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Coaches Corner: You don't need all the just need to be willing to look for them

by Shaun Kober
January 14th 2021

 I've had so many great conversations with friends and colleagues about what we see happening in the fitness industry, and thought to myself, "I wish we would have recorded that." More

what does it mean to live life to the fullest train to your potential and perform at your best, leave nothing on the table. That's a non negotiable is that I I strive to be better every day because if I'm not on top of my game, how is anybody else gonna follow me down the road? Keep demanding more of yourself to, to live up to that potential and to stay hungry. Training is progress. You know, when I look at the word training, I think of steps, baby steps to get somewhere that you want to be and that is basically your life journey. That's a mindset itself man, it's like, it's not just about, I know that for you, a lot of that's about the physical, but we're constantly in training, whether it's growing our skill sets, whether it's growing our physical bodies, whether it's growing our relationships whatever and all of that is a training ground and that kind of goes back to the mindset that we just talked about, You underestimate yourself and you don't even start, but then once you start, you often surpass what you thought you could do performance your best mate. That's that's sort of what life is all about. You don't have the knowledge and have the fitness to healthy ambition and drive that no matter what comes along.

When that next phone call comes, I can just say yes, I don't have to worry, just go and do it. Hey guys, welcome to this coach's corner episode with my man Adrian, Alan, This is a 90 minute conversation that I'm going to break up into three installments. This first installment is where we dive into Adrian's time in Thailand and then the transition from Thailand to Bali to where he is now in Perth and the different mindsets and coaching styles that he had to adopt when dealing with those different locations, different demographics and different groups of people. Let's get this episode underway. Hey guys, welcome to today's episode of the live transform podcast. I'm your host, Sean Cobra and joining me today is my man Adrian Alan, welcome to the episode Adrian, how are you mate, cheers on doing very well. Um I'm lucky enough to be based here in Perth in Australia. You know Australia. Well, I'm sure Amanda I'm in that isolated part of the world that they called Port City, which you know, we've been very fortunate here the last couple of months considering everything that's gone on, I think people are kind of grateful to live in Port City.

No, and not under the other side of the country. So yeah, I've been back here now with the last couple of months, which has been a great learning curve. Obviously we were throwing a curveball halfway or at the start of the year, but I presume it's how we've dealt with us and how we've grown through that situation. That has been the best part for me? Certainly, yeah man, you're clearly not Australian. So why don't you give? Why don't you give my listeners a little bit of an introduction to yourself um and how you ended up in Australia, Just give me like a five minute brief overview of basically your life and then we'll dive into some of those things. Yeah, so technically, yes, I am Australia and I do have the passport, but obviously there is this accent that kind of overshadows that part and more Australian than me at the moment. Yeah, I'm originally from Ireland, so excused my english at times, I am from Ireland, I've been out in Australia with, well this is my second venture out to Australia and I came out here 10 years ago and that was probably when I first um when I first came out to Australia that has opened up the doors for me basically to travel around and to do what I do know.

So basically I was out here, came out here in 2000 and 10 and I was again, I was someone that was just searching for a purpose. I was searching for what it is, I really wanted to do, I was an electrician by trade sparky as you would call it here and I came out to part, I had friends living out here, a lot of irish people had immigrated out to Australia and I came out here with the division, I suppose, never planned to be here for so long I suppose and I never expected the journey that I have gone on, but I went out to the Rugby World Cup in 2011, had met a guy that came out for further rugby World Cup as well. We came out traveling, another Irish lad and he had actually been to Thailand for six months. Just Pause, just pause there for those that don't know, the Rugby World Cup was in um New Zealand in 2011, Yes, yeah, it was, it was a cracker mate, was absolutely fantastic. Yes, so, out to New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup, met, this guy taught me about Thailand, I'd never heard, I've obviously heard about Thailand but never for training purposes and yeah, he had done um he'd done my tie it and so far, but he'd been there for six months and I was like, oh my God, this is, this is something I'd love to do.

No, I wouldn't have been in physical condition, put it that way, going back 10 years ago and I suppose that planted the seed in my head and a little google search about a year and a half later, when I decided that I was going to go do this, I'd actually got a mining gig and of course out here in Western Australia mining had been a pretty popular and I decided I was very fortunate that I got got a job through that with an irish company as while I was an electrician, decided I booming man, that was booming like in the, in the, you know, 2000 tens and last for like 56 years or so it was absolutely joe, it was, it was amazing because it was an opportunity to actually, you know, make make good money I suppose something I never had in my life. But then I suppose after about a year and a half doing that, decided, okay, I needed a chance. I wanted to go do this fitness holiday in Thailand, didn't know anything about anywhere and google searched through up tiger muay thai and yeah, so my first venture out to Tiger muay thai 2000 and 13 and without, I didn't know anything about nutrition about fitness, but I just knew that When I got out there and what I've seen around me, especially a Tiger Tiger was probably the only Jim on the street at that time where people were going on site age, we don't know, it's a lot more popular and uh yeah, did eight weeks of training there and lo and behold on my last day that I was there, there was a coach there, Jenna, what's her name at the time?

Let's go back to 2013. And Jenna says to me at the end of my time there that uh, she said you'd be really good coach, would you like to stay here? And so like being assistant coach and man, I shell shocked. So I was when I actually, when someone had said to because like I was never into any of this and I had done to my time for a while but it was the fitness the strength conditioning that I ended up doing most of and that's what I enjoy doing and then that's when I knew well if I was to continue on the health and fitness aspect it would be in strength and conditioning in some way because that's what I enjoy doing and unfortunately I refused that offer because I didn't have my citizenship in Australia, life was good in Australia and like as much as I would love to have stayed in Thailand at the time like I couldn't I couldn't say yes to it and that was actually I was on the flight home that evening when I was asked that a couple of hours beforehand I was asked that question so when I'm back to Australia still doing the mining, decided to do an online pt course with a I. P. T. Here in Australia. Um and again you know time goes by and I still kind of figure out what you want you're making you have a good lifestyle in Australia.

Then eventually I get my P. T. Search and I actually get my citizenship after about five years and the mining industry what it was this in 2000 and 15 this was how old were you then I was just turning 30 years of age I think just kind of getting your shit together and figuring out where you want to go. Exactly. And to be like, you know, it's like if I don't do this now, like if I want to be a fitness coach or any aspect, I kind of need to push, push this now because I'm not exactly getting any younger. And yeah, so I did, once I got my citizenship, I decided that a trip to Thailand might have been the best thing for me again and a few, a couple of things happened, but I went back on the side, went back training and then unit 27 had opened and uh luckily enough I did a lot of my training in between tiger and units and in a position became available, at you know 27 and I was lucky enough and fortunate enough, you know, the dream was obviously I'd love to have always lived in that side of Phuket after my first trip. And yeah, I got a chance to settle down and work at unit and thankfully I spent three incredible years, they're just up the road from you.

And uh, yeah, so like, you know, we're well familiar with each other. So we are at this stage and uh, yeah, from there on and I suppose then three years at three years in Thailand decided to take a break and to move on and ended up in bali and then coronavirus hit after I just get settled after nine months in valley and now we're here in port Western Australia again, which I, I didn't expect to be here for this long, but trust me, it's honestly been great to be back. Yeah. I've got some friends in Perth man and um, you know, I mean group threads with them and stuff and the things that they're talking about, like they've got a lot of freedom to kind of bounce around, do whatever they want without too many restrictions obviously can't really leave the state or anything like that. So, you know, I'd imagine that you're quite grateful for that 100% yet. It's like we, we've had the freedom, we've to be able to travel down south there to see a lot of Western Australia at the last couple of months I think. I think after the first five weeks I had been here. Yes, they had to do the quarantine which was acceptable. And like I think in the five weeks after that I had seen more of Western Australia and done more in those five weeks and I had done in five years of doing mine and one, you know, so I think 100% maturity comes with age and now you just realize how much this place does have to offer.

Yeah, that's it, man. You value start changing right. You're not so much looking to go out and get on the peace and you know, I have going benders on on the weekend and things like that. you're like, all right, I'm going to get out in nature, I'm going to go hiking and I'm going to go and you know go down to the river and I'm going to go and check out all the vineyards and all that type of stuff. Um Now there was a period of time where you actually ended up in me Orca in spain, is that how you pronounce it? Yeah, me Orca. So um yeah, that story, Yes. So basically um after I had left the mining industry um after I decide okay I need to take a, take a break, I actually went back to Ireland and I wasn't actually going back to Ireland to to work in the fit to work as such as a fitness instructor. But I actually went to go set up a business with embody embody or the body fat analysis machines and I've seen here in Australia they were very prominent and I've been using dexter scanners and so forth. And I was like oh the fitness industry in Ireland was kind of taken off at the time and I was like, oh maybe it might be a good idea to buy john to invest in one of these machines and to get into the fitness industry in a way.

Um when I got home I actually went to board a plane from England from Ireland to England and that flight got canceled and lo and behold, two days after that had actually happened, I got a phone call From Dale. He was actually dale as he runs unit 27 and he was starting a gym in, we are getting spain and I decided that I would actually, or he rang me, he was like, would you be interested in coming down here? And I was like, I was like, in my own head, I want to do something but I was like, yes, I've always wanted to do, I want to work in the gym and as a fitness instructor and then it was like in my darkest, I was like, you know what, I have the time, I have a chance now to go and do it, Give it a trial and see what happens. So yeah, I went down, I was actually 30 years of age at the time. I had never done a pt, I'd never actually worked in the gym and yeah, the gym was located. People that are familiar with the Arca, there's two spots, there's santa plans and there's mega love and these are the two probably european destinations for a lot of irish people, a lot of english people would go not for fitness put it that way.

Uh so we, we had a gym there. What was, what was the name of it at the time? I can't even, we had called it, but I spent street Block is cute. Sorry? Yes, exactly. Yeah. You know when I know that uh I was like, I'm having, I'm having my head was going around in circumstances, the name of it. Yeah, Block HQ massive. It was john what? It was actually a massive jim. It was like, it was, it was huge. It was very big for, for the island. But I suppose, look, I was 30 years of age and uh what, what I kind of expected, I wanted the lifestyle that I had in Thailand you know from from this, that's what I was expecting. You know, I want to keep what you see from tiger and from Eunice is that you have new people coming in every week. The street is booming. It's all health and fitness. The distractions, yes, we're close to patong when we're on the side. But you know, you know yourself, it's very rarely, it's for the audience. A very rarely we would actually venture in there.

So you are, you are kept at the bubble out there and it is a great environment to put yourself in for a fitness holiday. But I, I suppose yeah, Mark, it was for three months I was there and then I just decided after about three months, I was like just this isn't working out for me. You know whether I was jumping the gun or not like I was, I was 30 years of age but I was like, yeah, it's just, this isn't working for me. So I went back to Ireland tail between my legs and I was thinking, jesus, what am I gonna do? No, but after a bit of time was settling in Ireland, I gave up on the idea with the embodied machine and I was like, oh you know, you just kind of don't know what to do it yourself when you think you failed basically, like I knew myself, I didn't fail, but I was telling myself that the reason that it failed was probably because of me, but no, I was like it's just not what I want this and you know, understanding that, understanding your values at the time, I probably wouldn't have, I didn't know anything about that either, but I just knew in my heart just wasn't for me and I ventured home and then I decided you know what, I'll just go back to Thailand and see what's happening in Thailand again. Yeah man, cool, let's talk about that for a minute, because that's a conversation that not many people have with themselves, a lot of people just kind of float through life and um don't really ask if there if what they're doing is actually bringing them fulfillment, Like a lot, you know, a lot of people say, I just do whatever makes you happy, I disagree with that, like happiness is an emotion right?

Like I think you should do the things that bring you fulfillment, I think that you should do things that you know that um bring achievement a sense of purpose, a sense of meaning, a sense of achievement um and that's ultimately where happiness comes from, was there something that stood out for you that kind of brought your attention to not wanting to be there or realizing that that's not the lifestyle that you wanted to live? Yeah, so I guess when, when I was there, it was just the aspect of a lot has to fall into place, you know, you need to have the right team, you need to have the right people know, there was a few people on the team, they were fine, but I suppose like, and I can say that was the, we had investors in the gym that weren't, they weren't probably living up to my values and so forth, and like we could see that while, while we were running the gym and it just, it just wasn't for me and I realized, you know, I suppose I had never done the work on myself to be like, this isn't for me, the only time I really kind of had the experience was when we had done the mining and I had enough of it and I just knew it wasn't for me anymore, I was having that kind of a feeling again and an emotion you could say, and I was just like to know what I was mad enough to stand up for myself before and be like, this isn't for me, I've had enough of this, like I want to step away from it when that came with the mining and then when it just happened in spain as well, I would just look, this isn't for me, I don't think I'm on the right path with this, you know, or whatever the case may be, but what I also knew was that if this was Thailand and what I had experienced in Thailand through my times, I've probably been able to Thailand two or three times as well after the first stint just for like a week long trips and every time you go back to that side, it's just the feeling the people and everything else that goes with it and in spain I suppose people weren't coming, like I thought they would, it was new, but then again it takes time, I suppose I was looking for the quick fix thinking that we have a full gym within about a week or two that was never going to happen and yeah, so I just decided that was, that was, that wasn't for me.

Yeah, fair man. Um there's something I want to touch on there as well is a lot of people have tried to replicate um this gym model in other areas of the world um and it's very fucking difficult to do and the reason being is that for anyone who hasn't been to soy toyed in shillong in poker Thailand is like, it's 1.5 kilometre long street, that's full of fucking gyms is like 10 to 12 gyms um You know strengthen auditioning gyms, there's mixed martial arts gyms, there's um B. J. J. There's um moy tai everything and you know the entire street is catered towards health and fitness like it's difficult to get um shitty food, unhealthy food. Um You know the entire street is basically um built around the gyms because the gyms are what bring people in and it's a destination. People literally come to Thailand to soy tired to train and that's how I ended up there the first time, you know I was backpacking through Southeast Asia and I spent a month on the road.

Um I've done Malaysia, had gone over to Patong um in pu cat and I was like fuck man, I've been on the road for a month, I'm you know drinking pair some um you know I'm just feeling sluggish, I'm not feeling good about myself and I had a couple of mates that have been to Tiger muay thai um previously so I got in contact with them and I was like sweet, so called talk talk over and um you know I spent a week training and then continued traveling through south East Asia, went over to europe for three months, I spent six months on the road And then on the way home, I was like well we've been in Europe like eating and drinking like let's pull into Tiger Muay Thai and train again and every year man. Um so I came, came twice in 2013. I was like this is somewhere I wanted to live, this is somewhere I want to be. Um set myself up for six months to a year live and work here. Um And then over the years, you know, I kept coming back, I had my own strength and conditioning business, pt business in Tasmania in Australia. And every year I you know, take three or four months off and go traveling with my ex girlfriend and she'd go to India or bali or something and do some, you know, coursework with yoga or something and I'd come to Thailand and I'd spend a month here and I'd train and um go to the beach in the after like a train in the morning and you know, work on my online coaching business um right up pdf documents for my clients, right up programs, um do courses and things like that.

And then I'd go to the beach in the afternoon. It was a fucking awesome lifestyle man. Um But you know, it is a destination jim. So trying to replicate um this business model in other areas of the world, it's very difficult and so many people, so many businesses have failed trying to do that. Yeah, and that is the case and like, you know when I was there on the street, it's the feeling you get when you get onto that onto the side, let's call it, you know, that's what it's called and that's why I love to refer it by end. I think when people have tried to replicate it, you know, people come, people from all over the world come, they see, they see the street, they see the gyms, they they see the community, the vibe is on another level. You know, a lot of people, I suppose 99% of people are like solo travelers when they get there and then they're free of anything. Like, you know, no judgments, no anything else and it's, it's easy to do what you need to do. You know, we don't need to sell it anymore than it's already been sold. It's like, it has everything you actually need on the street that's a kilometre and a half long, you know, and you know, when you go, when you go to the place, you have the people that have come, they've seen us, you have, you have businessman, you have like, you have everything, businessmen, teachers, nurses, just, general people who just want a holiday and you know, some people will come for a week or two and realize how much it is good for their health and be like, okay, I'm staying.

Like, how many times have you see someone go down to immigration and say no, I haven't left, you know, or even due to leave tomorrow or this evening is like, no, I can't leave and we keep coming back and there is a reason, you can't you can't by the reason why everyone keeps coming back because the people are there, the gyms are there, you know what you're getting yourself into, you know, the style of training, you know, the restaurant, you know, the food and the accommodation is on another level. Yeah, I think it's the environment as well, man, like so many people come from all over the world for many, many different reasons, but for a lot of the same reasons, it's always to better themselves and sometimes it's to break drug addictions and sometimes it's to lose fucking 50 kg or, um, whatever, you know, work through, um, a relationship breakdown or whatever it might be. Everyone's there for different reasons, but a lot of the same reasons and it's it's one of those things that the environment is so positive men, um, you know, like I said, it's a lot of people come and they don't have the same stresses that they have at home and they, you know, they don't have to worry so much about, you know, the day to day stresses that life brings.

They don't have all of those distractions and I think that's why, um, the business model works so well here, and that's also the reason why it doesn't work in other locations. It's because, you know, you can't replicate these conditions. You can't replicate this environment, you know, on a day to day basis, trying to live that as your life every day, you know, it is a destination and it is, you know, let's talk about that because um it's obviously different traveling through here compared to living here. What was the difference is that you noticed yourself? Um, I suppose when, when you do mention about the environment, I suppose I would have been a bit blind to the fact when I went there as well, even to work to live there, when I decided I was dis is where I wanted to stay was, you know, I was still trying to figure my stuff out as well and I always have this saying in my head and I said it to a few people as I was like, why, why does no one, no one will come and Fitness holiday because everything is okay, you know, if everything is ok, a fitness holiday is probably not what you're going to go on, but the more I was there and over the years I realized, you know, just like you said, like the stresses of work, like yes, I had the stresses of doing the mining and then I would come to Thailand, but you forget, you're nearly a mirror of the people you meet and I was blind to the fact of why people were coming to train so much or why people were returning because probably, I didn't get to know people enough on, I suppose on an emotional level, you know, they come in, they want to be pushed, you give that to them and then when you're finished coaching, you can catch up with the amount of people that come through that jim or any gym on the street on a day to day business, you would have a full time, a full time job outside of the gym as well, you know?

So it's very hard, It's only after, I believe after a cup, like, maybe a year and a half of me being there doesn't realize is okay, people have really stressful jobs and we're very fortunate that we are now living the life that we kind of put out for ourselves by living and coaching in Thailand and then you're, it's a lot easier to communicate with people on that level and you know, to, to figure out what it is, you can do better to make their experience more enjoyable while they are here. So yeah, that was definitely something that took me quite a while to figure out while I was there and then, yeah, being on the street, the difference, I suppose between working there and, you know, you're working, you know, have a full time job and, you know, you get your two ft around the ground and you are there to improve people's lives and it's like, I couldn't believe that I was I was the one that had that job, you know, when I, like when we went to the Tiger, first of all you meet all the coaches and you see the job they're doing like, oh my God, how will I, how are these people because you put them all in pedestal like we do and rightfully so I wouldn't say and what you put me on a pedestal, but you know, it was great to see those people that were standing in front of me telling me what to do, improving my life on a day to day basis and having that, that job that we do have there, like you don't even call it a job, it's a passion, you know, and uh yeah, it was absolutely fantastic and it's something I will never ever forget and hopefully it will continue to do in other areas of the world.

Yeah man, you made a really good point there about it being a passion, you know, this is something that I fucking love, this is something that I kind of fell into after my army career, um you know, I was like what I want to do with myself, I enjoy training and I enjoy coaching people through training and again, tying back into what you said before, a lot of people come from these stressful lives, these stressful jobs and they come to Tiger or they come to the soy and you know, they want to fucking work hard and they want to train hard and here's the thing they can, when they're in that environment because now they've all of the other stresses and distractions of life have faded away so now they can push themselves hard during the training sessions and you know, like you said, people book a week and then they end up staying for two weeks, three weeks a month, whatever, you know, and it's a really fucking good lifestyle because you know those distractions and stresses have melted away and they are in a good environment with good people eating good food, getting sunshine, going to the beach, training, well looking after themselves etcetera.

You know, something that I realized as a coach very, very quickly was, you know, it's all well and good to get people results whilst they're in Thailand for two weeks. But my fucking job is to teach them the tools and the techniques and the strategies. You give them a good time, give them some hard workouts whilst they're in Thailand But also give them some strategies that they can use Walter at home, educate them on these other aspects that is going to allow them to manage the other 23 hours of the day rather than just hammering themselves during that one hour training session. I mean if They're going to handle themselves in that one hour training session, a lot of people want to do that, then we need to manage the other 23 hours, we need to make sure that they're getting enough sleep, there drinking enough water, there eating the right you know right amount of nutrients in the right ratios and all that type of stuff. Um Now you're doing some online coaching now, is that right? Well I'm delving into it, I've been doing I suppose a couple of course is with the last year I just wanted to do something different outside of like outside of fitness and nutrition like Because that's where all the eggs were, you talk about the 23 hours in the day, probably for four hours a day would have been spent training and eating, you know what I mean?

Every day in Thailand and the other 20 for the other 20 would be done relaxing and just like you know, like you said going to the beach and just living, living a life of at the time perfectly fine no care in the world, I didn't care about anything. Truthfully, I just cared about coaching, training, nutrition and having a good lifestyle and that's all, they were probably just the way I viewed it, but I never really looked at the other areas of my life as to why I would, like I was very fortunate tonight that was our, you know, we're living our passion whereas other people to be a good coach, you need to understand that other people have different lifestyles and definitely coming back to parts this year has shown me since I have started back working in in other gyms that you know, people are working here and they have lives and they have Children. Like I didn't get to see a lot of that when I lived in Thailand like true like people would have come maybe as singles. Yes, you would've had a couple of people that would brought would have brought babies but I probably didn't understand at the time that you know, other people would have serious stresses but definitely coming back and being able to work now and live in parts and see the lifestyle that people do live here.

You know, you're in the city. It has really opened my eyes and yeah, I was lucky enough that I've, I've had a bit of guidance since the lockdown, how to improve people's lifestyles and how to improve my own lifestyle, overall lifestyle and that's been a major major learning curve in the last nine months to a year for me. Mm That's awesome man, that's something I want to touch on a little bit more detail. Like what are the lessons that you've learned and what have you noticed going from a place like Thailand you went to bali for a little bit as well um and now you've ended up back in Perth like talk to me about that transition and then what the difference is um you know, dealing with different clients in different demographics in different areas. Yeah, so I guess um at unit 27 having spent three years there and if people are unaware of what, you know, $27, we, we, we basically run strength conditioning classes. Now, it's mainly a lot of conditioning, I suppose a lot of our the onus is on the conditioning and how intensity those conditioning sessions can be and so forth. And that's what it's probably deprived on.

You know, we have our strength classes and we've rapid fire and so forth. But then I suppose once I like the training, I used to myself at unit 27 on the side on big buddha, myself and Jamie Foxx would be running up and down big button with tires and kettlebells and what not and you know, it's probably unconventional, but that's what Thailand allows you to do. You know, people would be questioning what is it you're doing, but I like I just do what I enjoy doing in a way. So I suppose the way I coached and you know, it's, it's high intensity kind of stuff and it's like, you know, you're pushing people hard for that for that hour and then you decide that you're going to, you're going to leave decide and you're going to go on a new adventure because you feel like you just like the chance to grow that was my intention, you know, So when I left and I did a bit of traveling, winter bali bali was on the cars, you've seen a lot of people, you know yourself come to the side and then they see it's rainy season and they decided to go to bali and we get to see what kind of a life, you know, you get an insight into what they're doing. There's a lot of beach clubs. There's a, it's definitely compared to the side, there's more, I thought there'd be more going on in valley but it's more of the, the fun site, definitely social side so massively.

Yeah. Yeah. You go to the gym to make friends and then you go out with friends later. Let's be truthfully honest here. Now we're not sure you go from Thailand and you train the time and then you got the valley and you train, you're only training to burn off what you drank the night before. That is that is the God's honest truth and I'm not even gonna sit here and sugarcoat it. Okay. So that's what it is. Like everyone is based in Chengdu. It is more of a lifestyle. There's more, but there's more people on holidays. There's more distractions and yeah, I spent six, I spent, it was six months that I spent there but like I had a great time there. I was working, I was trying to find my feet, but again, I was probably searching for that unit 27. You know what I was used to hallway could push people and so forth. Um tried a different couple of jim's a few good gyms now in fairness. But then I suppose I did train and this is like, and this is where I think I learned as well was I trained in a gym where you had a lot of Indonesian women and I suppose the way I treated people at, you know, 27 you couldn't really treat these people that way.

And I was like, jeez, why don't they want to be pushed? But like, I'm like, they just want to come in and just want to move, you know, and being a coach and understanding that after a while to me was like, okay, I'm like, I've only been in the, in the fitness industry with five years, you know, it's been shocked, I'm still only 34 you know, So like can we pause there for a second? Yeah, Because you started you did you start at Unit 27? That was like your first coaching job. Yeah, so dark. It was the first one for three months and then Okay. Yeah. And then unit 27. But by the time I got to, you know, 27 I've never actually, I never even had done a personal training session with anyone, It was just group fitness classes, you know, So I probably myself, I love the group fitness stuff. I do, I love having a big group of people in front of me and even when people ask me, how am I PT or am I like I said, yes, I am pT But I do love my passion is group fitness stuff and getting groups of people together and however, I can bring that together in more aspects. That's what I want to do. Uh, so anyway, I went to, went to bali, tried a couple of gyms there. It is a bit more of a social scene. Uh, the idea that I had going back four years ago to bring in body to Ireland.

I ended up bringing in body to the valley. So I set up in bodies on valley and look, that was just two weeks before the coronavirus is so look, timing wasn't exactly ideal. But again, you know, the gyms, the gyms, they're like we said, it is definitely people are more there for a holiday when people come to visit. Yes, you have expats are living there also and they, you know, I suppose there's a lot more the digital nomad kind of work going on there as well where a lot of people are, are settled. Um, so yeah, that was, that was a good, a good insight to happen. Again, it was just a change of pace from, from the side and again, I learned from that as well. And that's the idea is that when you go somewhere and you, you know, you do something that you do learn from that experience and traveling does give you that experience. Mm hmm. And what about the, how the demographic change when you got back to Australia and how you had to change your coaching style. Yeah. So I suppose when I got back here then and I came back in March. That's just when kind of covid situation was kind of getting out of hand and I was very fortunate I had my citizenship here in Australia from my first stint.

Yeah. And I came back and like not knowing that I would be here for so long. I didn't think I would be here. Like I thought maybe a month or two and then I would go back maybe to bali again and then that wasn't happening and I decided, okay, you know what, look, I'll get back into try gave training a bit of a break as well. Then, you know, I was like, I was at home doing home workouts and getting the use of resistance bands while everything was kind of on the shutdown and that was great. And it was like, look, it's time to have a look around see what's available. And the gyms here are fantastic. You know, the people here are training hard. The gyms have everything you need. You know, even some of the gym, some of the biggest names and values still struggle with having equipment. Like, you know, so it's like it's still coming here was I realized that all, you know, Australia's part for instance, a lot of money in part people are willing to spend it on the gyms because otherwise people are going to other gyms, there's a gym every, every block basically around here and yeah, the gym's I've worked and then I suppose, yeah, I just got to see that the biggest shock I got and you would probably see this as well is that you know, when you finish a class in Thailand people are hanging around, people are hanging around for the chat and it's great and you get to talk to people and you get to ask him about the class and you know, you just get to, you get to know people as well.

I was in here and that was probably my first day on the job and I was in there like five o'clock in the morning, No, we don't start our classes in Thailand at five o'clock in the morning, we know that they're using at about seven or eight and after the first class, like one hour class turned around, went to the toilet, came back out with jim empty, everyone gone. No one hanging around, I was like, I actually asked myself the question and the other was like, where's everyone gone? And it was like to work, I suppose like, you know what, I was like, shit has like no one actually hangs around there. They are like, yeah, and you know, obviously now I can see that like people just get in, get out in and out in and out, you know, they want yeah, it's, it's a big change of pace here, but you've got to understand that people have other stressors and even when I talked to these people and the high like the jobs that they do have and the stresses that they have in life, it like it took me back to like the time that I was doing the mining, I was like oh jesus, these people have these everyday as well, like you know, I was looking enough to have the break and live in Thailand and live in bali and now I'm back and I believe that obviously I can kind of, I'm learning from people every day when I see this and I'm like jesus, it's something I never, it never dawned on me or even I went back playing football again, you know, we have irish football team and everyone has kids and it was just so it's good to see how people kind of live their lives as they get older than as well, you know.

So uh yeah, that was kind of a culture shock to me, tell you the truth and that rounds out part one of a 90 minute conversation with Adrian Ellen, If you guys enjoy the content, please make sure you tag us on social media stories. A dough is at a I D O A L A N A Doe Ellen, I am at coach underscore codes K O B es tag us in your stories so that we can also share that. And any five star ratings and reviews are much appreciated guys. The next episode will be dropping on monday Part two with my conversation with Adrian Allen. Much Love guys piece

Coaches Corner: You don't need all the just need to be willing to look for them
Coaches Corner: You don't need all the just need to be willing to look for them
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