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Shaun Sargent of BeSpunki

by Shaun Kober
November 30th 2020

In this episode, I interview Shaun Sargent of BeSpunki, which is a male hormone optimisation supplement company.

We discuss:
- How I became an ambassador for them
- Their affiliati... More

Hey guys, welcome to this episode of the Leave Train performed podcast. I'm your host, Sean Cobra and joining me today is Sean Sergeant, who is the founder of be spunky, Be spunky is a male hormone optimization supplement company, and Sean is going to dive into how this company was founded, how it came about and what led him down this path, Welcome to the podcast, Sean thanks very much Sean for having me on. It's a great pleasure mate, I'm looking forward to diving into this episode for people that don't know, I am an ambassador for be spunky and if people have been following me for a while they'll know that I would not endorse anything that I don't use myself or that I don't believe in and I'm sure we'll get into this. But there was, I got a random email many, many months ago, whilst I was in Australia doing my yoga course from yourself Um basically saying, Hey, try this supplement, we'd love you to come on board and we'd love to build a relationship together and was like, who the funk are these guys? I know nothing about them. When did a little bit of research got in contact with you, unfortunately I didn't have a chance to meet up with you because we were doing, you know, 14, 16 hour days or whatever.

Um but I'm really glad that I came on board and I'm really glad that you reached out, can you talk to me about how that came about? Like how did you find out about me and why did you reach out to me? I mean, I think I'm the greatest internet stalker. You know, my wife says that I stalk people on the internet. So, I mean, we've got a friend in common, Heston Russell And he put, he's doing the Swiss eight bit at the time And then through the Swiss eight, I saw that you guys were up in Byron, which is my hometown. And then I thought, oh, you know, um, some of the guys one there, Adrian and so on and then then they checked in, oh Sean Cobra, who's he and looked at your profile on instagram. I thought, fuck if we could get this guy to, to work with us, it would be great because of your background, your knowledge and you know what you stand for and what you put out there. So it was like, oh, she's in Byron. Let's see if we can meet him. Couldn't meet you. But I thought, well, you know, a few of the guys that have been trying the beast monkey, let's see if we can get sean to try some.

So we piled on down to the yoga center, got a few funny looks, trying to hand the package off to somebody called, you know, be spunky and it's like what's going on? And the rest is history? You kindly, you took my call, we had a good chat and you know, we've got some shared principles in life and you know, the rest is history. So that's, that's a very brief version of how I managed to stalk you out and how you kindly said yes, that's amazing mate, I've never actually heard that story before. I've only obviously I only know it from my perspective so it's called to hear your perspective on it. Um you mentioned Swiss ate there, I am an ambassador for Swiss eight as well and I'm a massive believer in what they're doing in the mental health space Um for those that don't know, haven't been following for that long. Um Swiss eight is a proactive mental health program that allows you to structure in the most important things of your life that allow you to be better at life um and the principles of Swiss say there's eight pillars of health and wellness and those principles are sleep, nutrition, discipline, time management, fitness, personal growth, mindfulness and minimalism for you Sean is one of those principles more important than any others at this time in your life.

I mean when you mentioned those, it's a tough one because they're all incredibly important, but I think for me, discipline is key. If you don't have discipline, nothing else follows. So you know whether it's the sleep, whether it's nutrition, whether it's the training, mindfulness, all part of my daily ritual, but if I don't have the discipline to do it, my life falls apart, so I think without discipline you don't have anything um and I know in my life when I've been undisciplined things gotta ship very quickly. So I sort of pin that as the foundation point. If I'm disciplined in my beliefs and everything else follows. Yeah, I love that answer. Has there been times in your life when one of those other principles have been more important? No, honestly, because I think, you know without that discipline, you know, I meditate daily, I try and get my sleep, I am religious as far as I can with nutrition and exercise, but that all, if you know without the discipline it falls apart, you can always be too busy to do to do to do.

So, you know, I personally think from an early age I was disciplined into the culture of my life and whilst I don't have a military background, unfortunately I do respect a lot of the discipline of the programming of this is what you need to do, sequence, sequence sequence and when you do that life goes a lot smoother. So I would, I would love to tell you there is, but it's discipline. I know if I, if I lose my discipline, everything goes wrong very quickly. Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm That's a great point. I've just got back from a three week road trip around Thailand and you know, being in a different environment um staying in a different place every night. I wasn't in my own place, you know, um didn't have access to a gym or anything like that, like I wasn't training, I wasn't eating as well as normal, I was drinking beer, just a couple of beers with dinner every night, wasn't getting on the pierce and you know, going clubbing or anything like that. Um but you know that had a massive my environment played a massive part on my discipline and my ability to do the things that I needed to do to be at my best.

Where did your sense of discipline come from? Honestly, I couldn't give you, I mean my, my father was a sort of hard working guy who he got up every day and did what he needed to do and we were just instilled with, you gotta work hard, you got to do this, you got to do that and I guess it's the, got to do thing which puts you into a structure, you know, you wake up at and he used to be up at three AM to go to work and that was religious, it didn't matter if it was summer or winter snowing or raining or whatever. So it's like I saw him as an example and then his father was technically blind From age 30, but I remember him every day without fail would hit her five or 6 German shepherds to his hand cart and walk 12, 15 miles a day, you think? How does he do that when he's blind, Well it was a discipline to know he had 100 steps until he turned right, 100 steps until he turned, whatever it was and it wouldn't matter.

You know, people say why are you going out to do that? He said, I've just got to do it and I think it's it's the subliminal programming of of watching people doing things on a repeated basis and that to me is is discipline, you know, whatever you've got going on, go back to your stability points and then you'll find your foundation again. And and that to me is my definition of discipline is going back to your your foundational points of what, you know, it's good for you, whether that's exercise, diet, nutrition, meditation, whatever, get to the foundation point and restart, restart, restart. So that I think it's just by watching role models and you know, it's the same in training, isn't it? You know, if you if you're disciplined, you know, one of my Great Heroes is Dorian Yates the six time Mr Olympia, not the most gifted of people, but without a shadow of a doubt, the most disciplined person and I think my view is from discipline.

Greatness follows Yeah, I love that man, I love that um discipline is doing what you know, you should do even when you don't feel like it, that to me is discipline and we all know that, you know, eating fucking good food is going to be good for us. Getting eight hours of sleep at night is going to be good for us doing some exercise is going to be good for us doing some mindfulness, meditation work is good for us, you know, we know what's good for us, but we also know what's bad for us. Like discipline is simply conditioning yourself to be able to choose doing the good things, what you know, is good for you more often than doing the things that are bad for you. Absolutely. And also when you go off piece is we all do, you know, we're not bloody saints, the discipline gets just going off, I'm just gonna fucking track for the last couple of weeks made on this road trip, but you know that, you know what you need to do, that's your discipline to get you back to where you want to be and beyond. So you know, I'm, I'm a slacker gas so without discipline, I'd be a wreck And I remember as a kid laying in bed at three am with the alarm going off because I used to work with my old man and you know the beds warm, it's pissing outside, it's freezing, it's dark and it's like, no, I need to get up because I need to earn money because I want to to buy things as a 12 15 year old, you know, whatever, it's easy to roll over, pull the Duvalier on and go fuck it, but that isn't going to get the ship done, so it's that discipline to say I want to do this, so this is what I've got to do.

Yeah, another great point. Um Now I want to talk about that because you had some really strong um masculine figures in your life growing up, that kind of, you know, you grew up playing sports um we'll dive into some of the competitive sports that you played um competed in um But you had some very masculine figures in your life um including your father ah and your, you know, your grandparents and things like that, Can you talk to me about the impact that having um those strong, physically fit and competitive men um what sort of impact they had on you? Yeah, I mean, you know my old man was always out working um and so you know the grandparents always have a big impact. So I was fortunate because my grandparents were very different. My father's father, it was a big fork, you know, bare knuckle boxer, horse trader, you know something out of the Snatch movies, you know, dealing with gypsies and they were top top people. Um and because he was blind, it always used to fascinate me, you could walk in the room and he would know you were there and he would know who it was before you said anything, so he had like this sense and I guess that's why he could walk his dogs and he always used, you know, I mean he trained with Reg Park who was the guy who was Arnold Schwarzenegger's idol and I saw him, you know, picking eighteen's down a bag of corn up on a shovel And he also carried a horse cart on his back for over 500 yards, like the Yolk, so when you're five years old it's like funk, I want to be like that, or you know, when he's in a pub and everybody's coming up to speak to him out of respect, because he's built that respect through his actions, so, you know, I've always wanted to train, can we just, can we just pause there for a moment?

Sure, let's just pause there for a moment because if some people don't know who Reg Park is, he's he was one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's mentors and idols um and he was mr universe, you know, three times. Um he played Hercules in a number of movies and your grandfather was training with him? Yeah, well, I mean, you know, we lived near leeds, which was where Reg Park came from, so, you know, my first set of weights was a Reg park set of weights, you know that my granddad had in the barn, so I used to sneak in there. Um and you know, to me it was like lifting weights, I was crap at soccer, which was a letdown to my other grandfather, we didn't play rugby at school because you know, for some reason we had a awoke type school where I know you don't play rugby and I didn't live near enough to a rugby club to play rugby. I would have been much better at rugby than soccer. So you know, going into the, into the barn to lift weights and mess around with weights was like, absolutely, I saw my grandfather, you know, all these guys coming up to him and I thought, yes, I want to be like that, I want to be a big guy and you know, if this is what you gotta do and it felt good.

So you know, he was that influence on me and then my mom's dad was a semi professional soccer player and he always used to come over on a Wednesday every week and he plays soccer with us. And then much to my brother and my dislike, he took us in a fucking cold bath. So you've got to get in the cold bath, Tosh, you used to call us Tosh. I still don't know why he called us Tosh, but he took us in this bath and we have five minutes in the cold bath. So you know, maybe it's some relation of Wim Hoff, I don't know, but we used to this cold bath was, but you know, I mean he was as fit as anything, played semi professional soccer. In fact he didn't get out all of his relatives got out onto the burma railway because they were conscripted and he was kept in his hometown because the R. A. F. Wanted him to play soccer for the R. A. F. As opposed to shipping him out into you know the railway. So he was he was looking and I guess that had some impact on me too of ship if you're good at sport you get to the benefit of doing things that other guys don't.

So it was a disappointment to me that I wasn't very good at soccer but okay so be it, so how old were you when you were playing around with the reg park waits Probably 6, 6 or seven. My my my family had a farm so you know in the summertime we would go making hay or baling straw and you know I wanted to drive the tractor and then as I got older I wanted to fork the hay bales up onto the trailer, there was none of this mechanical ship, it was a pitchfork and pitching it up. So I took I mean I guess I've got some sort of perverse competitive nature is I wanted to be stronger than the men so I would even at eight do all I could to out lift the men and they couldn't pitch it up and I could pitch up or they were knackered and I wasn't and I guess it was some sort of thing of wanting acknowledgment from my father because he was there too but it was also that sort of grandfather thing of, you know, Bill Sergeants a strong guy or his grandson is a strong guy, whatever, whatever, you know.

So it was from eight, I was just checked and shipped about or my family made ice cream, which is pretty crazy and I'm making ice cream in England, I mean talk about a difficult gig, But I I used to lift uh 10 gallon turns of milk into the vats or carry 50 kg bags of sugar. You have to squat down, pick it up, carried up a ladder and drop it in. I mean health and safety would have a field day, but it was like for me it was like yeah I'm lifting lifting this ship and nobody else can do it and it's like you're 12 years old, it's like I don't care, I'm earning money, I'm doing I'm working with my dad and I just enjoying it. Yeah. So you grew up, you grew up with that kind of physical upbringing. Yeah, I mean I'm the same, that reminds me of, That reminds me of um like I left home when I was 14 and moved to Darwin, like left my left school, left my home, I left my home state um and moved to Darwin from Queensland and started working out there and I was working, I got my forklift license before I turned before I fucking got my car license, which I don't think is legal, I don't know how that happened, but anyway, Um I was driving forklifts and I would fucking unload, you know, 2030 tons of um cement bags from shipping containers and put them onto one ton pallets and fucking wrap them up and I was shifting 20 tons of fucking day and again, I don't think health and safety, I'll probably die of cancer or something when I'm older because of all of the cement and ship that I breathed in.

But you know, that was what I was doing when I was 15 years old and you know, people like, oh man, you're in good shape, like what do you do? And I'm like, well you guys are going to school and here I am fucking shifting 20 tons of concrete per day, you know, and cutting up fucking re bars and things like that, I was working for building supplies company, um providing a heap of um you know, he put the raw materials for a lot of the building industry in Darwin at the time and you know, that was tough work man, but that taught me the importance of, you know, discipline, hard work, perseverance, I think the world needs strong men and you know what I really love about, you know what we do with the be spunky and working with guys like you or Heston or some of the other guys, Heston russell, all of the guys are strong men and you know, you can say what you like, but evolution has always been led by strong men. And so to me, it's like you've got to take care of business, I'm no superhero, but if I can be the best I can be, then I've got the best chance of being something for my family, for my wife or whatever, You know, I think the world's always got into a difficult place when it's been led by weak demon, and I won't get political in that given what's going on in the recent weeks, But, you know, to me guys, such as yourself, for the boys that swiss at the Veterans, you know, absolutely salute to you all because the world needs guys like you, and that's my inspiration now, is is just, you know, doing what we can to help guys to be as strong as they can be.

We don't all need to be reg Park, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, but, you know, let's celebrate being men and fucking enjoy that. Yeah, I think that's a really um important topic to touch on, because over the last couple of years in particular, there's been, you know, massive talk around toxic masculinity, and, you know, there's a lot of fucking groups that are throwing shit and pointing the finger at, you know, soldiers, and um, you know, just strong male identities and personalities, and saying, well that's fucking toxic. Well, hang on a second, like, for the most part um toxic masculinity is my father, my well, I don't know, my father, but my stepdad that is toxic masculinity. You know, he was a piece of sh it he fucking beat me, he beat my mom. Um you know, never worked, was just a really fucking poor role model. I actually looked at him and I've spoken about this in numerous podcast. I actually looked at him as a role model for what I don't want to be. That is toxic masculinity, you know, But serving my country, putting on the uniform of my country and going overseas and doing what my fucking government asked me to do, along with the band of brothers that also signed signed the dotted line to, you know, basically give their life over to somebody else for a bigger purpose and a bigger cause than themselves.

Like, that is not toxic masculinity, you know, that is something that, you know, being a strong, independent, powerful man that um you know, takes care of business when it needs to be taken care of, but then also has a softer side to be able to, you know, um mold back into civilian population and um you know, have their aggressiveness and their power and their strength and everything under control. Like that's a fucking sign of positive masculinity 100%. And I mean, to me, you've summed it up better than I ever could do. You know what I mean? I you know, I think when you look at um guys who are strong, they don't need to do the toxic masculinity behavior because they know they're strong, you generally get the ones who aren't strong who do the toxic masculinity to try and make a point, You know, you don't have to dominate somebody to prove you're strong. In fact, that shows you weak, and, you know, there's a lot of guys out there who are incredibly stronger than nicest people in the UK.

A number of my mates were special forces S. B. S. S. A. S. Intelligence, the nicest people, you could meet one of our ambassadors, David Hydro Kiriakou is the UK's top reality martial artist. I mean, look, I take him and you into a fucking fight any day, you know, because they are capable but nicest guy you could meet. You know, he's had his ship, he's dealt with ships like, you know, not in battle, but in the battle of the streets and that he's now teaching kids in London how to survive knife crime, because they're all killing each other because they don't have good role models. They're confused about what masculinity is and toxic masculinity and all of that ship, and they've got nothing to do. So, you know, it's a big thing for me and I could go off on a massive rant. But what I know is, I know that I've always gravitated around strong people, whether that's male or female and I mean, toxic femininity is just as bad if not worse than toxic masculinity and, you know, I've never hit a woman and I wouldn't come down that, but there's been a few who have been fucking close because you know, they really sort of now push your buttons and and they're absolutely awful.

You know, I've seen women glass men, I've seen women fucking stab men and it's like, come on, seriously. I know, romantic, you know, an officer and a gentleman and sucking you deal with your lady and all of that ship properly. Not equality. Yeah, we're all equal, but we're different equal. Let's celebrate our differences and celebrate them properly. And so, you know, it's pretty freaking out there. Yeah, Yeah, we're we could quite easily go down this rabbit hole, man. Um I don't want to veer too far off topic. Um but you know, I do want to I do want to say that, you know, you can't cheat biology, you know, humans have been around for fucking, you know, tens of thousands of years. Um you know, in roughly this iteration or very close to it and, you know, we evolved a certain way and evolution takes a long time evolution is a long thing. Revolution is a short thing, you know, we're seeing a revolution, which is all well and good, like, but evolutionary speaking, we evolved to, you know, do certain things and men particularly evolved to become protectors, you know, to go hunting to provide.

And as much as life has changed nowadays, like that's how we evolved and those um that reptile brain that fucking we evolved with, it's still there. So as much as, you know, some people don't like it, it is it is the case that it is how we evolved and you know, you can't it's gonna take a long time before um that reptilian brain starts getting switched off, right? But is that necessarily a good thing? Do you want fucking guys that, you know, don't be that can't protect their family, that can't provide for, you know, the people around them that can't stand up for themselves and fight off a threat and provide security. Like come on, like what do you want? You can't have fucking both. Exactly, I'm with you, but like I said before, that's that's the positive, that's the positive, that's the positive masculinity is being able to switch the or flick the switch between the two right of being able to step up and be aggressive and provide. Um and, you know, bat off any threats that come up whilst also being able to, you know, nurture and look after a child as well, right?

It's all about that balance, man. Um Now we did go off on a little bit of a tangent there, but um that kind of transitions into where I want to go next now. Um your mother unfortunately passed away when you were young can you talk to me about like what effect that had on you? You're you're a teenager while she was sick and going through that process and she passed away whilst you're still a teenager. Obviously you're going through, you know, a fairly tough time in your life already with your hormones all over the place, going through puberty. Um What sort of effect did that have on you? Yeah, I mean it was it was pretty big. Um and I think the It's taken me a long time to actually deal with it properly. You know, when you're 15, 16, 17, you hide things and bury things and You know, yeah, I was upset when she died, but I didn't cry for 20 years. Uh And it was only really when I got together with some my my wife where I felt in a safe space to actually deal with that properly.

Um I think I just buried it so deep. It caused a massive amount of distrust um for me in the medical profession because and I remember the doctor saying it's all going to be all right. We're not even sure if it's cancer, we just whip it out and oh well, you know, you probably need a bit of chemo and a bit of radiation just to make sure if it is cancer, we've got it all and you know, that was all pretty bad for her. And then our ship, we need to take out all your female bits and give you fucking tamoxifen to make sure it doesn't come back and like you know, she would have been better having a gun in her mouth and fucking killing herself when she found out because like for four and a bit five years, I mean they just tortured it and all all we got from the doctor was you know, it's it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. And you know, one of the things that I found out later in life was they told my dad on day one that she got no chance but they didn't tell her and he wasn't to tell her.

And so there's this whole realm of bullshit and it's like folk and it's a big question sean you know what's the best way to do it? I don't I don't have an answer for that. But you know if you say to somebody you've got no hope, then you've got no hope so. You know to give them some hope is good. But you know like given what what it was, was it hope or was it not? And you know destroyed my old man And you know I've had 20 years in the wilderness where I didn't speak to him and it's only in the last eight years that I've actually become friends with him. Good friends with him because of the understanding of what he had to carry once on it coming up for 17 when she died and my brother was 40 and it's like you know, he had to carry my mom and us and the business and everything and it's like fuck. So you know, how would I have handled it if I was in? I don't know. I think I told him, I think he did a good job in the end. But all it did was make me I don't trust people now. You've got to earn my trust and you know, it's like I look for bullshit everywhere because you know these bastards lied and you know, was it for her?

Good. I don't know. I mean she didn't have a good fucking life. That's for sure mate. What a fucking horrible burden for your old man. That is horrible to be to be told that your wife has no fucking chance and is going to die and you can't tell anyone in the family and yet here's your wife being told that she's she's okay, She's going to get through this and it's being you're seeing these fucking blatant lies right in front of your face. What the funk man that that really pisces me off and I understand you know why you why you had those trust issues. That's that's ridiculous man. Um how did that how like losing your mother? Obviously she was, you know, she's your mother. So she's the nurturing part of the relationship that you know the the female um femininity of your life? That feminine power? That feminine energy. Um how did that affect you when you lost that? And how did that affect your dad and your relationship there?

I can imagine like that would have thrown a massive spanner in the works. Yeah. I mean for me, I was fortunate because I've had A lot of a lot. 14 years of her been absolutely fantastic and I was fortunate to be close to both my parents as a kid. So I've got the memories of it, but then it's suddenly gone. You know, you see them in the coffin. You know, it's pretty fucking stark reminder and there's nothing there. So I went off the rails, You know, I mean, I was predicted top grades in the fucking school and everything. She cocked it and I failed everything, but there was no help. Nobody, none of the teachers gave a ship. You know, it's like, oh, you failed. It's like, yeah, get sucked. So, you know, I, I found alcohol fighting and uh, and fucking basically, and I wasn't a very nice person for a year and a bit. Um, and you know, my dad did his best, he's left with two kids. He doesn't know what to do and you know, he's a man. And so he finds another chicken, you know what I considered to be an inappropriate amount of time, but you know, we're all different and I've made peace with that.

So that didn't work for me. So we can we just pause there for a moment. Like when you see an inappropriate amount of time, what would you say? Well, I mean if it's not too personal. It was it was within a year, you know? Yeah. When did you find out that your dad knew that your mom was going to die? I think. But couldn't say anything. That would have been probably four or 5 years after she passed. And that only came out by accident. Do you think that played a massive part in him moving on quickly and basically getting another woman in to replace her? I know you can't replace your mother, but you know, to kind of fill a gap, so to speak. I mean without getting too personal, let's say there are people that you replace people with and there are people that you don't and you know when somebody comes in who's only five years older than your son, then you think, yeah, that's maybe not the best choice you could have. Not just for me, but for the long term. You know, I mean it was, you know, he's now divorced again for the second time. And and you know, he admits that was not his finest moment.

But I fully understand it because I, you know, I can only say now with my relationship, I wouldn't know what the fund to do without some. So, you know, it's it. I understand it and it's helped me process it better. Should we say, mm hmm Again, a little bit off topic. Um, off the track that I wanted to go down. But I think this is interesting and I obviously didn't know this about you. But what are your thoughts on euthanasia? Um, I reckon it's a pretty good thing. You know, if it's done properly like the ship we've got going on in this world now, you know, if it gets bad, you know, I don't want to be in the fucking book of eli or the, you know, any of this ship. I mean, you know, you never want to pop the red pill just before the fucking aliens come and rescue you. Um, you know, making a joke of that for people who don't understand my english humor. But you know, if you if you're sucking seriously ill and you racked with pain, give me a job. I mean, I saw my mom on morphine completely out of it. Yeah.

And there was no fucking hope for. The kindest thing somebody could have done to her is give her a job when she was sleeping. And funny. Sam and I were talking about it yesterday. You know, the best way to go is to go in your sleep, you know, not fucking racked with pain. And my grandfather, my mom's father, he was fit as folk. Um said he was a semi professional football player. Less than a year after my mom died. He died of a heart attack driving his car, You know, brokenhearted, whatever you want to say, he knew nothing about it. We were all devastated because we had we had a shock to process it. What a way to go. I mean, I don't want to be laid in the bed. Somebody feeding me or not knowing what to do. Just you know, I'm happy to come back and have another go. Um I think it's personal choice sean you know, I think that's a that's a powerful word is choice. You know, the reason I asked that question is because your mom was very fucking sick and I assume her quality of life deteriorated over time. You know, it was a gradual downhill slope and then fucking off the cliff right now, if the medical staff had have said your chance of beating this is 2% your quality of life is going to deteriorate.

We're going to be feeding your heap of radiation trying to kill this thing, blah, blah blah. Then she's got the information to then be able to make a choice where she can go. You know what I want to live my best life for the next year and then I'm going to punch out of life. I'm done. You know, and and everyone knows that and everyone can have that kind of time with her. Um that quality time and also be able to process it knowing that that date is coming up rather than just looking watching her degrade over the years and then be gone. Exactly. Exactly. So I think, you know, it's like with everything, I always say we're sovereign beings, we should have a choice of what we do and you know, choose wisely. You know, you can't, there are some things you can't come back with and that's okay, But choose wisely but have a choice. And some people would say, no, I believe in that 2% and I'm gonna, I'm gonna go for it and I'll do my best. And I know people close to me who have been given three months to live and eight years later they're alive, everybody's different.

But you know, I think full information and people say you can't handle the truth and that's, that's okay. I get that. But you know, having had it firsthand, it's like, don't bullshit me, just don't bullshit me. And you know, we, we could have made some different choices too had we known. And so the effect of it was, I went completely off the rails and I needed to find something to put my energy into, which is why I started playing gridiron was in the sixth form at school, I don't know what you call it in Australia, but it's what you do after mandatory school. And I was just Dawson around and then I saw a thing in the paper which said local gridiron needs new recruits and I'd watch american football on the tv and I thought I could get to hit people. Yeah, legally and that was great. So I went down and I was the youngest on the team, the smallest on the team. Um, I thought I could, they said, oh you can play tight end or something And they gave me this playbook like this and I thought funk, I can't read this.

You know, all this code, right? 24 hook, hook, it's like bollocks defense defense is for me. So I started playing defensive end and then I was pretty good and then they put me to middle linebacker and I just fucking, I thought jesus christ, I wish I'd been born in America. I fucking love this. You mean you get to hit people fucking hard and the harder you hit them the more and the town I came from was a steel town. So there were some big fucking rough men on the team and legends, absolute legends. I remember we went up to leeds to play in a park in the winter one of our first games and the team we were playing up, there was a renegade team of all of the bad people have been thrown out of the other team in leeds. So these were real nutters and it was in the park, it reminds me of the movie, the longest yard where the fucking where the guards play against the inmates worse than that And you know we had the crowd, come on, I mean you've got fucking helmet and pads and we had the crowd coming on fighting and then all of our guys and there was like, you know, the old 99 calling rugby, everybody's having a scrap.

So I had 4.5 years playing football and it was the best and that helped me because it got rid of so much anger and I was hanging around with people who were really good people, you know, people, other people would say, oh they're bad people, you know, they're steelworkers. Dockers, we had one guy who made, I don't know, probably too young William, the refrigerator, Perry used to play for the Chicago bears. He was a big guy, massive guy and we had a guy called Big Andy, he had a helmet, but he took all of the padding out because you get it on his head and he was a pirate because he was a fisherman And it's long haired beard. I mean, this guy could drink 40 pints a night, I've seen him drink 40 points tonight and two bottles of my dad's whiskey. So I was dealing with these, these were my heroes, man, this was like, this is what I was born to do and I loved it. So that's what I went into the slump of anger aggression and so on and the football just got me out of it. I think again, that's another really good point man. Um, you know, I grew up playing sports um I came from a you know an abusive family and um I had that anger and aggression as well and and you know playing rugby was was my outlet, you know, and then I joined the military and I had that aggression and I could control it, you know on the battlefield or in within training or physical training or whatever and I think that was a great outlet for me, for me to be able to express that um but also keep it under control.

Mhm. Yeah, you did actually play for, you represented, you represented great Britain in gridiron played against Australia. That's pretty cool. Yeah, I mean it's like our team was a team of vagabonds and we won local league middle league, big league and so on over the years and then um we got a coach who was the ex great Britain coach and he came up to train us and then he had a bit of a beer rivalry with his new, his replacement and he said well my team could beat your great Britain team were so good. So they sent the great Britain team up and it's it's a bit like that prison guard thing, you know, there's this ragtag bobtail team of us and there's the british guys with their gleaming outfits on and all of this and we fucking whacked them, we whacked them so hard that I didn't even stop for an after game drink, So their coach was so embarrassed, he said, well I can't let my team, my great Britain team play against in an international because you've beaten them so you go on and and represent the country. So whilst they played for great Britain, it's not that I was elevated up to the great Britain team, we beat the great Britain team and they let us play, so we played Australia and you know, that was that was fantastic.

So we just like a fairy tale, you know, that's a cool story who won fucking, we did Yeah, well now I would say I would say come on Aussies, but at that point it was like, no, we just want to win everything, you know? Yeah, true, true true. Um Now I want to talk about how you we've spoken about supplements, you do run or your own a supplement company which we're gonna dive into in a moment, but I want you to talk about how you got into supplements and training nutrition, all that type of stuff, how you're kind of looking for the edge outside of, you know, playing sports because you grew up in motocross, you represented um nationally at schoolboy level um and obviously represent well represented great Britain in gridiron, you grew up in that competitive environment, like what were you doing off the pitch, off the training paddock that allowed you to be your best self, honestly sean very little, it's embarrassing to say, I mean, you know, there was nothing in that point in time really, I was breeding the muslim fitness magazines and all of that.

So, You know, it's looking at, you know, the weight gain or 8000 and all of this ship, but at the same time um motocross is a very intense sport and my old man was working hard to pay for bikes for us to be doing it. So he wanted us to do well and he sent us off to a training camp with a guy called brian wade who was a british motocross champion and he had a P. T. Was X paris. So this kinda had us running up and down sand dunes in full motocross gear and you know, we're puking and all of that ship and it's like, okay, I need to really up my game and he gave us what was the precursor to hit training protocols to do harm, to build our fitness. I wasn't into that, it's like I can't be doing that. So I'll go the easy way, I'll go supplement weight. So joe wider, bought out an electrolyte drink, which was, it looks like you're in, it tasted like urine, but I saved up all my money to buy it because I thought, you know, if he was going to give me an extra 5% on the motocross track, it would be great. All it did was make me was that Adrian Agent orange or something like that.

No that was what dan did chain bought later which was absolutely fantastic that shift work that was like that was like the first pre workout man. Yeah well I mean this was the thing so like there was that aspect and then you know I was looking for it and then M. C. T. S came out um in the beginning so I was walking down this M. C. T. S. Because you know I wanted six pack and I wanted longevity of energy and you know having to go on a motocross track to you know between moto's to ship out your arts like nobody's business because it was terrible and they haven't done it properly. So my my dalliance with supplements has been anything and everything and nothing worked and the reason it didn't work was nothing to do with it. I didn't put the work in and that's why I say it was embarrassing because I never really train that hard and then you talk about you know I remember when muscle media came out with bill phillips and he introduced me to dan do chain and you know he was whacking in ephedrine and ephedrine caffeine aspirin and I mean you might not believe it looking at me but I used to go to church in my early twenties because I was hedging my bets and I thought if there's a God that's great and if there's not that's alright I hedge my bets.

So I used to drop three ephedrine before I went to church before I went to the gym to train legs on a sunday. So you can imagine I'm looking like this, you know, eyes wide open in church like singing as loud as I can for those listening. For those listening at home like Children used to be over the counter, you could buy over the counter, you can't buy it over the counter anymore. It's it's like it's the prime ingredient in um like a D. Or a D. H. D. But I mean it's only because some fat fucking America died, you know, I mean one person in America dies who's like 50 stone and had 400 McDonald's you know and they ban it, I mean it was it was safe and it did work. I mean you know, I'm not a doctor so it's not medical advice but you know me and my mates were whacking in that. I remember driving down from where I lived to cornwall which was a nine hour drive with my brother. We dropped four of these each in this little Vauxhall Corsa which is a holden corsa music on Metallica, you know the drive went like crazy but these are the silly things that I've done, which is why now I want to be able to create something that actually does people good, let's say it's my karma.

Yeah that's great mate for those listening, I mean if you were born In the late 90s or later, like you've grown up with the Internet but Shawn's 50 odd, I'm 35. And all of the information that we got growing up came from these fucking muscle fitness magazines, muscle media, um you know all this type of stuff and for the most part like these um magazines were owned by supplement companies that were a front for the supplement companies and most of the articles in there were literally pushing their own fucking supplements and they would have these like advertisements or they'd have this this article where this guy is talking about you know, I'm doing this type of training and blah blah blah but this is the secret I'm taking this supplement here and blah blah and you don't realize that when you're a young guy and you're like all right, I'm going to go and buy that ship because that's going to work man and I was the same bro, I fucking talk every supplement under the sun thinking it was gonna be you know, the next best thing and it was going to accelerate my fucking gains and all that type of stuff and then you'd have all these advertisements in the back of the magazine that looked like they were dodgy and you're like all right, well this this is the dodgy ship that's like this is like sucking testosterone, this is like steroids blah blah blah and you're like all right, I'm gonna get on that stuff go and order it and you know you try and get your hands on some of that stuff and you take it for like 23 months or something and you're like, it just makes you shipped yourself Exactly, exactly that and you know, I mean I remember training at the gym in Lincoln and the professional bodybuilder came down there who was Mr universe in England, nice guy who's only about five years older than me, he's a fucking monster.

But he slept 23 hours a day and when he came out he was as angry as folk and when he when he spoke to us, like if you got him on a bad day, You get out of the way and if you got him on a good day, they'd say oh you want to take this atlas weight gain 3500, which is basically cocoa powder and sugar And it's like sucking four scoops of that stuff, you're like you gotta take four scoops of just like it's like taking a fucking, it's like taking a coffee cup, like a coffee market just scooping fucking bucket loads of this protein powder into your smoothie, I'm pleased I'm not alone. Sean but I've I've done some daft ship with supplements which you know is why now with with what we're trying to do with the spunky, it's it's a tough job because a lot of guys like me like you aboard ship and it hasn't worked. You know, I think the supplement industry is like one of the most corrupt industries in the world and that's a fact that's not just me saying it because they get away with murder. So to try and and show that you're different because everybody says that don't they, everybody's different.

Everybody's doing it and you know it's a it's a slow job but that's why we like working with with incredible guys like yourself who don't take bullshit who've been through the same ship is that I've been through and it's like no okay we've we've done we kick the tires and yeah it looks good. So we'll have a go with it and you know that's what what my mission is to try and save you guys again back to the cancer story. Just give you the facts and you make your decisions. I'm not here to convince you, you know, I don't have a point of view whether you take it or you don't what I want to do. My job is to explain it to your best I can so that you can make the best decision you can and if you choose not to do it great if you choose to do it fantastic. But it's just to give you the choice to do it. So I think I supplement journey my my supplement journey has helped me understand what guy's face because I've been there. Yeah man let the let the product speak for itself and that's like full disclosure here. That's why I was a little bit hesitant when you initially reached out to me because I hadn't heard of be spunky.

I'm like who are these guys, why is this dude reaching out to me? Like where's he got my contact details from um you know what do they want basically? And because I've never heard of him before, I obviously went down that path and did some research and um reached out to you and we connected and we had a had a chat and I said look before I fucking endorse anything, I want to try the product and I want to try it for a couple of months to make sure that it is something that is worth getting behind because again I took every supplement under the sun, I spent a lot of money on wasteful supplements that just made me ship myself or made me feel bloated or you know just didn't do anything because I hadn't dialed in all of the other things, the other components of life that was going to allow me to um you know allow those supplements to do their job. But for the most part most supplements are fucking you know if they say they've got these ingredients like it's not really active ingredients, it's more like oh let's fucking fairy dust this stuff, let's Sprinkle a little bit of this stuff in there so that we can say that it's actually got these active ingredients whereas that's not the fucking case and you know most supplements well all supplements like they're not regulated so it is very difficult to be able to find a really good supplement that actually does what it says it's going to do and you know again full disclosure, I was an ambassador for Body Science BSC in Australia and I've been using Body Science products for years, you know I wore their compression tights and things like that for many, many years playing growing up playing rugby and things like that and whilst I was in Tasmania probably like five years ago now um you know I was training strength conditioning with some rugby teams and um you know training my clients and things like that and I actually had um a guy and his wife who owned a supplement store come to me and asked me to be an ambassador for Body Science in Tasmania and I was like cool what do you need from me?

Like I like body science, I've been using their products for many, many years, what do you need from me and they were basically like well we want to sell their products and I was like alright cool what does that mean for me? And they're like well you need to run um you know an event every month where we provide these supplements for you and then you people come in and then they do these taste tests and then you get their email addresses and then we you know push some marketing and things towards them and I'm like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I'm like do supplements work they can if used correctly. However if I'm going to come on board as an ambassador I'm going to do it my way. So what I actually ended up doing was running like nutrition seminars where I get people to come in and talk about energy balance. Then I go into macronutrients, micronutrients, different diets, calorie, cycling, carb, cycling all that type of stuff and then I talk about supplements at the top and I'm like if you've got any deficiencies here, this is where supplements come into play and I fucking ran the program like that and I was an ambassador with them for a year and a half or something before I ended up leaving and coming to Thailand where I lost that they actually wanted to keep me on as an ambassador but it was going to be too hard being in Thailand but um you know when you reached out to me as well it was it was the same thing man, I was like alright well you know if I'm going to come on board, I want to test this product, I want to make sure it's something I believe in um something that I use and man I'm really grateful that I have come on board because our values and our principles are very well aligned.

Um, but let's talk about how be spunky. Well, let's first of all talk about what be spunky is and how it came about and then talk about the evolution of it. Yeah, I mean, just to finished that point, you just made sure you wrote a very great piece for us. Where you talk about the pyramid and you know, be spunky sits at the top of the pyramid. If you've not got the rest of the pyramid in play, don't buy be spunky and it's phenomenal. And you know, I refer people to that repeatedly when they send me an email, it's not a magic pill and it's if you're looking for a magic pill, don't, don't waste your your, your dollars and you understand it really, really, really well. So I'm very grateful to have your, your knowledge and your experience there because everybody wants a magic pill. You know, there's that thing where they asked the american guys if you could have a pill that would win you the gold medal at the olympics, but you died a year later, would you take it? And 96% said they would, there isn't a magic pill.

I'm 50 to 53 years old. I tell you, I've been searching for that sucker since I was six and reboot isn't a magic pill, it works because I've got the rest of my ship together, my nutrition, my sleep, my meditation, my stress blah blah blah, but you know, you, you nailed it. So if anybody wants to to really know somebody who understands what be spunky ribbit is about check out Shawn's article on our web page because you nailed it mate. So how did the spunky come about? Well, You know, as I said, I was nearing 50, I've got a very nice young fit wife who's 11 years younger than me and you know, a bit of a hedonistic guy. I wanted to be able to make sure I could, you know, go the distance and and look after myself, Vandals and do and you know, take care of business. Um and you know, I mean when she moved in with me in England, she fucking throughout all my way protein and supplements. We spent more time at the local municipal tip every weekend, you know, shipping out my five kg way proteins. And so I said, you know, we were in Auckland doing, going to do a seminar across there and we're having a drink in the pub and I was doing what I normally do, like moaning on funk, you know, I can't find anything, I'm a bit worried, you know, all of this doom and gloom and said, what did you fucking make your own?

It's like I'm a chartered accountant, you know, I'm a business, I don't know what she said? Well you've had enough of this ship to know what doesn't work, Why don't you create something that does? So that's a very quick six months later we met a PhD scientist whose specialties in male andropause male aging. And that was a random random meat wasn't planned and it wasn't for a supplement. And we just got chatting and you know, I could chat for hours with anybody as you as you well know, and it's like, fuck, I said also could you create a supplement for me that's going to help me, I want to boost my testosterone. And she said, oh no, you don't want to boost your testosterone, you need to look after these things first. Okay, so if we if we created something that you would put your name to, that would work. Could you do that? Could you formulate that? So she said yes. So she went off and spent 12 months or whatever, looking at the clinical science of what the optimum male supplement would be because it's not about testosterone, anybody who thinks it's about testosterone is wrong, you've got to deal with your cortisol, you've got to deal with your insulin levels because, you know, the three key hormones, cortisol, insulin and testosterone cortisol is the school bully?

So if cortisol is present, testosterone is not going to work if insulin is present, testosterone can't work. So in this modern life what we've got guys working in Trt steroids, whatever, but they're not taking care of the cortisol levels or their insulin levels and then they wonder why their test levels and their estrogen levels are out of sync. So it was just an opportunity for me to learn for myself. So I created the spunky selfishly for myself. And then I thought, well, you know, um there's a shipload of guys out there, just like me or just as lost as I am, let's let's put it out there and see what we can do. Yeah, let's go back to the scientists because she just recently completed her training in um like male hormone optimization or something like that, hadn't she? She's just done a PhD she's actually been doing work for a lot of companies to find herbs that work for men. So like the test if in the fenugreek that we put in, she did some work on that, on the human clinical trials.

So we're getting cutting edge science from somebody who's at the coalface or finding out what works and what doesn't work. And she also did the human clinical trials on the saffron that we put in, which has been shown in human trials to alleviate mild depression better than over the counter prescription medicine, you know, we're very fortunate and she's only in Brisbane. So, you know, it's a great she's only two hours drive from us and you know, it was the first time anybody had said to create a product, we never asked what it would cost. And she said to us, you know if you've got a budget, I said no, no, I said just put the ship in that works, you know and use the ingredients that you used in the trials. So when you were talking about supplement companies and they put the fairy dust in, we had this when we came to do our second production run because the fenugreek is hideously expensive. Um and the test a phone which is the brand name for the fenugreek which was used in the trials, is even more expensive. So the lab who put it together because we have it made in a pharmaceutical grade lab in Sydney.

So we've got all the quality and it's T. G. A listing which is important. Mhm. I said well you know the costs are going to be a bit a bit of a blowout on this but we can put in some other fenny greek which is just the same. And I said oh is it the same? He said well yeah it's it's it doesn't have the same effects. Well yeah it should do and shouldn't do a different and we had a bit of a backwards and forwards and Sam and I sat across the table for about 30 milliseconds and said no it's not about the cost. I want to be able to look at people like you and our other ambassadors or the man in the street who has invested 120 hard earned dollars in our product and say it's the best it can be and if I can't do that, I'd rather not do it. So it's it's using the scientists to say this is the right formulation and this is how it needs to be and we've got the clinical trials to support it because you know, as as we said a few few minutes ago we both spent a fucking shitload of money on snake or, and it's not in my mentality, I don't want to rip people off, I'd rather not do it.

So it's like it's as good as it can be. I take it every day because I want to take it and if you want to take it and it works with you, great, you know, that's how it is. So it all came together synchronously to to meet up with Amanda and she's still on board, she's formulating, there's another couple of products at this point in time. This is the scientist. Yeah, yep. Yeah, man, that's that's that's so cool. Um you know, because again, so many supplement companies, they just, they're just really good marketers and they sell a lot of products because their marketing is so good now I've never even heard of you guys and I don't hear too much about you guys other than from you know, the other ambassadors who are really fucking, you know, really solid staunch guys who are excelling in their own path. So um you know, that to me is testament to what the product is and that's why it is, you know, decently priced. It is expensive, but it's a nutraceutical and like you said, it's TJ listed, which is what's TJ mean again, therapeutic goods administration, yep, yep.

So nutraceuticals are yes, are gone. Well, we did that sean because, you know, the supplement industry is unregulated as you said, and you supplements shouldn't make claims because they're not legally allowed to do that. And we wanted to make claims that were substantiated by 3rd Party evidence, but also we wanted a little, let's say quality guarantee. So the T. G. A listing for us was a little bit of a marketing, but also for us to know it was as good as it could be because we could make claims. It limits what we can say, you know, but I mean that's good and it's also, you know, Australia is a very trusted branding itself for quality. So to have, you know, Australian TJ listed product is a good thing and that's, you know, it's not cheap. We have to do listings and controls and all that sh it every year. But to me it's just another sign of this is what we're willing to put into this for you, for us, for me.

And as you say, I'd rather make a really good product than spend the money on the marketing. Yeah, that's great man. Um so your flagship product is reboot, which is a nutraceutical, which basically means that it's derived from real sources, nothing made in the lab. There's nothing um that doesn't occur in nature. Uh Can you talk to me about your experience with reboot and where it's at now and what your vision for be spunky is moving forward. The product itself is is all herbs. Um We even had to wait because Sam is quite anal about quality, which is a good thing. So like most capsules are plastic capsules that don't dissolve in the good easily, so it causes good health problems. So we had to wait for a veggie cap that dissolves and that delayed the product. So that's the level that we've gone too. And she told the guys who make it, we wouldn't have magnesium steer eight in the product.

They put that into oil the gears of the machines, but it's not good for the body. So what you see on the ingredients pack is what you see and it's only actives within it. Um And you know that that to me is important that we go to that level or she goes to that level. I wouldn't have the first clue about all of this ship and that's why it's good that she's involved in it. Um So my experience with reboot is like fuck, you know, I've been on it now three years, people say, do you need to cycle it because they confuse it with testosterone or Trt or because it supports your own natural production, you can cycle if you wish, but you don't need to and you know, it's the longer you have it and people say, oh well you would say that because it's your product, okay, go off its cycle and see what works for you. But the longer you're on it, clearly the more enhanced your machine is going to be, the better shape it's going to be. So, you know, my sleep levels have improved, my stress levels have gone down here, I'm calmer, I know if I miss a week, if I'm traveling or when I used to travel, I was a lot more edgy and you know, recovery time in the gym, I mean fuck you know, I thought I trained hard in my life, but you know, now I'm lifting more than I did when I was 22 and that's not because I was a slack get then, so it's just a cumulative effect and you know, certainly taking care of business is, you know, some of the guys who Live locally around here, you know, in the 50's um were having problems taking care of business and now, you know, it's no guy really wants to talk about that, but now they're ringing me up or sending me what's up saying mate, taking care of business and you know, their their wives are writing in saying thank you so much, you got my husband back and you know, I mean that's that's a little thing, but it's a big thing, it's saving marriages and people might think, yeah, it's bullshit.

Well if you've got a partner who can't take care of business, you might say it doesn't matter, but if he can take care of business again, then you'll see how much it did matter. Yeah, man. Um For those listening um you did send me a package a couple of months ago via DHL, it got caught up at fucking thai customs or whatever. I never actually got the package, so I haven't been taking any beast monkey for a couple of months now and I've definitely noticed a difference for me, the mark of a good supplement is, you know, when I start taking it um I will notice an impact, but that's when I stopped taking something where I notice, you know, a little bit more anxiety, I'm not recovering as well, I'm not performing as well, I'm not sleeping as well etcetera, etcetera. So that's what I've noticed over the last couple of months and that's why I am an ambassador for you guys, that's why did come on boards because I did start taking it and I did notice the effects of um you know how I was feeling my quality of life on a day to day basis. Um But I think it's a really good point about what you said earlier about insulin cortisol and testosterone being inversely related.

If you're not managing um one of those, then it's going to affect the others. And that's what I've noticed with reboot is that it just allows me to kind of keep everything balanced and you know, obviously I need to focus on sleep, I need to focus on nutrition, I need to focus on good quality training and recovery mechanisms and all that type of stuff. But you know, when I've got everything dialed in and then I start taking reboot, I can really fucking notice the difference, man, it just gives me that extra couple of percent to allow me to, you know, be my best person on a day to day basis. Yeah, I mean, I think, you know, it's it's amazing to see what you can and can't ship around the world and you know, we can ship to the US quicker than we can ship from Sydney to Brisbane and then we get to your situation in Thailand and it's like sometimes, you know, people in authorities just, you can't talk sense. So we're going to find a way around it, even if I have to come on the paddle boat out of Byron and paddle all the way up to deliver it to you. But you know, I think, yeah, you probably get there quicker than me, man, I'll tell you, but it is that aspect of, you don't know, you know, it's the adage of the frog in the pan and that's men's health, Our base level testosterone levels now, on average age 18-25, about 30% lower than our grandfathers were.

And you know, you have a natural decline. It's just a fact, but our decline is steeper because of environmental factors, lifestyle factors and so on. But it's the frog in the boiling pan mate. You know, it's nice. It's warm, It's warm, it's fun, It's too hot. I can't get out and you know, people don't know because it's gradual, it's not, you wake up one day and your dick doesn't work. It's not like that, but you know, more lethargic, less energy. It's a slow process. And you know what we noticed with a lot of the guys is, I mean, one of your mates who is an absolute legend, you know, he felt it on day 39 um, because everybody's got a different start point. We're not, none of us are the same. So why would everybody expect the results to be the same? You know, I felt it in Probably two weeks. Some people take 12 weeks. It's not wrong. It's just the way it is. You know, what else have you got? So, you know, I think it's a, it's work in progress and I'm very grateful that we've got legends like you, our ambassadors are just fucking phenomenal. I mean, everybody says to us, they're not even bothered about the product, which is great to go how the fund did you get all of those ambassadors because there's not one who isn't a legend and you know, I love it and I think to me that makes my life complete forget the product.

Just the fact that we're working with real man who I respect and admire, you know, that that's all it needs to be for me and the fact that they enjoy the products secondary Yeah, that's great mate, and I'm really proud to be on board and you know, to be um in the circle with the guys that you do have on board because they all are fucking legends and I know, you know, some of the guys personally and I know that they're exactly the same, they wouldn't endorse a product that they haven't tried or believe in themselves and you know, have had an impact on their lives and I'm sure every single one of them was like, I want to try this for a couple of months before I even bother fucking mentioning it. Yeah, and I mean, you know, to, to sort of come all the way back to the beginning because you know, I just want to say I'm very grateful to you and and all of the guys who we've got on the ambassador team and I'd like to give a big shoutout to Adrian at swiss as well because you know, we're happy to support um him and what he's doing as much as we can because, you know, big respect to what he's drawing two and Heston for the voice of the veteran and you know, to my mind, everybody in this country should be very grateful to what you guys have done and you know, to me it be spunky, you know, it's just a little token, as much as we kind of respect to you all and you know, to all of your listeners, I know they know about suicide, but I just want to say thank you to you and to the guys at Swiss A because what you did and what you do is so important, it's more important than reboot and be spunky.

So thank you Shawn mate, thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Um to start winding up the episode, the name of this podcast is live train perform that stands for live life to the fullest. Train to your potential and perform at your best. What does that mantra mean for you? I mean it is life isn't it? If you don't live, you know, I want to go to sleep every day knowing I did the best I could do, which is the live to the full without training. I'm unfit to live, I'm a grumpy, miserable bastard and performing if I've trained I can perform in my daily life as a reasonable human being. If I don't train, I'm a come. So I love your mantra because you know, if I need to live to my fullest, I do need to train and if I don't train, I don't perform and then I don't live to my fullest so it's a beautiful way of living and you know, I think it sums up life to a T. You just literally summed up my mantra when I came up with it many, many years ago. That's brilliant mate, to wind up the episode, where can people find more information on be spunky?

How can they get some hands on some product and um where can they find you to support the brand? Yeah, I mean be spunky dot com dot au is the website sean that beast monkey dot com is my email. I love to chat to people, you know, there's nothing gives me greater pleasure than somebody sends me an email says I would like to give you a call and they, you know, the feedback iso ship, we've never had this from anybody else. It's like, mate, you're spending your money with me, you're investing in yourself through us. If I can't give you the time to take a call or to respond to an email. So be spunky dot com dot au is the best place to go. It's got all of you guys on, it's got some great articles, some great information. It's also got the online shop, we can ship more or less anywhere us as Middle East, not Thailand yet, but we're working on that and yeah, I mean hit me up, I'm sure they can do a search on it.

There's not too much about being spunky on the web. I mean you might find some odd sights but and yeah, I mean happy to chat to anybody and you know I always say to people don't take my word for it, you have to go with it and it's expensive. But I had a guy talked to me today and he said it's less than half a bottle of beer a day mm hmm. So you know it's $4 a day effectively. So are you worth $4 a day? And you know that's how I look at it if you don't invest in yourself who will swap out your sucking Starbucks for some reboot and you're good to go. Yeah exactly right. Yeah, that's awesome mate. And if it don't fucking work send it back and we'll give you your money back. You know I mean we've got this 100% money back guarantee which is I fucking fought against because I remember that twitter had the shaver who said I was so impressed, I bought the company and if you don't like it I'll give you your money back. And I always thought that was bullshit but you know the The guy said Oh no you need to give 100% money back guarantee. So I said nobody believes that. I said well you do it, we haven't had anybody or not I think probably two people in three years, send it back. And then when we sent the money back, they went, fuckingo nobody else has done that.

Said, oh, you do this on a regular basis. Yeah, 100%, 100% that this reminded me of. I went to Whitehaven Beach many years ago up in early beach off the great barrier reef. And Whitehaven Beach is consistently ranked as one of the top five beaches in the world. And the sand is so fine, man. Like you can grab a ring or a necklace or something and like, you know, a gold ring and rub the sand on it and it fucking polishes it is stunning, man. But I read some reviews on Tripadvisor before I went and there was a couple of one star reviews and I was like, I wonder what these are. And people, people like left one star reviews because they're like, we went to this beautiful beach, but then there was no cafe to go to with Wifi so I can upload my photos and I was like, ugh, ugh, fucking idiot. There's always gonna be people like that, mate. Yeah. And, and you know, our, our sort of goal target for the next bit is to, to take it to the world and just present it in the best way we can and give people the information that they need. And that's their choice. And if if, you know, seven million, 70 million, 700 million guys by great.

If they don't that's great too. It's it's not on me whether they do or they don't, I just want to do the best job I can do to give them the information so they don't make the mistakes that I've made over my life. 100%. 100%. And that's why I'm absolutely on board with you mate. You're so authentic, you're so real man, I love your values and I am very proud to be aligned with you guys. So thank you very much for sharing your story and for being on the podcast mate. Um let's catch up again soon, bro, absolute pleasure sean and keep up the good work, mate, because what you're doing is really what's required. So thank you. Thank you brother.

Shaun Sargent of BeSpunki
Shaun Sargent of BeSpunki
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