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S:3 Ep. 13 Keep It Throbbing with Throb Talk Podcast

by Mind Triggers Comedy Podcast
July 1st 2022
On this episode we talk to our fellow podcasters Nicki and Black Dolly from Throb Talk Podcast. The ladies talk about if they like gagging during oral sex. Hear the voicemail that they leave for someo... More
you're listening to the mind triggers podcast with nine mils juicy Henny luke and j always in the background and remember the whole team got to win. What up? What up? It's your girl not news. I'm juicy and it's j always in the background. Any loop. Now. Today we have a new podcast. What's the podcast name? Its throb talks and we have Nikki and black dolly. Right? We have, I'm changing her name after the day. We have ceo, ceo of charmed. Right? We got a writer, right, what else we got we got a writer of diary of a vixen. Okay, let me see. And she want to know. Well you want to have your mind escape. That's that's, that's the go to. Right. That's the line. There we go. There. We got a okay, you know that we also okay, some notarized right couple sex contracts.

Yes, she, it is sex contracts in there actually. That's the funny thing. Yes. Chef. Yes. Okay. Taking them collard greens. Alright, everything. And uh, experience greatness in your mouth. Oh, that's what it is. Right. She already compliment her own lips. Experience greatness in your mouth. So where are you ladies from? What part from? Number block? Come on, come on. You got p pacific because both of us from north. Well, um, I was born in the south highlight your girl. What part? 100 what? 100 West Ryan. Then I moved up to Hooterville and was therefore I lived on 100 before. Yes. Twice. You probably know my mother's friends. Yeah, Yeah, we'll talk later. But go ahead. What's your last name? Reeves. R. U. A. V. S. Mm. I don't know. I probably playing with then I moved to Hooterville and was there forever.

Yeah shout out to my guys. How did you guys meet? Hold up. We didn't know where Nikki from. He's moving fast like the old *** to it. Um I'm mostly hillside J city. Okay so you put your bouncing around. Yeah what they call people from hillside? I don't know like they don't know from hillside really because there's no hospitals in hillside. So you really can't be from hillside. I mean I was there from when I was like seven until so you so you're familiar with the wreck then because that's that's like the playground. Everybody hillside go to the rec na the records like we play up and down in Bergen that's the wreck. Bergen. But wait you said do you remember the Yeah yeah.

Oh Yeah listen I live I live next to the precinct. 700. Yeah. Yeah. Get out. Yes yes. No more. No more. I used to play in that dude when I when I was almost 100 since it was it was um bricks in the streets. Yeah. Yeah when you ride on it was the last block of north that was bricks goddamn from work with four or five years ago. Seven more like 67 get that year. Exactly get that year that year. Exactly. You trying to take her year from from from best friends. We got you Nikki, she tried to take that year from, you know, you're going to claim me. I started in like 2014. So you was tell us how you got the name for your podcast.

Um No, I'm good. The name for our podcast literally was texting each other and I'm like, Brianna, we need a name for the podcast. I don't know what's going on, what we're gonna pick. And we were just throwing ideas back together and I was like throbbing. Like pussy is always great and conversations be throbbing. Maybe deep and intellectual. Listen, I can get conversation. God damn. How long ago? It could be a day. A few hours. Oh it could be when I leave you. Because if if you were champion, I could drop off you forever just thinking about it. Don't matter. Just a thought. If you that ***, just a thought, it could be years ago. I'm like, goddamn. Especially if you see him with somebody like you lucky bitch. Yeah. Yeah, we, we were good but bitch, Congratulations. Yeah, that makes sense.

It like it's like a you don't even know like Yeah. And see my little I know I can get it back but I'm gonna let you see. I don't double back. So that's why I'm like, go ahead queen. I spend the block I block. But if it's like I got so whose idea was it to do the lingerie idea. The lingerie j brought to us? Um somebody message? I believe we have a special request actually. Yeah, we got a special request. Yeah, I know you guys wear the lingerie on your episode one time. I thought it was like multiple, multiple times. Yeah, that could be your signature because I ain't no podcast doing that. I mean only one that only one come close, but they still don't do like the shows, lingerie is um laundry lipstick.

She takes her picture in um in the laundromat with lingerie, but she doesn't do her shows with lingerie. So I think you need the signature, that ship because anybody else you see with that, y'all know, it's straight from, y'all know. I think you should cap off of that. That's how you cap off of it. I think that, you know, even if you're sitting down, I think you should just have the lingerie tops on, even if you got jeans on, so you can have the illusion that we always, we throbbing around this motherfucker. Now get into the description real quick. Oh, I got a, I got a two for one. Oh yes, this is this is, this is really like a Wendy's, I got a 4, 4/4 street. I'm dead as and I never had it this way. So yeah, you're breaking my cherry tonight cause I never did too at one time. No, no, no, I'm gonna make you, I'm gonna make you thrive. You mean I'm gonna make you quiver. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna, how about this? I'm playing. I'm, I'm undefeated.

Oh, I'm alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. I'm gonna start from my right to my left. Alright. So we're gonna start from dolly. A. K. Black dolly. Take a chocolate vixen. A. K. A. Black stallion. A. K. A. This ain't what you want and pink A. K. A. I came here, the trend setter this evening. A. K. A. All this metal and metal and I'm serving. I will fuck y'all up with it. A. K. I don't like the son. I don't need it. A. K. A. These legs is long and I came here strong by myself. A. K. A. All this damn goodness. I'm serving. This is what vitamin D really look like now. Nicky Nikki lady in red. I didn't forget about you put some shades on cause you're gonna need, you're gonna need all this um need to block the sun.

You got the titi sitting and then the ass splitting. Stop playing. Yeah. Stop playing with the Nicky sitting right on the top of it. Okay. I'm a ping pong. Yeah. Okay. It's like tennis. Okay. No, no, I got chocolate scoops both of them chocolate. We're going back and forth now we got the we got the curls with the finger wave starting from black stallion a. K. A dolly. Right? She got the little, the lips is popping glossing the, I would say the throbbing lips. That's gonna be my signature, everything throbbing. Okay down to the throbbing pink with um with the titties sitting out there not coming out but they're sitting out there giving you a peek of the ship. Okay now we're back to Nicky Nicky with the biggest eyes and the ponytail to the side. Fuck you mean she on some new new shit 80 L. New new shit and then she got the chain to say Nicky Nicky.

Do you wanna get freaky? Yes yes. And then she got the change sitting on the titties entities saying hello, how you doing today? We here this evening. Fuck your collection plate. Just give me my fucking money. Yes. And both of them got asked for days in chocolate and they both of their legs. As long it's the melon popping both of them. Oh I'm sorry I forgot about them. Damn lips. You gonna let me you gonna let me finish this introduction? Yes and her tongue is fucking long. Let me see how long it Yeah she got some choppers on her. Oh lips so big. She could go through a dictionary with them. Shit. Uh No, you break it apart. A dictionary. Break it apart. Thank you. A missionary. Huh? Oh sh it also we twining, we twining twining youtube.

Black stein. Okay because I need to tell the people they didn't twine and that means that we we yeah so you motherfucker sidebar. No you fake gay out here on camera today continue because that was basically eating it from upside down. That was no, that was not. That was not. That was not no, no, no, no, no, let me be fake a if you stand in the front of the person. Wait, no, I'm not doing it.

No way. Because I was doing way okay. No, I just want to tell the audience because they didn't see how both of these girls walked in and the man, the motherfucking floor like yes or or like, like just came in here. Like I own this bitch. Yes, real quick, real quick. How they came in here. Um it was giving me like Beyonce rob's like dr yes yes yes, nasty partition Yes. And she she didn't give a damn. She took off a little a little a little side thing. A little yes, yes. Cover up. She just like this and you know, the fan blew that shipped off, you know, Nicky, Nicky Nicky was her sidekick and whatever.

She was like, I got you on the picture, like get back, get back, get back. Like Yeah, myself. Yes. I woke up like this for you girls that got Colorism problem. Stop it. Because these girls is gorgeous. No, no, seriously, because a lot of people will be on some this is side bar, a lot of people be on some hay and ship because they don't want chocolate girls to win and I'm not talking about that. I'm waiting. I'm waiting to go to the beach so I can come back your skin complexion. No, I'm serious. I leave Tuesday. No, no, no, actually this is not my complexion now. No, this is not my complexion now ask them. Ok. Yeah. 10 already. Yeah, that's not my complexion. But I'm trying to get a black barbie, black barbie dressed in trying to leave somebody for RB. Who? That yes, that be me. You know that is not okay.

Okay. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry because it just happened today. I gotta I gotta bring my co host into it. I don't do titties no more. I just talk about your tea but I don't do titties no more. My co host duties. So look go baby. 30 six B. Wait, which one is right there. You have to realize something. It goes by the backside. I am A 38 C. But my titties are small so I understand why you came up with that. Good but he's close but when titties, I hate it. I think it's no it's okay because the illusion is when I've been for a month with all my Children just one month. I wasn't producing one month each each. So I Have three kids so that's like three months of breastfeeding but it's crazy because they were swollen.

They get nice and pumping, pumping. Once you stop drop. Thank you. Nikki. Uh Right. Wait, what you say? The loser. Gotta take a shot. I'm not a broad measurer. I don't even know my own now. She said it's not triple, so it's probably double double. It's a double 36 double D. 38. I was Yeah. Yeah, I I let me tell you something. Let me tell you something about them, bitches, shout out to your dumbasses. I don't know if y'all just higher little bit, y'all just higher literacy or y'all want everybody have biggest titties. I Had the same titty since high school. Don't be trying to say I'm a 36.

And then when I put the ship on, when I get home because in the story, it fit good. When I get home, my titties swimming. I don't, I don't need to be, I don't need my titi type like that. That's how they be Doing it. I literally went from one Victoria's secret. Yeah. This evening. They look like way bigger while I was sleeping and I was like, um this was, I gotta say years because we watch it. This was years ago. It was years ago, I had my nipples pierced, right? And I think it was like, um miss you sex. And I'm like how the you suck my piercing out of my nipple done. They were going to get out, didn't say nothing. We was on some drunk for for about a month.

I wasn't really healing good. So you know, I used to keep the balls. It wasn't, but however after the session, like I had to go, but he ate the bar, the belt, the choke. I don't know what the, I don't know either. He was like, just fell out. But I know he was sucking them in baby. I woke up like yo, how the, like where did they go? Like, I don't know I have in his mouth. I had that experience. Hello time out. You still lighting? No, he was doing that because I'm thinking like, I don't know what I'm talking about like four years. I'm talking about you Were 30, you just reach your prime.

Well seasoned. Yeah, yeah 30, 30 five. So okay car. Okay. We were in the car to and I was like, I bought him that car. I'm like, that was really my car. I'm impressed. She like what's up what you want from me? Like probably pulled up to the spot like instagram post come outside because when I pulled up and like, what's up, what are we doing? Like I was like, why do I got to get, she, she said, she said all that with.

So, so when you go out the back did you climb from the front to the back of the, I, I never heard that. Who is the better height woman? Me? You know, people used to think I was on pills and ship because like even on regular energy, We had a little, we had little challenge between Y'All two.

Okay, don't challenge me on my challenge. One minute you got to hype the other one up. The best height woman, 30 seconds, take a shot. Put some music on juice. Oh wait, she's the best. So big because if I start, hey hey hey hey hey hey hey what?

Wait isn't that like infringement? I I be in Atlanta and in the sections like the liquor so there's no song that could come on that's gonna make you. Yeah, but I like the old even if It's like a 10 2nd pancake man, don't move. Let me tell you something. You got to crack and it's a split. But I'm not. So I got my tummy tuck done three years ago, right? Uh I had I lost mad fucking wait. So um no, I'm gonna put that three years ago. I lost mad weight right? So my body was jiggly as fun. So it was just a my *** hit me from the back like, oh I like this. But then once I stopped anyway that she confirmed her like motherfucking break, I'm over it by so I don't even be trying.

I ain't gonna shake *** gonna like it. Either way way, not under motherfucking. Hello? Can I ask a question? Go ahead. Who's watching, who, who have watched you? Oh we have watched each other, you know, y'all just, y'all just sit at the same time or a separate time. How did it started, how it started, how it started? You say bitch, I'm about to take him down or but you want to watch which is doing a good job I think. Wait, hold on. Wait what was the move for both of y'all? What was the move that you saw her? Dude that you're like goddamn same question. I can answer that question before. Whoa! Answer it. Nicky. So you really want me to answer? Yes. We really want to answer. We really want to answer that. Exactly. But it's just you want me to do this one?

Don't want to say it. Ok, ok. I love me some. It was just the noise and the that comes with your swallow it with But no no no, I don't swallow nobody. One person. Wait, you said you said the sounds she was making, what kind of sound was making demonstrate dramatic. I don't Oh no. Best impersonation right now. Oh oh my gosh! When you gag, they feel like oh my gosh you got this big and she is gagging the whole time.

I'm just like I'm process like yeah, because that's but I've seen your face when I was doing and she looked at me like so what you do when she was doing that. So you didn't watch her. You didn't watch Nicky at different times. The same time, wow. Hold up. It's the same dude. What? Hold on, no no no no no, okay. So it was two different dudes. No no no no no no wait I'm confused. Wasn't at the same time happened at the same time. It happened at the same time. Yeah. So you wasn't into what you was doing then If you was able to see her, this is the first time it's been public. Oh okay, definitely got right together.

We was younger, we were on and we definitely both got right in the same room so it's no shame. I could trump. Could not that I can't trust her. Okay my best friend and my sisters had sex in the bed while I was sleep. Oh yeah I I'm gonna watch so I could be in the same bed while somebody getting a break. Let me tell you my best friend was not the funk out. I mean my husband was working our lives away. She was, it was one time I shared a hotel room with like my best friend at the time. What happened? *** actually recorded us having sex cause it was me and my ***. Did he know your ***? Yeah and I have Seen your videos so I can only imagine what they recorded.

Not seven, not 720. I only watch HD porn but I don't need no Rodney King see the juices dripping and I feel like I'm in VR right now. All Porn from the early 2000 and 19. Like Rodney King porn's. Yeah but who still have hair? Like white chicks only in America. I can't watch that will never wash them. No, I don't I don't like them. I don't like them. I don't talk about like a white man. I I I I like to watch white women but I don't man, I can't see myself. But you like white women get by BBC though.

Big black man. I don't want. Exactly. I don't even like the reason why I don't like watching that if I can mute it did not watch it because that I I watch it on mute for me. I like the sound of it. Like I and then when they shut up, I shut up. I don't like because they're so dramatic. Biggest I ever had. Shut up. No but seriously? They are, they are too dramatic for me. I'm like stop. But when I watch porn I don't even look at all. That's my big thing is when um you know like the motherfucker's bitch and then he pulled out nut and if you go back in, that's my favorite, can't do it.

Let's talk about that. Yo yo let's talk about that. Okay so my um whatever that's my baby, he got a nut. Stay up in me get back hard and keep rocking. It's not like the devil because not only that, but not only get wet after orgasm. You can go back and you get weather. He's the only one that makes me squirt back to back back to back, back to back. I'm like yo I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill him. Yeah you like why are you doing this to me in my mind? I'm like do you do this to all bitches? Yeah he does. J j can we leave a message for her? Okay. I'm just saying because I'm saying we're gonna get there we go. I only one like oh yeah I'm thinking about it now and he talks I gotta leave him alone.

one who's the more intimidating intimidated by my as I don't know why I'm so oh my D. M. Is sick, sick as fuck I'm gonna get you pregnant. God damn. I Just I don't know because I'm not oh no then earlier I put them on blast he said you really ready for this big black Dick, I blocked him whatever. But no sir I'm not I'm not, that was the second message he sent and she never even said I never people talk to themselves. I have someone what? People have been talking to himself since in like 2017. Hey. Beautiful. Hi hey Beautiful. Hey my DMS is alright. They're not as bad as Dalai's when dolly post me and she tagged me, that's when I get creeps in my DMS. Yeah she ain't answered my ship but her girl probably her girl probably would and that's exactly what looking I can't even draw because I I don't block, I play block party because I think, I think everybody think I'm young because I gotta get a lot of scammers now as soon they were like, oh they hit me with the salam and then I think you're so beautiful and then they'd be like Then the next post be like um I could turn 502.

I get a lot of sugar. So a lot of put it like this. A lot of popular guys. No, you probably did. He just didn't let you know a lot of scammers but a lot of like popular guys that's out here and with money but they ain't got no job a it's like a lot of because I'm not sucking dick. Like you got the first maybe 60 seconds, 65 seconds to impress me. If not then ah no, no, no, you're right.

No, but if you got, that's why for prey matters because because not going in. Um Okay, so he was in the middle of fucking and it wasn't going the way that I expected position. Probably back shots I believe and you just like push them off for you just moved put my pants on like my baby needs some milk. Okay. It's not rude. People get disappointed every day. One more. Ain't got no trust me if you don't fail in life that that means that you you somebody lied to you at least everybody fell out something. It's just that he felt that that part. But it's like Most um 20 minutes cause that's what you told me.

Okay, so here's the thing with me. If I'm mentally attracted to you, I couldn't asap with you fucking me, right? So I'm like, I'm nasty in their mouth, choking the drizzle in the mouth. It I was never I was never, ever, ever, ever with that ship. And what are people at the same time had it? Once we have that drool at the same time, he was like, no, but it's the way they do it though. It's like, okay, okay, so when he does it, we are in the missionary and he like grabbed me and just like just drooling my ship and it's warm and the tongue just come out and it just my ship. Just like it's amazing. After that. I was like, I don't want nobody else this toxic motherfucker. It's gonna have me wanting that from everybody.

Now, what's I can't say I really have, I don't have a type. I'm attracted to more personality over. As long as we have like a good connection in the Yes and a great vibe. I'm not even uh if you want to look at how many inches about, but here's Ok, so here's my thing, right? Big dicks, which is my um which is my um my husband, his dick is huge, right?

I don't give a everything. His dick was huge. It took me a while to get used to him because he was always, it was more hurt than pleasure, but once I got used to it. I was like, oh this ship ain't doing nothing. So um I'm more so of like a fun size, right? I don't know how to shrink. That was in love with And the loved one was the one that made you squirt understand. But um but yeah, my little, the person that turned me on like the drooling in the mouth and squirting every time I, and then everybody say like good for you.

But he's good for the but one thing I can say is that once a motherfucker just keep on hurting your heart. All that goes away girl. I'm telling you, y'all his good dick will be trashed at the end of the day. Yeah, that ship turns from greats and what bad. So yeah, guys from North girl, my roster snork That's that's, that's where I'm stuck at stuck stuck man *** out here.

I was thinking I was but I was one E o But the rest of the, you don't even know that he could be from northeast county County county county for myself. Project for myself baby. That's why I married the project.

No, I can't say pressure. I would say okay, no project that's acceptable. I feel like I would say, I would say bastard. I would say that my husband's from shout out, shout out to the purple way the Project ***, which one which projects? I don't know because I don't I don't know if them *** is from the project or not. I just know they're from the club. I don't know just seeing them. I don't know. But my husband girls, they have the best back in the day. All this is doing now. Them *** been, we used to be in the club's youngest town partying the bullshit. All them *** had back in the day old as charges and ship cops hating on the used to be out there. Alright so Nikki what's the next move after you hear the doom noise?

Exactly. She was like why are you so sexy back up? No, definitely. You cannot have those those the same ones, the ones that I use the same ones. I know I have somebody invited me over to watch netflix on their phone. Like I don't even know. I never went. That's ridiculous. I'm not watching tv on your phone. I promise you from high school he was trying to I never went I wasn't about to deal with that because I was not disrespectful. Like yeah what's the best way to cuddle? I'm affectionate and I'm a toucher but I have been with *** who don't like that. It just grabbed me up like on the couch.

Yeah. But yeah, not even make sure the other hand like rubbing me massaging my left hand on the thigh. Yeah because my nipples in my spot so like rub me up a little bit like that. But let's let's okay. But no, let's rewind. I'm the type of female, if I come to someone's house that like I'm working with, you don't have to tell me like take it off. I'm already, you know, we're here for, I like I will go and I'm the type that put on outfits to, I don't consider like role playing, but or like I will put on some sexy lingerie and just oh look at that body, look at that body.

We got the best sex comes from a dude that's either locked up. Funny boy. What is a professional job? Yeah, No, I want to know. They do not do. No, no, no. They, they said that kids were born fatherless, so they stopped. Oh, so they said that conjugal visits was producing kids fatherless. Yes. Boys, what do you say? I'm a safe boys to talk? Why? Because boys, they don't got nothing. Like they putting their all into it. They ain't got what else? They are fucking liars. They got else to do, but they are charming. They learned how to be that they took the time because they have a lot of free will win you over with their fake passwords and sweet now how long? At least I would say at least close to 10 minutes.

That's good for a female. I mean if you're doing it right, 10 minutes is good for me. Well that part too, I love the *** that love to do that. Okay, so with me, if you're gonna eat me for 10 minutes, that means if I allow you to eat me for 10 minutes, I mean your trash before that. That's what that means. No, no, no, no. I thought I used to think the same thing. But no, for Me it's like if I allow you to eat me for 10, 15, 20 minutes, that means that I really don't feel your Dick because I'm the type that once you start eating and like give me a Dick. No, I'll be like that too. But it got to be at least 15 minutes before I do that. No, no, no, no. So give me 22 ways each. Um So, okay in the beginning like uh like with me touching me start sucking my nipples neck, all that good ship.

A massage can start a massage. Can start a start for everybody. Don't be knowing that they will actually do a massage and walk away. Like, oh I didn't know you wanted more. Sometimes *** be scared. They'll start with a massage. Like, oh I didn't know you wanted more. You should have said that you wanted more ***. I asked for you to massage my back in my, I don't want some men just like to jump let me see you know what, you know when I look at your No, no. You know I am big on when I see a *** with a shiny nail that means you got your gel baby when I see a shiny that that means that you fresh and you you clean your maintenance level was high. I know how to actually get. My dad actually taught me that. He said and I said dad what you mean by that?

He said they should dirty if you don't look like mine. Okay. So after, after I got a question for you guys, okay, Okay. So yes, yes. And and you gonna hold my mouth and just say look at me when they say I said that grow up, that's disgusting. I said that I'm telling you that are you really attracted to him? I am first of all, the oral hygiene is magnificent. But you don't, you don't really So you guys got three tips on head I would say always simone while you're giving that's the crazy part because I do like sound effect when I'm getting head.

So it should be. Yeah, I definitely have to yes, I will gag on his ship just to make make more saliva because you have to keep I would say I do but it's been a while since I use it, even though like with my *** now I just like he'll slow down and tell me like alright, calm down, swallow, they get what he got to tell you. I'm there. He said everybody breathe, swallow, take the rest, keep sucking hell hell Got me through the ship. Oh wow, shout out to you know when you have like the whole dick in your mouth, I do gag but it's not because I'm really gagging, it turns them more and it makes more spin for me um and it makes more space.

I have a deep throat but um what it's deep but when it gets to that point it's like a like moaning with it so the mon and all the and it is going to produce more spit. I have been to the point I was about to throw up before he loves it to be honest, like throw up. So I feel like when you're when you're always to that point where your your lip is hitting, I don't know about y'all ***, my ***, you don't have no pubic hair, I don't play that shit. So when you're at the part where there's no more dick left and you're that that top part the skin then you take your tongue like your your tongue is gonna be like a and that's when you like it's like a motion you do like and they love that and then also you come back out pretty much all the way in your mouth and your honestly it's something that you have, I mean I just it just is a great feeling to hear *** moan and say funk and when when a *** say funk?

I'd be like what what the question I want you to answer it? What what's going on? Why you like fun? It's, I'm gonna him and if you are *** pull out your phone, record me, I'm gonna pull out mine and record me record me. I got a tripod in my bedroom. It's something that you have to perfect cause some guys don't like it certain ways. Like some guys just like suck the tip. Some guys like put that whole dick in your mouth. Some guys want to eat. Some guys want to throw up some you've thrown up on the dick. I had like not like but like I have done the gag that felt like I was about to throw once the once they, once they touch your palate produces uh huh drink water before you're about to give head, it makes your mouth cold. And I used to drink a whole bottle of water before I used to start mandatory.

It's not mandatory but with me you have to spit on me. I have to hear you spit on me even from the back it turns me on. Yeah, yeah. Like yeah, I have to hear, don't matter not all guys, but like what congested sometimes every everyday life be so suspicious.

Like if I'm giving head *** hand go behind his ask like that happened more than once before and I don't know like giving, I was giving head to him and his hand will go behind his ask like is it going where is it going? His ass that happened more than once. I'm gonna just say twice. Guys are big on that. What do you mean like rainbows in the sky? So what's what's the other definition please? Of course. Have you ever had a rainbow kiss? No no no I read that before. I'm not gonna say it rainbow when a guy gives head to a girl while she's having her period and get all the blood in his mouth and the girl come in her mouth now the guy and the girl has blood and come in their mouth and kiss each other. Well I mean okay I have a on but that's that's not always. Yeah.

Yeah out with my period because really it's something that he does lights, green lights. It's actually amazing. Yeah. Yeah. And if you wanna make your period go fast play with yourself. I can't even play with my toys on period. Now before we end this out we got a voicemail for the both of you think of the first *** that made you squirt right? My baby father, my husband not you. Yeah not hold up hold up. I got one we need square tips. Talking about you wanna teacher. Can you teach us? Um I learned how to do it with a toy but I haven't done it with it's all about the position to me. Missionary is best for squaring missionary is best is different and when I ride to and then I tell people to like oh my magnesium is superb.

I tell you all the time. Make sure you go pee first piss because some guys what are you picking on me? No I'm not picking on you. Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system. Hey where are you? I need you to meet me at my house. I need you to come and suck me and I need you to make me squirt. That's it. Where are you? I've been calling you all day and you're not answering and I'm worried about you and I need you and I just want you I just want you to comfort me. Where are you? And if you don't come I'm gonna call every number. I know I'm gonna call all your friends. I'm about to post you on instagram and expose you and I need you to come for me. I need you to do everything I need you to do like you did the other day. Thank you have a good day. Call me back please. If not I'm about to keep calling other phones but this like right now like but this is some real ship I need you to call me. Thank you she's so serious.

I listened to her before that this is really her. Yeah I will expose you. She is an exposer not to the cord. Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system. Hello? Why why is your phone dead, answer your phone. Turn this phone on and meet me at my house. You already know the key is. Let's go because I don't have time for this ship. I don't why are you playing games with me? Why what's the what's the issue like? Just come over. We ain't even got to do all this just for me. That's it. No, I'm not Going to now. 1st got boston cream, creamy, creamy. Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system word to your mother be if I had this answer seems almost time.

I know you ain't blocking my car. No, you ain't stopping my damn calls. Yo I know it's Barbara big head as that got your phone. She gotta be hate because she know that you knew you cream this ship the other night like for real Barbara, you got his phone, you big goofy looking Bigfoot as bitch. You fucking stoop footed as ho you fucking crying as dirty as kids haven't. I know it's your stupid as I know you threw his phone back and that's that's okay because I'm gonna buy him another phone tomorrow bitch if I find out you have his phone. Matter of fact I'm gonna buy him three phones so he can always get in contact with his ask whatever you hate, fucking nappy weave, having ass fucking pack hair wearing as bitch. I know you guys phone and so johnny just make sure if you, if she don't got your phone, make sure you hit me up and I'm gonna buy you two charges too because your phone gotta be definitely ignore my calls before we ended up, you got any shout outs?

You wanna make, plug your ship, go ahead right now. First of all, shout out to y'all shout out to y'all definitely inviting us to your beautiful show. Thank you. Thank you. Um you need to fucking follow us, motherfucker's tuning in. Okay, we're just starting. So where were we following them at tell them girls talk podcast. I don't forgot my damn tag. She got it done. That's what I like my made my brain old. Sometimes it is old. I call it, it's me, it's me dr talk podcast when you see me. Yeah, that's right. They're always right there. Follow us throb talk rob talk podcast. That's our page. My pages. King Nikki and underscore mine is black underscore dolly. Um I also have charmed by Nikki where I make charm bracelets and anklets with pictures.

You know like if you want to put your ankle on your *** here while you out. I got you. Okay, so you can hear because Nikki is on my anklets and it definitely touched. Here's a wise woman once said, eat my pussy with his breakfast because he loved the way it tastes, He said that I stay on his mind, I'd be sitting on his face. You know who that is, my Angela. It sounds like definitely she didn't put out a release version released. Hi.

S:3 Ep. 13 Keep It Throbbing with Throb Talk Podcast
S:3 Ep. 13 Keep It Throbbing with Throb Talk Podcast
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