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This stopped me in my tracks...

by Shaun Kober
March 4th 2021

This was supposed to be one of my 5 minute fitness tips episode...but...I received a testimonial from a friend and client that stopped me in my tracks, and I wanted to share it with my audience. More

your, what is up guys? Welcome to this episode of the live transform podcast. I'm your host, Sean koba. Uh this is normally one of my five minute fitness tips episodes. However, I've recently had some feedback from one of my friends about sharing some of the winds that I've had with my clients. It's not something I've spoken about too often on the podcast. Um so I'm going to share a message I received recently, I reached out to a number of my online clients and asked for some testimonials and um I've got some amazing testimonies that have come back. I'm recording this on Wednesday the third of March, uh to drop on the fourth of March. And uh this testimonial that I received from one of my online clients stopped me in my tracks and I thought would be a great time to share this because uh I'm kind of celebrating a significant number of downloads for the podcast. I started about eight or nine months ago and I've just recently Hit 20,000 downloads and I'm approaching 21,000 downloads as we speak.

So thank you very much for those who have been listening to the podcast and who do support me. Uh and the message that I'm sharing. So, um let's get into today's testimony. I'm obviously not going to share names or details or anything like that, but I thought this testimonial was absolutely amazing and I got emotional reading it. So thank you for putting the time, energy and effort into replying to these questions. So my question was why did you contact Shawn to start working with him? I originally met Sean briefly back in 2015 when I was living in Thailand for just under a year when I met him. I was just coming to the end of my trip, ironically, I had no idea that this man would end up being the person who would ultimately save my life and become my coach, friend and mentor. Years later I added Shawn on instagram sometime after and this was the start of an amazing journey I've been on with him, which I'm still on as I write this. When I first met Sean briefly in Thailand. I had no idea of the wealth of knowledge. He had the person, he was, his past experiences, et cetera. I just felt great energy from him and didn't think much else.

As it was only a very quick introduction, I started to see more and more post of Shawn's and how relatable to my situation they were. I felt an instant connection with Shawn due to him being a veteran as my father who I love Dearly. It was also a veteran and spent 30 years in the military. I spent a lot of time around veterans as a kid and of course my family were posted to many places when I was younger. Two years ago, I went through an extremely dark patch in my life. I was in a very dark place, one of the worst I've ever been in my life from suicidal thoughts to extreme insomnia, physical injuries, a divorce medications that were killing me, slowly dealing with the loss of my father. Just a few of the things that were happening at the time, I could literally write an essay with what was going in my life at that time. However, this was the start of me applying things I'd learned purely from Shawn's instagram posts. This was way before he had his podcast, which I'm a devout fan of and have listened to every single one, some of them multiple, multiple times. Thank you just by applying what I learned from him from his post would enable to me would enable me to point the needle in the right direction and begin my journey of rebuilding my life for the better some time had passed and I finally got some basic foundations built in my life.

I've never reached out to Sean before and I needed to tell him that even though he didn't know me besides a two minute quick conversation that he had literally saved my life and I was so grateful for him. I felt I really need to tell him, as I knew he had helped me that much and saved my life. Then there must be so many other people he had done the same for and I just didn't know and he just didn't know because they had not said, he said anything about it. We stayed in touch and sean also told me about his podcast that he was starting. I was like a sponge and started to listen to them and really got to learn on a much deeper level, so many things, even though I had built a basic foundation with my life, I was still very unhappy, had a lot going on and knew that my mental health and physical health needed a lot of work. The more I learned from Shaun's podcast, the more I would apply and sharpen my ax. I had some hard conversations with the man in the mirror and started to pinpoint where I was going wrong and why I was where I was. These conversations were not the most pleasant to have. However, they were so important. I started to improve leaps and bounds on my health markets both mentally and physically.

I knew that Shawn had literally saved my life again and I reached out to tell him that and all the things I had done to improve myself from simply listening and applying what I had learned from his podcast, I told him not only how grateful I was and how he literally saved my life again, but I also wanted to take it to the next level and have him as my online coach. What did you expect working with him uh that he would be able to help guide me to get my life on to the next level and keep adding and refining my tools to get there and of course this happened which was no surprise to me, I still had so much growth to do and to keep testing, adjusting and refining my toolbox and this process has been so much easier with him. How did coaching from Sean impact your life? Coaching from Sean positively impacted my life in so many ways, of course in the physical department when it came to training, however, it was so much more and deeper than that. My mental health has improved leaps and bounds, especially since having him as a coach. He taught me very quickly that it's not just the hour of training that you do in the day, but the other 23 hours that are so important. When I first started with him, I explained what my hierarchy of values were.

I made a very quick connection when I was working these out months before that my health, both physically and especially mentally needed to come first, otherwise I would not be able to do anything underneath that list. One of my goals in particular was to stop taking three different prescription prescription medications that I was on, even though the doctors had assured me that these were safe to take, I knew that they were impacting on my mental health. The thing is I would have never actually figured this out if I had never met Sean why, because one of the many things that Sean has taught me was how to be comfortable with being myself spending time alone and how to have them really deep thoughts and conversations with myself because of this, I was finally able to start to figure out the jigsaw puzzle that was going wrong and I was able to finally be really honest with myself and pay close attention to how I was feeling every day. It did not take long for me to work out. These medications were not serving me, I'm so proud, grateful and pleased to say that I'm now completely off two of them and and are down to the last stages of the third one which will be finished shortly. I honestly did not expect to be able to do this as quick as I did and I have Sean to thank for this.

The difference is made to my life on how I think, how I react, my moods, my mindset etcetera is beyond words to how much all of this has improved in this time. I also stopped smoking and even though I had not done this for too long, I know there was a reason was able to do this quite easily since having shown as my coach my depression and in particular my anxiety levels have improved drastically. I never suffered from anxiety until up to a couple of years ago when I had that really dark patch and that's when I started smoking as it was really helping me deal with the anxiety and of course my now my anxiety has improved so much, it was quite easy for me to stop smoking. Now the cherry on top is I've lost that built muscle and learned so much from the gym side of things. But it Shaun's holistic approach to coaching that has impacted my life in so many other ways including improve sleep, improve gut health, mindset, massive difference, how to manage my time, better living a more simple life, improve mental and physical health, thinking more logically, adjusting my expectations around when my values change, how to not keep my body being in a constant state of fight or flight, ability to relax more through meditation and reading, improved physical health, reduced inflammation and pain from past injuries, being comfortable in my own company, how to communicate better, improved diet, improved knowledge of nutrition, holding myself accountable and not blaming others, improved confidence, removing toxic people in my life and understanding how my environment impacts my state, general personal growth changing the all or nothing mindset that I had had for such a big part of my life and setting and the achievement of my goals.

Uh This is only a few of so many examples that I could list uh and just having a solid mentor that I look up to. Um now I consider a close friend has really impacted my life for the better and someone who preaches what they practice. Uh that was an amazing testimonials. So thank you very much, this person knows who they are, and uh, I'm always emotional when I get off the phone with them. Um, and I got emotional when I was reading through this. It literally stopped me in my tracks, and um, I thought I'd I'd share this on the podcast with my listeners. And I thank you guys for tuning in to the podcast. Much love guys Peace.

This stopped me in my tracks...
This stopped me in my tracks...
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