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Self Care and Living Out Loud with Keisher Glymph

by Mishia
June 24th 2021

During this episode Mishia is joined by Keisher Glymph to talk about self care, loving on OURSELVES! Keisher shares advice, insight, and encouragement on how to live out loud. Tune in to get inspir... More

Welcome to Mishia Madness and motivation podcast. This podcast is for anyone wanting to evolve in every aspect of their life, do you want to be better and live life to your fullest potential tune in with your host blogger, entrepreneur and beauty executive Mishia, Hey, welcome back to the podcast. I'm Mishia and today I'm joined with Keisher Glymph, she is an empowerment and wellness lifestyle is and today we're going to talk about ways to empower yourself and live a more empowered lifestyle. So I did check out some of your work and I'm really happy to have this opportunity to speak with you um thank you for being here awesome, thank you for having me um and I saw that you said something um and I really loved it, he said something to the effect of, you know, this isn't meant to be an inspirational moment, you know, it's great if you take inspiration from it, but it would be greater, you know, if you take something and apply it, you know, because what is inspiration, if you don't apply it and actually change your life?

And I was like, well this is powerful stuff, I love it, thank you, thank you. Yeah, absolutely. Right, um so could you just tell everyone you know who you are, where you're from? Give them like a background of who you are? Yeah, absolutely, so um my name is Keisher Glymph, I am originally from south Carolina and um and I just made my way back to south Carolina actually after about 16 years in new york, so um beautiful time. But yeah, I'm grateful for it to be able to walk outside barefoot with, you know in the grass before right now and so um so yes, but I'm a oneness empowerment and wellness lifestyle is um I'm a certified life coach um and natural living actor uh advocate, right? And so I really love working with people to support them through their body being and beyond transformation and what that looks like is like the body and just really the physical body.

I was a personal trainer for years, I had fitness business, so really working with people to to physically um take care of themselves. So all of it is all about self care and then the being is all about that internal work we get to do to shift through our stuff so that we can really be our highest light and really be ourselves, right? And then the beyond is all about that risk taking, um willingness to shift beyond what you ever thought your life could be. Um and that means un defining what you self defined yourself to be, right? And so that's what that's what I do, that's what I love to do. Yes, awesome. And right, where um I saw you talk about like the inspiration, it was in your self care series I saw on facebook, which I thought was definitely awesome. How did you get started um in the wellness community, you know with starting with, you know the gym or working out and helping? Like how did you get started? And yeah, it's kind of interesting. I often say I lived about nine lives because people go like, well, how did you get all the way from there to that?

Um my degree in chemical Engineering. Right. So I was an engineer for four years. Um and I said before I moved out there, before I moved out to Arizona to be an engineer with Motorola, I was like, yeah, I don't want, I knew before I left college I didn't want to be an engineer from doing something internships, but I realized that, you know, hey, let's get the degree. I'm almost done. Let's just do that wherever I moved to. I'm going to start studying acting. I've never done it before, but I wanted to do it. And so I did, I was an engineer by day and then in the evenings I'm like going to acting classes and doing all my things and once I built up my acting resume over the course of four years, I was like, all right, I got to choose new york L. A. Where is it going to be new york L. A. And I chose new york, thank goodness. It was perfect for me and I'm so grateful for it. But your question was, how did I get to wellness? Well that was part of the journey, right? And I can tell you more and more steps that happened in between. But the main step that led me from the acting into the wellness was that um I chose a job that I chose a personal training job.

That because I wanted some flexibility for acting, right? I didn't think that it was something that I love. But I played basketball and volleyball in college. I've been into fitness, you know, I have already in the fitness, I was like, let's do something fun, right? That that still will allow me to do my acting. So I had no idea it was gonna be like a passion, a love part of my calling, but it ended up being that and I in that gym I met my first business partner which we didn't know we will be at the time and that was beautiful. We both wanted the same kind of things. And we started our business in Harlem uh it was a business called True control fitness and it was amazing. It we lasted, I don't know, 78 years and we started doing boot camps and you know, personal training and stretching and all of this stuff really. We had the same idea though about transformation. Never about like, hey, let's get a workout in, but really about transformation and that was the beginning of it all. That's beautiful. It's like being in the right place at the right time and we're always thinking what decision do I need to make?

Not realizing, no matter what decision you make you're gonna end up doing, you know, you're gonna be where God wants you to be when it's you know, all said and done how it works seriously since we're talking about self care and um working out is a part of self care, you know, just exercising even if it's just walking and it's not anything like in the gym, what else goes into self care would you say other than exercising? Oh my gosh, that's that's the beauty of it. Like for me, I find that you're right, so many people just go like, OK, I need to work out, I need to eat. Well, absolutely, those are great components, but there's so much more, right? So for me, the the energy that you choose to bring into a space and the energy that you allow in your space is a part of yourself care. All right. And so that means what are your relationships looking like, Right? And so if you are in toxic relationships, it doesn't matter which one that could be your intimate relationship and that could be your your your parent relationship, like whatever it is, that's a huge piece around your your self care.

Um your what's your fun in your play look like right? In that 21 day series, it was actually on instagram, but in that 21 day series, that was one of the things I talked about is like, you know, are you having fun in your life, Right? Because when we, we could be living until we're 90 years old and spend the last, You know, the latter part of that or just even we can spend 50 years of that and you're already dead, you know, like in death because you aren't actually living your life. And so you hear me speak a lot about living out loud because that is such a huge pieces like are you? And it kind of is double it's more than just the play and the fun. Yes, absolutely. Some days like I have a next door neighbor, they're raising a little boy who they're his great grandparents, right? But they're raising this little boy, he comes over here every day because it's like there's no one to play with. So I'm fun onto you. I play fun auntie. Okay, when we plan today, we're playing hide and go seek were playing and so like just to have those fun moments, you know, take your time to have fun moments and allow yourself that um, are you traveling?

Are you invested in other things other than some, a lot of us in this day and age, especially in America is all about business, right? It's all about my achievements, my goals where you know, we're going for it. But are you allowing yourself the break the time to say like to just be in peace or you always here, right? So stopping to take moments to take breaths, right, deep breaths um, Sitting at your desk stretching out like there's so many things like just allowing yourself the moments that don't look like go, go, go, go, go. Right because our bodies weren't intended to do that. And I could go on and on. There's so many components and nurturing your body. I'll say that's the last one, nurturing. Not the last one, but the last one I mentioned nurturing your body, you know, it's not just about eating well or exercising, but nurturing. Are you You know, are you? It might be look like chiropractor work for you. It might look like acupuncturist. It may look like your own.

Like I use essential oils. That's one of part of my business is essential oils. It's like, are you using essential oils on yourself? Are you self massaging? You know just what are you doing to nurture you? You know? So yeah. And since you brought up the essential oils, how what are the benefits of essential oils? And how can they be used? Yeah. Essential oils. Just first off for clarity, They can be used for pretty much everything. Okay. Um pretty much everything. They, a lot of times, people know essential oils from aromatherapy, which is a beautiful way to use it. You put it in the diffuser, you put the water in, you turn it on and it's diffusing cool mist into the air. It's amazing when you use it that way. The reason why people like it is because it can shift your mood, You can shift your energy if you're feeling low and you need some energy you can like who let's go right? Because I have oils I put on honey and it is on for the day, like oh I need a, need a lift and there are ways you can put on and it's like I need to calm down right?

And so then it's great for that. But beyond that you can use them topically as well when you put them on your skin, they can help with either like specifically for your skin, like for healthy glowing skin or if you have darker marks on your skin or your healing from a rash burn cut any of that. Or if you have a a key joint, muscle pain, all of that stuff. You can put it on there. Then the last way that you can use the particular oils I use because I can't say every oil you can use this way. But I used altera, essential oils, which is the highest quality essential oil and those you can actually ingest. So you can put it in your water, I have it in my water all the time. So um you put it in your water for it can detox your water, It can alkali zit. Um You can also put it like directly under the tongue or um or in veggie capsules and swallow it because some recipes you're not gonna want to like taste all the oils so you can use them all sorts of ways.

And sometimes when you use it internally you want to target something, maybe it's your digestion, maybe you want to cleanse out things like that so you can use them all sorts of ways. I use them for everything. My whole collection sitting over there and I don't do without the essential oils. That's interesting. So I um I just learned something new because I didn't even know that you could ingest um you know, certain essential oils and with the essential oils, with the do terra, the one that you are working with, there's I'm assuming like a bunch of different kind, I'm sure like the labrador, eucalyptus and yeah, you know, etcetera and along with that, how will people know what to use? Are you able to tell them or is everything like on your website, basically? Yeah, so how it works is um with the terra, you know, it's network marketing, so that's what comes when you decide to jump in uh do a membership and not do like just retail.

I've never advised, you'll do retail because then of course you're paying more. So um along, yeah, then you're right, but with the membership, it also comes with me, right, or someone else if you decide to go to someone else then that you're getting a coach and you're getting that supporting that guidance. There's so much education out there, I mean there's just so much and so we have um we have facebook groups that we have um we have different, different challenges and different, you can win prizes and you can, you know, there's so much education. Even the site alone just belterra dot com has a bunch of education on there as well. Yes, I saw the recipes and yourself with bombs and stuff like that. Yes, there's a bunch of stuff so back on self care, you know, exercising, eating well, doing things such as like the essential oils and I also saw you talk about meditation. So can we just talk about meditation for a little bit and just two different ways to meditate because a lot of people think it just looks like um sitting down and closing your eyes and not listening to your thoughts.

I used to think that too. Yeah, definitely used to think that too. Um you know what meditation, It's such a beautiful experience but it took me a while to get there. You know, initially I felt like that too, I felt like oh my gosh, how do I quiet my mind? I couldn't sit still. I just want to move, I'm like thinking about everything. Um and so I'll just start by saying start where you are just start right? If it looks like you know, I can just hang in here for a 60 seconds, just hang in there for 60 seconds, just start just do it. And then the other thing, this is kind of like what I think about life if you can already just accept that you're not going to be great at it. Then stop trying to be great at it. You know what I'm saying? Don't worry about what's coming, You weren't great at your A. B. CS until you were great at your A. B. CS. You know what I'm saying? So just just put your pinky toe in and let's go because you got to do that before you can get to the whole foot being right.

And so um so if I started with just um with a with one that I got from Dr Oz Girl, I remember he was like okay I'm gonna do this. And it was really just um the it was counting counting to 10 and and breathing to breathing 10 times one hand on my heart, one hand on my stomach and inhale to the highest that you can inhale. Like the most you can inhale to the peak, peak peak where you feel your stomach rise and exhale it all out where you feel it go out and all you're doing is focusing on the breath. And in doing that there I would maybe breath for I would be thinking about something else like just bring yourself back to the breath right? But I had something to focus on. So that's one way that you can meditate is just simply focus on something and the breath is a really good way to do it. The oils actually help with something like that because you can use the oil like peppermint and it can be and when you place it right underneath your nose, like put a little bit that on the top of your lip and you're inhaling, then the focus is there because it's a little tingly, it's, you know, you get opening your nostrils up like because it's great for respiratory stuff, right?

That's another one. Great for focus, right? Um and uh so finding a focus, That's a good one. And then um when I got, well I'll say um listening to guided meditations are great, you know, because then you don't have to just sit in quiet and someone's guiding you through and they're telling you to like follow the golden light, you know? But I'm gonna tell you all honestly, when I did that, initially it was, it was challenging because I've done it in groups with people where we were in like a meditation course kind of thing and you're walking through it, I'm doing it and when we're done, I hear everybody else talking about, oh my God, when you said the golden light and then I did this and and I'd be like, there was nobody to feel that I was sleep, I was sleep so that I would be sleep. And I finally asked the leader like, okay, it's something wrong, like at my off I was crying because I was like, I didn't want to wait, you know, and I could not get it.

And she said, no, there's nothing wrong at all. Your body's what's happening is it's where it is. It's getting whatever it's ready for, right? It's absorbing whatever it's ready for and it isn't perfect, there's nothing wrong with it. And so just know that even though you slept, you know, left something's happening. And when she told me that it was so freeing because I stopped comparing myself to anybody else, understanding that it is my own journey and there's nobody else is and what it did for me was it opened up the, I got to see like, oh, I started noticing the subtle differences. Right? So instead of looking for what I thought it was supposed to be because golden light moment, right? I could just simply say I could just simply have my experience. And when I did that, what I noticed was when I would complete a meditation, whether it was two minutes or 20 minutes, I would always, if I fell asleep, I would always feel really heavy when I come out of it.

Like I would feel like, oh gosh, this is something. So I think about what happened. Yes. And then that was that really like clued me into every time I would have any kind of spiritual work done on me, spiritual healer, any type of energetic work. That's the feeling that I get that's what happens with my body, I can't say that's happening with everybody but that will inform you if you pay attention to what's happening with you and not looking to compare it to what other people are having, the experience they're having. You can actually see what is like what is your life or how do you show up? What are you getting from? So that was my experience. Yeah it's beautiful. Um What are some ways that we can e stress in daily life? And the reason I want to ask is because you made a correlation to the word this ease and disease which I'm like yo this lady is genius. That is like it's so true. And it also I think it's funny just a quick aside is like how they say the english language is like um backwards or like the tongue of the devil some people say.

Yeah like if you put one change one letter out or if you put it backwards this is what it is. Yeah someone just mentioned um live and evil. Yes and I was like oh this gets creepy or stressed and desserts backwards. Yeah I had heard that one. That's good. Yeah. Honey. Yeah. Seriously. So when people are stressed instead of you know going for the desserts what are some ways they can just ease you know ease their mind or just ease daily life on a day to day basis, you know? Yeah. Well um I find if I just follow this simple, like if you can take everything back to this, this these first three steps, like before you even get to any kind of action. There are three other aids that I always like to follow. Like I call them the triple A's to action, right? So it would be like the first day would be awareness.

Like to even be aware that you're even stressed to even be aware that you're in need of something different and not all of the same things that you've been doing just to awakened to that, like, are you clear that that's what's happening, right? And so to notice and some of those noticing things would be like um you know, you might want to check your, check your heart rate, you know, put two fingers on the wrist, like, oh my heart's palpitating like okay, like I'm in a stress moment or um you know, but just and really I'm saying that, but sometimes people, like, if I'm stressed, I'm not gonna be thinking about checking my heart rate. But the thing about it is is that it's the willingness to go on a journey to see anything different than what you are just doing, so to come out of the doing and actually be present enough to be aware, right? So if you're there then you'd be willing to check your heart rate all right? Um So yeah, so the awareness. Um and then the second thing, the second step would be um acceptance. I find like so often we're wishing, praying, hoping that something is different than what it is.

It just it is that it's already, Is that So stop fighting? What it is. It just is that you created it? You did, you chose to eat all these things and now you feel heavy and bloated, you chose to do whatever you chose to put yourself in high stress situations doesn't make you wrong, doesn't make you bad. It simply is and so simply accept it and stop fighting what is because as soon as you get to the acceptance, the sooner you get to that thing that you're really wanting to feel, which typically is happiness, joy and love, right? But if you don't accept that you're fighting some stuff that it's just one thing. Why are we here so accepted? So awareness, acceptance. And then allow allow for whatever the feelings are, allow for whatever the messages that's coming through you, right? Like sometimes we want to fight the pain, we don't even want to feel like let me hurry up and get that. It's almost like a like a hamster and a hamster wheel, right? The hamster wheel is going there just oh, I need to get back to the top were felt great.

Like no, Some things down here at the bottom, right here that you cut trying to run from that now you're gonna miss because you ran from it and now you never got to deal with it face it and allow the emotions to happen, right? So those three steps before you even get to the action and then when you choose that action, there are many things that you can do. Um some of which we've already mentioned, right? You can stop and meditate, meditation can be, you know, really like I said, it could be 60 seconds. It doesn't have to be long. Um you can pull yourself away, set an alarm. That's a great way. Like I found if I fall off my water, I'm like okay, you need to quit playing. You need half your body weight in ounces of water every day. So, I know that I need so I'm no one can see us, but I carried this 24 ounce stainless steel water bottle. Right? I know I need 3 1/2 of those a day. All right, that's what I need. So then I'm like setting alarm water number one, water number two, you know?

So when I set them about four hours apart. So I at least know I'm getting those throughout the day in addition to where the what I'm drinking any other time. Right? So water is really great or setting an alarm for um stretch breaks. Like I'm gonna pull myself out. We're really not supposed to be seated so long. If you drive and you take a trip, They advise you really 45 minutes. So if you're taking a long trip, get out, stretch and then get back on the road. And I'm actually telling myself that in this moment because I take longer trips, you know, you just, I take I drive a lot too, and I'm like only 45 minutes. Right, Right, right, right, But even if you didn't do that, but just think if you did every hour and a half and you just got out and stretch your body, your body's like it needs to move. That's why I always feel sorry for like cab drivers or bus drivers, I'm like, they without that, you know, I mean, I used to have a bus driver who was in my fitness program in our boot camp and that was one of the things we will be telling him like, yo dude, you need to like find your moments, get up and move, like get up and stretch your body.

Yes. Yeah, so stretching, deep breathing, deep breathing is huge, right, wow. So since we're talking about breathing, I just figured this out at my big age and I just want to take the opportunity to share it because um okay, so with deep breathing, right? It's a difference, like the deep breathing that I think you're talking about is where you feel your belly up with air and not your chest, you know? So before I was breathing and I was you know, but it's such a difference, it is breathing from your diaphragm versus breathing from your chest. Yeah, absolutely different. Yeah. And it um if people think of it, like it's just breath, we're breathing all the time, I don't think we even I'm going to challenge every listener today too. Catch moments that you stop breathing. Sometimes you will stop breathing if we're waiting to talk when someone else is talking to us and instead of us actually listening to them and being present with them, we're waiting to talk.

You ever have those kind of listeners listening to you right? Like I just can't wait to see what I got to say. They don't even know what you're talking about girls, they just can't wait to say their piece, but when they, you know in that moment and they stopped breathing, like okay now, you know like calls and now and stop breathing or anxious. Sometimes we're so anxious or nervous or whatever. We're not breathing or not breathing fully, you know? And so like really like taking that, it changes your whole system, every system in your body, it changes your blood flow, it changes your heart rate, It change like when you deep breathe your heart rate goes down, like it's like uh helps with your nervous system, which was anxiety, every system in your body, girl every system. And so taking time to do that will also support you when you are in meditation or when you're in that long line at the post office, whatever it is, it allows you to like be in practice in your life like that, you know where now your kid is doing something and you're not like going off because you keep breathing, you are in your own like because you're in your own stuff.

Yes, wow. Um so the last question I want to ask you is how are you living out loud in your life today? Like you know in modern time? I love it, I love it. Um So one of the main things I look to do to live out loud is to continue to uh uh kind of stretch myself beyond what I thought myself to be all right? So if I feel this is something I I started saying some years ago and I still look to practice it which is if I feel resistance lean in, I feel resistance lean in because that resistance is what's telling me to like there's something there for me, right? It might be if I'm feeling nervous that's usually a good sign because there's something there, I'm feeling nervous and excited because there was a great combination, alright, I'm nervous then it's something big enough for me to go after.

If I'm excited then it's like, oh it's in my joy lane is something that I want to do, right? And so um so when I feel resistance lean in so for instance I could say the most recent thing is um I just started this, this school that I'm doing and I'm just like, oh my gosh, how am I going to do this? How am I going to include this in? And it was like okay, you feeling that resistance? Okay, we didn't step on in girl right? Or um something I'm really excited about doing now that we've been in such quiet pull back right, is like leaping back out into my travels and doing all of that. Um So that's gonna be fun because in 2019 that's what led me to leave new york is I was, I went on this one year venture to and it was like about living out loud and shaken up my life and it included like traveling to all these different countries and um and also being present in the, in my life, whatever that was. So it was like on the cliff dive I'm looking to do like just doing a bunch of different things and tapping back into my hobbies.

My loves the things that I had just let go and to really live out fully. So beautiful. So wait, you like to jump off of cliffs. Yeah, honey. Yeah. Yeah, I've jumped out of two planes who to cliff dives but I want to do more like, like and the thing about it is it's like I'm so adventure was one of those pillars when I left in 2019, it was based off of seven different pillars, right? One of them was adventure one was exploration, one was self care, what it was so many different things right that I was up to. But that one about adventure, like I that's who, that's what I love. I like the scariest of all the coaster I wanted like challenge the thing and yeah, so I say within a year and I'm just putting this out there because this, I can feel the resistance, I'm like, oh Lord, I'm saying this, oh Lord, okay, so which is I've had on my list of things to do for quite some time.

Yes, so within one of those air suits, you can fly through the air, you know what you put on the, I don't even know what it's called. I'm sure I knew at one point, but it's like a full air suit where it's like wings and it's really just you flying like flying through the air and they have, what I'm picturing is how, when people jump out of the airplanes but in the building. Oh no, no, no, no, because that's like in a contained space. So are you gonna be like outside? Yeah, people go to like really high mountains and they have this suit on and it's like, it's just them, there's no device, it's not like not like a, like a well what do you got your just a free agent and you don't have anything attached to you. That's gonna save you if you take somewhere else that's a suit you put on. Yeah. So I don't know. I just think that you go to do that. Where are you going to do that?

I don't actually know yet. I've just watched like I've watched youtube videos. I know it's out there. I'll send you a link later and then you can see what I'm talking about. But but yeah, I so my plan was like, okay, let me link up with these people who are who have been doing it for a long time. So I'm gonna get some like what do I do train uh what do I have to do? I need to get in with the people who are doing everything. You know? And I would always, I used to tell my father like you know I get all this adventure stuff from you like my stepping outside of the comfort zone stuff and he was like really I don't what I know. And I was like, yeah you always did whatever like he created and it was on a different scale. He would always do these different things and he was like yeah, but I am not dropping out of a plane. I don't know. I don't know. So so I guess I took it to the next level. But yeah, that's beautiful. Well I am yeah, I'm excited for you to go and get out and travel more.

I'm done with this pandemic. I'm ready for everything open. Yes, because I heard you on one of the shows that you mentioned, the uh I think the one you were talking to uh Toffee, which was really great. Um and you were talking about mental well being and I just thought it was really beautiful the way both of you spoke so vulnerably about where you are in the present moment, and you know, you just like, I don't know, I'm doing, I'm doing, you're there, you're getting there, but that's the pieces like this whole, like keeping us locked in and you know, we have to find a space to be outside of that um and not to have whatever is happening in the world to find whatever is happening within you, and that is where those practices come into hand and that come come come into play. So I just, I just feel like if we just that's why I said, I always say like, that pinkie toe comes before the foot, because If you think that you're gonna be great at it, you're just not just like, you're just not, you know, if someone wants to lose weight and they're like £20 overweight, well you didn't gain that £20 overnight, so did you give yourself the grace along your journey, and that's it, that's all you can do, but just actually be willing to go on the journey.

Yes. Oh, thank you so much for being here and sharing and just being open. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. It's been such a joy. I love love, love Your energy is great. Thank you so much. Misha Madness and motivation podcast was ecstatic to have you today until next time. Mhm.

Self Care and Living Out Loud with Keisher Glymph
Self Care and Living Out Loud with Keisher Glymph
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