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Are You Like Tom?

by Spiwe Jefferson
June 6th 2021

Tom hates the pandemic and everything about it...until he starts thinking about how his life is about to change. Are you like Tom? Could his conundrum be playing out similarly in your life? Get the... More

Are you anxious stressed mind racing. Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you looking for secrets to peace and a happier life joints be way jefferson certified mindfulness practitioner and lawyer dedicated to helping you learn to apply mindfulness meditation to the personal and professional challenges of everyday life harness the power of mindfulness meditation to live and work to your highest and best purpose. Starting with just five minutes a day. Hi and welcome to mindful in five where we learn how to apply mindfulness and meditation to the challenges of everyday life in bite sized episodes for people with no time. Just like you. My name is still a jefferson and the title of today's episode is are you like tom those of you who have been email subscribers for a while who I also call my mindful ninjas know that we use stories and allegories to teach and affirm mindfulness principles.

See you can go anywhere on the internet or into any bookstore and find lots of resources on doing random things like mindfully taking a walk or mindfully eating a raisin. But the mindful and five difference is that we apply mindfulness to real life issues and the challenges of that day. So today we are talking about my friend Tom like many of us, Tom was increasingly horrified last year as the epidemic became a pandemic and then spread its hideous tentacles of doom across the globe. He hated the sickness and death. He hated not being able to go into the office. He hated having to stay at home in his cramped apartment with his nagging wife and bratty Children whose best features were their absence when they were in school. He hated not being able to go to the gym every morning, not having happy hour drinks with his colleagues and friends on friday evenings, he resented not being able to do all the things he loved that were part of his regular routine.

He couldn't wait for things to get back to normal. The other family members didn't fare much better either. So there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth during the pandemic in Tom's household. Well, now fast forward to today and Tom's employer has been making noises about requiring employees to return to the office. What Tom is horrified. He'd have to start wearing real pants again. Will they even fit? He'll have to start battling traffic. He'd have to give up his 2:00 daily nap. It's been a year, he is living his new normal, he and his family fought through some dark days, but he loves being at home with his wife and kids. Now suddenly Tom realizes there are aspects of this awful pandemic that aren't so bad after all.

So then what's the takeaway? Mhm maybe events and situations that are not singularly good or bad in our lives just are many of us have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, but we have also established new positive habits, learned useful new skills and developed new levels of resilience. Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment without judgment and without being overwhelmed by what's happening around you. So this week try to stop yearning for an uncertain future and live now love now. So that when you're sitting in your cubicle in an office without sunshine, you don't look back and regret that you wasted all that wonderful time yearning for this.

Mhm If you are one of my mindful ninjas and you already receive the emails, check out this month's new five minute guided meditation designed to help you strive for happiness and contentment where you are right now. If you are not a mindful ninja, sign up using the link below this podcast, either for the classic version or the God Lovers edition. Or you can visit the website and sign up there. Or you can also sign up on the facebook page, you can immediately download an exclusive quick five point checklist to jump start your mindfulness practice and you will also receive a five day, five minute topics to guide your meditation this week. So until next time this is be way saying, be mindful and be well, thank you for listening to mindful in five, join the mindful in Five community at www dot mindful in five dot com to sign up for the weekly companion emails to this podcast which include a new guided meditation each month and five day five minute meditations to supercharge your journey towards inner peace and success, visit the instagram page at mindful in five or the facebook page at Spey Way Publications.

Until next time, Be mindful and be well.

Are You Like Tom?
Are You Like Tom?
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