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Coaches Corner: What is the current state of the fitness industry?

by Shaun Kober
February 15th 2021

I've had so many great conversations with friends and colleagues about what we see happening in the fitness industry, and thought to myself, "I wish we would have recorded that."

what does it mean to live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best leave nothing on the table. That's a non negotiable is that I I strive to be better every day because if I'm not on top of my game, how is anybody else gonna follow me down the road? Keep demanding more of yourself to to live up to that potential and to stay hungry. Training is progress. You know when I look at the word training, I think of steps, baby steps to get somewhere that you want to be and that is basically your life journey. That's a mindset itself man, it's like, it's not just about, I know that for you, a lot of that's about the physical, but we're constantly in training, whether it's growing our skill sets, whether it's growing our physical bodies, whether it's growing our relationships whatever and all of that is a training ground and that kind of goes back to the mindset that we just talked about. You underestimate yourself and you don't even start. But then once you start, you often surpass what you thought you could do performance your best mate. That's that's sort of what life is all about. You don't have the knowledge and have the fitness to healthy ambition and drive that no matter what comes along.

When that next phone call comes, I can just say yes, I don't have to worry, just go and do it. Hey guys, welcome to today's episode of the live transform podcast, I'm your host, Sean Cobra and re joining me today is my man Will phone and how are you brother? Very well, how are you and your good? I am very well. I've had will on the podcast many months ago, you're actually one of my first interviews man and that was a really good conversation. I had a lot of really good feedback from that um and I'm excited to have you back on for one of my coaches corner episodes where it's basically, you know, to fucking people sitting down, having a conversation, talking shop about the shit that we love, the shit that we're passionate about, um answering questions, um running ideas past each other and things like that. Um now the purpose of today's episode is I've actually got a number of questions that have come in from um you know, some of my listeners, my followers and I can answer them myself, but you know, I'd prefer to get someone like yourself on who's a fucking good coach, who knows his shit.

So we can actually have a conversation about this stuff rather than me just saying this is what you do, this is what this means, blah, blah blah. Like let's workshop it, let's have an open conversation about this stuff, let's figure it out and you know, find a way to present good quality information to people that's going to resonate with them. Yeah, awesome, absolutely. It's important. You went to minds collide, it's also a good thing for other people to get a different point of view. So I'm definitely keen. Yeah, absolutely. And the other thing I love about this as well is it's a long form conversation and you can't fucking cheat that you know, you see so many people Yeah, but you see so many people on social media that it's like you know, I'm going to get as much information as is okay and into a one minute video and blah blah but it's just like all this fucking bullshit. That sounds awesome, it sounds sexy and then at the end like I'm going to sell you something and it's like, you know, that's not the fucking answer, it's the issue of our industry man, it's got the lowest entry rate and an information google has been the best thing, but it's one of the worst things for our industry because time in the game doesn't mean very much anymore. It's a huge, huge conundrum we have at the moment, oh man, that's an excellent point actually.

Um you know, there's a look at what's happening in the world right now, you know, people go online and they're like, coronavirus is not real blah blah blah and it's like you've got someone who's you know that's fucking educated in the field who's you know gone to school for eight years and you know, they've gone through all this research studies and um you know, fucking written thesis is and things like that. I got a master's degree and you know, old fucking tom dick and harry go online and, and they're like, let's bullshit. It's all the fucking conspiracy theory, blah blah blah. And you know, I don't want to go to, I don't want to go too deep into that because you know, I'm sure there is some bullshit out there that is not true and that we are getting fucking um you know, um followed into the bullshit and fed bullshit information, whatever. But you know, this podcast is not about conspiracy theories, but absolutely not gonna be flat world motherfuckers talking about good. I'm good since this job for a bit of nowhere can keep his opinion I think not. Yeah. Yeah, but that's it. That's the point man is like, you know, be a fucking critical thinker and search out people who are experts in the field that you want to know about.

Not the fucking opinion of old mate that's walking past you on the street. Absolutely. It's so frustrating. Especially when you said it's, we'll have it as working within fitness is you'll give your clients information and it gets misconstrued it six or seven times because they flip onto their phone and some balance is sending some stupid information regarding whether it's like car was going to give you a disease or insert any sort of formality and it's so frustrating because it is such an influence on people's lives rather than taking the sort of the measures of actually, you know what I'm going to go look at the source of someone who actually knows what they're talking about, not some retail. He just thinks he's uh but he said it's all smoke and mirrors and just putting up blase bollocks all over over. Yeah, instagram, This is very frustrating. Yeah, man. But I mean, fuck, I think I'm pretty sure we've had this conversation before, bro, maybe on the last episode or offline or something like that, Like, who's to blame for that? Is that the is that the people that are putting out the bullshit or is it the people that's fucking lapping that up and, you know, buying their products and and giving them, you know, a platform to be able to, you know, gobble up all the fucking bullshit.

Like if there's if there's a demand, if there's a demand for bullshit, there's someone's going to supply it, right? Especially at this time because people are desperate in both sides of the both sides of the you've got guys who are in business who are throwing whatever information out there for the reason of just trying to make money because they're scared of, or they feel they've got an opportunity, but then you've got guys on the other on the other front of it who are not suffering mental health, we're in a bad spot because of covid and they haven't got control of their shit. Um some of that resonate with me when we first went into lockdown, especially in Tyler when you, when you said I've got six months worth of books. I've got two courses or whatever on the line. I can turn my phone off and I don't really give a shit. Whereas most people are spending too much time on social media, living through other people's lives and not thinking one thing that I'm big big on is like when this doesn't end, where are you going to be? Because Covid will stop and we'll have a vaccine or whatever, but it will pass. But it's gonna be some people that are moving forward who are going to hit the ground running, they're gonna smash it as soon as it opens up whether you're in lockdown or not. And there's also going to be so many guys that are stuck at the bottom of the, of the pool and they're gonna be blaming everybody, they're going to be angry.

They're going to not have anything, anything behind to think actually, you know what, I can take control of this. That's that it comes down to the value system that you have on, on the current situation. I think that's what is important. Yeah, man, I love that whole statement that you just said then. And I mean this is the whole idea of the coach's corner for those listening who have been following the podcast for a while. Um, I was just talking to well off air about, you know what the, what the goal is with the podcast and you know, I still want to continue with a lot of the themes that I've been doing with my five minute fitness tips and my um miniseries on nutrition and um sleep and stress management, all that type of stuff. But I also want to focus on getting on really good coaches and having good conversations about, you know, the questions that I'm getting from my clients, listeners followers, the questions that they're getting from there, listeners, followers, etcetera. So we can, you know, we can workshop it, we can talk about this stuff in real time and, you know, give this information to people and have it as a resource for us to send people to.

So basically what I want to do is get someone like, well on once a month and he will bring in three frequently asked questions that he gets from his clients and then we'll sit down, we'll workshop that and we'll release that over 234 episodes or whatever and then I'll get on the next coach and then I'll get on the next coach and um, you know, it'll be, I kind of want to build a network of trustworthy coaches that people can fucking rely upon to give them good quality information and cut through the bullshit. You know, we're not trying to sell something, we're trying to give people the information to get to the start point like that. And that's, you know, that was the big thing, we're talking about john's episode before john latex episode. Um and you know, some of things we took out of that and um something that he said that I was like, that is so spot on is, you know, our job as coaches, everyone comes to us and they're like, I want to change my body composition, I want to improve performance, I want to lose a heap away, I want to fucking this and that and blah blah blah. And it's like our job as coaches is to strip everything back and go, all right, let's get you into a place where you're at the start line ready to fucking role because most people are not there yet.

And I think luke Lehman um says it with his muscle nerds course is like, let's prep the prep. Absolutely. And it's probably the biggest thing that I found over the last few years is that prep for prep and it's not necessarily people assume that we're talking about bodybuilding prep, that's in prepping for a bodybuilding. Com it's not your preparation, preparing yourself to take the next step and everything, whether it's your sleep rest digestion with your psychology spirituality is also a big one. I think people are very much, they're frightened of standing up for something. They all feel a bit, they feel vindicated or they don't when they don't actually put their line in the sand and say this is what I mean, They're probably why people actually listen to you is that you have a you have a voice and you have an opinion and you're you can back it. Whereas I find a lot of people are frightened because they haven't got the adequate knowledge because they haven't searched in the right places. What they do is they pick off bullshit of instagram without because they're following put people that aren't providing information that we're talking about is I think one cool thing about that will be is that the view the listeners will hear coaching in real life, you're going to hear spitting, spitting and talking about things and and working our way around because coaching is not black and white thing.

That's what people are. So it's such a hard thing because it depends or I'm not sure we'll see or if it happens in every conversation and it can be frustrated, but it started with the end in mind and it reverse engineering. It's important that we all have to understand that this is the end game is not the end game because it's like you play sport, you finished sport and then you've still got whatever the rest of your life left. So you can't just say, well I play this final game, I'm done because you wake up the next day, it's what is a huge part of what I'm sort of discovered myself. Yeah, man, that's a good point and you know, it's it's it's constant learning, It's constant education, it's constant feedback and its people of jigsaw puzzles and we need to fucking figure out what tool is going to be appropriate for that person at that particular time in their life. And that's our job as coaches man, is to acquire as many tools as we can that we can then, you know, get as many tools in the toolbox as we can, so that every single person that comes up to us, they say, hey, you know, I want to do this, I want to do that blah blah blah and we dive into, you know, all of the other shit, you know, like to get them to the start line because most people come to us and they're like, hey, I want a training program, one nutrition plan and it's like, all right, cool, I can give you that, but are you actually going to get the most out of that?

Because if you're not sleeping well and you're, you know, you've been dieting for fucking two years, you're, you've created metabolic adaptation. Um you work a high stress job um you know, you, you, you're in a bad relationship and whatever, man, like all of these things come into play and yes, you can, we can give someone that we can give every single fucking person the same training plan and the same nutrition plan and, you know, some people are going to fucking thrive on that, but that's going to be like 5% of people and those 5% of people are going to thrive on that training plan because they're getting enough sleep there, hydrating, they're eating the right amount of food at the right times in the right ratios, they're managing their stress. You know, they're in a fucking good position to be able to optimize That one hour of training, right? And I say it all the time, you know, manage the other 23 hours of the day so that you can optimize that one hour. Absolutely. Like it doesn't like probably said it, this would have been last year that it doesn't matter what program you're on. If it's here to the letter, you're probably going to get a good result compared to a terrible program that's adhere to.

Its very the problem with training is people associate, they don't understand that exercise is an adaptive methodology. It's not an actual thing. People associate exercise with good or bad connotations rather than me and you and people who are more versed in it? Well, I will say, well, what's, what's the, what's the dose we can give here to meet the current situation of your lifestyle or you can put it in various, like obviously from your perspective is dealing with their professional athlete, they can suffer more than anyone. Like they are, especially in an enema fight like them, them dudes will eat literally nothing and they will fight to the death. But those are not general population clients, moms of three who just want to look better in a bikini or a dad who's, who's forties realized you can't run because his guts hanging out, he's not a professional fighter and him suffering, He's got a, he's got a timeframe. There's only so long they could do it before they break emotionally physically or they just have enough and they rebounded. I think like you said, our job is not the short term gratification of, of what exercise were given them.

It's the long term, Where are you going to be in six months in a year's time? And have you kept that, we said we're gonna do not eight weeks, just stay for your mouth shut and still on a bike for eight weeks and you lose weight, but you're not gonna get it, you're not going to keep it, you're gonna literally rebound. So it's definitely, that's the conundrum that we have definitely as coaches. Yeah, man, that's a really good point. Like every training program works and every diet plan works until it doesn't right because your body adapts to it. That's the point like your body is going to adapt to whatever you do. And this is why a lot of people when they go on a diet and there, you know, looking for a fat loss kick or a weight loss kick or whatever. You know, they lose weight for the 1st 3456 months and then they hit a fucking plateau and they're like right, where do I go from here? And all they do is eat less, move more and now they're just fucking digging themselves deeper into that metabolic adaptation hole and makes it harder and harder to get out. And the longer you fucking do that the more damage you um create. And I mean Some people probably gonna go well you don't actually create metabolic damage because Blah Blah Blah, like it's a fucking it's natural, it's a normal process, your body is supposed to adapt, your metabolism is supposed to adapt, right?

Um but the point is like if you're digging that hole, you've been in the fucking diet for a long period of time, you know, your body is going to start shutting certain things down. You've got 11 systems of the body. If you're not getting enough nutrients and you're starving your fucking body of those nutrients and you're adding exercise on top of a stressful job and poor sleep and you know, lack of hydration and lack of nutrients etcetera etcetera. Like you're just fucking digging that hole deeper and deeper and deeper and it's much much harder, it's much more difficult, it's going to take a lot longer to get out of that hole. Well yeah, like you were talking about his reds energy deficit syndrome or in sport and in M. M. A. I had a podcast in Australian partition talking, he's got quite a few on that if anybody's interested as well, his stuff is amazing and reds is talking about how if you're thinking you can, you can drive a car without any petrol in it for that long, you're gonna, you're gonna break somewhere and and long term exercise and and and nutrition is associated with starving because everyone thinks you starve yourself, you have to drop, drop, drop to get to the lowest body that possible or get a six pack and feel amazing.

But no one actually thinks about the actual thriving aspects of training for adaptation and we're driving, we have to be able to train hard enough to adapt and to acclimatize and get to the next rung of the ladder where most people just survive and they're going into a gym and they're just sweating. They feel that shit all the time. They dudes can't get a boner because they've got no libido. Women are losing their menstrual cycle and they feel that this, this is a normal thing. This is what happens when you die when you, when you, when you're supposed to cut some weight. It's, it's not normal. I mean, I've got clients, obviously january, the prime time in january is detox is intermittent fast in fucking double cardio, whatever, which there's a time, like I'm a funny one, like there's a time and a place that january is a good reset for a lot of general population clients of mine because they've gone, they burn the candle at one end and we're trying to bring them back down. It doesn't mean to start them. What that means is I just clean up their food hygiene and just say let's get back on the wagon and suddenly they we put a bit of carbohydrate out, but not all of it.

We keep fruit and veg in there and we just take away fucking christmas pudding and roast potatoes it and shit. And suddenly I've lost four kg. It's not magic, it's not body fat, that's that's a lot more than just wonder that's that's water, that's glycogen, that's inflammation as you actually becoming normal again, so to speak and get and then we're back on the planet. Not this change you said it's frustrating. You see clients turning up and they've got my second detox tea of the day and you're there, look at it, You actually fucking mad. What do you want? What if you coming for? Like you're coming to train, you're not coming to just survive like Yeah, very frustrating. But that's the problem with, with instant gratification, right? We all want it now, we're not willing to work for it saying that same with money, it's the same with fitness is everybody wants to be a millionaire tomorrow where they don't see the between bit. Yeah man, fuck man, there was so many things to unpack there. We could literally like just, we could literally just bounce back and forth this entire episode and you know, that might actually happen.

We'll see, we'll see where the conversation goes. Yeah, but something you said there was, you know, surviving or thriving. That's a great fucking point. Right? Going back to what I was saying before and last time we had a conversation, you know, we spoke about stress and stress has been linked to nine of the top 10 causes of all cause mortality. Right now, Stress is caused by many, many different things, right? Like we have 11 different systems of the body and everything we eat is broken down into raw materials to replenish repair, rejuvenate those systems. Now when we're stressing our body, it doesn't matter whether that's training, whether that's bad sleep, whether that's lack of hydration, um nutrient deficiencies, et cetera, et cetera. Like that is taking away from our energy that we're getting from food. So, you know, if we're under eating and we're over training and we're fucking smashing training, trying to lose body fat, trying to get leaner, trying to manage our life and our relationship, and our finances, and our career and our Children and all of this fucking stuff, man, like you are literally just surviving and there's a big difference between that and thriving because a healthy organism is an adaptable organism, and if you're doing those small things, the big things, I say small things, they're actually fucking big things like the sounds so meant, it sounds so silly to say to people, make sure you get enough quality sleep, make sure you're drinking enough water, Like make sure you're doing some breathing exercises, It's like, and I used to be the same man, I was like, I don't need to worry about that shit, I'm gonna fucking hand myself at training and I'm going to eat good food, I'm gonna focus on nutrition and I like very soon realized that, you know, that stuff is not going to work unless my body is in a healthy position where it's getting all of the nutrients and all of the stimulus.

It needs to be healthy and be at homeostasis. Homeostasis is balance of all the systems and if there is imbalance that leads to disease, that leads to illness that leads to inflammation and all of these other negative health markers, right? So we need to be in a fucking state of homeostasis which is balanced where everything is working optimally. So then when we go into our training session now we can build muscle now we can improve performance. Now we can add strength, speed, power, um build energy system conditioning and all that type of stuff, man, and it's like, it's a it's fuck, it's a hard conversation to have with people because it is so complex, but that's the whole idea of these these coaches calling episodes is to like break this stuff down and go, you know what you're wanting the exercises and the sets and the reps and the, you know the rest periods and fucking all that type of stuff. And it's like, let's talk about Getting you to the starting line 1st.

The bigger picture. Yeah. It's the one thing that came to the two things that came from that part were one that you were talking about all the different strength profile, strength conditioning, energy systems that all takes energy. But if we all have this on the on this, on this wavelength of just calories in just calories out, your body hasn't got a finite amount of amount of energy availability. So you can sit on a on a bike and do 10,000 calories in a day. Do not think that your body is burning literally 10,000 calories of fat, it doesn't work that way. And what this is why you don't just get skinny in a week. Like people think, Oh yeah, but they check the garment. If in one session they've done 500 calories. The next session, they're done 700 and they get upset. They're missing that 250 calorie drop. But then like I said, me and you're discussing is instead of focusing what stimulus we've given them. If you're doing it, if you're doing a weight session is very different to an anaerobic SD like you're gonna have a different different energy output. But that's where fuel and recovery and the minute details of nutrition are eating like a human and not eating like a five year old come in, where if you're having one piece of lettuce and suckling piece of celery, that's not going to get you to the start line boss.

That's literally you're gonna be dragging your heels everywhere where we want someone to come absolutely bouncing into a session and ready to uh take it to the next level and see your progression. That's what's so frustrating is the amount of people that I know that are doing training programs are not getting any different. It's still the same. Yeah, they're not getting whatever. What 100%. Why is that? Because they're fucking exercising, they're not training and this is yeah, dude, let's go into this, man. Like what is what is this is and you know something you said there about, you know, uh this person about 700 calories, 500 calories probably, man, All right, I'm gonna be honest here, I'm probably gonna piss some people off, but I don't give a fuck. This is my podcast. If you don't like it, go and listen to something else, right? If you're exercising to burn calories, then you're fucking doing it wrong. It's like driving a car just just to see how much petrol you can use. Its fucking stupid. Yeah, like if I'm going to train, if I'm going to go to the gym and I'm going to fucking dedicate an hour of my time and most people are already limited in time, if I'm going to dedicate an hour of my limited time on a day to day basis to go into the fucking gym and train.

I'm going to make sure I'm getting something out of that. I'm walking out of that gym feeling better mentally, I'm feeling sharper, my cognitive ability, it has been up regulated, I'm stronger, I'm fitter, I'm faster, I've built more endurance, I've increased my aerobic capacity, I've increased my stamina, my muscular endurance. You know, I'm walking out of the gym knowing that I fucking achieved something, Not just burn energy, right? Because if you're just going into the gym to burn energy, then, you know, you're looking at it wrong, burn energy and manage your energy balance throughout the other 23 hours of the day, that's what I say is that you always get what's the best you the old answer, what's the best exercise for fat loss? And I literally, and they're like, what card is should I do when I say, would you really have to go to a gym and they look at me like, I'm on drugs, they're like, what you're supposed to be, if you work in the it was like, if I lived where you live, most likely the Australian or live in bali whatever I said, I'll be getting on a surfboard and I'll be doing 2.5 1000.

See I'll be not pissing around just doing sweating in a in an f 45 bucks that doesn't do it for me. Where it's like you said is you have to have a there should be a reason for you to give up your time, whether you're missing an hour for kids, whether you're taking time for yourself or your your investing in you investing these getting a reward, it doesn't mean that you're, it's like throwing money at something, get nothing back. What's the point where as we all with it again, it comes back to is what's progression? That's that's the big one from my side, from the difference between exercising, sorry from from just exercising and training is training, we see progression in whatever realm or reality you want to, you want to check in whether it's physiological by mechanic or whether you're you're you're responding in this certain particular way compared to stood on a possible with a fucking hammer swinging it around. But if you look at people like what you're doing, you know, stop it. No, it's frustrated. Yeah, dude, that's a really good point that you just made about investment.

You know, there's other ways to, you know, obviously people are going to be listening to this and they're gonna be like, well I still need to burn calories, I still need to manage my energy balance because I want to lose weight and fuck, let's be honest, you need to be in a calorie deficit to do that okay, but there's a caveat to that you need to be healthy first and not a deficit. That's what I say is a calorie deficit but not a nutrient deficit. That's the big thing you see is so much as people with a slam the calories floor and they're drinking broccoli soup and they don't realize that the body has got so many different vitamins and minerals that are used for energy processes, development, cell recycling, whatever you take all those out. Your body's got no got no mechanics got it's like like a car saying it hasn't got any oil for the engine, you have to oil the engine and that's your nutrients is you've got to have everything turning over properly to keep driving that car. That's definitely a point. Yeah, yeah, excellent point man. Um but going back to what you're saying about that investment, like if you're yeah, we need to be an energy energy deficit to um create fat loss, okay, but we shouldn't be looking to go to the gym to do that, we should be looking to go to the gym to focus on adaptation in a positive manner.

Like I said before building strength, speed, power, blah blah blah. If you need to create an energy deficit, look at something you fucking enjoy doing. Like you said, going surfing, going hiking, implement those um its movement, it is movement, you're just doing movement that you enjoy, not for the calorie burn you're doing because you fucking enjoy it. But the side effect of that is the calorie burn now you're creating that energy deficit and I think that's a big point, man and you know that ties into um you know, are you investing in yourself or are you punishing yourself because when you're going to the gym to burn calories, that's what it ends up being, ends up being a punishment. Because how many people are going to come off the festive season? I'm like, oh, I fucking blew out over the last couple of weeks and now I'm going to get to the gym, I'm gonna fucking burn some calories and you know, they dread going to the gym, They're not looking forward to it. Guess what happens when you're not looking forward to doing something, you don't fucking do it or you don't stick to it, you do it for a little bit when your motivation is high, but then motivation drops off and you're like, I'm not gonna do that anymore.

That fucking sucks, I just don't enjoy doing it, you know, and there's something there's something to be said about doing things that you don't fucking enjoy, right? But you need to build up to that. You need to build the consistency, doing the things that you enjoy doing that you're going to be able to do long term possibly for the rest of your fucking life before you then start adding in things that are uncomfortable. Yeah, you don't like doing to build that resilience. Yeah. And it's taking responsibility right? Like it's just like, it's a good point is I think this is very versatile when we're on the 35th jam, we're doing this now. How many people listening to this and fall off the wagon already? Like they knew year new me fucking whatever, insert any sort of quote they found in a book they don't they read because they've been board, they've been bored and they haven't implemented it because it's not on their value list. They haven't, they don't value that action. Whereas me and you, we train because it gives us the, the one the feeling too, we feel that we we see the progress and I'm sure definitely for myself, like I used to be that guy, but I used to be fat kid, I was a beast.

So that I I used to massively use exercise as a way of trying to I thought I had earned the right to do something to exercise, but now I've got older and realize that actually look and feel better when I trained properly and I recover better and then suddenly realized that exercise is only a small part of my life, even though I work in it and I love it and I love being a geek and chat shit about mitochondria and all this kind of stuff. The bottom line is is that for me too, if I'm gonna just do exercise just to to fill warranties, to go and be that guy and go and eat dinner with my missus. That's the wrong way of looking at it. I'm the opposite. I'd much rather go and enjoy myself my missus and use that full food food for fuel to train harder and see the progression of whatever that standpoint is. Mm hmm. Excellent point man. Excellent point mate. Um we're on 30 minutes already. I haven't even, the first thing I wanted to do was like, um get you to reintroduce yourself to my audience because we did have, we did have a conversation a number of months ago.

Um but obviously, you know, shit's been happening, Things have been opening up back in Singapore, going back into lockdown, things like that. Like um give my audience a little bit of uh, an overview of what's been happening in your life. Like let's talk about how your festive season was some of the strategies that you use to get through that. Um and maybe some of the goals that you've set for yourself this year. So for guys who haven't, haven't heard the first episode obviously will fold and I'm from the UK got a bit of a mixed accent. I've lived all over the world playing a bit of pressure Rugby moved to Singapore, a bit of a life change wasn't expected to and I've been here four years now, working the busy CBD, I'm gonna coach, they're working with Ceos and, and sort of executive types, but also deal with some athletes, I. B. J. Fighters and run the place. Obviously like I know copes from going to the muscle nerds course and me and him have just hit it off and just every time we talk shop, we lose hours of our life getting in the weeds. But it's definitely the way forward now people and now people get to sit on the fucking sit on the fly on the wall and here what we're talking about literally got rid of him.

But yeah, over the, over the festive period, The main thing was trying to break. Um last year was going down into lockdown. I was actually Australia with the guys at 98 Jim. Um in January literally flew back to Singapore as they were locking down and since January I've had four days off like properly off purely because uh, but that me off meaning away from my usual environment traveling in Singapore is a bit different. Obviously you luckily enough, you can get in Thailand when you, when you've been out of lockdown, you've been able to, as you said, I thought you had, you had a big trip and you, you traveled about and you have the ability to, the best thing you have made is when you can turn your phone off and you fuck off to the middle of nowhere. So jealous man, it's saying, but christmas for me was was massively taking, put my foot on the ball and looking up because I think for for 67 months we've all in Singapore especially because we felt were so lucky to be half open, we've all just been driving hard. Um, and then it's like we talked about before, it's about having the, at the end of the end in sight is there isn't so now this my my news resolution isn't this fat loss goal or it's actually to be a bit more present.

That's my and think about what's going on in front of me rather than I'm, I think it's what's what happens in our industry, but also with people who are open minded is like the possibilities start rolling in. Um and it's very, you're very quick to go, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm seeing like progression, but then you got you calibrate that with what your values are and what that progression looks like and that's what I did is over december. I sat back and I just sat by myself and I wrote and I read and I actually spent time with my missus, which is obviously hopefully appreciate it. But yeah, but yeah, and don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed myself, like I go home for christmas and my mom feeds me like, like I'm three people, I definitely over eight but and I trained over christmas but dad back, I did work trained as I felt as I enjoyed, I love running but not killing messages literally getting out at home.

I got my dog Singapore's count is so hot, so yeah. And then that would be sort of what I did over christmas and then I've hit january very much focused on being present with my clients. Especially I've tried to do like this, this conversation, the conversation we're having now I've probably done about eight or nine times with a client trying to give them goals and say, look, you gotta decide your goal. But let's think about long term, don't be frightened and flipping out, don't be walking in. And I've had some of some of my clients cup and they've obviously their friends on the extreme end of the scale of detox and stuff. I've said you and I both know the answers to that. And the coolest thing about that is after educating them they've got and told their mates and that is the coolest bit is that is, my clients have walked up because you lost four kg. That's just water and everyone looks like what they're like because you have a cover for the kids. And suddenly, um, so yeah, that's sort of where I am. I think they, yeah. Yeah, yeah, that's cool what some of the strategies that you've um kind of put in place to practice being more mindful.

Uh I write down every evening. My plan for the day after. I think it's a big one again at the moment. There's a lot of like self help stuff which is very very wishy washy in the respective it's like telling you to write down a journal which is the size of 384 pages about everything where shooting away man, we've all got stuff to do but it's being focused on what you're trying to achieve from that and and getting the job done and moving forward, not procrastinating and sitting there and trying to overthink stuff. I think like me I I beginning of every quarter I write down what my my goals are physically, what my goals are mentally spiritually, mentally spiritually. My goal from a business standpoint and my goal from recreational standpoint. And I mean you used to be eight weeks of work, go and travel, go and see. I just said every place that I haven't been to, obviously this should become. So now I'm using ST well there's a couple of you can go to our hotels here. We've got one in in january, we'll give him for christmas but we'll do another one in a couple months time just to have a break and hopefully this vaccine comes out.

But yeah, I'm a big look at your plan, have it somewhere where you can actually see it. Don't just write in the book and leave it there for three weeks. I mean I have it on my ipad, I have it on my uh my board next to me and then every night I plan my date. I just plan my day because then I can see gaps when I've got time for me gaps that I've got time for others and I've got time I got gaps where filled with miscellaneous stuff. So that's sort of how I got through it for sure. And that rounds out part one of my one hour and 40 minute conversation with Will phone. You can find his links in the show notes. If you enjoyed that conversation, please make sure you pass it off to your friends and family and any five star ratings and reviews. Uh much appreciated. Much Love Guys piece

Coaches Corner: What is the current state of the fitness industry?
Coaches Corner: What is the current state of the fitness industry?
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