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October 11th 2021
E13 - Proposal Development: 5 Things You Must Consider Before Development a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan

Godfrey Senkaba discusses the 5 most important issues a monitoring and evaluation specialist must consider before they develop the different monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) sections, and... More

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July 25th 2021
E12 - 12 Ways to Review Donor Grants Solicitation Documents through the Lens of Monitoring and Evaluation

Godfrey Senkaba discusses the 12 important issues a monitoring and evaluation specialist must look out for when reviewing donor grant Requests for Applications (RFAs) or Notices of Funding Opportun... More

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June 29th 2021
E11 - The 7 Best Ways Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists Can Preposition for Grant Project Proposals

Godfrey Senkaba discusses the critical role for monitoring and evaluation specialists play in helping their organizations’ new business development or proposal development efforts. He outlines the ... More

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January 17th 2021
E3 - Monitoring and Evaluation Career Growth: 4 Practical Tips for Choosing Your Next Job

Godfrey Senkaba – discusses four important factors to consider when deciding if the next job will take you to a higher level in your monitoring and evaluation career.

 [00:34] Hello, everyone... More

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January 11th 2021
E2 - 5 Top Reasons for the Different Monitoring and Evaluation Jobs' Minimum Requirements

Godfrey Senkaba - discusses the top factors that inform the nature and type of minimum requirements for Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Jobs. These factors range from the organization, job, and p... More

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