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Stepping Into Your Power

by Carolina Harty
February 15th 2021

In this weeks episode, Carolina sits down with special guest, Abby Kurtz, to discuss what it means to step into your own power. Abby and Carolina dig deep on the ins and outs of what this journey l... More

welcome to the mantra mentality podcast, a company designed to elevate your lifestyle, health mindset and spirituality, were your host Carolina hardy and gina Gentili and we're here to help you cultivate your highest potential in achieving a mantra mentality. Alright, Hi you guys, it's Carolina here. Um Gina is not with us today, she has work and that's all good um monumentality still goes forward because we are two people that do the same thing. So today I have a very special guest on our podcast and it is the great Abby Kurtz, Hello Abby is my roommate and like my best friend ever, she's amazing, she's super, she already has the mantra mentality her own, like I have so much to learn from her too, so it's really cool that this is what the past month, literally just five weeks, it's insane and yeah, she's amazing and she has so many good things to share with you guys.

So I thought she'd be the perfect first guest because she's super knowledgeable when it comes to all things mindset, spirituality, health. Um she's just in alignment the way I am and that's why her and I just have grown Yeah, and we've grown so close so fast and yeah, so we're gonna speak on the topic of stepping into your own power today and Abby's someone I know that steps into her own power every freaking day. Like this girl, she really is a good influence for me and um I do admire her for the person that she is because she's so freely herself, you're gonna, you're gonna like make cheering up, I love you, I love you. But yeah, she's someone that, like, I do really admire, because she's just unapologetically herself everywhere she goes, and that's rubbed off on me a lot.

So I appreciate you and I love you, I love you so much. And so we're just going to talk about like, what it means to step into your own power. So I guess I'm going to ask you what it means for you to step into your own power, what you do to get there, or what that journey has looked like for you, that means Yeah, well, first off, thank you for having me. That was the sweetest thing ever. I'm literally like, I'm a little choked up right now. Um so basically, for me, stepping into my own power is being in complete alignment with myself. So every day I kind of go through a series of questions with myself to get myself on track, because you freaking know when you're in your power, nothing else matters. You're not sweating the small stuff because, you know, the big dreams are coming and there's just so much out there to create, You don't have time for anything else, There's no doubt you fucking love yourself, I'm sorry, I don't know if I'm allowed to cuss on here, okay, I'm a dirty about it.

Yeah, no, I agree with that 100%, because I feel like right now, I've been stepping into my own power and life has never been this way where I've authentically stepped into my own power because I guess I've never even written like I never knew what that even meant. I didn't even know it was a thing. But now that I just like, like you said, you don't sweat the little things, everything just flows so nicely and like things just get good, everything's just good. Yeah, you're embodied exactly. You're empowered. You walk, you walk differently. Like when you leave your house in the morning, you're set, you're ready to go, you're loving, you're nonjudgmental. Oh yeah, that's a big one. I think that's kind of been like a big one for me this year. The judgment thing for sure. Like once you've worked on your own ship, you're not going to judge other people. Once you've like decided, okay, this is a trigger for me. This is like part of my shadow and you heal that. And if you do see it in someone else, you're coming at it with love, not judgment.

And for me, like, like you said, that's the main part of stepping into my own power is just being the embodiment of love. And I don't I don't ever want to judge people. Yeah, as we shouldn't, we shouldn't, we judge what we don't understand and now I've come to the place where I'm like, all right, I don't understand this. It's not mine to understand. It's not and the thing is to, with judgment is everybody's Soul is here for its own reason. Everyone has an individual path and every soul has its own journey and every soul has its own purpose for being on this earth. And even if that purpose is to go through a lot of sh it and figure it out or not figure it out, that's the divine plan for that soul. So when you see someone that may not have everything together or may not look like they do, we don't know, maybe they do, maybe they don't, but either way we have no place to judge because that soul is going through exactly what that soul needs to go through during that time. Absoluteing 100%.

And I also think another part, there's so many factors that go into the phrase stepping into your power, which I really think it's kind of a buzz terms right now, but so many people are feeling it so back to stepping into your own power, another huge part of this for me, because there's so many factors that go into it and it's such a buzz phrase right now because everyone is learning like all right, and this is how it is like this is what we have to do to continue on. My big thing is to never ever ever think to myself or tell someone that they are being too much. Like how many people have heard the words, you are too much, Fuck that because how could you, you can't say that to somebody and then expect to be completely embodied in your own. So we're all too much for someone and you know, those people just, they just can't hang then and like that is completely fine.

I will never tell someone they are too much. If they're not for me, they're not for me. But I can't be empowered, stepped into my own power and if I'm not respecting someone else who's doing that, because you know what? It looks pretty damn different for everyone. It does, it doesn't, it's kind of interesting that we're talking about this now because today on my drive to the gym, It's like a 20 minute drive and I was just like feeling myself and the music and just like dancing and singing and not even caring if the car is next to me would look before, I would not do that because I'd be like, oh, people are looking at me like, you know, random strangers. Yeah, but it's like, who cares if I'm too much for them. That's just like such a reflection of their own. Because I remember I would see people doing that sometimes and like, I love it. I love it. I love it. Yeah, that's just my input on that.

Yes. So you said that you have what, like a a list of questions that you ask yourself. I do. Okay, can we hear what these are? Yes. Okay. So generally throughout my day I like to do little check ins um and dig deep within myself just to make sure, you know, I'm on the right path. I'm not I'm not falling Australian to any negativity into any doubt or fear. So question number one I ask is am I integrity with myself? So by that, I mean am I taking action on my intuitive pings? Or am I telling my own intuition that I don't trust it by saying I'll put this off? No, no, no, I'm too scared. What will people think? So that is a huge one for me because you know, if you can't trust yourself, how are you going to trust anyone else? How are they going to trust you? You know, and it's not just about other people, but I feel so powerful When I can just tell myself, you know, like I have my own back, I trust myself 100%.

There's no fear, like I'm my own family and that's how you strengthen your intuition is by listening. That's how you keep it coming. That's how you get that guidance from your higher self by listening to those pinks. Because every time you like brush them off, the more you brush it off, the less it's going to come to you. Exactly. So that's really good and I like visualize my third eye just being like a like a shooting star just like wide open, shining bright um you can really feel like when you're in tune with your intuition you can get answers from your body essentially. Yeah, like and that's the more you strengthen it, the more you'll get that because you get more just in tune with all energies, you know the energy especially your intuition and your third eye and that higher frequency that you put yourself on by listening to it, you're just like strengthening your vibrations which lifts your vibrations and then in turn you're just connected more so to like the universe, which is obviously the goal, I feel like for most people to be in tune and understand what life is, everyone's question, like what is, what is it, what are we creating here definitely.

Um another really big one that I ask myself is where am I looking for answers and validation? So this kind of goes hand in hand with the intuition, but in my past, honestly up until pretty recently, um I was looking for not only validation but happiness outside of myself and I would say like I've known for a pretty long time that we create our own happiness, we validate ourselves, but it's really easy to get sucked into things um that are outside of yourself, other people, social media, like dating apps, it's just the list goes on of course, so if I catch myself doing that or before I even catch myself, I'll say like why, where am I going outside of myself define things and what can I cut out, why am I doing that can I get to the root of it? There's just a lot that goes on in this head during the day.

Let me tell you that's really that's really good though because that's something that I think everyone can do because we live in such a like a seeking pleasure society where so many people are out of tune with themselves and that's why I like shopping like amazon, you know constant buying things to just five minutes of pleasure or like you said, dating apps like just anything to give you that like endorphin rush for a little bit and that happiness that like head high and then you seek it somewhere else but it's like it's all inside of us and I know we hear that like I remember hearing this and it's like how do I put that into action then? What does that mean? But like everyone really has to figure out how to do it in their own way. Exactly, but it starts with trying, trying something new because obviously everything that you have been doing isn't getting there, so it's like digging into a more spiritual side of things and going down that rabbit hole which leads you to like what works for you and what doesn't exactly and going along with, you know people looking for pleasure outside of themselves, I truly think like we all deserve pleasure, like I hear a lot of people say pleasure is our birthright, like and I completely agree.

So another question I actually do, which like it goes perfectly like hand in hand with this. Another question I ask is how can I bring more pleasure into everything I'm doing? Whether that means like while I'm cleaning the house, putting on my favorite playlist, or sometimes when I do the dishes, I will shake my booty to the ends of the fricking earth, like because that brings me pleasure, like, like maybe I want to treat myself to a little something for like my self care routine, you know, like a new journal that's gonna bring me pleasure and I know that can seem like outside validation. Not really though, it's just, I don't think so because I think it's just a way for it's also just a creative outlet and it's a way to express yourself. That's literally what you're doing is you're taking these day to day activities that we all have to like cleaning dishes, driving whatever it is, but you're making it, you're using it as a form of expression and you're making it fun and you're just, it's just your way to enjoy life, just bringing joy into your life and bringing youthfulness into your life and bringing silliness into your life and we all need that for sure.

Yeah, we love to be silly around here, Oh my gosh, that's another huge thing for me to is like for stepping into my power is like, if I'm not being silly, like, you know, something's wrong. You know, something's wrong. That's true. Like, I know when you're not in a good mood because you're not silly silly, like, I'm not being like, mean, but I'm just not silly because you know, I'm not letting my inner child out to play, but that's okay. That's what we go through our phases. You know, It's not like I have to be giggly all the time. Like, you're not going to laugh at my jokes. I always laugh at my jokes even if they're not funny, it's just, that's just like, not even possible because they're all But yeah, bringing your inner child out. How are you speaking to your inner child when you talk to yourself? If you could imagine you speaking to your five year old self, are you going to be saying the same things that we like, say to ourselves in the mirrors?

Like, I am in no way claiming to be perfect because I still have days where I look in the mirror and I'm like, well this is like, kind of a disaster. Like, you literally look in the mirror, like, So then I take it back and I'm like, okay, would I tell four year old little abby? Like, you look like a disaster today. Like, you look chubby or you look, your hair is crazy. Your hair is crazy. Whatever. Like, Oh, you have a pimple on your face. You yeah. Like I'm not going to tell you know my four year old self that or anyone else like for that matter do that to yourself. You would never go up to anyone else and say like your hair looks ridiculous or what are you wearing or like that would be a big problem. That's just not an issue that the judgment thing. No, but for real to step into your power you have to have positive inner dialogue.

And I mean when it does get negative up in there sometimes but you just have to observe those thoughts and think why is this coming up for me and now I'm going to release it. But for real let your inner child out to play. Be nice to it. It's still within you for a reason. It's there. Yeah. And going back to our our voice and our words and speaking and realizing how powerful our word is is insane because I read the four agreements which everyone needs to read that book. Everybody every single person on the planet. It's simple short sweet good. Like deep too. It's so good. But one of the four agreements is to watch like two. I don't know how he said it. Really good but be careful about the words that you use and the way that you speak because we don't realize how much power is carried through our words and our voice and he like puts it this way like there's hundreds of thousands.

I don't know, millions of species on the planet. I don't know how many species, but a lot of species out of all these things on our earth, we're the only species that has dialogue. Like we could speak and use our words to influence others, right? And he uses the example of like Hitler, He used his voice and his words to scare an entire group of people into hating an entire group of people and created the world's biggest genocide right through his word. And that was like a really big like whoa, that's so true. Like our word carries so much power. And if another example he gave was like if you go up to someone who's not even fat at all, like say they're just a normal person, they look good and you go up and you're like, oh you look fat in that dress, that person if they yeah, they'll believe it. And what do you do? You create that reality for them through your word. That's how powerful it is. You're creating and altering someone's reality by what you tell them and not just your own right?

It's really amazing that, you know, sometimes I feel so in tune and I'm sure you do too, we definitely both do, I'll say something and bam it happens. I just spoke it into existence. Like when I'm truly in my power truly aligned. So not only can we do that for ourselves, but we can do that for other people and use it for good, good. Yeah, hopefully. Really? Yeah. Because yeah, like I said, it's so powerful. If you go up to that same person, say you look amazing in that dress. Look at that reality was created for them. They feel amazing. And so coming back to the way you speak to yourself, like we said, it's you just need to be kind to yourself and speak good things to create that reality for yourself and for others around you. So yes, that's amazing. And anything else that you used to step into your power? Yes. Yes, Yes, a lot.

Sorry, like, I just gotta just gotta get back on track your I often think about and ask myself what have I been programmed to believe about myself and does this serve me? Like people tell us things about ourselves from a young age, like basically we just talked about and sometimes it's not even verbal. So it's like growing up Yeah, I was programmed to believe that I was too weird. I was an outcast and those things stay with you obviously now I know that's my power, like that's like my favorite thing about myself as being different. Um so now I can turn it into something that serves me, but if we have beliefs like, oh, the way I, the way I dress is so funny. Like people have told me that my whole life, like that's not going to serve you, you know?

So I mean that, that wasn't a great example. But no, it's a good one. It's just like picking apart like what you've heard from a young age and deciding what are you gonna, what are you gonna do, What are you going to do with it? Are you going to let go of it? Or are there things that you once thought were negative that you're going to welcome eyes into something positive, right? Which you have the power to do? Absolutely. Yeah, exactly. And that's again, coming back to choices that we make right. Like you can choose to let it affect you negatively or turn it into a strength. Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely. You, I truly believe you can optimize anything. So do I anything anything, I mean think of like heartbreak for example, you're going through what you're going through it, you're like, damn, this sucks. And then a couple of months later you're on the other side hotter than ever before. Living your best life in love with yourself because you've now learned like you're the only one that's going to completely complete you.

Like you've just optimized the situation. Yeah. And like you said, we can optimize anything. And I think like really good examples for that too is like take, I can't think of someone off the top of my head, but obviously there's a lot of people out there that have rags to riches stories. There's a lot of people that, you know, we're born. Okay. I don't have a perfect example. David Goggins. Okay. David Goggins. He was born, I don't know somewhere who cares, but was born. And he had like, a horrible, horrible upbringing. Like his dad literally beat the ship out of his mom and him and his brother. Like it was a really bad environment. Like he was working at a young age that like his parents owned a bowling alley and like, he would go to school all day and stay up all night and work at the bowling alley at like six years old, you know, and like get three hours of sleep in between. And um, it was just a really, a really horrible life for a kid to, to live like him and his mom and his brother, I had to pack up and escape the dad eventually, you know, like it just was a really bad situation and he had it rough.

He like grew up with nothing and in a really abusive household and he ends up being, you know, he's one of the most successful like entrepreneurs or he was a navy seal and um, wrote a book and just like, his mind is so powerful and he took all those shitty things that happened to him and he created something out of it and created this huge like movement in his life and he's touched so many different people because he chose to alchemy is his situation and use it to be this crazy successful guy where there's so many people out there who have a situation just as bad, maybe not as bad or I don't know worse than his and they'll look at it through a lens of like well I had it bad, like I never had this, I never had that and then they don't do anything with that and then they look at it. Yeah. And they just have like not the best life because they chose to look at it through that lens and created that as their reality where there so they limited their entire life because of what had happened to them, right?

And it's like you could take two different stories that and just two different outlooks on it or even someone that has the same background and they just end up in totally different places because of the power of the mind. Your choices. Like are you guided by fear and like scarcity mentality Exactly. Or are you guided with the knowing that you can create your own reality which I know you guys have touched on before. But I'm so in love with the fact that we can do it. We are creators. It's a beautiful thing. It's like it's the best. It's all I feel like it's all we have almost it truly is like throughout the day or well my whole life when I think about what is truly important to me. So I cut out sweating the small stuff, All the distractions work. The list goes on. The one thing that's most important is like I'm creating my own reality right here right now.

That's powerful, so powerful to even just be aware of that throughout the day. Like I tell myself now I say I am a create tricks. That's what I love, how it be like, like that is, yeah, it's just my life. It's yours too because you and everyone out there right now. Yeah, that's listening. You found this for a reason. You're listening for a reason. There's no such thing as coincidence. I believe that with my whole being like the universe does not just do stuff to do stuff, there is a reason behind everything. This is how I pictured the universe, The universe has like a huge white board and the universe is just like riding like freaking the hardest math problems. Everyone is like, okay, so like how am I going to do this today, carry over the one. Like I'm gonna put this in Abby's life so that her and Carolina like move in together and you get like, like it's just the universe is just working its magic and it knows exactly what it's doing.

And even the littlest things like, you know, if you're going to rush and you drop your keys and you're like, I think about that. I think about it every day, what if I'm on my way to work or wherever and I'm like rushing and I okay the other day a huge actually yesterday I'm going to work and a huge mirror falls off our wall shatters everywhere. So of course at first I'm like oh mama like I have to clean this up right now. Like I gotta go to work like I have things to do but then I clean it up and I'm like okay like what if that just saved me from getting in a car accident? Everything. Thank you so much. Mirror. I loved you and I love you even more because you probably just protected me from something. There's protection within everything and you believe that you are protected definitely that you put that energy out there. You have that like love and energy like I will love you, I won't judge you but I'm protected.

You cannot funk with me like seriously? You cannot, you can't. Yeah and that's why I like the more you have that mindset to and that that feeling and you put that out there, the more it's just going to protect you. That's the thing is you attract what you are and if you're attracting the protection and like accepting it and being grateful for it even when you're on a rush to work in the freaking mirror breaks and you're like like I don't have time for that, I don't have time for this but it's there for a reason like you needed to take a minute because who knows if a crazy drivers out there or whatever, like for real only God in the universe knows. So yeah, I think about that all the time. Um as far as any other practices, do you have any actually, do you have any advice for someone listening right now on? Let's say they're completely, they're beginners. They never really dug into the whole spirituality thing or stepping into your own power and they're just now learning about like the power of the mind and energy and all this stuff that launch mentality has spoken on, what advice would you give to someone who's just starting out fresh and needs like a basic or I don't know any advice you think what's something you would have liked to hear, liked to have heard when you first started this journey, stepping into your own power?

That's a really good question. Um When I first started, I straight away got so involved with the energy work and learning about energy because we each, we know that everything is made up of energy and we each hold our own energy. Um So I would start by learning about that, learning about the chakras how to raise your vibration and what that means for you? I wish somebody would have told me like what works for someone doesn't work for everybody else. So like all energy has a frequency and the goal, the goal is to be high frequency, high vibrational, right? So there's the things around us, things we're putting in our body, things were listening to people we are with that all affects the vibration.

And there's things that you can do to raise your vibration. So for me personally when I am out of it, I dance, I dance all the time and I dance to be silly, I dance so weird in the house because it makes me feel so much better. Or sometimes I want to like bring out the sensuality. So I'll dance in a way that feels sexy for me. Um so I wish that somebody would have told me that to raise my vibration, I have to find my own thing, you know? Yeah, absolutely. And it looks different like you said for everyone else, like for me, what makes me feel really good and helps me step into my own power is meditation like that is like my daily, that's how I set my vibe. There's so many different forms to like, it's not just meditation, but even going on a run, that's my form of meditation, that's my form of expressing myself and just getting into alignment for the day, stepping into my power every day is like after it, once I'm on a run and then I'm like boom, alright, my day is ready, let's go, you know?

So yeah, it's different for everyone and it's something you should enjoy. Like not everyone wants to go on a freaking run in the morning. I know that I know that I do my own work out. She goes on a run and like because what works for her doesn't work for me and like what works for me doesn't work for her. I also think it's really important to have a morning ritual and younger me. Like when I first started getting into all this stuff around like 19, I would say younger me thought that like the one morning ritual I could do was go to my gym class at eight a.m. Every morning. But that's not true. Like that is amazing. But you know, I got out of alignment with that because I was doing it for so long. So have a morning ritual that you love adds pleasure into your day. So for me, I like to take master classes courses, I'll do some of that in the morning journal, let it all freaking flow out and then I move my body.

So having a morning ritual is like an instant way to raise your vibration at the beginning of your day. It sets the tone for sure and it helps you find gratitude when you are like, I thank myself got the universe. Everything for the fact that I woke up this morning and I get to like cultivate all these beautiful things like explore my own soul go deep within myself and that all happens like in the morning and it's it's you in an instant state of love and gratitude and it's cool too because every day is a new day to like explore a new version of yourself. I feel like I feel like we wake up almost new every day because it's like, I don't wake up the exact same every day. Some days I wake up and I don't feel like running, but obviously I still go and I always am grateful that I go because she really does she talk about sticking to your word like, this woman, I've never met anyone else like that even compares to that actually, I lied, like my mom and my dad, but like it's true, that's why you're so high vibe as you commit to yourself I do.

That's why you have such a positive impact on other people. You commit to yourself. Like if you're not committing to yourself, people aren't going to hear your message and that's something I'm learning to, that's part of stepping into my powers okay. Like this is what I want to do with my life and for the last so many years months, like, I haven't committed to myself because I was denying that. Like, this is what I wanted to do, you know? And the thing about that too is even if you think you're aligning yourself or you're not quite sure. But that's like, the beauty of it is you, you make the commitment and you follow through on it and if it's still not what you thought it would be, you have the power to do something else, like you can do something else and it gets you one step closer to that, something else, if that wasn't it? Absolutely. Yeah. I've, you know, I've had this like philosophy going on.

Like apparently when I was really young, I like said this to my mom and I don't even remember it, but I honestly live by it now. Um I said it doesn't really matter what you do because if you don't like it, you can just change it. And like it's so simple. I said that when I was so young and of course there are things that matter. But when you think about it because we create our own realities and we have the power to change direction, literally do whatever we want, Nothing really matters. And that's the beauty. I find myself saying in a positive way, like I am a caring person. I care about my friends, Carolina cares about her friends, but both of us and family. Of course, you know what I'm saying? But both of us, you'll catch us saying like, mm I don't care, I don't care about so many things because we know like it's not the end All no biggie, no biggie.

And it's cool too because I was watching this video on like the law of attraction and this guy talks about how when we're attracting our manifestation, like when it's coming to us, like you care, you're gonna lose stuff, stuff is gonna be taken from your life when something good is coming to you. And he's like the thing is you just can't sweat the small stuff because you have to be almost grateful because that means something better is coming definitely like having that mindset so true. Like we really like I don't care, I don't care and you get back on track when you are in your power, you're not worrying and you know, I fall victim to this sometimes like both of us to do, like we're just being fully transparent but I'm not worrying about that boy that's not texting me back, I'm not worrying about like what my coworkers think of my mistake that I made at work. Like of course I have days where those things seem big, but I just get right back into the mindset of I don't care because there's a bigger vision and I feel so held within myself and so proud of the vision and so supported by my freaking self.

Like I'm just I don't have the energy to care about all these all these all your energy is focused on being the best you that you can be and that's where it should be because that's where life lies. Yes. Yes. Oh my God. Yeah, I feel like yeah, it's amazing like my heart, my body my soul feels correct. Open and the best way possible. It's activating and it like it really sets your soul on fire And what's cool is like we're so like this is just the beginning just always like there's more and there's a huge glacier like we got a huge, massive, scary dreams like big plans. Like we literally say stuff and people are like there's no way there's no way and me and Abby are like what? Like okay first of all, excuse me, how dare you second like where there is a will, there is a way baby like I created like we created this beautiful home together.

Like it started on a vision. You know we can like that's such a small scale thing but we can really create anything. You will never catch us talking fear into somebody else's plans and ideas never anytime anyone tells me something they want to do. I'm like that's amazing. You can do it full support full like no doubt that they could do it because I truly you don't have doubt my heart don't have doubt myself or anybody else because I believe that we can create anything. And stepping into your own power is how you set that into motion. Absolutely. You are like me, all of us, everyone here right now me Carolina. Everybody who's listening to this like truly are magnificent creatures. We're just having a human experience. It's like a game. It's fun. We are all literally miracles. Every single person on here is a freaking Miracle because there is like a one in like 5.5 billion.

I think it's I think it's 500 billion chance that you are the person that you are, that you exist. That's it's like you can't even fathom that amount. It's insane. So like I really just popped out here, Huh? Yeah. And you're special and you're amazing and we're changing the world and every single person has the ability to do so much good for themselves and for others and we truly do. Yeah, it's beautiful. Yeah. It all starts within like knowing yourself, we always talk about how we're creating the new earth and like we want to lead people into it and we want to help create it. Like there is going to be a part of them and we're gonna do it, we're doing it right here right now, part of it, you know? Yeah. Alright, well this has been amazing.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your insight with us. This is such good, such a good topic and such a good podcast for all our listeners. I think whoever is listening, I hope you learned a lot. I learned a lot about even myself in this conversation. So because I freaking love you so much and I feel so honored. Our very first guest, I feel so honored to be on Mantra mentality. I'm so excited. I'm like giggling, Thank you so much. Thank you All right, you guys. Thank you for listening and um, we will get back to you in a week. Love you guys. I really appreciate all the support that we've gotten so far. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for listening. And if you don't follow us on instagram, go ahead and give us a big follow. We are at mantra underscore mentality. Um, and we're just super stoked about this.

So thank you guys again and we'll talk soon.

Stepping Into Your Power
Stepping Into Your Power
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