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Genesis Lesson #37 | 12 Tribes of Israel (Genealogy) | Genesis 46

by Dara V. Rose
June 24th 2021

Abbreviated Bible Lesson from MGW Bible Study Series: 12 Tribes of Israel (Genealogy Study) in Genesis 46

this is meditating in God's Word podcast with your host, Darby Rose, where you are encouraged to read God's Word, Believe God's Word every day, join me for this week's abbreviated bible lesson, grab your bible and your bible study. And let's get started. Yeah, mm No. Hi everyone. It is Darby rows of Darby Rose dot com. Welcome to the meditating in God's Word podcast. I am your host and I hope you are ready for an abbreviated bible lesson. Today. We are in the blue book. This is the last book in the genesis bible study series. Um I'm so happy to share this lesson with you. This is less than 37, it's found in Genesis 46. This is a genealogy lesson you guys genealogy. This is Jacob's genealogy. I'm so happy to share this with you guys today. I just let me just tell you, I'm just excited.

Okay, um so we're gonna go through some of the names. I'm going to try to make this as pain less as possible. We're gonna go through some of the names in this genealogy and I'm going to break it down for you. I would suggest that you get my bible study because it actually spread them out in a clean and neat chart. So you can actually understand the family trees, how they're broken down, um how they're all connected into the stories and the narratives in the bible. So I would suggest that you get them as soon as possible. You can go to my website, Darby Rose dot com and grab them or you can go to amazon and grab them. But I do suggest that you get them because it helps you break down the bible. Um So you can understand God's word more. Um And who wouldn't want to understand God's word more? Right, so let's get started because I know you guys are anxious, I'm anxious and I can't wait to share this with you.

So we have, we're talking about Jacob and the line of Jacob and Jacob is now Israel of course. And Israel has 12 tribes of Israel, right? And he had these 12 tribes over four wives. Um I know that's not commonly talked about but it is what the Bible records. So he had Jacob had four wives and he had these 12 Children, these 12 male Children that makes up the tribe of Israel In Genesis 46. So we're gonna go over his Children and then we're gonna go over his grandchildren. And then in some parts we even have great grandchildren that they recorded here. So the first person that we're going to talk about is Jacob and leah because leo was his first wife, even though that's not who he wanted to begin with. But that's a whole different story. Um He she was his first wife. So let's go over um Jacob and leah and they had six sons together And so their sons names were Reuben Simeon levi Judah is a car zebulon.

Right, okay. Now we're gonna go over each child's descendants. Okay, so Reuben had hammock pal you has run in carmine. Right? There was four sons from Ruben. Then you had Sammy and Simeon had six sons. And you have Jim you El Jamon, oh had Jaqen, Zohar and Shul then you had Levi Levi had the least of all descendants in this particular um family tree. He had three sons and the three sons were Gershon Cohade and Marriott. Then you had Judah Judah have five descendants. Um Earth owning Sheila, Perez and Zira. Okay then you had it's a car, it's called had four descendants. Tola Pupi job she imran and you had Zebulon. Well actually Zebulon and leave I had the same amount of descendants. They both had three. So you had to read Ellen and Jalil then you go into the great grandchildren.

These are the sons of prayers and this is heads Ron and Hamel. Okay, so I hope you guys understood that follow along in the bible because it will help you decode these family trees. You can press replay on this video and go back get your bible, get your bible study and go through those names again because I want you all to understand the bible as simply as you can. Um I really want you guys to just grasp the family trees because they are a part of the stories and the narratives. So it makes it one. So the next person that I want to go over is Zopa. Now's Il papa and Jacob had sons together. They had two sons, Gad and Asher. So we're gonna go over God's descendants first and then we're going to talk about Asher. So dad had seven sons. So his sons were Zef Ian Hagee Xun I s bahn here I aero die a ri okay Then Asher Asher had four sons and one daughter.

And I love when they talk about the daughter because we're not really talked about women are not talked about a lot in the bible. So I love when they have the women in the descendants and the family tree so I can put them in there. So Asher Asher hat like I said four sons and one daughter Jenna issue uh issue I Baria and Sarah, okay now Mariah had to descendants as well. He ba and Milk Hill. Okay now we're going to talk about Jacob and Rachel and of course we know a lot about Jacob and Rachel and um their love story and how they came to be and you know she was the second wife, she was the sister of leah and um how they got together, we know that story and not go back and listen to the podcast because I do share that story with you guys um and I share the scripture text so you can go back and read the bible for yourself. So Rachel and um Jacob.

They had two Children. Two sons, Joseph and Benjamin. So joseph had two sons Manasseh and Ephraim. And then Benjamin, he had a nice big family had 10 descendants. So let me give you his descendants Bella bika Ash, Bell Ghira, Nam E high rosh Mup, m hope. Um Odd. These are the next set of people. The last set uh that I'm going to be going over in this particular lesson is so the sons of Jacob and Bella are dan and Nafta lie. So Zil papa and villa are made servants to leah and Rachel. And so they kind of came as a package deal. And so they actually make up the tribe of Israel too. Because I said he had four wives, Rachel, leah Zopa and Villa. All right, so let's go over Jacob and Billa, Billa had dan dan had Husham and bila also had Nafta line Naftali.

I had four sons, jazil, journal geyser and chill. Um All right, so that's going to wrap it up. If you would like to answer a few questions, you can go back and look you can go back and look and name the sons of Levi or you can name the sons of Judah. You can also reach out to me on social media with those answers. If you're doing this bible study. Um you can email me at info at Darby Rose dot com. My website is Darby Rose dot com and I am at Darby Rose dot com on all my social media platforms. That's facebook youtube and instagram. Um and I would love to hear from you. I hope you are creating time to meditate in God's word. I hope you have enjoyed this bible lesson and don't forget to read God's word. Believe God's word every day. Until next time. I hope that you have enjoyed this abbreviated bible lesson.

If you would like to share comments, email Dara at info at Darby Rose dot com. Like her page on facebook, subscribe to her Youtube channel or go to Darby Rose dot com or amazon dot com to purchase her bible study meditating in God's Word bible study series. Stay tuned for another week of meditating in God's Word podcast. Give us a rating on Apple's. Did your pod bean or Spotify until next time. Read God's Word. Believe God's Word every day. Yeah.

Genesis Lesson #37 | 12 Tribes of Israel (Genealogy) | Genesis 46
Genesis Lesson #37 | 12 Tribes of Israel (Genealogy) | Genesis 46
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