm constantly validating myself by living in line my values and fucking being the person that I want to be every single day bingo. There's a really good lesson in that as well. It's like a lot of people want something for confidence if I have that bag or those new shoes or if I achieve that body, I will get confident. It's not your confidence in your self esteem raises in the journey and the daily actions, you don't just fucking get, you know, confidence will come yes, when you're there, but it's actually sculpted in your daily actions, your growth is your actions period, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And and going back to what you said earlier, like that's where growth is, it's it's in that it's in that fear. You know, if you constantly stay in your comfort zone, you're never going to grow like we need a little bit of stress, just a little bit of stress. We need to condition ourselves to a little bit of stress so that we shift the needle and we can move a little bit for further forward.

And that what was uncomfortable before is no longer uncomfortable and then we continue doing that and you know, how do you build self confidence and self esteem is you fucking show up and you do the things that you said you're going to do, You know? So you don't need to set these big audacious goals where you know, I'm going to lose whatever 10 kg in the next three months like go right, I'm going to lose one kg in the next month. What does that mean? That means I need to attract my calories every day. That means I need to manage my energy balance. That means I need to eat clean the majority of the time. It means I need to sleep enough blah blah blah. Like you know those things what you're doing every single day is what leading you to achieving that goal and like I said doesn't, it shouldn't be a massive goal. It should be something where you're taking those boxes every single day because that achievement then breeds self confidence and what was uncomfortable before is no longer uncomfortable and then you, you reset those goal posts and then you go again and you keep doing that over and over and over again. It's about setting your day up for winds big time.

Big time. Really, really is. I mean I'm in a position now where it's the beginning of my day is self focused. So from five till 10 a.m. It's me learning setting a day up, you know, spend time just on my own training, yoga, mobility, all that sort of stuff. After the day it's team, I then focus on my team because my team move everything else forwards and then after that it's it's people like I'll then open myself up to the world and and that's now my boundaries. Morning is me who's gonna move the needle for the next team, who's after that people service podcast, exercise that. Um and that's how I said, look. But going back to that as well as like when people can we just pause there for a second. Yeah, for sure. Just for people listening. The first what, four hours, five hours self? Oh yeah, then the team then others and like we just said, if you want to serve others, you want to be your best for other people, you need to be at your best for yourself and then your team and then your team is going to look after others.

Yeah, I I learned that the hard way I look, I'm speaking on hill and they think like there are some days where it doesn't happen. But I fucking know, I know like if I like I am my best when I show up like that and like what works for me might not work for somebody else. And I really think the beautiful thing about coaching and like what you guys do is you've got to give people the toolkit to go and work out what works for them, you know? Um, and obviously some people have different circumstances as well, but for me, if I don't follow that structure, um, it really shows like I, I noticed I'm ill clarity, I'm ill focused. Um, uh, you can make it like if I don't go to the gym in the morning and I opened up my emails and I'm certainly stressed at something. I now have an excuse not to go to the gym later. Like remove all my excuse, I have no excuse when I'm not opened myself up to the world. I'm in my own bubble, me, me, me, me, me 9, 10 o'clock, okay, triggers pulled bang, Let's go. You know, and it's just making sure that I'm in, I'm in the right space. And um, the reason that I kind of came to this is like, you can, you can, you can be the happiest person in the world like you can have anything in the world, you can have everything you could have achieved all the successes, but if you're sat on the beach with everything that you ever dreamed of in your life and then suddenly you've got a kind of pain and your energy is gone and you know what I mean?

It's your quality of life drops and I think this is why it's so important that you service your health before anything like you and your health has to come first because if you've not got your health, you've not got your energy, your confidence is gonna go, your self esteem is going to go, it's gonna ripple into every other area of life. And I really think if you can create boundaries around health, self esteem, confidence, time and energy, your major assets in life, everything else will grow and thrive around you. And the biggest shift that I see and I said this at the beginning is like a lot of people feel really guilty about putting themselves first. A lot of people feel really guilty about having boundaries and the perception of it's really wrong. It's like if I do this, people gonna hate me and it's like maybe the wrong people and this is the other thing, like you're being selfish, okay, so you want me to stop doing the thing that's better in me so that I could do something for you who's the selfish one, like let's really think of that paradox. So I think once you really like change, change that you start to attract better when you're being better when you're doing better when you're growing things around you, grow things around you thrive and and that's really the big thing on that.

And just before we pause another great little exercise um and I spoke about this when we did the speaking gig on the 10 day event is the thing that really really helped me the most was I call it the core four areas of life. Um and so I have a yearly one, I have a monthly one, have a weekly one and I do it daily. So this is how I break things down, health, mental health, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health box number one Box # two Love relationships, social circles, family kids, dogs, area number three business money, you know, personal growth education area number four Adventure life travel like and the way I set things up is those are really like the core for things number one, if I'm not healthy, none of the other four can happen, I have to make this my priority goal. So go for the year, then goes for the month, maybe the week and then what do I need to do?

Like what my daily actions to make sure that this happens and then the same in the other is like if you're not like again going, going down to love, if you know like if you suddenly feeling a little bit like isolated and yes we are in lockdown and exercise just pick up the phone and send a what's up to three messages and start a conversation with someone who you've not spoken to for a while and you'll notice just from that will help you in the future like like it's just mental and the thing that I love about all the beautiful thing about this topic of conversation is it threads into every single area of life and when you really start to understand that every single action is a transaction with your future self. Everything you do every transaction in time. Every action you are transacting with who you're going to be in the future. That text message you just sent to that person a yes you'll feel better because you'll be in a sense of communication connection with them. But they might remember you next time and opportunity opens up and send it back your way like little things just start to ripple an echo and um you know it's this in fat loss and body composition in like your industry.

If we put it down into that is like the transaction with yourself is an echo. It might not happen straight away. Such as if you eat the salad, you're not going to lose the weight tomorrow or in a month or X. Y. Z. But it will echo through into the future like and what you do today might not show up immediately if you understand that the bigger echo will bounce back further down the line, you know what I mean? And you start leading things through that way, you know, you start doing things like that Yeah, I love that bro, one of my favorite quotes is don't judge a day by the harvest that you reap, but by the seeds that you plant that and do this, this is what I'm doing the podcast man, like you know, I bought a new laptop, I bought, you know, all the equipment software, um you know intro music and all that sort of stuff, like, you know, subscriptions for, you know the different types of software and spent fucking Man, I've got like 80 episodes of some in some episodes took me like five hours to put together when I was researching and recording and editing and uploading and Blah Blah Blah Blah, so you know it's been a massive investment for me and I have not made a single cent from anything I'm doing on the podcast, but it was never about making money, of course, at some stage I'm going to monetize it, but I'm planting the seeds now, I'm creating myself as an authority in the space people, you know, someone that people can listen to and go, well I trust what this dude has to say, he's put out fucking You know, 80 episodes, he's got these amazing guests on that are all pretty much saying the same thing, you know, like when is this dude going to put out some programs, some online coaching, some nutrition e books and things like that and I'm building towards that, you know, but again it's planting seeds and you know, there's not always, like you said, there's not always going to be an immediate return, we need to move away from this instant gratification and we need to start doing things for ourselves to like you said, invest in our future.

Yeah, exactly. That like the other thing is as well with the podcast is like you've done the podcast, but the other thing is you've just created 88 interviews with different people, like you have now connected with those people, you've grown your connection list, you've grown your um like your touch points, like they'll be able to connect with other people to help you and and that sort of process just in itself will grow you even further, you know? It's yeah, that's a temple, That's a great point dude, great point man. You know, so many people, I've got a couple of mates are like, why the fuck are you investing so much time, energy, effort money into the podcast? And if you're not getting any return on it right now, and I'm like, you know what, like I get to talk to some amazing people and I get to educate um my listeners, my audience on, you know, certain topics people ask me questions and I'm like, I know the answer to that, but I'm going to go and double check my information, I'm going to present it in a manner that, you know, is understandable to an eight year old, you know, so I'm getting to learn this stuff again and I'm getting to reinforce these ideas and you know, getting to talk to amazing people like yourself that you know, are achieving big things in their own industries and in their own careers and things like that and men, like it's, I'm doing this as much for myself as I am for other people.

I love it, it's part of this is this is part of my personal and professional growth bro, you can't cheat, you can't cheat a long form conversation, right? Totally. But then the same thing is as well, like you're actually helping people, like, you know, you might never get the money, but you might have just stopped that guy pulling, you know, blowing his brains out. Like your conversation might genuinely help someone who's in a bad place changed their life, you know, and this is a fun thing about social media as well, like you don't realize who's watching or who's listening, like yes, you get like some valid a Tory things, but when the DM hits from the person who's never made themselves noticed, like, hey, I watched this a few days ago, it really helped. I've been going through some troubles, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and you're like, that's what fucking matters, not the likes, not this, but you're doing something that's growing your Yeah, but you're genuinely helping people and selfless service will give you more growth than immediate gratification here. It mm man, you make a really good point there and you know, I've received numerous messages um over the last probably like nine months or so, that I've had the podcast going, um you know, I had some messages before I start the podcast, but they've, you know, they've ramped up a little bit since I've started a podcast where, you know, never heard from these people, I don't know who they are, they just send me a message like, thank you so much.

You know, your podcast has helped me and you're the content that you put out really resonates. And you know, I love the angle that you take, and I love how real you are and blah, blah, blah. And like, I've literally had people say, you know, I probably wouldn't be here if I hadn't found your content, man. And dude, like some of these messages fucking brings a tear to my eye, May I get super emotional, I'm like, I don't know how to respond to that. I'm like, man, I'm I'm really fucking glad that you reached out to me, I'm really glad that you're still here to send me this message and it means so much to me and like, you know, I don't ask, I don't I'm not doing it for those people to get those messages of gratification? But man, when you get that, when you get those types of messages, just like you've indicated rights like, fuck man, like, if I get one of those messages a year, it's worth it. Yeah, that's that's what it's all about, and it's maybe like, you can have £100 for the for the one episode or you genuinely just help someone changed the life who's now go and tell, going to go and tell another 100 people about you and how it was you. Here's here's something in school.

There was one teacher whose name, you remember, who helped you when you were young. Everyone's got emotional attachment to a teacher, but who the fuck are the rest of the other teachers? You remember the person who really helped you, who were genuinely selflessly served you when they didn't need to. The one that went over, like, over the over the odds of that person, you will take that person's name to your grave, but I don't remember any of the other teachers? Yeah, great point dude, um I want to go back to the four areas of your life that you spoke about before. Um Can you go through them again? Was health, love, business and adventure, is that right, yep. So there's four key areas, and if you just break it down into the simple word, yes, health, all areas, uh love and connection, business and growth, and uh, like life goals, like what do you want to do and it's 1234 like in order cool, I just want to use that as an example for people listening of how, you know, you're going to need to prioritize some of those more than others at certain times of your life, like, you know, you might need and this is what I used to do when I was in Australia, man, I'd work for eight or nine months every year and then I'd go travelling for 234 months every year.

Um, and I'd come Thailand or trained for a month, you know, I build my website or right online, um my online coaching program or um, e books or whatever it might be. Um, but that was, you know, when I was in Australia, it was all about business. I was kind of business and relationship and then when I was traveling it was all about the adventure, right? So I was prioritizing those different elements at different times in my life and you know, that ability to focus on one or two things at a time and really prioritize that of course other areas are going to take a little bit of a hit and they might slip a little bit, but you need to, you know, they're still going to be things that you're going to do that's kind of going to minimize the damage and be able to maintain those things whilst you focus on these other things. But then, you know, understanding that when you do have the time to focus on the other things like the adventure and the love and connection, whatever, then you know the other things that the career and the business and things like that might take a little bit of a hit as well. So I think it's important for people to understand that you can't fucking keep all all of those balls.

If you're juggling all of those balls at once, you can't keep them all up at the same time. You know something has to give. So if you're prioritizing one thing then you need to understand and you need to be aware and ready to let some of those other things slip. But you also need to understand what your non negotiables are for each one of those areas. Big time. Big time. I I was always, I always think I always goes in phases, like even when again if you look down to health and like if you go, so say for example, you've got health, strength, Body composition, exercise, like as soon as you move the needle, so if you're going to go 100% into body composition, don't be surprised if your health starts like a huge deficit Blah Blah Blah. Health and energy going to take it. So like whatever you bias to at that moment, make yourself aware of what plates might start to bubble. Like I've got a big month in business but I need to make sure I'm doing the small impactful things to my family to keep that play up. You know, just kind of like find the phase and work out the non negotiables in those areas.

And the other thing is that as well and that is communicate it. Like you'll be amazed at how just simply like even in a fat loss goal, like communicate like a lot of people struggle because they don't communicate to the partner, they don't communicate for loved ones of the team. It's like, hey guys just like, you know, I kind of feel like this at the minute I need to make this change in my life. These are the benefits. However, it's, I am maybe every Wednesday and Tuesday I'm going to go into this class and it might just take a little bit of time away. But what it will give in return is I'll have much more energy to spend with you through the day. I'll be able to stay up later with you in the evenings, you know what I mean? And actually have the real conversation of your goals, the pros and the cons and talk it through people and I really think like a lot of people struggle because they just don't express or communicate what it is that they do and they'll just go and do it and so there was like, well she's changed, he's different now, you know? Just tell him, yeah, dude, I'm not sure if you've ever experienced this, but um I've actually in my coaching career in I don't know how I feel about this because you know, I've helped change someone's life numerous times, but there's been times where the person that I'm coaching, once I've been, they've been with me for a year or something like that and we've made these incremental changes day after day, week after week, month after month, they're a completely different person.

And then what happens is their relationship breaks down, they end up becoming getting divorced because they've grown as a person and their partner is still the same fucking person they were and then this resentment creeps in and you know people just outgrow other people and I mean like I said, I don't know how I feel about that. Have you experienced anything like that's true? I've had it with myself, I've been through that myself and I've seen that a lot, I've seen it from my friends, business partners and stuff like that and I was just like like communication again, going back to that point if you could have communicated those things and like you can make you can make a relationship stronger by communicating it. I'd love you to come involved, maybe we should do this together maybe every week and you can like communication provides the problems and it provides a solution and if we don't communicate we can't find that ground, you have not communicated to your partner, you're on this transformation change and growth and now he's watching you change or she's watching you change and doesn't feel involved or like you know what I mean and it could just take, it doesn't want to be involved, let's communicate this.

Yeah and I think communication will get like a like communication will give you the correct data, is this for me? Is this against me? And and that's when you can go make the rational decisions instead of waiting for ages like the person will if they are with you they will help you, they will maybe like there won't be any resistance, you just know, do you know what I mean? Is that like purple elephant in the room? I know when I was in this position in a relationship and I wasn't communicating it it was my fault, I wasn't communicating, I was doing all of these things trying to grow and move away and I could have made it inclusive and I didn't I didn't realize I wasn't really communicating and I kind of like didn't really include the person what I was trying to do and I now with the head I've got on my shoulders and going through things, I generally think like that could have been a completely different, it could have led like that could have helped that situation you know, but I wasn't the person who could have done that or communicated at that point. So I think that's one of the big things. If you are embarking on something, you just explain to people.

Yeah, yeah. And I mean to add to that some people are going to go on that journey with you and they're going to grow alongside you, but if they don't want to go on that journey and they want to stay exactly where they are and they don't want to make any changes, then you're going to grow and unfortunately you're probably going to grow apart but that's going to happen man. Like you are literally a product of your environment, but you create your environment. So you know, if you've got people, you know the have you had the analogy of the crabs? Oh yeah, in the book it yeah, tell my listeners that they probably heard it from me. So you explain it. Okay, crabs in the book, is it actually it actually works as well. But if you remember this when I was a kid him a little well he's going crabbing with my dad. If you put crabs in a book, it basically when one tries to escape your the crabs will reach up and pull it back down into the book it and it's the same thing if you're around that sort of environment um like fuck you. And it's the worst thing is about humans is we're so smart and manipulative that we can be really fucking passive in it.

Like for example, I I I'm so weird like when I go for dinners and stuff, I just hear slide dig comments and like for like ordering a salad looks like oh you're on the health train again, you know what I mean? It's like just look like people really communicate the bullshit that's going on with themselves in laughter and guessed the truth speaks ingest in my eyes. And something that can be masters a joke is actually something that's trying to pull you down like oh you're doing that health, oh you're doing that vegan thing or whatever, you know what I mean? But it really is that question a book. It just just watch watch people your your project. Excuse me? Your projection to the world is a reflection of your inner environment. Mhm Yeah, mate, this is on the fucking Yeah man, this has been an incredible conversation, mate. There's there's I mean I sent you a list of questions that we haven't even touched on yet. Do you want to go back to the Um man, this is I mean kind of tying into your areas um your four key areas of life.

I am an ambassador for Swiss eight, which is a proactive mental health program and you know this kind of ties into everything that we've been talking about because if you are proactive about the life that you want to lead and the person you want to become, then you know, you're gonna be setting yourself up every single day rather than being reactive. So you were saying earlier, the first five hours of the day, you're working on yourself, you're being proactive rather than being reactive and answering emails and messages and all that type of stuff. Now Um the Swiss aid app is on all platforms and it encompasses eight pillars of health and wellness to allow people to schedule in and structure there, eight pillars which are sleep, nutrition, discipline, time management, fitness, personal growth, mindfulness and minimalism. Now, which one of those pillars is most important for you right now? And have they changed over time for me? I mean growth phase at the minute I took a break last year, I called it my Crouching Tiger Year, I needed a reassessment of things last year, so I took the year this when I was in Thailand that was the start of, it took a year off as I for once in my life, I'm not going to have a goal, I struggled so I'm not gonna work towards, I'm just, my only goal is just to be, still work on myself, learn something new and kind of like really work out what you see me, sure if I if I get something in my eyes, I'm very just very laser targeted and I wanted to work out what the next phase of my life and everything else, I'm better at that now, I'm better.

But you used to, I'd burn everything down to the floor and he's like, oh this is great, but now I've got these three areas which are fucked, oh and I'm massively overweight. But yeah, for me at the minute I'm in growth phase and last year was all about, I I just called it my year of clarity, I'd hit 30, I wanted a few things to change. Um I think this is something worth speaking about as well. I generally think we go through phases of change and I actually looked at this, I did some research on, it could be worth females every eight years. Men every 10, we go through a phase where suddenly things apparently this is, there is literature on it, but we, we go through like these phases where we actually evolve and grow and I thought that that was crap and then I hit 29 28 29 30 and I was like, uh okay, I kind of want a bit of change in things, I want to kind of move businesses directions, I want the next year in my life to refocus on different things. So I just was like, stop, right, it's refocused, let's get clear, let's work on the health, get into a really good position with energy and what not before we pull the trigger and literally now we are pulling the trigger on quite a lot of new brands and things that we bring into the market and stuff which is really exciting.

So yeah, that was the longest answer to your question about growth. No dude, that's that's awesome. Like I want to talk about, you know what's happening, you've got your own podcast, you've got a number of businesses that you've got your hand in um you know that you're building up globally. Um can you talk about some of those projects that you're working on? First of all, let's talk about your podcast, like you know you're obviously very well spoken, you're very intelligent, um you've had the ability to learn from a lot of your guests and things like that. Talk to my audience about what your podcast is about in some of the guests that you get on first of all. So the podcast currently having a bit of an interlude, so we're having a three month break in period just re lining up for the next season but it is called the Norris live show and it's it's simple to yourself show and we are focuses mainly just it is on growth and I think me in a nutshell its growth and moving forwards and that's what the show is on about, work yourself out, work out what you want. I always say the three key questions to ask in life, who am I, what do I want, where am I going? And I think if you can't answer those three questions with clarity and certainty, any action taken forward from that will be a clutch of a straw.

There'll be no longevity in that action. So our show is really just on personal awareness, clarity and we get guessing from different areas. Uh love entrepreneurs investors, you know, people, success for me isn't the guy who's just got the business and the Ferrari, it's the guy who's done something massive in the world who is helping someone who is in great shape who's full of energy, whose authentic, who's got an amazing relationship, someone who's ticking all the boxes and not just taking one and we bring on, we bring on a lot like that's pretty much what we do. But we are like I said at the minute, just taking a bit of a break, a bit of an interlude and then going again in another four weeks I think we are now. So we pull the green trigger on that one. Mm awesome man. What are some of the other businesses that you're working on business wise at the minute? So there's quite a few things I run a lot of investments and stuff. So there's quite a few things that were in. We've just got a global coffee brand going live for me. I've always been obsessed with coffee, like period and I got annoyed of traveling the world and then every time I came home I couldn't get caught the coffees that I wanted.

Um And I also know a lot about the coffee industry and how we're all actually being sold shit. So we actually Starbucks, we've we've pulled something together and uh so I actually went and lived on a coffee farm in peru and the way that they make it is the infused flavours and different notations. And so for example, we've created like these coffee blends which have got like smoked orange apple and stuff like that. And so it's an amazing coffee, like really, really high end coffee, but also with the infusions. That's one thing. We've got an organic um a natural energy drink. Um coming live, we've got an alcohol line and we've got a clothing brand and then we've got everything within the nourish group which is a platform for personal development and personal growth, which we are looking to put an app in this year which will also be moving forward. So a few things. Yeah, many, many, many, many, many things um now was there, was there like a particular event or circumstance or something like that that pushed you on the current trajectory that you're on in life?

Or was it just an over a number of years of growth development and kind of understanding what your values were and creating clarity and things like that. It's exactly guys, like look, the big thing for me was the fall down. So I didn't mention like my stories big, I'd be on here for about four hours, but at the time that everything fell, one of my best friends committed suicide literally the day after my life fell to shit, his life sadly ended, which only added to that mess, but unfortunately it happened and I could see myself going that way. I really could, I wasn't in a great place after everything that happened and it was from that day, that day forwards was the day I started to ask the right questions and this is why I really say to people like you are a product of the questions you are asking yourself, so really start finding out the right questions and asking them and it like now I just make sure like I'm a master practitioner of reflective practice, go through your day with focus and planning but also reflect what worked, what didn't, what needs to change the next day and just refine retweet and tune in, you know, and if something doesn't feel right, stop, You need space, go and just switch up your your, you do this, you just switch off and just, I don't know if you go into some crazy locations, just disappear, but you can tell already like it works wonders for you and that works wonders for me um but really kind of for me sean and I really think this is again those three questions who are you, what you want, where you go and know your values for me, my values in life are fun, inspiration, growth, connection and creativity now?

Those are my five values. If you look at me on most things they will radiate and everything I do really just goes off those like I'm not the person I like growing businesses like creating things you know I like to inspire other people and that's that was it, I just operate my life now, true to my values and the biggest thing I found is through what I do is the moment something doesn't feel right, it's not in line with my values. The moment I don't feel great, I'm not in line with my values. You know the moment something is going wrong in a relationship or something it's out of line with my values um it sounds so simple but it took me a lot of years of becoming aware of them and then putting boundaries up and really respecting them and making them a priority in my life and I think that's kind of got me to where I am now really is I'm just really focused on that and now it's it's thankful well hopefully from what everyone else can see is it's going out there and helping other people maybe do the same. Yeah I love that you're able to list off those five values because when you understand what your values are then it makes every decision in your life so much simple man, you say yes to the things that align with your values, you say no to the things that don't align with your values, like Yeah man, that's fucking awesome dude, um what does success mean?

So I wouldn't forget, yeah, let's hope you don't forget that if anyone says Simon, you're asking these five values, you can't name them, you're in trouble bud. Just look at the I mean, was that what just, was that what does success? Yeah. How do you define success? It's happiness really just living a life of happiness and helping people and you know what I mean? Just just fun, like fuck we're here to have fun, be happy and connect with other people. See, see the world obviously now that's not like we're here for for that, you know, and it's that's pretty much it really makes success for me is like making sure that you've you've lived like I I just I'm scared shitless of getting to the point and not having done the things that I really want to do in life and you know what I mean? And just also like I think this kind of throws itself into work, the work that we do is also showing people that they can do that to, you know, you don't have to be in a nine til five, you don't have to be stuck, you don't have to like people shouldn't be unhappy and it's it's I find it really difficult and it really kind of gets to me is like just a little bit of support in the world from would go so far with everyone, just humanity, like someone believing in another person, someone genuinely trying to help someone, it's just like we've becomes, I don't know, we're just not helping ourselves, you know, and I think in the world and people Yeah, and if Yeah, yeah, and I think that's it.

I think people really, I don't want to use the whole word that's going on in the self development communities all the time. But we are getting a lot more conscious and people really are now being a lot more selfless, but people are also now really trying to create communities like you're doing like people are really going out of the way now to raise the help and the support because it never used to be there and like you really are a product of what you consume, like you can look at handbags and louis Vuitton's and all that sort of shit great, but it's not gonna lead you to somewhere like you've now got this consumption of a podcast for personal growth, you've got all these pages on instagram college, like you can learn a new skill on Youtube, the world over the past 23 years has just created so much support for people and really is getting people to the right places and that's why I love and that's why knowledge about what you're doing now with the podcast, like, you know, love it, love it, love it. Um let's talk about any outstanding leaders or mentors that you've had in your life, anyone that's had a significant impact on shaping the man that you are and the person you are today.

So I've always had mentors always um my dad is the biggest, like a major one um in my life, like I'm so grateful for my father um but I've had a lot, like when I was first in business there was, that was, had a mentor and one of the biggest things that I learned from him was to find my voice like depression is the lack of expression. So if you're not expressing yourself, there you go, expressing what you love, chances are you're gonna end up being suppressed and depressed. Um so something that always stuck with me from that first mentor was the word, another brain tattoo, which was to speak, even if your voice is shaking because you will grow through that shake. Um that was one of the biggest things I learned from him, I was then mentored by a guy called you seen anybody who is very, very big in the personal development worlds in the business world zones, a lot of very, very, very conscious dude um reads a book a day, it's ridiculous, but he kind of got me into the whole minimalistic stoicism, like really working out what you want and like just crushing your own fears, like you've got to make you got to go to war with your own fears sometimes to get the growth that you need and the quote that he said, which again his brain tattooed is that of which you seek lies in the cave of which you fear to enter most kind of speaks for itself.

Yeah. Did you post that on social media recently? Probably yeah, because I think the first time I read that I was like that's brilliant and stuck with me since and then he's brought it up again. So it must have been, I don't know, it must have been recently, I assume um your social media, I love your social media man. Your instagram is like it's spot on it, it's like short and sharp quote and thought provoking, you know, so for people listening at home, it's like, you know, you can use, you can use social media, you can use media, you can use technology for good or for bad, like you can let it, you can, you can allow it to serve you or you can allow it to sabotage you. You know, it's a tool and any tool can be used for good or bad, you know, it's not just good or bad. There's a spectrum in between, it's like how you wield that tool, you know, I can build a house for my family using a hammer or I can fucking smash someone's head in like how you use that tool is what's going to determine the outcome and my point in saying that is that, you know, if you are on social media and you do spend time on instagram, like follow people that are going to serve and inspire you not make you feel shit about yourself or not make you want to buy their fucking, you know, six pack abs in six weeks or something like that.

Like, again, you are a product of your environment that you shape your environment, so you need to pay attention to what you're consuming and where that information is coming from. Like who are your sources? What are you getting from them? What are you getting out of that dude? I totally agree. Look from the world I'm in with what we do. Um like when you look at social media, you're constantly being conditioned that you're not good enough. Marketing works by either inspiration or manipulation. You're manipulated on your social media channel that you are in pain. The first thing marketers as for in this world is what pain is this person. Yeah. So then what can I sell them to fix that pain bingo? So everywhere you look media magazines, the news, you're being put into fear and you're being, you're being told you're not good enough for you being put into a scarce fear. Fear based mindset and you can't grow when you're in that position. So you've really got to fertilize the soil of what's going in three rivals and you know, I mean firing up your brain.

Yeah, but people need to be aware of that and then choose what they consume because if you continue consuming this, you know, this information that's going to make you feel like shit about yourself, then fuck. I mean you can't blame the marketers, they're just doing their job. Like you need to again be accountable for your shit you're consuming. Um I think it was crazy, isn't it? It's crazy. Yeah man. Um what are some resources that you can recommend for people? Like, you know, we've obviously gone all over the place of this conversation has been an incredible conversation from my point of view. Um you're obviously, you know, well versed in leading your best life. What are some amazing resources that you can recommend to people? Maybe some podcasts or some courses or some books or audiobooks or something like that. I think there's, there's quite a few things really just fine, fine. First things first work like find what you want to learn. That's the big thing, you know, and then kind of find the podcast relative to that sort of stuff. Like if anything has like touch with you today, you're in the right place.

You've already started on your journey. If you're listening to this podcast, there's many others out there. So I'm gonna be biased and say my own because that's kind of like your podcast as well. Thank you with regards to books before even books I'd say Journaling before even picking up more consumption material, just actually work out what's actually going on in your brain and maybe do a brain dump, write down everything that's going on in there, get clarity of it and organize your thoughts before putting more in there. Kind of empty out the trash the book it so you can fill it with more fresh stuff. I think that's something that kind of gets under looked books wise. Uh this is a book, right? It's not religious, it is not religious. I really want to drive that home. The book that changed my life is a book called conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch and it's an incredible piece of literature and it's about a guy who goes to this journey of realizing that everything is on his shoulders, his life, what he does the outcomes of his life and all that sort of stuff.

And it was the first when I was going through that process. That that was the book that kind of gave it that message of everything is a product of you, you know, and that was an amazing book. It's not religious in the slightest, even though it uses God God is the highest version of him and he's speaking to himself in the book. So it's quite a bit of a weird one to get your head around book reading it, you're like, oh, this is absolutely perfect, that's me, that's my consciousness, oh my subconscious big time you make. There used to be a time when I used to laugh at like that. I used to laugh so much of this stuff and I'm pretty preaching about it all the time. But is that all the Ryan holiday stuff? One of the best books I've read this year was how to think like a roman emperor. So if you, if you're into the stoicism stuff, how to think like a roman emperors. Amazing. So it's, it's um, like Marcus Aurelius meditations, but the stories around it, like why he actually started to use those meditations on little quotes to run his life by.

Yeah. Um, other books, there's loads, there's so many, there's so many now and this is the thing before we get into this and I put a post out there the other day, like I've been, I've been into this trap many times. I've read all the self development books. I've heard all of the messages spoke to me in a different way of speaking. It is like knowledge is useless without action. So there's nothing worse than reading a book. Like not reading a book all way through its reading the book and doing nothing with the information that you've got fined one book, learn the lesson, go and act on it before picking up another and then you know what I mean? I really think that's something when it comes down to this sort of stuff. Don't continue to get into the habit of learning learning, learning learning and consuming, consuming, consuming, get it, get the tires onto the track and start using it and the biggest form of learning education comes in, doing it in, in the wisdom like because then you know this works for me, okay, that didn't work for that person, but it actually worked for me, You start to get the things that you need like in the action.

So that, that would be probably what I'd say. And then to like look, let's be honest Youtube, you don't need to pay thousands and thousands of courses anymore or how to become an entrepreneur, just go on Youtube content all there for, for a yeah. And and to add to that man, as you said, you know, you need to find something that you want to learn about because there's no point saying I want to learn about nutrition, I'm going to, I'm going to give myself something to do and go and learn about nutrition, but if you're not actually interested in it, you're not going to pay attention to it and you're not going to put the time energy effort, you're not going to apply those principles into you actually like daily life. So you find something that actually interests you that is going to help better you as a person and better your life overall. Great points mate. I read a book recently called make it stick and it was about the art of making information stick. The first point before you pick up a book was to give the book an intention, I want to learn this from this book, Why am I reading it? What my prime in my brain to look out for?

Yeah, I love that bro, I love that intent mate, awesome, awesome. I speak to you've been my classes at Tiger, I speak, you know, at the end of the class, I'll bring everyone in and and I'll say, hey guys, the start the class, hey guys, the intent for this class is X, Y, Z. And people have an understanding of why they're doing something and then when they understand why they're doing something then how they do it makes a lot more sense. I think that's brilliant. I used to love your classes for the point, I probably have to lie on the floor for about half an hour after and kind of like having out of body experience before coming home and being able to walk back and go like go and die for an hour. But like that's what I liked about it was like you let you understood it, you understood everything before you did it and you know what I mean? It's I think that's a big thing, it's massive, very big to educate your thing with what you do. That's a that's an excellent point man. It's like, you know, it's not like I understood everything before I did it, it was like what do I want to achieve and then that is what builds out the programming, you know, the exercise order, the exercise selection, you know, the intent is going to drive everything else.

And it goes back to what we're saying earlier about understanding what your values are when you know what your values are, that gives you clarity on what your intent is and then what you know everything you do. I say yes, this thing I say no to these things, what am I achieving with this? What you know, what am I getting out of this? What's my return on investment? Yeah, that's awesome man. I say the other the other the other thing on that is with your classes is I've always noticed is like when I'm training at the intensity that I've been put through in some of your classes, especially with that five minute assault, right thing is like you get to a point where your body is like not like this isn't a normal feeling, you know I mean? But because you've armed me with the knowledge that this is going to happen, I can push through that barrier and I think it kind of throws itself back into that fear conversation is if you're prepared for something that's not going to feel normal, you'll go through it. Yeah, you're exactly, man, that's a that's a great point is like, you know, your your mindset determines your physiological response, your body language and vice versa. You know, if someone is like getting out of bed, they haven't slept very well and they're, you know, they're dragging their heels around, like they're probably gonna feel like shit that day, they're not going to make good decisions around food and exercise and, you know, looking after themselves and you know, things like that.

So I think the mindset and the body language is so interconnected men and something that people don't really think too much about um to start winding up the episode, man, I'm just wearing Yes, are gone. It's just on that time, I've got all the time in the world today, right? But another, another takeaway. So when I kind of went, I went on a bit of a spiritual journey mate and I went and like I've done the whole live with monks or you know, all that, that stuff like I have to go and work myself out at one point. But something that really kind of like, stuck to me is when it comes down to psychology is your thoughts, impact your emotions, your emotions have a direct impact on your actions and your actions directly impact your results and outcome. So your thoughts impact emotions, emotions, impact actions, actions, create habits, your habits, create your outcome and results. So between your thoughts, there's only one thing that can impact your thoughts and that's your environment, which never gets a saying in that in that.

But that's something of just what you've just said, If people can be aware that the majority of life is from what they're thinking and what their around you can really start to just just start redirecting that needle very, very quick. Mm hmm. There's so many different train tracks that we can follow me. This has been awesome conversation man. Um, I do want to start winding up, but I do have other appointments I need to get to today. But yeah, this has been incredible conversation. Yeah. Dude, I make as much as I'd love to sit here and you know, talk shit and turned into a three hour joe Rogan conversation. I've got other shit that I need to do unfortunately. But um, I definitely need to get you back on mate. I'm sure there's gonna be some really good um feedback from this conversation. Um, but just to wind up the name of this podcast is live train perform, which stands for live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best. What does that mean to mean to you? Mhm Yeah, I fully agree with it. You've got to be at your best to show up for everything else at your best.

You can't show it for the world, your kids, your family, your business, your team, the best. If you're not your priority. So the mantras bang on the nail. Love it may I really appreciate your time brother. I'm going to have your social media links in the show notes, if you can please send through all of the other links for all the other businesses that you're working on um, and if people want to get in contact with you, if they want to support you on your journey, where can they find you? Where is the best way to find you? Just Simon Hall on the majority of things. My, my tags on social media pretty much where I hang around these days online is Simon Hall B. C. The B C. Is my first ever business, my growth and claps actually I still can't get away from that handle but Simon Hall B. C. Yeah, cool man, I really appreciate your time and this conversation, I appreciate, I appreciate you brother. Yeah man, I appreciate it. Sean comments. Get back over there and train with you again as well, kenya is my keenness to catch up and get some training in bro, we'll chat soon, please peace and there we have it.

My conversation with Simon Hall of Nourish life just before I wind up the episode, I just want to make a quick announcement as I approach 100 episodes and roughly 20 to 23,000 downloads. I am going to start pulling back my output of the content that I'm putting out on the podcast, 2, 1 episode per week, which will drop on Mondays. The reason I'm doing this is because I'm looking to move into Phase two of my business plan where I can start building out my website recording training programs and putting together nutrition e books and things like that so I can start servicing people a little bit more. So thank you very much for your understanding and for the ongoing support. If you enjoy the podcast, please make sure you passed off your friends and family. Any five star ratings and reviews are much appreciated. Much Love Guys piece

"You and your health have to come first, because it ripples into every other area of your life" - with Simon Hall of Nourish Life Group
"You and your health have to come first, because it ripples into every other area of your life" - with Simon Hall of Nourish Life Group
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