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Exodus Lesson #3 | Strawless in Egypt | Exodus 5-6

by Dara V. Rose
August 12th 2021

Abbreviated Bible Lesson from MGW Bible Study Series: Strawless in Egypt in Exodus 5-6.

this is meditating in God's Word podcast with your host Darby Rose. Where you are encouraged to read God's Word, believe God's word every day, join me for this week's abbreviated bible lesson, grab your bible and your bible study and let's get started. Yeah, mm. Hi everyone. My name is Dorothy Rose of Darby Rose dot com. I am your host to the meditated in God's Word podcast. I hope you're having a wonderful day Today, this is exodus and we are in the first book, this is less than three. The name of this lesson is straw lists in Egypt and it's found in exodus five through six and the 1st 13 verses of six. So moses and Aaron are there talking to pharaoh and they are asking for the release of the slaves. Uh The Children of Israel and I tell you this is an amazing story, Pharaoh decides to make the Israelites load harder.

Pharaoh forces the Children of Israel to go look for straw throughout Egypt. But with them going to look for straw, they don't have as much time to make the bricks. But he doesn't lessen the time. He still requires them to do the more work in the same amount of time. And the Israelites were just tired, they were saying, you know, moses and Aaron, you guys are making things worse. You're not making things better for us. I know we cried out, but you guys are not making things better and this. I don't know if this is gonna work out. There is a genealogy of um Jacob's descendants. His grandchildren actually and you have the sons of Ruben and the sons of Simeon. The sons of Levi and then Levi has sons and then you have his descendants as well. And then you have the lineage from which Aaron and moses came from further down in genesis six. And I would suggest that you buy my bible study because it breaks the genealogies uh down so that you can understand who belongs to who um and what line people come from.

So it's very important to understand that because you have a better understanding of scripture when you understand the genealogies. So I suggest that you purchase that um at amazon or on my website Darby Rose dot com. Let me give you a little bit of commentary. By the time we get to exodus five and 20 the Children of Israel were upset with Moses and Aaron, they were feeling the side effects of their request for freedom. Everything has a price, even freedom. It appeared that the brothers were making life worse but they were just being obedient to the plan of God. In exodus five in 22 moses was feeling shaken and probably pressured by the Children of Israel. So he questioned God. Let me give you a few questions. Name erin sons. What two questions did moses asks the Lord. Don't forget if you would like to answer those questions. I am at Dharavi Rose on facebook youtube instagram and you can visit my website Darby Rose dot com.

And you can also email me if you would like to reach out, I would love to hear from you and you get a moment. I appreciate you taking time out to meditate in God's Word today. Please create time to read your bible because it's nothing like when you read the word of God yourself and you experience God for yourself. So please make time to do that, you won't regret it. Not one moment will you regret spending time in God's word and learning about him? This is lesson three. The name of it is Strahl is in Egypt exodus five through six and until next time. Have a wonderful, wonderful day and read God's word. Believe God's Word every day by I hope that you have enjoyed this abbreviated bible lesson. If you would like to share comments, email Dara at info at Darby Rose dot com. Like her page on facebook, subscribe to her Youtube channel or go to Darby Rose dot com or amazon dot com to purchase her bible study meditating in God's Word bible study series.

Stay tuned for another week of meditating in God's Word podcast. Give us a rating on apple's. Did your pod bean or Spotify Until next time. Read God's word. Believe God's word every day. Yeah. Mhm

Exodus Lesson #3 | Strawless in Egypt | Exodus 5-6
Exodus Lesson #3 | Strawless in Egypt | Exodus 5-6
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