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Genesis Lesson #31 | The Love, Hate, and Spurious Death of Joseph | Genesis 37

by Dara V. Rose
May 13th 2021

Abbreviated Bible Lesson from MGW Bible Study Series: The Love, Hate, and Spurious Death of Joseph in Genesis 37

this is meditating in God's Word podcast with your host Darby Rose, where you are encouraged to read God's Word, believe God's word every day, join me for this week's abbreviated bible lesson, grab your bible and your bible study and let's get started. Okay, Hello and welcome to meditating in God's Word podcast. I am your host, Dharavi rows of Dora the Rose dot com. Thank you for joining me today for this abbreviated bible lesson. We are in the blue book today meditating in God's Word bible study series. This is book number four. Um we are going to be doing the first lesson today and I'm excited about this lesson because it's a wonderful story. One that can give you a lot of lessons if you allow it to. Um so this is found in Genesis 37. The title of this lesson is the love hate and spurious death of Joseph.

So I want to just read you a little bit of summary, give you some commentary and then give you a couple of questions. Okay, Alright, so everybody knows the story, everybody knows the story. It's a famous story from the bible and people have talked about it. This is where joseph is given a gift by his father Jacob who is now Israel um and he's given a gift that's a coat and it's a coat of many colors. That's how the bible described it, a coat of many colors and his brothers already didn't like him and they didn't like him even more when he got his colorful coat and so one day his dad told him to go check on his brothers in the field, right? No problem there except you know his brothers hated him. Um and when he came out to the field to check on them, you know they tore his coat into shreds or they took it off of him and um threw him in the pit and the oldest brother which is Ruben, he was just gonna you know, just throw him in the pit and then let him escape later.

But the other brothers were plotting and kill them because they were just tired of him getting all the love from Israel, his dad. Um So anyway, they actually sold him off to people that were coming through, I'm not gonna say the people's names because I really want you to go and read this bible story for yourselves. So um they sold joseph off, that's how he ended up in a different place. Um And God had prepared him to be at that place, but I don't want to jump ahead, but they sold him off and they and the other brothers came back and told their dad that you know, joseph was dead and he was killed by an animal. Um So it's unfortunate that this had to take place, but things like this take place even in real life today, Um sometimes we think that the Bible is so far removed from us, but it's not that far removed from us.

We are still connected to it. Things like this happen even today um where one child gets all the love. So I want you to go and read that Bible story for yourself. It is in Genesis 37. So let's move on to some commentary and then I'm gonna give you a couple of questions to look up for this week. So um one day Israel sent joseph to look for his brothers, he was to report back to his dad the status of their work. When the brother saw joseph from afar, they plotted his death. What a corrupt thing to do. But rather than kill Joseph, he was sold into slavery. God blessed Joseph with the gift of dreams in Genesis 37 and five. God had not revealed to Joseph the meaning of his first dream, Joseph Naively told his brothers about the first dream. They disliked him even more. I wonder what joseph was thinking by telling his brothers about his dreams, it was not going to put him in good graces with them.

Then joseph told his dad and his brothers about his second dream and this dream nature bowed down to him. His dad Israel rebuked him for sharing that dream. However, Israel did not forget about the dream that joseph had. So let me give you a few questions how old was joseph And what was Joseph's second dream about? If you can summarize that and always remember to give chapter and verse if you're answering you can you can answer through social media or my email. I would love to hear from you. Um and this is going to wrap it up for this particular lesson. This is less than 31. The title of this lesson is the love hate and spurious death of Joseph. Read Genesis 37 for the full Bible text. So you can get all the information that you need from the word of God. Don't forget to reach out to me on social media.

I am on YouTube facebook and instagram at Darby Rose on all of those platforms. Or you can visit me on my website at Dharavi Rose dot com. Or you can email me. I would love to hear from you until next time. Read God's Word, Believe God's Word every day by I hope that you have enjoyed this abbreviated bible lesson. If you would like to share comments, email Dara at info at Darby Rose dot com. Like her page on facebook, subscribe to her Youtube channel or go to Darby Rose dot com or amazon dot com to purchase her bible study meditating in God's Word bible study series. Stay tuned for another week of meditating in God's Word podcast. Give us a rating on apple stitcher pod bean or Spotify Until next time. Read God's Word. Believe God's Word every day

Genesis Lesson #31 | The Love, Hate, and Spurious Death of Joseph | Genesis 37
Genesis Lesson #31 | The Love, Hate, and Spurious Death of Joseph | Genesis 37
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