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by Clifton Pettyjohn
April 27th 2021

ABOUT THE BONUS EPISODE: February's transformative topic at "the TRANS4MATION centre" was  "Framework!"

because we have get to that space where we really get that in our spirit. Just saying, I don't even care anymore. This doesn't serve me anymore. Therefore I'm letting it all go. I'm letting it all go now. Of course, there's an acronym with it guys. I just wasn't going to get on here just to say the word, but look out for the t shirt to, we're probably gonna be putting a t shirt out. All right, But here we go, acronym the letter F. You got to face the reality of framework that you've allowed yourself to be imprisoned by face that reality of And when, I mean face it, I mean face it from a space where you're no longer fear it. Yeah. Many people define stagnation as not producing or being at a standstill. I get it. However, I would like to add a little weight to the definition and say that I may be producing. I may be moving. However, my production and my movements are disrespectful to the purpose that's inside of me, to the greatness that's inside of me.

If that's going on, that stagnation as well. And that's okay. Guess why? Because I have developed a tool, I wrote a book called from stagnation of transformation and that book was written specifically for individuals that feel stuck, that feel lost, that feel like they're just wandering in the wilderness. They feel like they just need something, it's just missing. It's okay. I want you to hit over to www dot clinton. Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation there. You're gonna find a complimentary portion of the book. That's right, a complimentary portion of the book. I want you to read that portion After that. It's gonna ignite such a fire inside of you that you're gonna want to purchase, the your personal copy of from stagnation of transformation. So I want you to do that as well. Why? Because I believe that it will give you a 21 day jump start to fulfilling or re identifying purpose and whatever core area you find yourself stagnant in.

So again, visit www dot clinton Pettijohn dot com forward slash transformation. What's up everybody you are listening to the what now podcast where we discuss ways of effectively addressing life's most difficult moments. Okay. Mhm. Good evening everyone. Good evening. Well two, the transformation center that's right transformation center. We help you discover the more than meets the eye that lies inside of you. That's right. Each and every one of us has a more than meets the eye and sometimes it gets locked up on the inside of us are smothered on the inside of us and covered with various things in life. And what we designed the transformation senator do is to help each and every one of us dig ourselves out of all of that stuff so we can get to the essence of the core of who we are listening real quick.

Let's do our breathing exercises, breathe in, hold it, breathe out one more time, breathe in, hold it breathe out now. The reason we do that is because we need the energy that we have placed in our past, in the energy we place in our future to come together with the energy of the now and connect with that energy of the now so that we can make sure that we gather the tools, techniques and strategies that we need in order for us to be a effective now and produce the future that's connected to our purpose. I'm excited on tonight. I'm excited to share with each and every one of you. I thank you for those who are joining us live. I thank you for those who will hear the replay. Hopefully you read the disclaimer. Hopefully you read the disclaimer. I know I have a diverse group of people that listen and some would be bothered by cousin and some will not be bothered.

I did not use the word cursing because Cursing and cussing are two different things. So I just want to make sure that everybody understands where we are going on tonight. But if you can get past all of that, I promise you that you will begin to understand why it is necessary for me to take this extremity on tonight. The extremity on tonight. So I'm not going to be long before you, we are going to review some of the things that we talked about a couple of weeks ago and then we're going to get into tonight really quick because all I want to do is just lay the groundwork. I want us to completely destroy our framework. I had to revisit my own personal framework frameworks around relationships, frameworks around ministry, framework around business framework around me, Framework around life, just framework around everything. Framework around finances. I had to revisit all of my frameworks and you know, I shared my story last time about how I realized that some of my framework had came from a decision that I made at the age of 15 on the baseball field.

The decision I made At the age of 15 on the baseball field that I ended up being able to trace to a mentor later on in my life. So that's what I'm saying. Sometimes we have to go back and completely destroy everything that we have, quote unquote believe them. Because what we have to realize is some of the things we just really don't believe in. We just picked up other people's belief systems and we say, okay, well that's what they said they're supposed to be. So because they said that's what it's supposed to be. I guess it's gonna work for me while internally, we're having all types of fights and struggles or what we've identified as fights and struggles because who we are is trying to inform us as as uh Michael Weston says, I see him on is trying to inform us of who we are, but it's fighting who we've been told that we are as fighting who we have bought in that we are. So now we have those inward conflicts and struggles.

So now it has brought us to this place of dealing with our framework. Why is it important? We deal with our framework now, because next month we have a special guest. I'm telling you he's coming all the way from the East Coast and I know that it's going to be awesome encounter that we're gonna have with him because of the way that his his whole thought process. Y'all I'm telling you his whole thought process is I don't want to use the word. I'm getting away from his whole thought process is next level. That's what I say is next level. It's always progressive. And I believe that in order for us to prepare ourselves for that we have to deal with these unproductive frameworks in our life. Yes, let's face the reality, those frameworks do not serve us anymore. They don't serve us anymore. They did a good job. I'm gonna be honest with you. We got to be honest about it because I'm gonna tell you this. If you did not have those limited frameworks, you wouldn't be right here right now ready to experience the freedom of what real framework is.

The freedom of what we're real framework is. Now. We're going to review, you know, last month, I showed you the video, I showed you the art of framework. I showed you the coach teaching the catcher actually how to conduct proper framing, proper frame. Then I also showed you to extreme measures of framing to extreme measures of framing. I explained to you that umpires do not like when you do the extreme measures of framing. So if you're a catcher that always always doing those extreme measure, afraid of framing you make it a hard day a hard night for the person that's on the mound the picture that day. But what we haven't, what we've adopted in our own lives are extreme frameworks. We've adopted these extreme frameworks. We use an analogy the last time I want to go back to that because one of the definitions that we're gonna really hit hard on tonight is that framework is an assumption. It is an assumption. And we talked about how, you know, we can assume things are going to go a certain way. 10 years ago, we applied for a grant, We did not receive that grant 10 years ago.

So now we no longer apply for grants at all. Because 10 years ago we didn't receive the grant. We don't take come to think, well maybe that grant just wasn't mine. Maybe that grant would have limited limited, limited what it was that I wanted to do with my business, my nonprofit, my ministry. Maybe that grant was too limited it to limited it. Mhm That's not a word, but we're gonna use it tonight to limited it for me to be able to do what it was that I was supposed to do. So we never take that into mind and we never apply for a grant again or we talked about the other extreme. Here's the other extreme now. The other extreme is that we apply for grants. We apply for grants But our mentality has not changed. The energy that we are giving off has not changed. So we're still giving off 10 year old energy from where we didn't get the grant and expect that just to defy I guess defy everything else in regardless of our energy because we are applying we're gonna get it.

No, we put that out there in the universe. Therefore what do we expect to receive back from the universe. And that's not even just with grants. That's what some of you, whatever it is in your life that you no longer go after because you got to know Do you know that? It doesn't matter if you got 10,000 knows all it takes is one yes. To cancel outlet note. And sometimes that yes needs to come from you because the person that yeah, the person that you are applying for whatever you're applying for their waiting for that Yes from you. They're ready. They're waiting to read that Yes from your paper. I believe the energy is so powerful, that energy is not just constrained to us. It's not just constrained to our physical body is not just constrained to our physical location. I believe that we can be on camera and our energy can connect and feed each other as well. That's just my personal belief from it. Is that some of you want, Well I just want, I know you're talking this energy stuff, but how can I relate this to the bible when mary ann Elizabeth May and they were pregnant?

Sure. And and and and john what happened that which was inside of them begin to leap from that energy from that connection at that moment. What is the connection that people are getting from you at those moments, causing them to do and causing you to do and all it is, it's a matter of our framework, it's all a matter of our framework. You know, last last week I said a couple weeks ago I shared about how I had an experience with a coach. However, a mentor of mine years later brought his name up and he had a different experience with it and for me it was like whoa! It took me back for a minute and then the mentor said, well maybe you just misunderstood it and you remember I adopted that and just said, well maybe I did just misunderstanding. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, it wasn't a misunderstanding. I know what happened, I knew what took place, but because I was so I don't know at that time I was just so passive at that time that I was just so open at that time, that I allowed that to become a belief system in me.

So now I didn't express how I felt about situations. I didn't express my thoughts about situations. I just always thought that my thoughts and my feelings were extreme, so it calls me to put up with a lot of stuff that I didn't even have to put up with or shouldn't have had to put up with. But because I felt at that moment that I was just being extreme, I'm being there's cliff again, he's being extra can be extra sometimes. But the point is I I just adopted that I adopted adopted that and it took years for me to get to the space to say, wait a minute, this is how you really feel. And it's okay that you feel that way cliff, and it's not that you're being extra is because that was your experience, that was your experience and when we begin to understand proper framework, then proper framework can be designed around our experiences designed around are embracing of our experiences, you know, in a balanced manner, in a balanced manner, in a balance manner.

But we never can get to that balanced manner if we never take the time to get to who wait who we are, we are and in order to get to who we are, we got to get all that other framework out of us. We got to break the glass, we gotta break the framing, we gotta break all of it and understand that. Guess what that frame that they put you in is too small to serve you. Matter of fact that frame has you minimizing what should be maximized cliff? What do you mean by that? See sometimes in life we are told that we dream too big, We think too big. We were as I said extra, we want too much out of life. We think we're better than everybody else. But the reality is what's really going on is that I understand that I should have better, I should be manifesting better that which is going on in my life should be better now. I don't want you to get a complex and think I should be further than where I am.

No, no, no no, no baby, we're not going there, we're not going there. But what I'm saying is that that which is inside of you is letting you know that there is greater inside of you. But the reality is that that greatness will continue to be fault if you allow yourself to be in a frame that's just too small for you some of you are in frames and the reason why you're you feel constrained is because those frames have constrained. You have you ever bought a frame that was the wrong size and still trying to make that picture fit like you know what I'm saying? Like you got the edges folded now and the edges can be seen in the back but you think you can hide it because you're hanging the picture up so you're not even wearing that. The fact that the edges are bleeding out of the the the the the actual frame, the edges are bleeding out of the frame. That's what's special is going on with some of y'all you're bleeding, you're crying, your purpose, your design, your greatness is crying because it's outside of the frame and it's trying to get you to understand. I'm just not comfortable in this frame.

I'm just not comfortable in this frame or you're too comfortable in the frame, you're too comfortable in the frame one way or the other. But the reality is you got to get out of that frame. Have you ever broken the glass of a frame? Kept the same frame, went to go get some new glass. See that's how some of us do in our lives as well as we know it doesn't fit us anymore. So what we say is, well the glass just doesn't fit me anymore. The glass is dirty now and it's not even able to be clean the way it used to be clean. So I'm gonna get rid of the the glass but you could keep the frame, you keep the frame not realizing that is the perimeters of the frame that's keeping you locked up, it's keeping you locked up. It's keeping you locked up and I'm gonna tell you this. There can be no transformation if we are locked up. How how do you know that? Listen, I'm gonna tell you, it's simple. If you ever watched the cartoon transformers, they start out as little cars or whatever it is, they start out as but as they begin to transform, they need the space to be able to transform.

And also as they begin to take new shape, that which once they they once fit in or what's once confined them now just becomes a part of what they are. It becomes a part of what they are. So in order for you to transform, you need some space, you need some space. So you need to go get you a great big frame. That's why I'm big too well with people doing vision boards uh 50 50 with visible because I'm 50 50 with them as it relates to vision boards. When you haven't had conversations with yourself to unlock dimensions of yourself. Because sometimes with vision boards, we set goals too low and then we accomplish them goals and then we're like well what am I supposed to do that? No, no, no. You need to have some dimensional conversations with you in conversations with somebody that can unlock some dimensions within you so that then you can actually have a vision board because if not it's just a dream board drink. It's just a dream or you know what it is, it's actually, it's actually actually actually actually actually actually, yes, your to do list, that's really all it is, is your to do list and I'm not knocking it.

I know, I told myself I'm not doing go again, trying to explain something with you need to upgrade your to do list your, your vision board from a to do list too actual vision board because there's great vision inside, are you ready? You get ready and get ready, It's just ready to come out and allow the world to know who you are and there are people that are waiting on you. There are people that are waiting for you to manifest. Yo I feel excited tonight. I, I feel like I've been in revival, that's what it seems like. I've been in revival and I'm just excited about everything that God is going, that he is doing that, he is doing that, he is doing, I'm excited about all of that. Okay, so let's talk about some of the things we talked about last time. Let me slow down a little bit. Well my water at no horse sometimes with your framework, you got pause for a minute two.

Right, so here we go, I, I shared about framework. Uh, you know, even how, with the ministry, I tried to make the transformation center a traditional ministry and my mindset was, if I, if I do anything too extreme, then I might lose some of the people that's supposed to be a part of the ministry. But the reality is maybe because I wasn't willing to step out where I needed to step out. It wasn't attracting those that we're called to be a part of the ministry. But we're stepping out there tonight. You know, I'm telling you, we're going out okay, we're going out there. Because one of the things that God reminded me of and and it was something I spoke over my life and I had a conversation with Michael and he was telling me and I'm gonna bring the conversation up first, if you remember. So, I was telling him that, you know, I know that I'm not I've never been one who could draw a crowd, never been one who could draw crowds, or so I can't remember hi word.

But the creator began to to deal with me concerning that, because he reminded me of how I would go to the library, tell them, give me the biggest room. I don't have nobody coming this week, stand up there and teach and the people would just come in and the people would just come in the people. And he reminded me that that's what was upon me. That was what is not at home. It was in me and I have to empty that out on social media just as much as I was willing to do that in person. And the reality was I was kind of hesitant with doing that on social media list. Yeah, I was kinda hesitant with doing it. But you know what, tonight? I don't even care anymore. Yo I don't even care anymore. We also talked about going back to getting parts of ourselves, going back to getting parts of ourselves that we had leased to. Other people are giving them that responsibility. We didn't want to take that responsibility ourselves. I used the picture of Derrick Rose. We had an older Derrick Rose, uh and he was going to pick up the younger Derrick Rose who was a draft pick that people expected a lot out of and then he just kept getting injured and injured and injured.

And when people were about to give up on him, he all of a sudden had a resurgence of who he was. And this picture shows him in his resurgence going and picking up the Derrick Rose that everybody looked at as the prospect. And it was so powerful to me because sometimes people will drop you. But that doesn't even matter. That doesn't even matter that people drop you. What what really matters is when you drop you, what happens when you drop and you leave that portion of that part of you right there, You leave it there because of your framework, because of your framework. It tells you you might have to go back there one day and you don't want to burn that bridge, because if you have to go back there one day, you want to leave a portion of you there. So they remember that, you would remember you were there, but we went back last week. We got the fragments we needed to get we put ourselves back together to bring ourselves to the present, you know, to bring ourselves to the present.

Okay. We talked about three definitions of framework will get to the review those again. And we also discussed a dream I had and I'm not going over the dream tonight because I don't think anybody got back to me. I told you guys I needed you to go watch the video from Spirit Week called The Spirit of Truth and find out the significance of the forest, how it tied into that dream that I had. I told you I was not going to give you the interpretation of the dream. I wanted you to research it for yourself. So we could have dialogue for that. But we talked about that dream and what that dream meant to me. We talked about what else we talk about. We talked about how sometimes the pursuit of what we have identified as freedom or identity can become our bondage. Sometimes we're always in pursuit of something, in pursuit of something, in pursuit of something that we never take the time to sit and and enjoy just being ourselves. We're always pursuing something.

And and sometimes that's what we were taught. We were always taught, you gotta, you gotta strive for this and you gotta strike. And I'm not saying that we are not setting goals and accomplishing what I'm saying is that sometimes if you don't sit and enjoy the growth that's going on inside of you, you will continue to chase it, continue to chase it, continue to chase it and you will never be fulfilled because you'll be chasing after something that's just not you know how the cat runs around in a circle and it's like chasing his tail is the Canada dog, one of they're chasing their tail and they never can catch it because they don't even realize that the thing that they're they're chasing is attached to them. It's connected to them as a part of them. What you are chasing is actually a part of you all right now, is your current framework causing you to minimize. We talked about that. Ok, so here, what the definitions we went over and I just want to remind, I know we can go back and listen to it, but I really want to remind it before we get to what we got to a foundational structure as in writing your framework, if you are an author, you know that the framework is usually the outline that you have for your book.

It can be a list of the chapters list of sections, you know what it is that you want to get across the point? You want to get across to people now? Everything that you write has to go within that structure. That's why I said Framework is so important and it's important that we not attempt to frame ourselves and and and spaces in live in spaces and times when we ourselves have put limits on ourselves because now we lock ourselves into boxes, we lock ourselves into dimensions when we were supposed to be multi multiple, multi dimensional, Yeah. Multi well multiple, Y'all know what I mean? I had a brain freeze there. Alright, Anyway, you know what I'm talking about? We can't lock ourselves into those little boxes, All right. And we're dealing with the framework, Y'all, we're tearing this thing down so that we can be everything that we have been called design and designed to be. And we understand that framework is foundational work and Horton and anything that we are building, that our foundation is secure, that our foundation can handle everything that will build on top of it.

And we we we discussed how our foundations that have been established, sometimes we got to go back and completely destroy the Foundation and then some of us we just have to have a great appreciation for our Foundation, secure that foundation and onto the Foundation. So we can start building a structure that represents who we are, sometimes we get stuck in Foundation and think that we're disrespecting from Foundation From expounding opponent. But the reality is that if you just stay in foundation, then what, then what, what is the purpose of it? I've seen homes where people had started building homes around here, they started building the home, they were excited about the homes and then something didn't go through financially. So you ride by and all you see is the foundation. They can't live in a foundation, they cannot function in a foundation, it's just there, it can pull from that foundation and then when somebody else is ready to build and everything else has been acquired, they can build on that foundation.

But in order to build on the foundation, we have to make sure that number one is secured and number two, the handle that which we are attempting to build and some of the foundations and I hate to say this to you, but some of the foundations that were given to us were great, great, but they are not the complete foundation that we need to be, who we are not complete foundation of who we, who, they are, not the complete foundation that we need to be, who we are, that's why we got to explore, we gotta go door, you know, I always talk about going door, they explore, You got to explore a little bit, you got to be willing to read a little bit, you got to expand your conscious a little bit, you've got to be willing to try some of the things that they said. You should not try just a little bit to see if to see if it fits you, it fits you. But I'm getting ahead of myself now. I'm getting ahead of myself. So let's hit this definition about assumptions. All right. About framework, a set of assumptions. Now, here's the definition of assumptions, assumptions, a definition of assumption.

I sound like that woman on that video today. I shared it and said that that be me sometimes when I get going faster and get excited. Um But here's the definition of assumption, a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen. Without proof, it's the whole without proof for me. Mr Without proof. For me we are standing on things that have no proof. We're standing in belief systems that have not been proven. We're standing in belief systems that we can't even prove. Now listen, I'm a madman, if anybody knows me. I'm a math man. I started out as a math major, ended up uh secondary special education. Okay. I started out as a math major. My my goal was to come back to my alma mater and take over one of the math teachers departments. Okay I love man. One of the, one of my least favorite maps was geometry geometry. Okay because with geometry you could get the proof, you could solve the problem, could solve the problem, you could get the proof correct.

However you could miss a step in that proof and then missing the step in that proof. Your answer was wrong. Because you didn't prove your answer. You didn't prove your answer. That's how assumptions are assumptions. Don't they don't never prove themselves. The reality is assumptions depend on us to prove them. They depend on us to prove them. And because we generate that energy and I'm big on that. Y'all we generate that energy. We start to approve some things that are false. We started to prove some things that are false. Why? Because now we've opened ourselves to the manifestation of that which is an assumption. So now we've taken assumptions and making assumptions truth and we made truth assumptions because clearly the truth cannot be what it is. The assumption has to be the truth. Have you ever made assumptions? Truth in your life? All right out mine sharing my testimony, praise the Lord. I rise and given that the guy who is my life.

No, but I don't mind sharing the fact that I used to take assumptions and I and I used to reside there. And every now and then I have to pull myself back because I find myself going back visiting. They're going back visiting there. And if you're at the visiting state that's if you're living there, it's okay. We're gonna we're gonna help you find I'm gonna tell you that we're gonna get you a real return. They're gonna help you find a new space to live in because that space can no longer hold you. You can not live on assumption boulevard anymore. You cannot live in the development of assumption anymore. We have to pull you from there and find your space over here and proven There's plenty of space over here for you. All right. That's the good thing about it. That is the good thing about it. There's plenty of space over here. You Mhm. I mean, keep going. That was good to me. I don't know. I don't know. You know, I'm telling without proof y'all that's the whole thing is sometimes we have built whole life, our hope, belief system off of stuff that has not been proven, hasn't been proven spiritually, hasn't been proven.

Scientifically. It hasn't been proven uh mentally emotionally, psychologically. It just hasn't been proven. And we don't build our whole beliefs this around. Hold up. Now click Cause that's faith. That is faith. No baby, No, no, no, no, no, no. I forgot to put my ticker up here, Wait a minute. That ain't Hold on, y'all correct. That just want to remind everybody next month. We have a special guest. I want to see you all out here on the third. We want to pack the house for the man of God. All right. We want to make sure that we make him feel welcome here at the transformation. Right? So now here we go assumptions. Will paralyze this blessed me the day I was riding in the car and it's just dropped in my spirit and it's not nothing deep or profound but it just was a reminder assumptions will paralyze your abilities potential in your word. It will let me tell you what assumptions will do. Hold on. Yeah Some good H. two well assumptions will always have you feeling as if you never you never do enough, you never said enough, it wasn't good enough.

Your work isn't good enough, whatever it is, it's just never good enough. And you could man, you could have preached the house down, talk the house down your graphic works, you know whatever it is that you do, your makeup, your fashion, whatever your sports, you could be, you know killing the game. But living in the space of assumption will always make you feel as if it's just not good enough. You will break all type of records, you'll get all listen, I watched um Malcolm and Marie I watched and one of the things that made me laugh during the movie was I found myself and one of the scenes with him and he was you know everybody was reviewing his movie, his movie was great. Then Here comes one review that was not what he wanted it to be and he completely lost. Have you ever did that though? Like real talk like you you everybody's telling you how amazing it was, how great it was.

Even you had told yourself man I did that thing tonight. You ever had some conversations with yourself? Some of you might not have those conversations with yourself? There's times I will get off, you know of a teaching and be like, yo you did that thing tonight. You know, sometimes I'll be like, yo what was that? I do say that some, but sometimes like, yo you killed that thing tonight and then somebody be like, oh, well, you should have did such as such as if you don't get to a space where you can pull them out of your head. No, I'm not talking about constructive criticism because I can take constructive criticism if it's coming from a healthy place. If it's coming from a place that will help me produce. And if it's coming from a mouth that isn't poison. If it's coming from those spaces, I can do it. I can do it. I can do it if you can take it from me as well. But I'm talking about when you are really killing it. But you can't even acknowledge that you're killing it. Because you're living off of the assumption that is just not good enough. Just not good enough.

So, from tonight, we are no longer gonna allow assumptions to paralyze our abilities, our potential in our work. All right, we're not gonna allow it. So here we go. We're great to get here. Okay. Are we getting anything from tonight? Are we getting anything from today? Are we getting anything Okay, Well, I'm actually all right, I had to revisit and deconstruct my framework has talked about this earlier, but I want to hit it again as it related to business life, ministry, family, friendship, relationships, marriage in support. Yeah, I'm telling you, Oh my God, and I hit that marriage thing, y'all listen, I had to revisit my framework around all of that. I had to revisit it because I kept putting glass ceilings here. Well everything, everything I put glass ceilings on myself. Now I can hype you up. I can be your personal hype man, Y'all.

I will have you Now listen to If now I don't feel like it's worth hyping yet, I can help you get to the place where it could be worth hyping and then I hype you up. But if you already there at that stage of heightened the show, I can hype you. Yeah, telling you now, but I have to get to that space even with myself because of the fact had allowed bring work show and thought process as it related to me. I remember, I think I share with you guys have my brother still says this to to this day, he used to tell my little cousins, you know, you need help with relationships go to cliff. Yo Clifford help, he'll help you keep your relationship. And I used to always say, oh God, the spirit of folly is upon me on tonight. The spirit of Life home. But I used to say um I used to say, oh yeah, I used to laugh about it when he was sad because I'll be like, yeah, I can help everybody keep their relationships, but I can't keep one.

Mhm. But I didn't realize the energy that I was putting out there, realized the energy I was putting out there. But it's still Anyway, I had to revisit all of those because yo I'm telling you, you cannot afford to allow yourself to live and limitless anymore. To live assumptions anymore. When there is greatness not out there for you, there is greatness in here for you. Isn't not just inside of me, you, but I'm saying for you, inside of you, there's greatness inside of you. Your real talk talk. All right? So let's get to the topic of the fuck frame Oh man, we great go there now, you already Why did this even come to buy spirit? Because we have get to that space where we really get that in our spirit. Just saying, I don't even care anymore. This doesn't serve me anymore. Therefore, I'm letting it all go. I'm letting it all go now.

Of course, there's an acronym with it guys. I just wasn't going to get on here just to say the word, but look out for the t shirt to we're probably gonna be putting the t shirt out All right, but here we go, acronym, The letter f. You got to face the reality of framework that you've allowed yourself to be imprisoned by face that reality of and when, I mean face it, I mean, face it from a space where you're no longer fear it because some of us fear facing it because now we just don't want them people to look bad. I realized that I was riding and I was talking to myself. I usually I have very good conversations with myself. I'm a great person to have and I realized, so, um I have I'm having a conversation with myself and the conversation I'm having with myself. I'm realizing that I hold back on some of the things that I went through because I don't want to make other people look want, right?

I don't want to make other people feel or other people look bad. So what I used to would do was, and I'm saying used to would do because I'm really pulling on myself not to do this anymore, is I would hold back on story or I would have tell a story a k a lie. Okay, I would lie. Let's let's let's just call it what it is. I would lie about it because I didn't want to face the reality that now some people might say, well what you hype them people all the way up and that's how they did you. It's not about that though. It's not even about that. It's not even about that, But I realized that I'm willing to protect other people at the expense of truth. You know, if that's good, I don't know if that's good. Now, I don't believe that. You just need to go just name dropping people. I wouldn't Now that's not not to name drop. Remember, go my name drop all.

I would like nothing. And that's what I want to make sure everybody said we are not a church. I just had that conversation with somebody the other day, quit looking at us as a church. We are not in church. And clearly after that. Well, you know, they might identify as a church because language to now these days. But anyway, I realized that, you know, at the expense of truth, I was protecting. Now, I'm not saying you go out there and you just start throwing their name out there. But you do be true for about your story. There's ways you door without even mentioning them. Now, if they read your story and they know that that's a time that you were around them and they can identify that it was them. Now, that's the responsibility of them. What are they gonna But you've got it out. You're not holding that because that's not your responsibility and cannot be honest with you. It's your framework that no longer serves you. That's making you think that that's your responsibility and it's not your responsibility. That's why you got to face it. You got to face it and you've got to have honest conversations with yourself.

You have to have these honest conversations with yourself. I had I had them and I'm still having them where I said, okay. So why did you allow such as such as such thing? And I'm not saying that you revisit that space and now you take yourself back to that space and now you reside in that space. No, but talked about this last night and I hope some of you got a chance to watch the replay. You need to connect your emotions to the things that happened. So that now you can deal with why that happened and now you can say, okay, that doesn't serve me. I'm not doing that anymore. I'm not doing that anymore. So you have to face it. You cannot fear it. You have to face it. And sometimes you might have to face them now. I'm not saying you just have to go back to them. Have the opportunity presents itself or if your core informs you, you need to go to them, then definitely go to them. But don't feel like you're closure is in them. Your closure is in you. Your closure is in use or face it face it, we're not running from it anymore.

We're facing it, we are facing it and you know what? You're not facing it from a defeated space. You're facing it from a space of victory. That's why I played the song Champion before because I want you to understand that you are a champion. You are a champion because you are in this space. That's where you're going to discover just how much of a champion you are. Y'all I'm telling you listen to what I'm saying. All right. So stop running from it and have a conversation with yourself. Have a conversation with yourself. And then once you have that conversation with yourself and you're honest about that conversation with yourself, find you a conversationalist. Now don't go to your best friend. That's gonna that's going to kind of see it on the same level as you are at that same vanishing point as you find you. Somebody that can see above the situation and and talk to you above the situation and pull you up to where it is you need. All right. So here we go. The letter U. The letter U. Unlearning unlearn it before we ever do anything great in life.

There are things that we just have to unlearn. There are some principles that we have adopted. I'm using that word, adopted a lot or adapted. I'm using that a lot on tonight. But there are some principles that we have made our own that just are trash to us. Now, that doesn't mean that we disrespect the people that is not trash to they said another man trash is another man's treasure. Some let it be their treasure. Why is your trash. You gotta trash that thing unlearning because before you can learn anything new and this is why, as I said, that's why we're doing this now to make room in preparation for this week because we have to be prepared and open to receive freedom from another dimension. Alright, let's keep going. So unlearn that thing. All right. It's okay to unlearn it. It's okay to unlearn some things. Now. Is it going to come with some challenges or have you ever lift weight or you use rubber bands?

I told I shared how I had arm problems. Yes. So they took me off the waist and I had lift with rubber bands. The big bands, not the little teeny rubber bands. Yeah, but the band's give you resistance. You need the resistance to build the muscle talked about how sometimes we have muscle in spaces. We don't even realize we have muscle in right now. But I promise you when I hit this gym on Wednesday and I won't see him Wednesday. But if I keep going consistently I start to see muscles in places that I might have forgotten that they were. And that's the same thing with a learning thing. The more you unlearn some things and empty out, the more you'll be able to receive some things. All right. So position yourself possesses. It gotta tripping tonight. What is wrong with me? Help me God position yourself in a space and place to explore new things and different beliefs. There is and I know I'm talking to you some of you have had a curiosity or a desire to learn about other religions, of the practices, other customs, but you have not done it.

Let me fino. No, tell him, wow. But you stopped yourself from exploring those things. Not because you feel convicted about, but because there's guilt going on. Because you desire to explore is fighting. What you were told. What you desire to explore is fighting what you were told, free yourself. You learn some new things and listen everything that you explore. You don't have to adopt or take up as yours. You don't have to take up as yours. You don't have to begin. Oh, I believe this now. And I believe that now. And I believe this now. No, you might take a piece from here, in a piece from there and a piece from here in a piece from there and now you whatever works for you who is jennifer Hudson, Whatever makes you happy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever makes you happy, whatever it is that makes you fulfilled works for you.

What works for me? Works for me what God has for me. It is for me. Doug late. No. All right, we're almost done. Y'all we are almost done. Crazy thomas. All right. The letter C the letter C now this is where you're probably gonna think I'm gonna lose my mind. You're probably gonna think that I'm speaking contrary to what I've said thus far, The letter C now, you need to celebrate it, hold up, you just sat here and you told me rid of it, you told me to trash it, you told me to do all this stuff. Now, you're telling me to celebrate. Absolutely celebrated. You know why? Because if they hadn't told you what they told you, if they hadn't, quote unquote, taught you what they taught you, you wouldn't be at this space right now and open to learning new things. So you need to celebrate the fact that that got you here, that framework got you here. It served you long enough to get you to the space to now be able to build your own framework.

See, some of you didn't realize that you have the ability to build on your own, you thought you always had to adopt another, uh what is up and my great adopt a child or something. That was a lot. But anyway, maybe that's why I keep using it or something, I don't know, but you thought that you had to live off of somebody else's your entire life, but the reality is no, you have the ability to build and live off of your own, yep. That was God breathed right there, because that is that was not in these notes. That was good to me. That was good. I got remember, here we go, Here we go. Here we go, where we want to let her see. So we already got what F was what guys f was face it, we're going to face it and we are not gonna fear at this time. We are going to unlearn it. We are going to unlearn it. And when we unlearn and we understand that we release ourselves from that in biblical cord that said that right?

Sometimes he's saying words wrong, y'all can tell me when I say the words wrong, it doesn't bother. Um but we have to cut that. We have to cut it. We have to cut it. You need to cut it. All right. Here we go. So we had F faces, You unlearning c celebrate where has brought us and then the letter came, you have to know that you are greater then the framework that has got you have to know that you have to know I can't know it for you or I can know it for you, but it's not going to be effective in your life until you know it for yourself. And when I'm talking of knowing it, I'm talking from knowing it from you having an intimate experience with not just Oh yeah, I know. I know, I cognitively. No, I know. I know, I know I used to be good for that when I didn't want people to tell me stuff like Yeah, yeah. I know. I know. I know. Well apparently you don't know because you're not applying it, you haven't had an intimate encounter with that thing yet.

Once you know something, you have an intimate encounter bible talks about that said he knew that woman, that's what they said, he knew that when he had an intimate encounter with that woman, you need to have an intimate encounter with your greatness. You need to have an intimate encounter with your strengths and your ability. You need to have an intimate encounter with your purpose and your identity. You need to have an intimate encounter with you, take that for don't let okay, but you need to have that intimate encounter because you have to know this thing, you have to know this thing, you have to know it, you have to know it. And if you can get those four steps, can master those four steps, I'm telling you, yo you'll begin to see the reconstruction of your framework now, I'm not asking you to rebuild your framework today, because what I want us to do is I want us to think about it, I really do and and and it doesn't have to be built Like that in a day or two days.

I really want us to think about some of the frameworks, think about some of the beliefs we've had, we have to think about things that we value, think about all of those things and things that are important to us think about that, and then I want us to tune in next month on the third And the 17th, I'm telling you guys this is going to be monumental for transformation center. I'm truly excited about it, not just for me, I'm excited for you. Why? Because you coming the transformer and as you become another transformer you begin to is somebody else in their own transformation as well. Like you know, we build us first, it's important that we build ourselves first, then we go and we help others, we become transforming transform framework for free. That's the only thing I can say concerning and as I say it all, I see myself and I see you got just taking bats to frames and glass and just going crazy with it because you're you're beginning to understand just how limited you've allowed yourself to be and now yo possibilities are endless possibility and my encourage and every one of you tonight is that you grab hold so rid of all of the had those conversations which learn what you need to unlearn celebrate the fact that you're here now and that you even listen to this because I know for some of you it was a challenge to listen to this.

You know what, because it's not that you believe that cussing is a problem is that you were told and you feel like don't have no problem with improper that's the problem sometimes we're taught that we don't believe about things publicly that we produce and that causes us to be locked in frames as well. But I'm determined. You're determined. We're determined that we no longer will subject ourselves of Thank you all for joining us on tonight. I pray some not just that blessed you not just encouraged you. Something was said, help this in transformation that it something within you that reminded you of how power awesome, amazing radiant. Mhm As I always say, create a great day.

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