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Genesis Lesson #39 | Blessing at Death | Genesis 48-49

by Dara V. Rose
July 8th 2021

Abbreviated Bible Lesson from MGW Bible Study Series: Blessings at Death in Genesis 48-49

this is meditating in God's Word podcast with your host Darby Rose where you are encouraged to read God's Word, believe God's word every day, join me for this week's abbreviated bible lesson, grab your bible and your bible study and let's get started. Yeah mm no, welcome to meditating in God's Word podcast. I am your host, Dharavi rows of Dharavi Rose dot com. Thank you so much for taking time out to enjoy this abbreviated bible lesson. We are in less than 39 this is entitled blessings at the time of death. This is in genesis 48 through 49. We are in the blue book, we're finishing this book up, so this is less than 39 in that book. This story is about Jacob, Israel dying, joseph brings his sons to him to kind of say goodbye, you know, um but in that process Jacob who is Israel now he tells the younger son that he will have authority over the older brother joseph says no dad, this is the younger son and that's the oldest son and Israel basically is like I know what I'm doing, they also will be my sons, they will inherit with the, with the tribes of Israel, so they will be counted as one of my sons and that was very true, joseph brought his brothers together so they could get their blessing from Israel before he died and Israel did not want to be buried in Egypt, he wanted to be buried with his first wife leah that was in Canaan joseph, made sure Jacobs burial instructions were carried out so that his dad would be buried with leah and came in.

Let me give you some commentary in genesis 48 5 through six. Jacob says that if from and Manasseh or his they will inherit along with his other sons, they will be counted among the tribes as well. Jacob only said that about joseph's two sons. His words could have been prompted by his love for Rachel or the fact that he was separated from joseph due to his other sons, jealousy and deceptive actions. Either way, that was a momentous moment for these two grandsons. Let me give you some questions. What did God tell Jacob when he appeared to him at love. Where did Jacob Barry Rachel? If you decide to answer these questions, you can please give me chapter and verse. If you would like to answer them on social media, I am on instagram facebook and Youtube at Darby Rose you can visit my website Darby Rose dot com. Um go out and purchase meditating in God's Word bible study series.

It will really bless your life. Make time and create time to read God's word today. It will bless you sincerely until next time. Read God's word, Believe God's word every day. Bye! I hope that you have enjoyed this abbreviated bible lesson. If you would like to share comments, email Dara at info at Darby Rose dot com. Like her page on facebook. Subscribe to her youtube channel or go to Darby rose dot com or amazon dot com to purchase her bible study meditating in God's Word bible study series. Stay tuned for another week of meditating in God's Word podcast. Give us a rating on Apple's. Did your pod bean or Spotify until next time? Read God's Word. Believe God's Word every day. Mhm.

Genesis Lesson #39 | Blessing at Death | Genesis 48-49
Genesis Lesson #39 | Blessing at Death | Genesis 48-49
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