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“Buying The Block” How To and More with Real Estate Veteran Candle Lockett

by Mishia
July 8th 2021

During this episode Mishia is joined by Candle Lockett to talk Real Estate Generational Wealth! Tune in to get inspired. 

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Oh wow! How I got started in the most rewarding. Okay, so I have a story right, it started in, oh wow, I think from the very beginning I was introduced to real estate since I was a kid, I am a, I inherited real estate, so we'll go all the way back to me being seven years old and my parents putting paint brushes and me and my brothers hands and they have properties and we didn't get the context of exactly what we were doing because my parents allowed us to just be kids, it wasn't like, hey, you need to own property when you grow up, you need to understand this and glad or whatever. It was just like, hey, I'll pay you in church's chicken. How many walls you do is determine how many rules you're gonna get. It was like that type of negotiation. We didn't get it. We were just like, oh, why are we in this house? It's dirty and nasty. We're gonna go home and watch cartoons to go over to my grandmother's house, we don't want to be here. So they had to kind of negotiate with us, but they never said, hey, when you grow up, you need to become a real estate investor. You need to buy real estate or anything like that.

We were just in it. I remember going with my dad is gonna collect red remember having to, loving to write receipt books and you know, getting the money. But my, my dad never broke it down to like the exact science of what we were, what he was doing for us or why they were doing it. I just knew that we had other properties that we didn't live in, other people did and we were serving the community because, but my parents were doing, which was like, what they call now was buying the block. We went back into our own community and repurchase the houses. So um fast forward to like after graduating from college and actually actually in college, I have a degree in early childhood education. And I remember I was late as usual um scheduling for classes and I wasn't able to get into this education math class that I was requirement for me to graduate, I had to go into the business department to take the businessman which was equivalent. And I remember I got in there and I was blowing everything out the water. I mean I knew every business question, I loved it. The my mindset was no is education.

I'm going to be a kindergarten teacher. And remember the professor called me into his room, his office and he was like, I need to talk to you, I'm thinking like I'm failing miserably and you know, and he was gonna, you know admonished me for you know, I'm underperforming because I'm an education manager in the business class. Well he was like I think you're in the wrong major, you need to be over here and I'm like no I'm a kindergarten, he's like no I'm telling you there's no way you know more than my business majors? No, you were in the wrong building. And so it went from there. He just kind of stuck with me like how did this man know this about me and I don't know this about myself, but once I became a kindergarten teacher taught for many, many years in kindergarten classroom and then when the market crashed I had the opportunity to go teach overseas and that was a life changer. It was the beginning of something big because I saw how other people lived that we're not struggling from paycheck to paycheck.

Um I had the opportunity to live rent free, tax free and my friends who are also teachers had nannies, we were able to cruise on yachts and by, you know, red bottom shoes and by louis Vuitton and we were teaching okay. I'm getting to that. So to see that amount of just wealth, it was like, oh my gosh, I've seen this, I could have this if I wanted it, but I've never wanted it as a classroom teacher, no shade to teachers, but we're about serving kids. We've never been about yachts and all that because we've always had this mindset and in society has taught us that we only make this amount of money, there's only so much you're gonna make as a teacher because you have the summers off. So we never had that mindset. Oh yeah, one day I'm gonna have some red bottom shoes. So to get over there and get exposed as like, you know, you could be greater, you could do more than this. Well, so the goal was like intentionally, look, I'm going to get into real estate investing. So I'm like, ok, this opportunity for me to stack up a lot of cash, come back by some properties or what have you.

Well, unfortunately my father had been diagnosed with cancer. So I had to come back and of course I'm a daddy's girl. So I was taking care of everything. Like I was taking care of the properties. I was you know, handed handling everything so that my mom and dad could just chill. But he recovered well unfortunately didn't recover from it. But I remember I was like in this mode of, I gotta get back to work. I got to go find the classroom to get into, I got to get a job. I got to be a job. My dad was like candle, why do you need a job when you can just go around to all the properties and collect rent and let it pay your bills. And then the light bulb came on like this is why he's done what he was doing all these years. He did it to give us these memories. He gave us this luxury that when something happens like this, we're good. We're taking care of like my mom didn't have to want for anything. I didn't have to and I remember at the same time was incredibly grateful because I just happen to have friends that we're dealing with something very similar when they had to go to work every single day then have to deal with a family member that was sick.

Whereas I got to sleep late. I got to do with my dad all day long. I got to spend time with him. We had nurses. I mean it was a blessing and it was all because of this real estate who knew so fast forward after my father passed away when his best friends is his financial advisor. He approached me and I'm pretty sure, I don't know how it happens. Everything was such a blur at that time. But I remember him saying like, do you realize that airs lose everything within three years of them getting? And I'm just like, oh and I didn't, I wasn't mad because I'm thinking he said that to me for a reason and so lo and behold I took that as an opportunity to grow and I was like, I'm not gonna do that to my dad because I've seen what it could do for families. I got my butt into real estate school and so I was like, instead of me losing everything, I'm doing the exact opposite. So let me get more real estate and continue to grow the portfolio. But I need to know about it better first. So when I got into the class, my professor, well my professor, my teacher was an african american woman, very, very smart.

Miss Taylor and I was so blown away by how fast everything just made sense to me. It was like I was back in that business class all over again. It was the each other. It was like I was supposed there was supposed to be there. I was doing deals before I even had my license. I was helping people save houses. I was doing quick claim. These, I mean everything just made sense. And so it was like, it was one particular time in class. Remember the light bulb came on when she was talking about how african americans, we're the second largest minority, but were the lowest minority homeownership. And it struck a nerve with me because I'm like, wait a minute what I said, oh well that's what I'm supposed to be doing. That's my calling. I got a degree in teaching. I can teach us on my community how to do this because I know I've experienced what it's like to just have that even if you just had one house that was producing income for you, it's a game changer because even after my father passed away, we are still receiving money from those properties and that's what we should be having.

It should be generational wealth. And so it's already playing like, okay, so even like it's even in the bible, it's your Children's Children that should be receiving. And so we don't talk about that. And I love having these uncomfortable conversations because I'm all about home ownership and you hear a lot of people say, oh well you don't need to own a house. And I'm like, yeah, you kind of do. It is just just my belief on it because I'm like, there's nothing wrong with owning a house because it's something that happened, you have that insurance policy that pays it off or you live in the house, you pay down on it. You can take that equity right now and start buying your first income producing property. So how do you feel about people owning condominiums or like apartments that are in within buildings? It's the same thing. It is still real estate. Yeah, because you have ownership, it's not about the whatever it is, it could be a mobile home, it's the ownership of it. When you have the ownership, you have leverage to do whatever you want to do with it in the same way with land, it could be as long as it's an asset that is going to increase in time over value.

You can, I mean you can start a business with it. I mean because you can always borrow against it, refinance it and you would go ahead, continue to build. So you would say even land that is vacant without a home or an apartment is valuable. Absolutely. Especially right now in the seller's market. Yes, I mean builders are everywhere trying to find land. This thing if you're just sitting on land like right now and my family, we have land and builders are constantly contacting us about, hey, we want to get like, no, I don't care. We're not selling it, we have to figure out what we're gonna do with it yet, but we just know that they are needing it. So, and the thing is because the land is paid off, you can always get that land of praised when you find out the value of it, there's banks that would love to say, hey, sure. Use that land as collateral if you want to start another business or if you want to take that money and buy some property to real estate and put tenants in it and start getting income back and then letting that income pay off that, that loan that you took against the land, that's leverage right there.

You're not paying anything out of your pocket. That's amazing is I didn't even know, you know it unless you, I feel like unless you have the background, well for me, at least because I don't have the background in real estate, it's just so many things that I don't know about the process and how that's a really smart way to go about it. So what are some things that you would say someone like if someone's looking forward to buy their first home right now and it's going to be the first time going through the process and they're doing all their research and they find a home. What are some things that they should have done before they even put in their offer, wow now you ask for a great time because it is officially a seller's market, it's been all over the news because of the rates dropping, which of course they did because of Covid, uh, everybody's buying. However, because of covid, the price of lumber has gone up and plus many developers shut down and plus many people don't want to leave their homes. So now we have a seller's market because there's less than three months of inventory on any market right now in the United States.

Like I saw a screenshot of a house in Atlanta Georgia where it has 112 offers on it and it's a 200,000. So yeah, so I mean if you're in the seller's market right now is like a catch 22 because we're finding that some people say, Hey, we want to wait it out. We just think it's too heavy right now because we can't compete with all of that. But the only caveat with waiting it out is you're gonna be paying a higher interest rate later on. So it's either, I would say the first thing I would recommend is one getting with a realtor that knows how to get their offer accepted, making sure that they are in the right market because every realtor, like right now I'm in the state of Georgia, even though I'm not specifically in Augusta, I'm in Atlanta, that doesn't mean I can say, oh yeah, girl, let me help you find a house in Augusta. I'm not in Augusta, you need to find an agent that is in that exact zip code where you want to live and I understand everybody knows a realtor. It might be your cousin. It might be your mom. But if your mom is not in that area, say mom find me a realtor that is in this zip code and you can get, of course they get a referral from it.

But it's kind of like you gotta put your, your affairs to the side if this is, if it's that realtor for the bigger interest of that client, like I, I know nothing about that area. Let me find somebody that specifically knows this area and then that can help you get your offer accepted because realtors know each other, especially in that one zip code, they know the agent, they're in the same office. They know what's coming soon. There have been many offers that have been accepted before it even hits the market because two agents knew each other. They work well together and they know that one is going to help the other out get to the closing table. So I mean there is yes, you do see on the news that is a seller's market and it is, but there's so many ways to get around that. There is a potential that you will have to pay your closing costs out of pocket that's just coming from savings. You will have to save for your closing costs. There's a potential that you will have to maybe put a little bit more down on your earnest money, which is what you will put down just to say, it's kind of like an engagement ring. It's what you kind of show the seller like, hey, this is how serious I am about buying your house.

I will buy your house and I'm gonna put $2,000 down the cellar. Never gets it. It just goes like a middle person would hold it like either the closing attorney or one of the agents of the brokerages, right? And in the event You have a two week period to change your mind, let's say after those two weeks, the Byron says, I don't want it no more. Well that seller gets that money, which is fair because that buyer kind of wasted two weeks of that sellers time by saying, I'm gonna commit to do it and then they don't, so they get that ring to get the two. Well, whatever amount earnest money, typically it's 1% of the sales price, right? So, I mean, there's lots of options I brought on, even on my blog, 13 ways to get your offer accepted in the seller's market. So it is, it can be done is you just, it's really just comes down to what you know, and what your agent knows and if you, if your agent doesn't know a lot of fire them because there is an agent that is going to get to that close there. We believe someone is getting to the closing table, you just got to get the right agent that can get it done. And how do you feel about people putting in, um, like a backup offer on like, you know, if they don't want to just put all their eggs in one basket, that is, that is common.

Um, a lot of people are doing the backup offers, but when you do it, you still have to follow up like that agent still has to call and say, hey, I'm checking on that property is still in the contract. Hey, you know, where do we stand because and I've been guilty of it. I've been a listing agent and a deal will fall through and we would have backup officer. I will forget because we have so much stuff going on and unless that agent called and said, hey checking on everything, we'll forget to put that thing right back on the market when the seller tells us to. So it's up to the agent to be responsible to just say, Hey, let me check on every week. Let me see how this deal is going into the progress of it because there's nine times out of 10 those deals fall through. That's another thing because we get so um, so many buyers get so caught and I got to get it. I got to get it and then when they get it, they were like, I don't want it. I don't want to like one of my, one of my ages was like little, we lost three deals because they had a listing and it went through three times and finally came to the third bite in the seller's market and it happens so it happens because they're determined to get their offer accepted.

Then when they get it like I changed my mind and it goes right back on the market. So it's like you can definitely, somebody's getting to the closing table. So it really, it sounds like I'm having though and an agent is really important. You know what? No matter if you're putting in one offer two or three you're going to absolutely one who knows what they're doing. It all comes down to in this market it comes down to your agent. This is the time when you get your cousin that just got a real estate license. I'm just be honest you need somebody that like I said that cousin, if they have their real estate license let them get money through referring them to a more experienced agent that can handle this market or they have a one on one mentor because of course there was no I can handle it. No you can't because you got to know the right wording because if you write an offer representing the buyer and it has too much wording in it. We're going to bypass that. Like they want too much, there's no way we're giving, we're not giving Homebuyer warranty, we are not adding this, we are not changing the blind color, we are not painting this and not in this market, forget it, we'll go on to the next, I mean that's what the sellers are gonna do. They'll go to the next one, You just make it clean.

This is what I'm gonna buy, this is how much I'm gonna pay for this, how soon I can buy it and let it be. You can get it accepted. So can we get into what the difference of buying a home would be from buying land and then um I also want to ask what if someone's looking to do both like simultaneously. Are they going to have to go through two different deals essentially. Okay so are you buying land to put a house on or you just buying land and just watch it and let it appreciated value depends on your goal with land. Okay so in this instance a person let's say um you're getting land to put a house on it. Okay well there's two ways you can do it. Um and several bodies are starting to do that now because they are someone like you know what we don't know what we want, we don't wanna get out here with all these other people trying to buy. Listens by land. Pay it off. So I don't know you have options, you can get the land and there's financing, there's lenders for land and you can just say hey right now we're just gonna pay on until we pay it off and then we'll start looking at finding a builder or developer for it or maybe building it ourselves, which you could do.

So I mean you have an option with that. If you're trying to put a house on, if you're just saying I'm just gonna buy some land because maybe it might be 90. I think the rule of thumb is like you buy land at least I think it's two hours away from where the major city is or where a new development is, you're gonna know the two hours out because eventually that's where they're gonna go. So and as you just watch your value increase of that land. So if you're just going to get land just for that, you can just get that finance through a land um financial when you get, when you go, you still have to go through inspections with land like with housing or no, no now unless you plan to the like I said it goes back to your goals because there's many people that just by land by land, they'll say, oh I'll buy it and maybe one day I might put container homes on it or I might put mobile home park on it. Or maybe and a lot of people buy land just to added to their portfolio, let it increase in value borrow against it, right? It disappears so many goals with land or some people by laying in wait for a commercial company to reach out to them or development.

So they're waiting long term. Um You can always, you know, get it appraised, you can always get it surveyed. You can find out like what can be done with this plan, if it's off the street, you definitely wanna make sure like, hey, if somebody buys this land for me, can they put a house on it or could I put a house on it? So I mean you do have to do your research on that. But it's so many things that you can do land is people um that are buying land like south Georgia to where they let people go hunting on it or they'll rent out their land to a like a traveling carnival. Alright, so it all depends and um I understand that but I guess it it would be like a good key for people to just be open minded like when looking, because it just sounds like land is valuable no matter how you dice it up. You know? It is definitely. I mean to me I would see land as like a savings account. I would, I mean I've always been fascinated with land because a lot of people like, oh it's just land, you can't do nothing with it. Well whatever, it's like a bank account in a sense, it just increases in value and now in Georgia um I had this big big Earth day last year.

I remember I I brought a lot of attention to how it was literally over 8000 lots in the state of Georgia for less than $5000 now ask me how many it is today, how many is it today? Talking about less than a 100 that fast now I think if you would have purchased that land last year, how much it appreciated over in one year because think at that time we became a blue state then we're still in this seller's market where people are trying to buy, builders are looking for land. It appreciated just like that wow, that's amazing. So I have to ask you what is your dream project? Oh wow, that is a great question. No one has ever asked me that. I would say my dream project, I have some land that I want to develop. I have something that's not a dream project that's kind of easy to do. I haven't thought about a dream project. Um you're gonna have me thinking tonight and praying and going to do anything you want.

You know I hate would that be up? Let's see if I did a dream project. Well why you think about that though, you are developing land, you want to develop land to do what with it? Put another house on it to make an income producing property. Yeah. That's not really just like when we bought it we bought the house and then it came with land so like eventually we'll get around to it. So that's like that's really not, that's just what's next. Yeah that's what's next. Um I have not really thought about it. Um I'm not a person that is like um obsessed with having a dream home because I have no attachment to homes I guess because I've just grown up, you know being an investor or whatever. So I can't really say I'll build a dream home or whatever because if I build one dream home the next week I'll find another house. But it could be it could be anything, you know um I don't know like if you are into, well you work in the garden teacher so it could be a daycare or it could be it could be anything, you know just because real estate it doesn't necessarily have to be at home you know you know what I would love to have even though I want to, I want to own the building but I've always wanted a beauty supply store really, I love beauty supply stores, I can hang out, it's like a drug addiction, I can just hang out in there all day long but I want it on by us and I am seeing more and more of us owning.

But yeah I think it's just something personal because I remember when I had a screen printing embroidery business a while back, we have a license where we can go into wholesale companies. And I was in Atlanta and we were in, it was like me and my partner, we were in a, a building where we could get a lot of things hosted like t shirts, socks and all this stuff. And remember they had hair care supplies and I'm like, oh my God, isn't about to happen. I'm opening a beauty. I had no idea what the building was ill and he was gonna feel my truck with all this beauty supply stuff. And I remember, um, it was, it was ran by Asians and I remember the ages that were literally speaking in their language that they were not going to tell me how much it was, how I could get it. They really made sure that I could not find out the information. I'm sure that often. Yeah, I'm, it's still dominated by Asians and it's a billion dollar industry, but it's us that's by yes. And when I go to um, melon ated owner beauty supply stores, we just have everything, you know, we have everything that we could be looking for.

Not to say that the other stores don't, but we know what we like. So it's different. It's like a consumer turned seller. It's just exactly, exactly. Because I remember I went into one in Atlanta to camp Creek and it used to be a Barnes and nobles and they took it over and I remember I went in there and I still had this, you know, I like, I still on my beauty supply store. And I asked them like, hey, I'm looking for this particular product that, you know, it goes on the scalp and it does this, that, that, that, that, that, that was really, really popular on Youtube and all the forms and stuff. And they were just like, I don't know. And I'm just like, see this is why it needs to be for us by us because a sister would know what I'm talking about right now too. And I had to go to Youtube to find it. And I'm like, why am I going to youtube when? Right here? But they don't know. They don't care honestly. In my opinion, I don't, that's what it is. It's the not caring part. Yeah. And then you go in and it's just me and maybe I'm nit picky, but I'm like, it's not clean.

And I'm just like, my dollar is good. Why is it not clean in here? Y'all can't clean up for us. Okay. Yeah. So how can people become a realtor? Oh, well that's easy. You just right now. Covid actually produce a lot of realtors because you were able to take your classes online. So while we were stuck. Oh, a lot of people just took the online classes. I want to say it's like, Oh, I can't even think I'm talking about maybe 120 hours. Okay. So it's by our, yeah, it's by hours when I took it. It was by weeks. Well no it was equivalent to ours but we did it I think it only lasted maybe 2.5 weeks for us to do it. And then we had to take the state test, we had to we had to take the classroom test. So if you did it online you would have to take the whatever curriculum you were using online, you have to pass that test and then prepare for the state test. Yeah. And the state test, was it really hard? Who she's like, well I'm on the other side of that now.

So well this is the thing, it depends on how well you study, how passionate you are about it were the question is tricky, did you feel that you have to study really hard? I was so excited. But for me it was like that um your natural inner Yeah, well chris is chris Gardner, remember the book, the movie um The Pursuit of Happiness with Will smith. Okay this gardener who the baby was based on, he had this this quote that there's there's never a plan B. Is always plan A. You don't plan for a plan B. So I went in with that mindset, he was like well I gotta pass, there's no other option of this. So I went in um I mean I remember staying in my room, I ordered enough take out for an entire week and I said, okay, you have, I think I took the test on a monday. I gave myself that thursday, friday, saturday, sunday I didn't leave my room, I just took a shower, I watch youtube, I read books, I did ask, I took every single spill estate test. There was like that I could google online in every state.

Nice. It was not an option, it was like, I'm passing this, there's there's no other way. So the first time I took it, I over prepared, I wouldn't, and I was like, oh I'm chill, it's only 100 questions where I came from. This. 100 questions was a lie. So I just pace myself and I'm like, oh I passed this. So when I get to 100 I see a button coming saying next, I'm like, next you lie. I had additional like 30 questions and I'm like, oh my God, I freaked out. And of course I did not have enough time because I picked myself 100 questions, I could just spend at least two minutes on each one. So I had enough time for that. But then I freaked out. Like, oh my gosh, I'm not going to have enough time for these extra 30 questions and I missed it by two points. So then of course I took a shot of vodka, Yeah, for the team, got back online. Uh and registered again and I passed it because yeah, two points. That was just nerves, It was just being over prepared over.

I was just like oh I got this good, easy, let me go ahead and pick my realtor name right now. I mean I was done and then when I saw that, so is there um a particular school or is it you just pick whatever you're into as far as um a realtor license? Uh Well you have to go according to your state, right? Whatever state you're in, you would google more so of um let's say if you're in texas, the texas real estate commission And then once you do that they and then you also see other search results like where you can take the online classes because I don't even think anywhere right now is doing classes in person, so you can still take advantage of it by doing it online and it's fairly cheap. Like I think my classes maybe 325. So online I'm pretty sure it's about 404 25, but it's worth it. Um One thing about, and I want to make this very clear, whoever is listening, if you want to be a realtor will estate classes, do not teach you about real estate sales. What it does is give you the background on real estate, which is why I took the course because I want to know more about real estate.

Um So I could keep these properties now going out to find clients to get leads, um, to follow up the leads to get scripts. That's something totally different? You learn once you get your license, that's up to your broker to teach you. Mm So a lot of people have the misconception. Like, so when do I get to learn how to find clients? Or you know how to do my first buyer? Um, meeting? Um, it don't work that user. I mean, it's a thick book. I was second, Where is my home? It is. Mm hmm. My book, is this there? And we lived through that entire book and everybody complained about how thick it was and how we're not going to use any of this for our real estate sales and we don't, but I loved it. I went through the entire book. I read it and I use it for my blog because there's certain things that some things people need to know. And I mean, I use it when I have consultations. I'm like, Oh no, But you do, you still need to know about surveys. You need to know about appraisals. Yes. There's certain things you just, you need to have that foundation of knowledge. Yes.

Yes. So now when they take the course, I think the book is maybe this big now, it's not even nowhere near. Yeah. Yeah. They're cheating all the movies. Yeah. Well, the thing is truthfully, you don't really need it if you're gonna do sales. That's the thing. It's, it's, yeah, it's kind of like why do we need all this? So for me though because I knew I wanted to educate once the light bulb came on that you know that our our community was being underserved that we didn't own as much real estate as we needed to be owning. I was like let me take all of this and start applying this every way I can. And so I just started teaching as I was working with my clients, I was teaching him every little thing like no then we do this knows better than to die. So that way I was like my goal is I want to teach you so much that you can tell your cousin how to buy a house and then if you want to get your real estate license, let me show you how to do that so you can help them buy a house and give the commission. And then that way everybody is making money and only houses.

That's such a blessing because I'm like I can't do it all. I don't want to do it all and they want to serve yes and thank you for serving and for being a blessing because it just takes it really just takes that one person to say I'm going to pay it forward. You know absolutely knowledge is something that no one can take it from you. The only thing that'll end it is your life. You know so what is it to just teach someone else, it's kind of like my name, like a candle, loses nothing to light another candle. Oh yeah, I won't say anything. So if I tell you how to buy a house and tell you though, this is what you gotta do, and then it's, I love with my clients said Campbell, I'm getting my real estate license. Good, good. Because your mother in law needs a house, make sure that you get them into a house in common if you need anything, that's just how I am, because it's like, I don't have to get that cell as long as I'm getting somebody else to get the real estate license. Yes, that's what I want and get a house. Great, so where can people find your podcast and read up on your blog?

I know your podcast is lighting up. Real estate in your blog is named My life in Real Estate, right? Yeah, this is my life in real estate. Yeah, I just rebranded it to my life in real estate because I do so much in real estate, from talking about it to writing about it to rehabbing it. We got a new rehab coming up and uh and I'm working on getting my contractor's license, like I said, I plan to develop. So yeah, my life in real estate is kind of today is kind of dope were being kind of laid back today, so yes, so yeah, so definitely you can find me on my life in real estate if you want to get into real estate investing, I'm also consultant, so if you want to just get an idea of like how can I lie my life, how it currently is right now with my goals and how I can get into real estate investing. That's what I love to do because we can have a conversation, I was like, no, this is where you need to go, this is how you go about doing it. I can create a step by step plan for you to get that first property or if you don't want to be a landlord, you don't have to be a landlord to be a real estate investor.

There's so many avenues to where you can do it, but I just feel like everybody needs to own some type of real estate, even if you just by laying and hold it, you got ownership and you never know when that will come in handy for you. Yes, and I'm gonna be leaving your website link down below and I just wanted to thank you again, thank you so much for just sharing all of these gyms and being here, No problem, thank you for having me. Yes, it was my misha madness and motivation podcast was ecstatic to happen today until next time. Mhm

“Buying The Block” How To and More with Real Estate Veteran Candle Lockett
“Buying The Block” How To and More with Real Estate Veteran Candle Lockett
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