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The Power of Decision: The Key to Your Destiny

by Carolina Harty
November 15th 2021

In this episode, Carolina talks about how powerful a decision is. She shares ideas that can help shape the understanding of what a decision is, how our mindset effects the decisions we make, and wa... More

Welcome to the mantra mentality podcast. A company designed to elevate your lifestyle, health mindset and spirituality were your host Carolina hardy and gina Gentili and we're here to help you cultivate your highest potential in achieving a mantra mentality. Mhm Hi everyone Happy monday. I hope that you have had a wonderful start to this new week. I know that monday's get this bad rep because it's usually the end of the weekend, you have to go back to work all that, you know, I get it. But also I love Mondays, I think Mondays are so symbolic for just rebirth. It's a fresh slate. It's a new start, a new beginning and I I love new beginnings because it leads to the unknown which is where all the potential and power lies. So I love on monday um and I just hope that this maybe shift your mindset a little bit around Mondays and gives you that feel good, grateful feeling towards a new weak because you hold the power to make this week however you want it right?

You can't always control what happens to you, but you can always control how you react to them. So with that being said, my topic today came very organically and I'm super excited to be sitting here talking about it because along this journey of having a podcast series, I have gone through so many different things. First of all and just this path of seeing how it's changed is really amazing because I remember when Gene and I first started the podcast, it was very structured every single week we released an episode which was amazing. But some of the times I felt like the topic was forced and I couldn't totally give as much as I could if it were something I was maybe more connected to at the time. And that has shifted in the last few months where I'll make an episode when I have this feeling or this urge or this insight or this desire or certain experiences to share with you so that I can better serve the listener.

And then now coming to the point where I have to also be more structured right? And just finding that balance between feeling and doing and just having more structure as well as letting my intuition guide me along this journey and guide me along what I create and what my creations are, right because I have a lot of downloads that I get. I get a lot of intuitive insights or just certain messages and it's about what I do with those messages versus like feeling them and just saying like whatever, making an excuse for not creating a podcast episode. Um you know, because I'm like, oh I don't want to record right now or I would rather do this or I would rather do that and um just kind of letting it go. So just finding a balance between action intuition, it's all part of the journey I'm learning. So I'm happy to be here anyways because this is part of me taking the action and my topic for today is all about decisions and the power behind our decisions and how our decisions are what shape our entire lives.

So we're just going to get right into it. So when I guess how this topic came to me was I had made the decision about going on two weeks ago that I was going to change a lot about what I was doing and I was going to be very committed to that change. And it took me deciding to do that to start this journey and that journey at the time, I didn't think, you know, I'm going to talk about decision making, I simply made a decision and since then, right hasn't even been two weeks since I made this decision, but I'm already sitting here creating a podcast episode, I'm taking notes on a book that's going to lead me to fulfilling my desires every single day I'm cutting out time to do certain things in order to create the life that I want.

So that took me deciding to cut my bullshit and start taking things a little bit more seriously, because I have taken a step back from a lot of things that I've been wanting to pursue because when it was a decision that I made at the time, because I decided that I didn't need to do the work, that was my choice and that was my decision and the actions that followed that decision were based on the idea that I didn't have to do them because I didn't want to do them and that was what I chose at the time and then seeing how that turned out, right? Nothing bad happened. I was happy and had a great life, you know, and that's the thing is I want an even better life for myself. I've created something really beautiful for myself and I'm so grateful and feel so abundant and happy with where I am. But I also know that there's more for me. I also know that I can grow and I constantly want to evolve.

I constantly want to reach the next level. I constantly want to be a better version of me and in order to do that sometimes the things that I was doing are the things that you're doing currently aren't going to give you the outcome that you want for the future that you desire. And I had moments where I was just sitting there thinking like if I continue to do exactly what I've been doing the last couple of months, 2, 345 years from now, am I going to be happy with the decisions I've made and the decisions I'm currently making or am I going to wish I had done something else And when I really sat and thought about that, I was like, I don't want to be where I'm at now five years from now, right? I mean it's good, but it's not great. Like I know I know that there's more for me and I know that if I put more into something that then I'll reach a higher version of myself, right?

So that came from a decision to then say, okay, I'm going to change the way that I do everything basically. I'm going to change the way that I look at this or that I do this or I'm going to change how I wake up every morning, I'm gonna change my schedule, I'm going to change my habits and when I decided to do that, I've noticed this shift in me that I haven't felt in a very long time. And I've also noticed the domino effect it's had in my life around me. As far as just blessings and doors openings and the feeling that I have for myself and the confidence and all these different things have shifted because of that one decision and I'm just now starting that journey and I know I have a long way to go and maybe I'm on this high horse right now and I'll have a low time, right? But it's gonna be a whole different experience than I have had in the past because I've changed what I'm doing and to see change come. You have to change your current situation, right?

So that all comes back to the power of decision and as a person too, oh, I was going to the purpose of why this podcast episode happened. And so anyways, me deciding that led me to start reading this book and this book. It's funny because this morning I journal about like how happy I was with the decision I made and how the decision that I made and the commitment I made to myself, um it feels really good, right? I journal about that and I pick up my book and then I start reading and it's all about how decisions create your life and blah, blah, blah. So I was like, okay, this is perfect for the podcast episode. Then my boss texted me and says that my first hour because I coached at an academy, my first hour canceled. So now I don't even have to go into work till an hour after I was supposed to go in and I'm like, okay, this gives me even more time to sit down and dive into this message and take my time with it.

So I'm stoked about that and I believe in divine timing, I believe in fate, I believe in alignment and I just feel super aligned right now. So I'm hoping to deliver on this episode today. Um but with that being said, just to give a little bit of insight or um just a better understanding of what a decision is and it's really the father of action, right? Because our actions all come from somewhere, right? We make a decision and with that decision comes in action. So and then our actions right? They lead to our destiny and they lead to our future. So that is the power of decision every single moment. Every instance we hold the power to decide. And that could be whether you do something great or maybe not so great.

So a decision isn't always going to be a positive one. Like you can look back at your life maybe 25, 10 years ago and you could think about certain decisions that you've made along your way and think, okay, if I had made a different decision at this time of my life would what would be different and some decisions we've made maybe weren't for our best interests and I'm a firm believer that there is no right or wrong as well. But there are so many different possibilities that we hold, the power we hold the key to those different paths and our decisions are the keys, if that makes sense. Um because that decision leads to that certain opening of that door, right? Which is that path. And certain keys have served us. And maybe if it seemed like it wasn't a great decision and it led you to a bad situation, We're all meant to go through bad things. So it wasn't necessarily bad, but different.

Right? It could have gone so many different ways, but just that just unfold and unpacks the idea of how powerful decision can really be for yourself and for your life. Um and I think that, like I said earlier, our destiny lies behind all the decisions that we've made over time and this decision can lead to commitment, right? So deciding to commit to something, deciding to commit to a better life, deciding to commit to yourself or whatever your goal is, let's say you want to learn how to play the guitar, right? It takes a decision to commit to learning how to play the guitar. And then every day after that it takes a decision to practice that in order to create that outcome for yourself. Right? So everything leads back to decision and deciding to commit. And then there's a difference between deciding and being interested in or wanting a certain outcome or thinking like, oh, it would be really nice if I could learn how to play the guitar.

Like, I would really love to learn how to play the guitar, right? That's not a commitment. That's just the desire. And I think that also dreams that we have dreams without are not dreams, goals, that we set goals without action are just dreams because they're just always going to be in this dream world. And if we're not taking action towards those goals, they're just dreams. Because how do you expect to get to the finish line if you never start running, right? So it all takes a decision takes a decision to start running and be committed to that run. Be committed to reaching the finish line and finishing the marathon right? And it's deciding each step of the way that you're going to take the next step. And I feel like also it's hard for some people to make that decision because of fear or because of their mindset and fear plays into mindset, right?

So it really does come down to mindset of how we make our decisions. And that's why shaping our minds and changing the way that we think can help uh sorry, can help lead us to making decisions that will help us get to where we want to go. So, having a certain mindset of maybe abundance and positivity and um just framing the way that we look at things can help us decide to go in a better direction. So like, for example, if someone wants to start eating more healthy, what's your mindset behind healthy foods? Right? Are you already dreading it? Are you already thinking how hard it's going to be? Are you thinking about how it doesn't taste as good or whatever? Right? There's so many that's a decision to think those things, right? So, and it's also a decision to cut off those thoughts because we're so hard wired to think certain ways and so it naturally will happen, especially if you're just now changing and redirecting your thoughts, right?

So it's noticing that your thoughts are going that way and deciding right to go the other way and say, nope, I'm not going to let my mind go there, I'm gonna take it this way and this way might be framing my mind around how the effects of healthy foods will completely alter not just my physical but my mental, my spiritual body as well. Because what we eat plays a role in everything that we are, it affects the way that we think it's, it affects our emotions, it affects our spiritual connection because everything holds energy and vibration and so the higher vibration foods that you're getting into your body, the healthier your body will be the, the nourishment that it brings right. All these different things come from deciding to change your mindset, which will lead to making an easier decision to choose the healthier option when it comes down to it because you committed to being healthy, you committed two changing your diet and eating things that are better for you in every way, shape and form.

So then what does the rest of your decisions, where do they come from? Right? And it's that foundational segment of mindset and just shifting the way you think about it and then deciding from there. So it all leads from decision. And it's also scary sometimes to go along this journey of change and deciding to be different because a lot of people are like lost on how to get to that, get to the end of the run right, They're worried about the end, like when you're crossing the finish line, not realizing that it's okay to not know how you're going to get there if you don't know the route yet or you don't know what lies ahead on this journey. But as long as you're taking a step at a time and deciding to push through and deciding that no matter what comes up, no matter what happens, I'm committed to finishing this run, I'm committed to hitting The 10 miles at the end, right? And it takes a decision to every single day.

Take that next step and figure it out along the way because sometimes that's what we have to do. And as long as you're working towards that, you're gonna be able to reflect on your actions and say, okay, this worked, this didn't work, right? What can I change here? What can I adjust? Maybe I need to put different shoes on for this run. Maybe I need to change my shirt, Maybe I need this, right? Oh, it's cold this day. I'm going to put on a jacket, right? It's about adapting, learning, changing and going from there and then taking that next step and then learning from that and all that is going to lead to what you want basically, right? So it's about continuing on learning along the way, changing your approach and then achieving What you wanted, which was to finish the 10 miles, right? So all those things lead back to a decision, which is a commitment and the second that you are truly committed to yourself and you're truly committed to making whatever it is you want to happen the way to get there, that's going to come naturally, right?

Because it's it's gonna you're gonna attract into your life and also by trial and error. You learn from those things and from that leads you to the next step, which is what you learned from that, right? What you learned from that mile and then taking what you learned and applying it to the next mile and you learn as you go and it all comes together until you finish. So the power of decision is like this really radical, beautiful strong thing that we all hold and that can lead to so many different examples like um anyone that's really change society or is like a big powerful influence or inspiration in our lives. They all have different backgrounds and they all made certain decisions to get them to where they are. And we have people that have come from nothing who have created this insane life for themselves and we have people who came from a lot of privilege or a lot of help who have also either made insane lives for themselves through that or have made certain decisions to give themselves like a not crazy, amazing life, right?

So both scenarios can be traced back to the decisions that those individuals have made in order to reach where they've reached, right? The people that they've become and being committed to being your best self is pretty broad, like what is my best, what it even is my best self, right? So also deciding to decide on who it is that you want to be deciding who you want to show up as, right. So I decide that I want to be a doctor and I want to be a doctor who is super kind and caring about their patients, right? Whatever your decision is, you have to be committed to that, right? So you're going to do whatever you can to become that doctor who actually cares to make a difference in people's lives or become um that artist or that musician. It takes a decision to put in the work and the effort and the action to become that person who do you show up as every single day, right?

Because it's not what we do here and there. If we sometimes do this, we sometimes eat healthy. We sometimes read, we sometimes write every once in a while I do this, that's not who you are, who you are, is what you do consistently every day every other day, every week, whatever. As long as it's like this consistent thing and you're doing it, that's who you are at the end of the day and those are your habits, right? And your habits come from decision deciding that you're going to do those things and putting the action behind them because it's just this domino effect. I decided that I want to radically changed my life by being the best possible me I can be and by doing everything that I can in order to reach this goal in my life, right? That's my first decision. Okay. My next decision is figuring out what I can do on the day to day basis to get me closer to that goal. Okay. I decided to do that. My next decision, okay, deciding where I can fit in my day, my schedule, sitting down with my schedule. I decided to take the time to do that in order to evaluate what was going to help me get there and then the next day deciding to start and do it.

And then from taking it, I decided as well to take it a day at a time and simply follow through on the commitment that I made to myself, right? And that's something that we all have the power to do. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, make the decision to commit, make it a non negotiable. Right, Sit down with yourself, write it down. What do you want out of this life? Where do you want to be in five years? Even if it's not clear, even if you're not totally sure, like, oh, I kind of it would be nice to have this lifestyle. Okay, what can you do tomorrow to start the baby steps in order to build that, right? Maybe it's okay every week I'm going to take three hours or twice a week, three hours. I'm going to go to a coffee shop and work on this business dream that I want or Um every day I'm gonna wake up and do my affirmations every morning, I'm gonna meditate for 10 minutes and committing to that and doing that and being consistent with that and seeing that by deciding that that was the person that you're going to show up as every single day you can transform everything about your life, anything you want, right?

If you decide you want to be an astronaut and you decide to take the test the steps and commit to becoming an astronaut. I believe that you can be an astronaut right? Like you really can. Like if you, I want to go to college for that, Oh, I don't have money, Okay, I'm gonna decide to get a second job, just work my butt off and get alone or whatever it is, right? If you make the decision and the commitment, you can make anything happen and I truly believe that and that's what makes us so powerful and that's it just gets me excited and it makes me feel good right to know that I can achieve anything I want, I can do anything I want and it's my decisions and my situations and my choices and my habits, that shape that for myself. Um and I've decided for my life personally that I want to live a life that I love and I'm not going to stop at anything until I get it right.

So it's like sometimes I fall off track, but I'm also at peace because I've already decided that I'm going to create this life for myself. So it also brings so much peace when you make a decision because, you know, deep down that you got it, you're going to do it, you've committed to yourself, it's going to happen for you and you just need to keep taking action every single day until you reach your goals and your dreams and it takes time and it takes effort and it's not going to be perfect. It hasn't been perfect for me. Am I where I thought I would be a year ago, Not really right. And it's because of the decisions that I've been making and that's okay and I'm okay with them because in some areas I'm further along than I I thought I would be in some areas I'm not, but I'm so okay with that because I know that it's my journey, I have Grace and Grace with myself and it's because I'm so committed to these goals and these dreams and the decision that I made that I know I'll get it done, I know I'm going to finish, I know I'm going to get there and when I say finished, I don't mean like there's this certain destination, but the goals and the dreams that I want for myself.

I know I can create them and I will create them because I've committed to that and there's nothing that will get in my way. It's just a non negotiable for me. So just realizing that every decision we make is going to lead us somewhere and every decision we make holds so much power and so much value. And just to have grace and to realize that not every decision is going to be our highest self and that's OK as long as you learn from it and that the next time you make a decision that it's based off of what you learned from the last time or what you didn't learn from and you make a decision just to be better every single day. And it just starts with the little things I think and deciding that you want to change who you are and then going from there and what that means to you, right? So decisions are so powerful. They are what create our life, right?

It's it's what you stand for. It's what you exude. It's your actions that you take. It's the way you treat yourself and the way that you treat others. It all comes back to decision. So just know that whatever you decide to always in the back of your mind, think about how this will serve your highest self, how this will serve you five years from now, um but also being super grateful and graceful in the present moment as well and being okay with the way things turn out and everything's going to be great. So I hope that this added value to you today and that this may be helped you if you're struggling with a certain decision or needing to make a certain decision, just maybe this will help open up an idea for where it could lead you in your future, High self, So I love you guys, thank you all so much for listening today, I'm excited to release this episode, I'm excited for you to listen to it, to gain from it, I gained from even talking about it and putting this out into my world verbally because a lot of the stuff that I talked about, I just write in my journal, so to also speak, it is very powerful and helpful for me as I wanted to serve all of you.

So I love you all, I hope that this week, this month, this day, this hour, this minute, this second serves you in its highest sending you tons of love and energy and just all things good. Ah thank you so much for tuning into the mantra mentality podcast, We hope we're able to add some value to your life today, guide you on your journey of gaining that mantra mentality will be creating new episodes every week on all things health, well mindset entrepreneurship, growth, personal development, spirituality, you name it, we're talking about it. So go ahead and follow us on Spotify, apple podcasts and if you don't already follow us on instagram, go ahead and follow us at mantra underscore mentality. We love you guys were grateful and we'll see you next week. Mhm. Mhm.

The Power of Decision: The Key to Your Destiny
The Power of Decision: The Key to Your Destiny
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