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Genesis Lesson #28 | Wrestling for a Blessing | Genesis 32-33

by Dara V. Rose
April 22nd 2021

Abbreviated Bible Lesson from MGW Bible Study Series: Wrestling for a Blessing in Genesis 32-33

This is meditating in God's Word podcast with your host Darby Rose. Where you are encouraged to read God's Word, believe God's Word every day, join me for this week's abbreviated bible lesson, grab your bible and your bible study and let's get started. Hi everyone and welcome to meditating in God's work podcast. I am your host Dorothy Rose of Darby Rose dot com. Thank you for joining us today for this abbreviated bible lesson. We are in the Pink book. This is Book three of 4 in the Genesis Meditating in God's word Bible study series. This is less than 28 entitled Wrestling for a blessing. And this is found in genesis 32 and 33. I'm going to give you a summary followed by some commentary and some questions so you can discover God's word for yourself.

Now we are at the point in genesis where Jacob is, you know, headed back on his travels back home and he knows that he's going to have to meet his brother and face his brother after he left for the trickery um that he did Jacob prepared to meet his brother is so he was prepared to make a man's and he had a humble heart during the night, Jacob wrestled with an angel of the Lord. The bible. That's the way the bible described him as an angel of the Lord. The Lord blessed Jacob and changed his name. This is important. God blessed him and changed his name to Israel which is the nation of Israel. Jacob bowed down when he approached esa but instead esso ran to him and embraced him. Jacob introduced his family and offered him gifts. Ece and Jacob then parted ways and s all went to the land of Sir.

That's important because we're going to read about serves descendants in the future lessons and just a couple of lessons here we're gonna read about Sir is directly related to ECE. Okay so let me give you a little bit of commentary. Jacob wanted his brother to know that he was sorry That he was not the same person he used to be. It's been 20 years since they last in each other. Jacob was taken every precaution possible to lessen the brunt of his brother's wrath. While Jacob was making all these precautions, God had already worked everything out. God doesn't tell you to go somewhere or do something that is not in the best interests of you and your family. God's plans are only good for his people. Now I have a few questions that you can leave me chapter and verse for these. What was Jacob's prayer? And the second question is what was the part of Jacob's body that the man touched? So answer those questions for me.

Chapter and verse uh answer them for yourselves. Uh It's great to know what God's word says in his actual word like paper and pen and pencil, get some and write this down or you can just get my bible. Study, I already have it in there for you have lines where you can write notes. Uh Space for notes and everything. So you can get that out of your mind. Anything that is your questioning. Anything that you want to think about talk about, I have spaces in my bible study that you can write things out. That's going to wrap it up for this lesson. Read Genesis 32 and 33. The title of this lesson is wrestling for a blessing Again. This is less than 28 found in the pink book. And I want you to really create time for God's word today because it's never too late. As long as you have breath in your body, you can create a space for God to dwell.

It will just bless your life. Feel free to reach out to me on facebook instagram or Youtube. You can like my facebook page, you can follow me on instagram and you can subscribe to my Youtube page. I am at Darby Rose on all of those social media platforms or you can email me anytime at info at Darby Rose dot com. Until next time. Read God's Word, Believe God's Word every day. Bye! I hope that you have enjoyed this abbreviated bible lesson. If you would like to share comments, email Dara at info at Darby Rose dot com. Like her page on facebook. Subscribe to her youtube channel or go to Darby Rose dot com or amazon dot com to purchase her bible study meditating in God's Word bible study series. Stay tuned for another week of meditating in God's Word podcast. Give us a rating on Apple's. Did your pod bean or Spotify until next time? Read God's Word, Believe God's Word every day.

Genesis Lesson #28 | Wrestling for a Blessing | Genesis 32-33
Genesis Lesson #28 | Wrestling for a Blessing | Genesis 32-33
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