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How I Book Guest Speakers on my Podcast

by Mishia
July 1st 2021

During this episode Mishia breaks down the process she goes through to secure guest speakers on this podcast. She also breaks down the contents of an ask message to a potential guest; what should y... More

Welcome to Mishia's Madness and motivation podcast. This podcast is for anyone wanting to evolve in every aspect of their life. Do you want to be better and live life to your fullest potential tune in with your host blogger, entrepreneur and beauty executive Mishia Hi guys, I am back and today we are about to get into how I booked guests on my show from beginning to end. I'm gonna be giving you all of my, all my secrets what I do. Um, it's not really a secret. They're not really secrets, but I'm definitely gonna be sharing how I look guests on my show, the process of finding the guests and what I say to them all of that, all of that. So I made some notes because I don't want to forget anything. So if I'm looking down at my phone right here, I'm just trying to make sure I give you guys all of this, all of this.

All right, So I'm super excited. Hey everybody welcome back to the podcast. If you're new here, welcome if you're tuned in on Youtube and you're watching me. Thanks for tuning in. Do not forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you find it helpful. So with booking a guess what, I'm going to go over with you guys is the ask letter. The process of looking for people how to look for people and also where do you look for these people, Right? And I'm also gonna be sharing how to prepare your ask letter because a lot of people are just really shy, right? And they maybe don't even know what to say and what's holding them back from getting us is just from asking. That initial, hey, do you want to be a guest on my show and sometimes I know we can all over think things, so no worries. That's why I'm here, that we're gonna get into today when writing an ask letter, there are about eight things I would say that definitely need to be included.

So in the very beginning, before we even get to how to find guess and how I booked guests on my show, I'm gonna tell you how to make your own ask letter for me personally. I like to have just one ask letter and I kind of just tweak it per person because I'm not about to draft a brand new letter for each person. You know, like The other day, the last time I sat down and sent emails out asking people to be on my podcast, I sent 47 emails And who is thinking about 47 different ways to ask someone to be on my podcast, not me, I'm not doing it. So um I recommend not doing that. So you can do it however, you would like to do but you can take whatever tid little bits you can from this video and basically just do with it what you will, but I would say these eight things are essential to an ask letter. And once you put these eight things into your letter, you can basically swap out the name of the guests that you are reaching out to and the topic of course, because you're probably gonna have different topics, you're not gonna get, You know, 10 people talking about one topic.

You could, you might, it all depends on your show also. So let me bring it all back in. That is first and foremost, you need to know your audience, you need to know what your message is, You need to know basically what you're trying to say and what conversations you're trying to have. That all goes into finding topics like you have to kind of already have an idea of, okay, I'm interested in this or my audience would benefit from this or my audience. You know, you have to kind of have that relationship with your audience where, you know, and if you don't have an um an audience just yet and you're building one, you have to think ahead and think of the audience that you want to have, and the message is that would be loved by your soon to be audience. You get what I'm saying. Ok, so moving on, right, these eight things are what you need, you will need a greeting. Hey, how are you? Good morning, what's up? Whatever you do, make sure you greet your to be soon to be guest. Then. You're gonna tell them who you are, you're going to name your show or, you know, your podcast and you're gonna tell them what it's about, basically the fourth thing you're gonna need is the reason that they will be a great fit why you feel like basically why you want them.

And then fifth is the topic that you want them to speak to your audience about. The 6th thing to include is your scheduling link or dates of your availability. You want to also include how the meeting is going to happen and where the meeting will take place. Um if you offer remote and as well as in person meetings, you know, offer that to them, mention that and you know, basically see what they say and after that you're gonna close however you close, thank you for reading my email, I hope to hear back from you soon. Whatever you want to say, enjoy your weekend. However, right, just close the email and I like to say, I hope to hear back from you soon because you know that's the last thing. Even if they're not interested, hey, sorry, super busy, I don't have any time right now my schedule to join your podcast, but thank you for getting back to me then it lets me know, okay, I can cross this person off of my list or you know, they're not interested or whatever, but that's how I like to close.

It's definitely up to you if you want to um depending also on if you need this type of material once to connect that you get the conversation going. You can then ask for them to send you headshots um or links that connect the listeners to them like their website or maybe they have a podcast as well. So you definitely want to get those links if you need headshots for when you promote and market their particular podcast episode, you definitely want to get those things done as well. That's just a little bit that you might want to get that done in the beginning, you might figure once the podcast episode is done you could just shoot them an email. Uh it's completely up to you. And another thing that is completely up to you or the guests depending on their preference and your preference. I always like to give an option. It also depends on the type of show that you have, right? So what I'm talking about is sending over a list of questions that you plan to ask your guest.

So sometimes if a guest is having any questions or they're like not knowing about something, sometimes they will definitely ask away. But then you also have some people who are a little bit more reserved and they'll wait until the meeting and they'll ask you the questions either way. You know, sometimes they'll ask or they were like you know I was just wondering and then you know you guys will get into that I find it more efficient to just kind of put everything out there and try to cover all corners. Let them know how, where everything, you know, my, not my expectations, but basically how I run recording my podcast episodes. Um and I kind of just try to cover all corners for them to make them feel as comfortable as possible because you know, they're a guest at the end of the day. I'm looking for them to be a guest at the end of the day. So those are just like a few recommendations getting to basically how I go about this. So that's your ask letter. And at the end of this video I will basically read to you what an ask letter may look like for me. I'll just type one up really quick and just so you can have an idea of how it will sound and flow like, and you know, I want you guys to be creative and definitely let your personality shine through, But just so that you guys know, right?

So I would definitely do that at the end of this video. But next I want to get into the five steps that I wrote down as far as booking a guest on my show. So first thing I do is I write a general ask letter, which I just told you guys how to do. So you can write a general ask letter, right? And uh with writing the general last letter, you're gonna leave some space is blank. You know, a space for their name and a space for the topic that you want them to speak about, then I write down a list of topics I want to learn or talk about, learn and or talk about with a guest how many topics you want to write down. It's completely up to you. I recommend at least starting with three topics. So that can be like for example what I've done in the past, that can be mental health, nutrition, and education, right? And then with those three categories, once I write those three categories down, I will go on a search for guests who can talk about, you know each topic or whatever or at least one of the topics, one of the topics, not each topic, but I go on this hunt for guests who can speak about, you know, these different topics.

I will then once I find I guest I will basically write their name down underneath the topic that they fit. So if it's mental health, I'll write their name down under mental health and I will write their contact information. And I will also write just a few details about them that stand out to me because it helps me later on with the ask letter and you'll understand why. But and then that way, I also don't have to keep going back and like, you know to their website or back to their social media profile to finalize details. I just like to write it down. So it's all in my notebook, it's all in one spot. So when I go to type up um the ask letters, like I have the information that I have in contact, I'm not like on a wild goose chase and this is why I do it this way. So um basically I searched for all these guests and I write their name down there. Contact a few interesting details about them. Why I want them to be a guest basically on my show what's interesting about them to me and once I have my list of people and all their contacts and all of the little descriptions of them, I typed all of the messages um like literally last time I did this, like I said I sent out emails to 47 people.

Um and I wanted to send out 50 but um I had just made a list and I got to 47 and that just was the number. So I sent out 47 emails. But what I did was in my phone on my notes because I'm writing everything down in the notebook. So what I did was I have my ask letter in my notes and I'll basically duplicate it I'll copy it, copy the ask letter, the general one, I'll make a new note, I'll put the person's name as the title of the note that I plan to reach out to. I put their name as the title of the note I'll paste the note and then I'll fill in the the details of it their name. If I'm, if I plan to take out the emails in the morning, I usually say good morning, I'll leave a blank and then I'll continue with the message contained with the ask close it and like that, you know. Um So yes, so I'll go on my notes and I'll do this for each and every person. So it's basically pasting the general note, typing their name from my notebook and then I'll have a long thread of messages, emails that I need to send out and it I can send them from my phone or if I'm on my computer I usually send them from my phone.

Actually I don't know that I've ever sent them from my computer. I probably send them from my phone because I type them on my phone and I always double check. So basically I'll type all of the things in the thread. But as I go along I'll proof read. So I'll type it up, I'll proofread it. I'll go on to the next one and then I'll proof read it before I copy it to send in the email and then I'll proof read it again before I hit send in the email. So that's how I kinda just stay on my proof reading stuff errors happen. I'm sure I've sent emails before where just not even making and I don't want to say it wasn't making any sense but you know just not even the way of spelling a certain word or not the correct pronunciation but um it hasn't stopped anyone from responding to me. So I don't really think that big of a deal but definitely proof read because I don't want to sound like a an idiot. Uhh what else do I do? So yeah, so that's basically all I have type those are the five things, right?

You're ask letter, write down a list of topics you want to talk about at least three. Um Go on a search for your guests. You find them, you write down their name, their contact information, a little description of them because it will help you when you're drafting the ass letter. Um Type all your messages out, proofread proofread proof, read and email, email them, you know? And I wanted to send out 47 emails because I wanted to send out 50 but I said at 47 emails because I, you wanted to I personally and I encourage people to do more than what you need or like go beyond what, you know? So like I was kind of expecting out of 50. I was hoping to get at least 25 guests. Just realistically I'm like okay at least 50% of people should respond back to me. Um And then that's also going off of or they have these people been active on their social media accounts like lately, or does it say that they, you know, haven't been, they haven't posted in months or a year.

So I still reach out to people, even if they haven't been active on their socials, because I know sometimes we can all be kind of silent on socials, but still very active and looking at different things and seeing what's going on. So I never want to count anyone out just because they're not active on social. And you guys also know that I have been not active on social for mad long, and I'm clearly super active in real life. So I never want to count anyone out, like, that doesn't mean that what you have to say or share isn't valuable just because you're not here on social media, you know? Uh But yeah, that's basically how I do it. And yeah, Out of the 47 e mails that I just sent so far, I've done 10 interviews and I have booked 13 interviews out of the 13, I've done 10 so far. So I'm looking to start responding to um, a few more emails because I'm still getting responses back and that's another thing. Everyone is not going to respond in the time.

Like, everyone's not gonna respond in a day. Everyone not gonna respond in an hour every, some people might not respond in a week. So like, this week alone, people have emailed me and they're like, hey, I hope it's not too late. I would love to get back to you or hey, I hope it's not too late. I was dealing with some health issues that were really serious but everything is looking good now. You know like let's connect so I really just like take the chance and the email the worst they can say is no. And I mean is it even really like a bad thing if someone tells, you know, I don't think your show is a good fit for me. If they don't feel like it's a good fit for them, it's probably not a good fit for them and you don't want anyone on your show who doesn't really want to be there. You know, you can definitely feel the energy, you can hear it in their tone and everything like that. So you're gonna keep the vibes high, you wanna, you know, just keep the energy good. And those are basically my tips for booking people on your podcast definitely also do your research. So like when you're finding these people and you're trying to fill in your topic buckets with guests, definitely do your research. Um make sure that they are who they say they are basically and go and just listen to some of their podcasts or watch some of their live streams or read some of the books.

Like I there was a guest who I purchased her book and it was like maybe like 100 page book and I flipped through and I read the entire book because you know I'm about to have you on as a guest and it is just you know do your research, do what you need to do. There are also times where I have guests who I don't have time to read your entire book but it's also just so very helpful if you do have that time to just do the research it makes a difference, it makes a huge difference. And um the way the interview goes and then it also helps with helping the guests to feel really really comfortable. You know like when you know something that they're like oh wait how do you know that? And then they kind of tell you more and they're like wait you're really interested in me, you really took the time to get to know me before bringing me on like you are you know like you really want me as a guest. And when they realized that it kind of shuts it not shut their guard down. But yeah it shuts their guard down. Like it takes their guard away and it just makes for a more organic conversation and I love organic conversation which is why I usually actually don't send a list of questions to my guess I offer.

I always offer I say hey I can send you a list of questions if it's gonna make you more comfortable but just know I may or may not ask all those questions and I may have some other questions because I do draft questions for my interviews, but they're just kind of like questions in case like you just never know. I just like to be prepared, right? So I'm gonna have 10, 20 questions. But if we start talking and none of these questions come up, they don't come up as long as I get a good conversation and there's value and there's content, you know? So I I don't like to constrict myself and put like a box around, okay, no, we're going to ask this question and I need you to know answer for this. I kind of just like to keep it very chill. And if I do have questions where it's like, okay, this person might be caught off guard about this question In the 1st 5 minutes of us like meeting before we even begin to record. I like to just sometimes it all depends on the vibe, but this is just me, I go off vibes clearly, but I just, I go, okay, well I have a question here about blah blah blah, like um I did an interview with someone and they had recently lost their father and though that's something that was out there on their social media, it's like but are they comfortable talking about it?

And because I don't send questions right before we got started like, hey, how are you today? You know, we're talking um just catching up there telling me, you know, that they just travel back to uh Thailand and just talking right, um coronavirus had just started. So we were just kind of talking about that and it was just crazy. And then, um I was like, you know, before we get started, I just want to let you know the questions that I have are basically basic they're asking, you know about you, your story, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, and I also do have a question here about, you know, you're losing your parent and how that affected you. Just so that when I ask, it's not like, oh my God, my walls have to go up because I wasn't expecting this person to ask me such a personal question. So I just like to stay very aware and always trying to come from a place of love definitely because I wouldn't want to go and be a guest on someone's podcast and they've done dug up all of this stuff and you're just not expecting these questions, you know? Um, I mean, I'm sure it happens in the world and if you are open to being a guest, I'm like, maybe you should be prepared for that, Maybe, you know, you shouldn't have to be prepared for stuff like that.

I just dropped my phone, but if you're coming on my podcast, I'm definitely going to prepare you for any, I don't want anything come in left field, I want, yeah, I just want everything to flow and be good. So happy guests booking and let me know how it goes for you guys. If you owe before I go, let me read basically an ask letter and how it was sound. So if I were asking you to be a guest, let's say your name is pretend guest. So I would say good evening, pretend guest, I hope you're doing well. My name is Misha and I am the host of militias, madness and motivation podcast. My podcast was created to encourage people to continuously pursue their dreams, help people navigate life by talking about various life topics and I will be thrilled to have you as a guest on the show.

I love for you to share your advice. I read your story and I think you have a powerful one to share. If you would like to accept accept my invitation, please click my scheduling link and pick a date and time that this fits your schedule. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great night. I think everything that needs to be said and then they'll hit you back and they're gonna be like, yeah, I would love to be on the madness of motivation podcasts. Are you kidding me? Sounds amazing and that's basically how you start the connect and how you network out here and meet different people and stay connected. You know, once you make these connections, there's nothing severing these tides, you know, so with that happy guest booking, I hope you have so much fun networking and meeting a lot of people. I hope you make the best connections in that you have fun while doing it.

Misha madness and motivation podcast was ecstatic to happen today until next time.

How I Book Guest Speakers on my Podcast
How I Book Guest Speakers on my Podcast
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